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    Chamomile #104
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    Lately I've been playing the leaked beta version of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, it's insane how much was changed between it and the final game
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    Spin Attaxx

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    Maybe he wanted to work on more mature comics or his own, but Sonic was where he got the job. Lack of care on SEGA of America and the Archie editors' parts and the little lore the games had at the time allowed him to go mostly wild.
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    I believe I found my new favorite Character in Jojo.
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    Girlfriends watching Johnathon Creek on Netflix and there's a guy called Sergent Kribotnik.
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    <<tweet>> My, my, how absolutely dare a mother allow her child to express her clothing choices freely instead of forcing said child to dress like a stereotypical little girl in a dress.
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    Well, I'm glad I had only limited Internet access last week, if it meant missing the false Direct hype. Truly, I wouldn't expect to hear anything more on the Joker front until after the P5R/P5S announcements on the 24th and 25th, since it seems likely that what they reveal will be relevant to Joker's Smash presence.
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    Ah man, trying to find that Smash Ultimate clip where the two people were just matching punches blow for blow, and perfect parrying each other. Like this insane sync.
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    S P A C E C O K E

    S P A C E C O K E
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    (Tweet) 200-Subscribers at long last! Thanks to all who subscribed, followed, etc. It's just been about 1-year since I started this channel, but never imagined getting this far within that one year. And I'm very excited for the future of this channel. And I very much appreciate all your guys support for this past year. As it's been great.
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    Art, Irregularly.

    Just a mockup...for now. All original graphics, accurate to the NES's limitations to the best of my understanding of them.
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    just a mockup, but i'm pretty happy with this: And if I understand what I've read correctly, this would be possible on actual NES hardware, even.
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    In today's stream Aaron said they're going to be playing TSR in the next stream on 2nd May.
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    Pokémon Sword & Shield

    I like the name "Glass Cannon"
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    That in itself sounds like a trope from old movies, and given his track record and the way he wants to approach his own stories (seemingly wanting to tackle "serious" subjects including teen sex), I figure that's where he was going with it. It's all really skeevy, but somehow the things he tossed out the other day about Sally and St. John aren't terribly surprising he'd say them. Considering how open he seemed to be about past story ideas and this one only now coming up, I'm thinking this is either something that got laughed out of an editor's meeting or he made it up just to look edgy and serious and continued to dig himself deeper because it's the only way he can get attention anymore. Boggles my mind this guy got what he wanted over seven years ago and can't seem to shut the fuck up about a book he obviously had disdain for.
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    My high school graduation takes place just 5 days before the first day of this year’s E3, and my mom says she’ll take me as a graduation gift! However, nothing’s been fully decided.
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    *inhales* sonic has had a rough time ever since he went into 3D he was very popular in the 90s, and little known fact he was created to be a rival to nintendos mascot super mario and the idea of sonic came when yuji snacka played mario very fast which is why sonic is very fast did you also know that sonic is based off of michael jackson and bill clinton you see the problem started when they stopped calling the villain robotonic now they call him egg man which is a lame nickname made by japan my girlfriend left me im so depressed, stella I hate you and your entire family for doing this to me, anyway back to the review for sonic dream collection
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    You know, maybe the Simpsons under Disney will recover their old charm? I can see Disney caring more for the series than Fox.
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    Is Yugi just the Japanese Shazam?
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    Guys I got pulled into Stoke Con Trent and Lew Stringer is like 5 feet away from me, what do.
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    Everyone: i wish you had an option to turn off the super sonic music Me, am intellectual
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    I must've read that wrong, it can't be. Maximum Overdrive, AKA the Team Sonic Racing Original Soundtrack will feature 130 songs?!?! The game has like, 20 or so tracks! This truly IS an album with a game inside lol
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    If they ever tried a Shadow spinoff again but without the swearing, vehicles and guns, I'd probably be up to try it given it was good.
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    The biggest disappointment about TSR is not having a City Escape track. I mean Mario Kart 8 has something very similar to that. Also I really don't like how we have 3 Planet Wisp tracks, 3 Casino tracks, and 3 Seaside Hill tracks. I know it's done that way so they can reuse assets, but in an ideal world I would've really liked it if each track represented a zone.
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    No no Has to be his original pony. Christopher Reynolds. Because it has to be his character and it has to have a completely unfitting naming convention that is ...for some reason cooler than all the other men created by the original property because he has no respect for it or its fans and are using it as a means to tell stories that no one cares about and seeks to reduce the women in it prizes for said characters to win. What the FU.... Oh ok, that makes sense.
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    That's just one section of the level. Since Ice Cap isn't in Mania, what exactly is improved? The ice level in Mania has a similar vertical section that is theoretically just as annoying.
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    Pokémon Sword & Shield

