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    Chamomile #104
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    Lately I've been playing the leaked beta version of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, it's insane how much was changed between it and the final game
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    Spin Attaxx

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    Maybe he wanted to work on more mature comics or his own, but Sonic was where he got the job. Lack of care on SEGA of America and the Archie editors' parts and the little lore the games had at the time allowed him to go mostly wild.
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    I believe I found my new favorite Character in Jojo.
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    Girlfriends watching Johnathon Creek on Netflix and there's a guy called Sergent Kribotnik.
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    <<tweet>> My, my, how absolutely dare a mother allow her child to express her clothing choices freely instead of forcing said child to dress like a stereotypical little girl in a dress.
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    Well, I'm glad I had only limited Internet access last week, if it meant missing the false Direct hype. Truly, I wouldn't expect to hear anything more on the Joker front until after the P5R/P5S announcements on the 24th and 25th, since it seems likely that what they reveal will be relevant to Joker's Smash presence.
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    Ah man, trying to find that Smash Ultimate clip where the two people were just matching punches blow for blow, and perfect parrying each other. Like this insane sync.
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    S P A C E C O K E

    S P A C E C O K E
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    (Tweet) 200-Subscribers at long last! Thanks to all who subscribed, followed, etc. It's just been about 1-year since I started this channel, but never imagined getting this far within that one year. And I'm very excited for the future of this channel. And I very much appreciate all your guys support for this past year. As it's been great.
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    Art, Irregularly.

    Just a mockup...for now. All original graphics, accurate to the NES's limitations to the best of my understanding of them.
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    just a mockup, but i'm pretty happy with this: And if I understand what I've read correctly, this would be possible on actual NES hardware, even.
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    In today's stream Aaron said they're going to be playing TSR in the next stream on 2nd May.
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    I like the name "Glass Cannon"
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    That in itself sounds like a trope from old movies, and given his track record and the way he wants to approach his own stories (seemingly wanting to tackle "serious" subjects including teen sex), I figure that's where he was going with it. It's all really skeevy, but somehow the things he tossed out the other day about Sally and St. John aren't terribly surprising he'd say them. Considering how open he seemed to be about past story ideas and this one only now coming up, I'm thinking this is either something that got laughed out of an editor's meeting or he made it up just to look edgy and serious and continued to dig himself deeper because it's the only way he can get attention anymore. Boggles my mind this guy got what he wanted over seven years ago and can't seem to shut the fuck up about a book he obviously had disdain for.
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    In fairness this was Gallagher's idea. Plus the timeline would be even more weird since they knew each other as children and this was like the second time they met after Robotnik took over.
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    Chaos is power

    Chaos is power
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    Binging BOH’s Of Thrones Game

    Binging BOH’s Of Thrones Game
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    I really should do more woth my Sentinels aside from Sonic and Tails someday.
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    Don't you like how they made a model for Tia Dalma(& the First Mate guy) and have her tease Sora with knowledge of what he is and power, only to disappear from the story entirely after those two or three scenes?
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    Aw, I missed Motobug. Well, I was at Costco with my mom, so I’m not surprised. Quick suggestion: Is it alright if we watch the Street Fighter cartoon as part of a future series for Motobug?
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    I bet every time a big Avengers movie comes out, Edward Norton and Terrance Howard hold private screenings where they hold hands and silently cry throughout the entire movie.
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    Or it's a general adaptation of the franchise, and Sonic and Eggman are the only characters used because they're the most recognizable. I don't see why it's an adaptation of Sonic 1 specifically when it uses the very bare minimum of the franchise. Sonic, Eggman, robots, Rings, that's it.
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    See it's the kinds of passive swipes that are getting people pissed off here. I have no doubt that people hate it for that reason. But if you're going to look at these past 363 pages of people going very in depth with their concerns and what they don't like, and you STILL say that "Well, you just hate it because it's DIFFERENT", then I truly don't know what to tell you.
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    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Well, at least, they look more expressive than anyone in the Lion King remake.
