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    Bad I've got no reason to believe Sonic Team are going to move on from their sloppy engine and worsening takes on the boost gameplay style when Forces sold well enough despite mediocre reception. We'll see the same outdated models, bland art and shallow gameplay that's all spectacle with no substance. Forces did nothing if not prove that SEGA do not have any idea (or that they don't care) what their audience wants. There was no effort put into making it a solid game there; it was a cynical plea to almost every fraction of the split fanbase. Fans who liked the early-mid 2000s games got their "dark" story with lots of characters and edgey new villain, Classic fans got Classic Sonic to play as, modern fans got the boosting and then there was the avatar for the huge subset of fans who make their own characters and just the general popularity of personal expression in games these days (there is of course overlap between these groups). None of these features are close to being fleshed out, and particularly in the case of the boost and Classic gameplay styles, they took the already flawed gameplay of Generations and proceeded to make it worse. I don't believe that these were conscious changes made to improve the games that some people disagree on, but rather were the result of an inexperienced team with poor direction, poor vision and poor understanding of what they even wanted to achieve. The choice was to make a bunch of things that looked like they were what fans wanted, and they didn't go to any lengths to really deliver. The gameplay was phoned in and lazy. Whatever Sonic Team try next, I don't think they'll be appealing to fans such as myself. They'll continue to go after thd lowest hanging fruit, rather than making a quality product that will appeal to a broad audience because requires more time and money (and the right talent). I can't comment on the content of the game, like additional characters, story or even gameplay style. They might move on from the boost, I guess? But even if they do, I'm really sure they won't do it right. Lost World was a mess, as were the avatars and Classic Sonic in Forces. It'll be a low quality game.
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    Big Panda

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I realised I still had these hiding away, so I thought I might as well share them (it’s not like I could get in trouble for it, right?) Quick backstory: back in 2015, Sonic Super Special Magazine was set to continue with its fourteenth issue, which would have featured content relating to the Worlds Unite crossover, among other things, but it ended up never releasing, and the series as a whole went on what would have been a two year hiatus (it was set to return in early 2017 with a new fourteenth issue, but...yeah). However, this cancelled version of issue 14, through what I can only assume to be a technical error of some kind, very briefly saw the light of day, digitally, on the Archie Comics App. I was lucky enough to grab the issue before it was hastily removed. While I no longer have access to it today, I did manage to take screenshots of the bonus pages!
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    This guy claiming they're sitting on the trailer is talking out of his arse. Just some random Twitter kid*. The CinemaCon trailers had unfinished CGI with the old designs. There's no 'damage control'. They obviously aren't ready yet. Why in the f-ing fuck would they release a trailer a year before the movie? I swear, the negatively this is getting from the 'fans' is cringy af. *Edit: I assume. Although he had a lot of followers. I've been on the beer all day. Typing is hard.
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    False alarm guys. He was just joking. Move on.: However, he did have this piece of info.:
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    I found the perfect gif for the next time @Strickerx5 needs to lay down the banhammer:
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    https://www.acsh.org/news/2018/08/21/osmium-dense-deadly-and-distictive-13337 The flesh sack that uttered this statement will receive his comeuppance.
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    This is my Easter gift to you all!