    I mean, yeah. I just feel it's too straightforward in Japanese. Idk, I'd prefer if they go a bit more creative, like "cool (like in a chuuni/edgy way)" or "silly" , as they do the high-damage moves. Example:
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    I'm assuming Princess of Acorn Kingdom will also be an expy. Values Dissonance!
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    Ken: "I've moved on from Sonic the Hedgehog. TL-SC has nothing to do with it anymore." Also Ken: "I want to make it very clear that it's part of Geoffrey's official TL-SC backstory that he had sex with a Sonic the Hedgehog character."
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    Even if it does somehow broaden the brand's appeal, it's broadening the appeal and awareness of this weird version of it. I can honestly only see this hurting brand recognition as it just further confuses what Sonic looks like or is supposed to be about. And I don't think the superhero comparisons are particularly fair seeing as Sonic and his design are not nearly as ubiquitous in the general public's imagination. As we've seen you can't really get away with departing so radically from the original design with this sort of character as many people were unable to recognise or were confused by Sonic's silhouette (an absolute crime when it comes to animation if you ask me) due to the drastic changes in his proportions and features. A better comparison would perhaps be Mario. Why do you think he is so ubiquitously recognisable? It's because his 3D design has remained so darn consistent across games and merch for almost two decades now. Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario World, 3D Mario Adventures, Smash Bros? All very different games, but what's the one consistency? The plumber's design. You only need to see a portion of his silhouette on a T-shirt and you know it's a-Mario-time. That right there is fantastic branding. SEGA has gotten a lot better at bringing consistency to Sonic's design in the games and other media and marketing, so it just feels a real shame to see this film completely flip the table when it comes to respecting the core principles of the character. Like @Diogenes says, I'm not against change, and would be worried myself if it did look like just a 90 minute cutscene. The worlds and stories we see in the games rarely have enough elements or plot threads to satisfy the grand needs of a full-length feature film, so you are going to have to add new aspects and change existing ones in order for it to make sense as a movie. So it's absolutely not the change itself that bothers me, that's simply not what I'm arguing here. It's the way this Sonic The Hedgehog film now seems to be about a weird alien gremlin, a wannabe police officer and Jim Carrey. This buddy-cop movie premise isn't even that interesting or innovative when you ignore the fact that it's meant to be about Sonic. I think you're falling for the ostensible authenticity of such comments—at the end of the day it's just marketing. Look up any bad film and you will be able to find a behind-the-scenes or interview clip of one of the actors or directors prattling on about how unique and fantastic it's going to be. I mean, if you're working on the project, what are you going to say? Erm, film's a bit trash guys but Jim Carrey pulls a few hardy-hars!
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    Sonic Fan J