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    Not directly related to Smash, but God Eater 3 is coming out on the Switch. If they keep making Smash games in the future I'd love for a GE character to get in Smash. The main character you play as can Switch between a gun and a sword, so I think that'd be a fun concept! (I am aware that God Eater characters were in Project X Zone on the 3DS but you know)
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    It honestly really surprised me that people had completely forgotten about the customisation aspect. They mentioned so early on that it wound be a robust system, so it sounded very interesting. But SEGA just completely neglected the game so for long, it shouldn't surprise me that it was news to a lot of people.
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    Christ, what does this film have to do with Sonic at all? Like why is this the Sonic film we are getting. It feels like someone who hasn't kept up with the series or even played the games has taken the most bare-bones sketch of what the franchise is—a blue hedgehog who runs fast—and decided to just create his own entire world and lore for the franchise using just the protagonist and his nemesis. It's not like the games have a particularly strong canon but there is at least some sort of continuity with characters, some locales and a general sense of what Sonic is. I'm so sick of Sonic media always feeling the need to completely separate itself from the games with new worlds or designs, always creating this bizarre off-shoot that only limply resembles what its meant to stem from. With Boom, for example, the redesigns and new setting ended up feeling totally unnecessary as they really didn't do anything unique or interesting with them; you could've just as easily had the normal designs hanging out in South Island/Green Hill or whatever. Here it seems like the other end of the spectrum: they've gone so far and used so little of the source material it feels like a different movie. Why is there only one anthropomorphic animal in my Sonic movie? Where are the Chaos Emeralds or literally any of the motifs we see in the games? Why is someone known for being incredibly goofy playing Eggman? Why is he suddenly called Robotnik again in this film after Sonic Team have spent years clearing up that localisation difference? Why is it live action? Ugh. This feels so removed from anything I associate with Sonic and from what we hear above, doesn't even sound particularly good on its own merit. I guess a couple of the lines sound sort of amusing, but I find it difficult to take any of this remotely seriously as it all just rings like meme fodder and weird fan-fiction considering it has so little to do with what we are used to. With all the money being poured into this and recent CGI films like Wreck-it-Ralph managing to craft exciting, intelligent, heart-warming and critically, commercially successful films about video game characters, I'm so disappointed that this is what we've ended up with as the Sonic movie after all these years. It's honestly a joke.
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    They'll keep saying soon until there's something more substantial they can say, its a bit pointless posting vague answers.
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    That just makes it all the more pointless selling lives if they’re already piss easy to earn in game, and just makes it feel like it’s there for the sake of it. Regardless, my stance on microtransactions is that they should only be implemented in free to play games to begin with, so either way, I really don’t give two shits about if they’re “justified” in having them there or not
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    I don't know how one person can be so wrong about everything. If I went to his table at a convention* and he introduced himself as Ken Penders, I'd ask to see some ID. * Not a likely occurrence.
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    Ken Penders probably has some sort of personality disorder that makes him crave any sort of attention, positive or not, and is able to brush off any criticism... constructive or not, and lets be honest, most people calling him out are just saying "yikes" and posting image macros, so... it's not very hard for him to ignore. He is either incapable of seeing past his own ego, or is fully aware of his flaws and is simply riding the high of having even a small group of relentless fans praise him for his every action, and that may be enough for him to continue this stuff. I want so desperately to say "just ignore him," but it's really hard to do so when he has left a significant mark on the history of the Sonic series through the comic, and really, it's just funny to see him dig himself into a hole over and over again. It's also hard to sympathize with him when he tries to play off his defense of statutory rape as being okay because they're fictional characters that aren't real. Moral of the story is.... I dunno. Dude's twisted and refuses to seek help, but doesn't mean we can't enjoy the show I guess.
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    It's pedophilia. Even if it's not pedophilia, it's statutory rape. Even if it's not statutory rape, it's insanely awkward for a Sonic the Hedgehog comic geared towards kids. And even if it's not insanely awkward, not a single thing he's saying about it makes any sense whatsoever. No matter the scenerio, it was an extremely dumb decision to bring it up and he's making things worse by still talking about it.
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    I don't think he even has to think about it. Exhibit A: I mean, technically speaking, he seems to be right -- it wouldn't be pedophilia. It would be statutory rape. Not something I'd point and yell "Gotcha!" about, but then, I'm not Ken.
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    The man will do and say anything for attention. I think we've known this for a while now. Can't say I expected to see him defending obvious case of statutory rape tonight though.