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    I actually had a friend over to play both of the original All-Stars Racing games with me. We both came away from it agreeing that the first one was better. At least in terms of what we felt it did the best between the two games. I love them both, of course. I think they're both great and it's nice that Team Sonic Racing actually isn't taking a dump over their legacy like was originally thought to be the case upon first impression of the initial gameplay footage we saw. However, I did always just like how simple and fun the first one was compared to the second. It also had a bit more of what I appreciate about these kinds of games in them. Specifically, the most important thing to me, is the roster. The first game had, and still has, the best roster of all three of these titles. You've got all the expected ones and then you've got weird ones like the Bonanza Bros. and Zombio and Zombiko. I liked them a lot because of how strange and charming they were. It was a privilege playing as Opa Opa too. The second one's roster, specifically on console, really didn't endear me all that much. I actually didn't have much of a problem with Ralph or Danica Patrick. I like Ralph and I thought Danica Patrick was at least funny to see. The strange marketing push being so on display there tickled me a tad.Most of my problem came from all the unnecessary clones. All the cool, obscure characters were taken out so that characters like Gum, Mee Mee, Pudding, and Reala got in. They managed to a few interesting ones like Vyse, Gilius, and Joe Musashi but there being so many clones, on top of the fact that Big was taken out, on top of the fact that those marketing push characters were there to make it more glaring how strange the character selection was made it a very weird thing. Another thing that I found criminally bad about Transformed was the announcer! He was barely in the thing! I was shocked that there was an option to turn him down in the menu! He doesn't SPEAK except for when he has to call out the stages you select! What happened to all the cheesy shit he would say in the first game?! "I'VE GOT SWEAT IN PLACES THAT DON'T EVEN SWEAT!!" You can't do the announcer like that. Then there's the music, which was great in Transformed... but again, I did honestly miss what the first game did where it just gave me a nice selection of tracks and I could switch between whichever ones I wanted and have that play in the level. They can do remixes if they want but removing that feature seemed like an odd step back considering it literally wouldn't have taken much to put it back in. Then there's the game's difficulty and the manner in which you unlock things. I gotta admit, I straight up didn't like this. I think it might just be that I have more of a Smash Bros, party game mentality for these games rather than a competitive racer one. As such, all the extra hard missions and the stars you had to collect in order to unlock these characters just felt extraneous for no real reason. The missions where you have to drift and the ones where you've got to go through timed rings can go fuck themselves. It took longer than I would have liked to unlock Eggman and AGES. I did it, so I'm not bitter at the game or anything, but that's a mode that I know I won't be able to fully complete and that sours things a bit. I did vastly prefer the original game's system of "PLAY THE GAME... and that's it." You get SEGA Miles for playing the game and then you can cash those in for characters. I liked that better. Then there's the All-Star Moves. Those were WAY better in the first game. They felt way more distinct and unique. Whenever one went off it felt like a big deal. They weren't so overpowered that they'd completely overtake everything though. It was perfect. The fact that they were so nerfed in Transformed was a shame. I understand WHY they did it but I never played the game online so it was only a detriment for me. The items were a lot cooler and felt more impactful in the first one as well. I honestly can't really even remember the items in the second one. The first one, I can remember pretty much all of them. The traffic cone bombs, the star that turned the screen upside down, the rainbow that covered the screen in colors, the rolling blue bombs, the red rockets, the green boxing gloves, the air horns, and the speed shoes...! Also, the design of the cars I again liked more in the first game. They took out a lot of what made the vehicles in the first one unique. Shadow rode in a tank in Transformed instead of his G.U.N bike. Eggman's awesome monster truck was replaced with a weird, little dinky red... tank? I dunno. The cars just weren't as cool. Certainly nothing like Opa Opa was there. The thing about Transformed that I liked more than the first one was the stages though. Goodness, what a massive overhaul for the better that was. They were a lot more varied due to there being no repeats. It was cool that you could do mirror versions of them as well. I remember the After Burner stage in particular being so full of fucking HYPE. When my action/adventure story-telling chills get going from simply going through a stage in a racing game, you know you've done something right. That music reaching its highest point the instant I take to the skies is something magical. The way all the laps in each stage change depending on the scenery was incredible too. Just magnificent. The lines in Transformed were better from the characters too. I remember in the first All-Stars, there was a lot of awkward recycling of dialogue. Shadow, for instance, would start a stage by saying "WHO ARE YOU... and how do you know my name?????" which is an out of context line from either Shadow or Sonic 06. One of those. Now, if the announcer had said his name and that was Shadow's response it would have been funny. But since that doesn't happen it just made Shadow sound like a crazy person. Team Sonic Racing is bringing back the chatter but it's going to be from the characters this time. I do actually prefer that to the announcer despite how awesome the announcer is but if the writing doesn't turn out to be any fun than there'd probably be little point in the long run. It's doing the thing that the original game did by having three tracks based on a single location but instead it's making sure all of those locations look completely different from one another instead of variations of the same area. So that's neat. The roster sucks. 15 is way too small for a game like this. Maybe if it were Nickelodeon Racing or some other piece of shovelware like that, then sure. I don't find that acceptible here though, customization or not. Speaking of customization, that looks cool as hell. It's a feature that neither of the other two had. Looking forward to it. Also, this game HAS a story-mode. It won't be Sonic Riders level of storytelling but it's there. I probably shouldn't be taking it into too much consideration though. It's most likely not going to be ANYTHING remotely special. At all. But... it's there. I'm also liking the music a lot. These remixes all sound great. They all sound appropriate. I actually don't mind that I can't switch out songs here... but I'd welcome that back still. So that's my two-cents. Well, considering the length of this post it's more like 50 cents but whatever. By the way, on the topic of a racing game where the characters are on foot, I don't really care either way. If it happens, cool. If it doesn't, I'm fine sticking with the cars.