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    You know @DabigRG reading your detailed analysis of Whisper (good read by the way) got me thinking of my own little theory.
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    There are plenty of reasons to be justifiably pessimistic about what we know, and over the course of this thread they've been explored in pretty great depth. If you disagree with them, fine - but either say why or don't bother. We don't tolerate this "no u" bullshit around here, especially if you're going to reduce it to personal jabs like that.
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    Your point being? Anyone can say they're passionate or enthusiastic or whatever. That doesn't mean whatever they're making is going to turn out good. Every single day there are passionate, enthusiastic, well-meaning people working on things that ultimately end up being crap. Maybe, perhaps, just roll with me for a second here: they could do that without dropping a bunch of stuff that is important to the series and without introducing a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with what Sonic usually is?
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    It was a simple as that. Its basically like in fan fiction where they write their own self insert characters to be magically more competent than everyone else in the room. Another example is the future arc, and julie sue. He's always been like that. We can have a whole conversation about Evil sonic, and he committed assault and that's never addressed. And how penders treats women characters in general , but those are much longer conversations. Though in short, he treats them as prizes to be won a lot of the time. Because reality is hard. Imagine you spent years after being fired saying you are the reason why sonic was popular, you and your characters. You even go to court for your characters, you get them and you believe with out them the comic the series is done... and its not. The comic continues, does ok. It focuses on the game characters , even ones you often ignored like shadow or ones you didn't know existed like blaze because you didn't care about the franchise... you knew your contribution is what made it. The comic gets canceled, you feel a little vindicated. Then a new comic emerges, fancier comic , new publisher. No former comic characters, new brand new ideas. You yell on twitter that this comic can't possibly succeed , not only does it not have any of your characters in it , it doesn't have the freedom fighters, nobody else, who in the world would buy this comic just about video game characters. And it does. It does better than all the other comics. You as someone who has already committed to their identity as being the " True architect of what sonic fans love " , this is directly contradictory to your identity. That means that you weren't the sonic lore king, no one cared about your lore your characters, or even the other ones from the cartoon... they only cared about the ones from the games. Or to be fair not as much, clearly. So if they didn't care, and none of what you did was even required all you did was... waste life energy time and money to retained the rights to characters that weren't beneficiary to the book and to ruin said book out of spite , and they didn't need it. They didn't that, they didn't need them they didn't need you. And not only did you burn your bridges with this community that didn't need you , you work ... your magnum opus under this brand is so reviled that the new comic isn't going anywhere near any of that kind of stuff... and its dong fine. And not only that , you have also burned your bridges in the comic's industry in general. Along with quality control in general just going up. So what's left? Irrelevancy. Penders is on an island, no sorry a raft. And all his lines to land have been cut. And he's floating out to sea, a sea irrelevancy. Now he could ... learn from his mistakes, criticism try to do better , build and ore and row back. He could try and warn others about some of the legitimate bullshit in the comics industry and what he went though, leave a note warn some folks. He could maybe even be content with what he did, understand that he needs to move on and quietly just float out to sea. OR OR, he could just be a spiteful weirdo on the internet that burns all his bridges because he thinks to highly of himself and his work and has an inability to any type of introspection and is so self absorbed he fails to realize that openly saying you had the idea of your pet adult character taking the virginity of a child is literally several of the worst looks imaginable. And then have the nerve to suggest that " This was a story that couldn't be told " and then have the nerve to defend this. And to suggest that peoples reasonable revulsion to such things is out of a hate of LGBT. Guess which one he did, can you guess? I bet none of you can guess?
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    Oh okay, you're responding to me and Miragem's little aside.! Anyway, I remember getting the impression the day the first Lost World trailer that the Deadly Six were gonna become recurring villains just by looking at them and in hindsight how they were presented. And given characters like Big, the Babylon Rogues, Silver, and Dr. NEGA had already continued to make appearances beforehand, a game and/or characters getting some negative reception isn't much of a deterrant. One could also say that almost all of his subsequent appearances were either already in the works or were done out of convenience.
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    You're forgetting the entire, warped foundation upon which Penders wanted to build up that rivalry- he explicitly has compared Sally to a 'high school girl', while Geoffrey would serve as the 'college guy', because according to Penders high school age girls are simply more attracted to older, more mature men. That was what Geoffrey was supposed to represent in comparison to Sonic, and that was the SUPPOSED basis for the attraction, and why Geoff constantly shills himself as a 'man' and a 'professional' compared to Sonic and the other FFs. If that all sounds insane, disgusting, creepy and more than a little insulting, that's precisely because it is.
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    Sapphirine Wind

    Pokémon Sword & Shield

    That's the first time since Gen 4's Draco Meteor! I saw someone on another forum think it should be called something like "double edged sword" and I think that'd be a good one (if the name length weren't an issue).
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    He spend half day saying that's Sally/Geoff age difference was okay, just suddenly say "BTW, she was adult all this time. Bet you feel stupid?" And you know what? I do. I do feel like a moron for listening to this. Why are we here? Why are we listening to those posts? Why even attempt to argue, when Penders just makes #$ up like a 5 year old who pulls up " everything-proof shield" to win imaginary fight? Why do we keep giving him illusion that he has any influence over this franchise or that his nonsense matters?
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    "She's really a 2000 year old dragon"
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    ....you know, I think I've... officially run out of things to say. How do you even BEGIN to respond to this one?
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    Wha? Huh?, uh...? How the hell are you representing LGBT members by mentioning you planned to have Sally and Geoffrey have sex in the comic, and claim that you would never imply heterosexual relationships are the only legit kind, when the very relationship you are explaining - I.E - a man and a woman - is a heterosexual relationship?? Not to mention that representation is nowhere near the fucking problem people are having with this, unless Penders is now trying to claim that a teen and an adult having sex is the same thing as a homosexual relationship or something? I really do not understand what the fuck he's talking about here, other than it feels like he's trying to scape-goat the LGBT community now for his bullshit.
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    Why should you be? It fosters discussion and opinions, and teaches me a little more about the laws of another country.
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    Big name actors are so busy in their day to day lives that I'd be surprised if they had time to play ANY game in detail. Throwaway statements like "I'm a big Sonic fan" are mainly just PR. Doesn't mean they're wrong, just that they likely have no bearing on how the film is being made so much as it hopes to convey the enthusiasm the actors have when taking part in it.
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    Michael Mouse

    Michael Mouse
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