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    You are right. The Sonic fandom is indeed a less than innocent place. There's just one slight problem here- Penders isn't 'the fandom'. He's a former writer for an official, licensed spin-off comic book. A book aimed at children, as part of a franchise of children's video games and directly meant to promote a Saturday morning cartoon. This is him going on about how he WANTED to have his twenty year old character to be the one to de-virginize a sixteen year old female lead in the book. And then, when called out on it, twisting his mind into a warped, deformed ouroboros of faulty logic in order to defend his frankly indefensible actions. To be blunt, using what goes on in the wider fandom as a means of diminishing what Penders has admitted to is at best weak and at worse disingenuous. The subject of the age gap and consent is a thorny one and difficult to address in any forum, let alone this one. That doesn't change the fact that Penders earnestly wanted an adult and a minor together, and has gone so far as to bring THIS to our attention because he feels so strongly about it. What's more, it is not even a misguided and creepy attempt at romance- I would bet you any amount of money that it's all about allow his pet character the 'privilege' of nailing the main female lead of the book, and simply further confirmation of just how little the character of Sally mattered to him on any level beyond serving as a prize to be fought over. And again, this is not a fan. This is not the fandom. This is a man who once worked on an official tie-in product. Who is now talking about his desire to have HIS character have sex with an underage character. All in the name of 'proving' that he's really a Big Boy writer and not someone who wrote for a children's book. There is no END to just how catastrophically grotesque this all is, and invoking the fandom is not enough to cushion the blow. ....welp, so much for that great reverance for the comic creators of the past. See folks, what he's referencing here is something that was pushed in a book called "Seduction of the Innocent", by Frederic Wertham. Wertham was a psychiatrist in the USA who pushed forth a series of studies that infamously claimed turned kids into Juvenile DElinquents. Among the many, deeply erroneous observations he made, one of them was that Batman and Robin were 'clearly' gay, something that never really left the public consciousness. He also claimed enjoyment of Superman was due to enjoyment of the idea of being able to hurt others without being hurt in return, and so on and so forth. His actions helped create the Comic Codes Authority, which in turn basically lead to comic books in the US undergoing massive amounts of censorship that lasted for decades. It pretty much wiped out horror comics in the US, and many people lost their livelihoods because of his actions. Now, Penders actually invoking THIS of all things is a very, very deep betrayal of the ideals he claims to hold dear, because giving stock to this kind of claptrap is the precise kind of thing he tends to rail against. ESPECIALLY since, again, that sentiment arose thanks to a paper published by a psychiatrist rather than Bob Kane and Bill Finger admitting in an interview that they wanted Batman to be sleeping with Robin. At this stage I am almost hopeful that he is in fact conning us all, because I refuse to believe any comic fan with even a hint of self-respect would invoke Frederic Wertham and his work as a means of shielding themselves from criticism over their own ill-advised actions.
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    I feel compelled to point out that Penders never said anything about PITCHING this as a legitimate idea for the book, merely that it was something he WANTED to do. What I HOPE that means is that it's something Penders wanted to... explore... but was well aware that pitching such a thing would be career suicide. Even in the face of how slipshode Archie and SEGA were, I sincerely doubt they'd keep a writer on who would honestly try and pitch something like this. Now, with that all out of the way.... good God what else can really be said about it at this point? About his little 'reveal' and his responses to the criticism therein. It absolutely boggles the mind that this man thought this was something that the comic should have had, to such the extent that he is now bending over backwards to justify it and even attempting to paint the deservedly harsh criticism of it as SOMEHOW being vaguely anti-LGBT. It's just... all so incredibly *disgusting*.
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    Oh my. How shocking. I totally didn't expect this from the man who once said he was okay with the idea of depicting the residents of Mobius as capable of eating their own young. Gotta love that classic Penders swerve there too. "I'm not writing the LARA-SU CHRONICLES IN ALL CAPS for kids" is something said in response to the idea of having Sally Acorn lose her virginity. Either he forgot that Sally Acorn is not a character that exists in his comic thing that's never coming out or he's having trouble remembering that his own work isn't supposed to be Archie Sonic fan-fiction. I call that move the Penderp.
