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    Girlfriends watching Johnathon Creek on Netflix and there's a guy called Sergent Kribotnik.
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    S P A C E C O K E

    S P A C E C O K E
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    I must've read that wrong, it can't be. Maximum Overdrive, AKA the Team Sonic Racing Original Soundtrack will feature 130 songs?!?! The game has like, 20 or so tracks! This truly IS an album with a game inside lol
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    No no Has to be his original pony. Christopher Reynolds. Because it has to be his character and it has to have a completely unfitting naming convention that is ...for some reason cooler than all the other men created by the original property because he has no respect for it or its fans and are using it as a means to tell stories that no one cares about and seeks to reduce the women in it prizes for said characters to win. What the FU.... Oh ok, that makes sense.
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    Honestly all things considered, I don’t remember much of Echidnaland either. Probably because for all of his attempts to be the next “insert whatever popular sci-fi creator that will surely put him in the annals of history”, the man just never was able to create anything resembling a consistent and thought out world. It’s telling that out of everything I can remember about the Echidna culture, all I can remember are ripoffs of Star Trek, Star Wars, a bit of Superman, and that one echidna with an Elvis haircut. Nothing is modified or changed enough to take into consideration that they were supposed to be an ancient advanced civilization, and instead feels like a hodgepodge of various popular sci-fi bits and contemporary American stuff, like Lara's sweet sixteen thing and Football. Football. In a civilization that should have existed thousands of years before it was even invented. If he really wanted to handle this kind of idea of an advanced ancient civilization, maybe he could have considered making their weapons Chaos Energy based hard light versions of typical tribal weapons. Hard light blades, energy tipped spears and stuff like the Sheikah weapons from Breath of the Wild or something. Heck if he’s so stuck on the idea of Echidna women marrying young, maybe turn that into a case of values dissonance, where tribal traditions once required women to marry young and birth children because the world was a cruel place with no guarantees of survival, so they needed to get children quickly before their current generation died out. However, when they became enlightened and advanced, they never bothered to change these outdated beliefs because they never had any reason to or something. Honestly maybe those elements could have even served as a possible way to gray the conflict between the Dark Legion and the Haven Echidnas, like maybe during their early days the DL were progressive revolutionaries who had discovered a better source of technology, but it had the side effect of being devastating towards the environment but that could be ironed out eventually. However, both out of tradition and fearful paranoia, and mixed with a bit of logical fear for the destructive capabilities of the tech the DL found, AND that they’d be ousted from power, traditionalists tried to Suppress them via numerous ways, one of which might be to force the daughter of one of the DL to marry and be effectively held as hostage. Things snowballed from there and the Dark Legion was banished from Echidnaland, but not before damaging he place to the point they never really recovered. Now the modern conflict is essentially the descendants of both factions, the environmental loving but strictly traditionalist (and highly mysoginistic, hence why there was only ever one female Guardian) Haven Echidnas who don’t understand that their tech is becoming more obsolete due to their traditionalist endeavors and arrogance and their numbers are shrinking rapidly vs the understandably vengeful, comparatively progressive (they have more female leaders for one thing) but also dangerously reckless with technology Dark Legion (implication being that their tech might have unintentionally contributed to the terrible conditions in the Twilight Cage/Zone). Sorry, I think I went off on a tangent there.
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    Oh my God. Everything got so much worse when I left for a day. I'm not joking when I say that I was literally eating cake while reading the tweets and replies in this thread. Turns out Penders had a calling for entertainment all along. It just wasn't in comics. This is a man who created a fan-character and because he happened to be apart of the officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog comic, gets to brag about him not only having a Wiki page but feels its his civic duty to amend said Wiki page so that it says that he "TOTES BANGED SALLY ACORN! I mean, in case all the weird flip-flopping, excuse making, and shit that literally doesn't make sense wasn't a big enough clue, it's even more obvious now. He really wants people to know that he got to create a character that banged Sally Acorn guys. It's official now. Doesn't matter if it actually didn't happen. IT'S TRUE NOW BECAUSE HE WROTE IT IN THE IRON-CLAD WIKIA PAGE! TAKE THAT FUCKERS!" Though, another thing I want to point out that hasn't been stated about the 32 years remark is actually the part at the end of his statement. "Sally may be 16 in human year’s, but 32 in Squirrel years. Your arguments thus become irrelevant due to a legitimate storytelling point. I could go into Why this knowledge hasn’t previously been revealed, but I’m saving that for an actual story." Now that would have concerned me if he was talking about a story that A) Mattered and B) Was ever going to exist. But neither of those things are true so it's perfectly okay.
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    I'm assuming Princess of Acorn Kingdom will also be an expy. Values Dissonance!
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    It is disgusting. Yet, at the same time, I do find myself being very... amused by this weird alien man's strange thought process. The idea that this man seriously believes that the kind of support the LGBT needs is an underage furry girl hooking up with an adult male skunk is... Like... I'm reading it over and trying to find out where the logic flow is. This is like if someone plugged a power cord into itself and then wondered why it wasn't working.
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    Wha? Huh?, uh...? How the hell are you representing LGBT members by mentioning you planned to have Sally and Geoffrey have sex in the comic, and claim that you would never imply heterosexual relationships are the only legit kind, when the very relationship you are explaining - I.E - a man and a woman - is a heterosexual relationship?? Not to mention that representation is nowhere near the fucking problem people are having with this, unless Penders is now trying to claim that a teen and an adult having sex is the same thing as a homosexual relationship or something? I really do not understand what the fuck he's talking about here, other than it feels like he's trying to scape-goat the LGBT community now for his bullshit.
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