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    Lately I've been playing the leaked beta version of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, it's insane how much was changed between it and the final game
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    Spin Attaxx

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    I believe I found my new favorite Character in Jojo.
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    Girlfriends watching Johnathon Creek on Netflix and there's a guy called Sergent Kribotnik.
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    <<tweet>> My, my, how absolutely dare a mother allow her child to express her clothing choices freely instead of forcing said child to dress like a stereotypical little girl in a dress.
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    Ah man, trying to find that Smash Ultimate clip where the two people were just matching punches blow for blow, and perfect parrying each other. Like this insane sync.
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    S P A C E C O K E

    S P A C E C O K E
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    (Tweet) 200-Subscribers at long last! Thanks to all who subscribed, followed, etc. It's just been about 1-year since I started this channel, but never imagined getting this far within that one year. And I'm very excited for the future of this channel. And I very much appreciate all your guys support for this past year. As it's been great.
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    just a mockup, but i'm pretty happy with this: And if I understand what I've read correctly, this would be possible on actual NES hardware, even.
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    My high school graduation takes place just 5 days before the first day of this year’s E3, and my mom says she’ll take me as a graduation gift! However, nothing’s been fully decided.
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    *inhales* sonic has had a rough time ever since he went into 3D he was very popular in the 90s, and little known fact he was created to be a rival to nintendos mascot super mario and the idea of sonic came when yuji snacka played mario very fast which is why sonic is very fast did you also know that sonic is based off of michael jackson and bill clinton you see the problem started when they stopped calling the villain robotonic now they call him egg man which is a lame nickname made by japan my girlfriend left me im so depressed, stella I hate you and your entire family for doing this to me, anyway back to the review for sonic dream collection
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    Backing to the old school, even this not being remember as a "classic" it got played by some of the best DJs from the time (And some still being very popular). It's a very interesting track, it really worth every second from it. Here remade by Tarrentella &. Redanka, which made it glorious: Solister's Tune of the Day #12 - Atlas - Compass Error (Tarrentella vs Redanka Remake) - 2002
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    You know, maybe the Simpsons under Disney will recover their old charm? I can see Disney caring more for the series than Fox.
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    Is Yugi just the Japanese Shazam?
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    Chaos is power

    Chaos is power
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    Binging BOH’s Of Thrones Game

    Binging BOH’s Of Thrones Game
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    Guys I got pulled into Stoke Con Trent and Lew Stringer is like 5 feet away from me, what do.
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    I really should do more woth my Sentinels aside from Sonic and Tails someday.
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    Everyone: i wish you had an option to turn off the super sonic music Me, am intellectual
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    I must've read that wrong, it can't be. Maximum Overdrive, AKA the Team Sonic Racing Original Soundtrack will feature 130 songs?!?! The game has like, 20 or so tracks! This truly IS an album with a game inside lol
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    If they ever tried a Shadow spinoff again but without the swearing, vehicles and guns, I'd probably be up to try it given it was good.
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    Aw, I missed Motobug. Well, I was at Costco with my mom, so I’m not surprised. Quick suggestion: Is it alright if we watch the Street Fighter cartoon as part of a future series for Motobug?
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    I bet every time a big Avengers movie comes out, Edward Norton and Terrance Howard hold private screenings where they hold hands and silently cry throughout the entire movie.
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    Michael Mouse

    Michael Mouse
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