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    Ken Penders: *says something stupid about how the Sonic movie took inspiration from his fugly designs* Ken Penders to himself: "Hold mah beer Kenny boy!" Ken Penders: *talks about the sexual lives of fictional character from a franchise whose main target are young kids in an attempt to copy J.K. Rowling* Like Detective Kaito said, he never ceases to impress... in a bad but still amusing way. I'm actually wondering what will he say next time. XD
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    The thing to remember with Lucas and Mewtwo specifically is that it's pretty obvious they were both planned to be in the game but came along really late and were relegated to DLC. Mewtwo was announced before the game was released. Now Lucas was a surprise, but he always struck me as an odd omission from Smash 4's base roster so it wouldn't surprise me if he was planned but was initially cut (also they had two systems to develop for, I can't imagine that was helping with their resources). I would consider those two special cases, as Roy didn't have a base game trophy. Not to say that Spirits preclude characters from joining the roster since I think that's always possible (and I don't mean because we have variants of K. Rool or Mario or Sonic or whoever--those are there to represent certain games like all Spirits). ATs are probably more of a definitive answer on that front and I'd honestly be shocked if anybody got an upgrade through DLC.
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    I don’t see any reason why they’d suddenly promote a spirit or assist trophy already to playable, when they likely had by the release of the game, a reasonable idea of who was gonna be the dlc choices. Why release them as a spirit if they were going to be dlc or were being discussed as dlc? They may not deconfirm, but they sevearly hurt their chances I feel. Especially when you consider, there aren’t iirc any actual spirits of the playable smash characters that are fightable or used for anything in WoL. They’re just the bonus “view this model of the character” thing. That’s why, say Rayman, I feel has a low chance, since he’s specifically a spirit and is placed in WoL as a barrier of progression. (On top of that, piranha Plant I don’t think had a spirit, and joker certainly doesn’t, so we have a pattern already to go off of)
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    I'm going to lose my mind if I see this again. IGN is a publication with a large host of writers with differing opinions, and among it's management staff is @Dreadknux, the creator of the Sonic Stadium: THIS WEBSITE. The fact that most of the Sonic games they review are scored poorly might have to do with the fact that most Sonic games aren't good, but it's easier for Sonic fans to visualize a bogeyman rather than think critically. More on topic, IGN's play by play of the trailer is accurate. Their unamused flavor is also warranted, this movie's premise is downright strange. The sooner this trailer drops, the better.
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    Trailers shown at cons sometimes don't end up officially uploaded at all, so I'm not expecting it at this point. They could release it later as the first public trailer, but at that point you might as well make a new one, y'know?
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    I can't feel moved by Iizuka's words about the next Sonic game. Surely it's because there's nothing substancial to be excited about anyways, but there was a time, not long ago actually, when these simple words would spark joy and excitement from me. That was right after Sonic Generations. It felt like SEGA was going to get things right. But they found a way to release another mediocre game... But then, again, another game recaptured that joy and excitement feeling. The feeling of counting the days to get my hands on a new Sonic game. Sonic Mania. The future didn't looked too bright this time tho', because we already knew Sonic Forces was being worked on alongside Mania and it looked like yet another mediocre game. And it was mediocre. It came when Sonic Mania's success was still echoing, a 6 out 10 game released only a couple of months after "the best game in 15 years" from the same franchise. This rollercoaster is so tiresome. How can we go on? What's so hard to figure out? SEGA has right now amazing talent on their speed dial, I bet real money the Mania crew alongside new and talented blood can make not just another great 2D game, but even one great 3D game as well. Because talent and greatness won't come from working years on a lightning engine, but from understanding who are your characters and world. Understand why this franchise once was so great and fun to play. And these guys do. Iizuka and SEGA, please, realize this too. You gave permission to other studios make their Sonic games before like it wasn't one of the most iconic IPs in the history of gaming. It took you a few missteps... Dimps, BioWare, Big Red Button. But now you found the right people to do the job. Take this chance again.
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    I'd just like to point out this tumblr post as a counterpoint to "Sonic needs to look like a real creature." Because if you look at Detective Pikachu, even though they are giving the Pokemon more realistic textures, the one thing they are not changing? The overall proportions. For example, Charmander... Same big, cartoony eyes, but more realistic textures. I'm not saying Sonic needs the conjoined eyes, but there is a better balance to strike.
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    Yeah, we're not doing this. You can cut out these hot takes any time now.
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