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    A little late today but the first update of the week for my story blog @ http://www.sa-b-ers.com is up and ready for reading. Hope everyone who checks it out enjoys.
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    Rabbids Go Home's music is so distinct and I'm saddened this sort of new identity the series established never carried over to later installments.
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    I used to be rather pessimistic when thinking about the next game but, recently, we've started to see changes in how the Sonic brand is handled. I'm actually expecting a better game than Forces but I have no clue in what direction they'll go.
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    I imagine Green Hill will be in it. Seems like a safe guess, really.
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    Sonic Adventure 3, but it's a boost game, and both Classic and Boom Sonic are there. Or maybe they'll actually learn something from Mania's success and their repeated failures, go back to basics and focus on making an actually fun game instead of continuing to rely on the same shallow gimmicks.
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    After seeing how Star Wars and Marvel nerds can get on “sjw political” topics, I’m not super shocked by the negative reaction the gamer community seems to be having regarding Jax’s ending in MK11.
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    Another fangame which recreates Sonic '06
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    me most of the weekend struggling to draw (or do anything for that matter) after working all week: me feeling guilty for resting all weekend and going on a drawing spree sunday night after midnight when i should be resting up for the start of the next work week:
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    "Kiss me three times, beeee mine"
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    SO there's a sight called http://damnyoubatman.com/ , and apparently I'm the villainous... Iron Man??? You guys can try, too!!! Tell me what you all get!
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    Why are sponsorships being spoken about here? They're part of a film's marketing campaign, yes, but they're purely to raise interest in the film. I personally don't see it as a discussion point, or even something to look forward to.
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    That Pixels movie was on TV today. Decided to watch it. …. …. Well...when I say watch, I actually mean nap. I remember hearing bad things about it years ago and they seemed pretty accurate. I certainly don't recall laughing at anything and found most of the main characters to be arseholes. Had a nice nap, though.
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    On the topic of damage control, I think the reason it feels that way to some people has to do with the general ignorance the majority of us possess for movie marketing. It's been pointed out to me to be the case on more than enough occasions but even then there are things that just seem to be unusual choices. Proudly boasting about changing Sonic's design in an IGN interview released on the same day as the motion poster, yet then actively obscuring or hiding the design that they are so proud of. If you are so proud of the design why hide it? It reeks of fear of backlash (who can blame them though when dealing with this fanbase) and then their only defense to the backlash being a weak attempt at starting a meme doesn't read well. Then their is their love of Sonic and even history with Sonic and how they have talked about that, yet in the same breath have said Sonic just can't work unless they use their vision. It reads as the height of arrogance which again then is painted even worse by them not addressing the backlash. Of course they aren't obligated to respond to the backlash like the panicking aspects of the franchise seem to feel entitled to, but that very entitlement results in the whole situation being easily painted as worse than it is. Then of course their is the constant positivity from the cast and crew about how great their work is and how they can't wait for the world to see it, and then the world not being able to see anything officially except for some offsetting hairy legs and a less so but still offsetting silhouette up to four months prior to a good deal of the self congratulatory commentary of the cast and crew. It can come off as both patronizing or damage controlling depending on who you ask. My own beefs with the movie aside, a lot of the above is why I feel like this movie suffers heavily from people knowing too much about something they don't know enough about. It's a matter of knowing things they shouldn't know at this point, but none of the context to apply it to. I'm obviously part of the guilty party myself as some of my above posts attest too, but as a member of the guilty party I can at least see why some would find Paramount's actions to appear as damage control with probably the single most blatant example being that pic with Aaron and Iizuka with the director and producer saying that they're listening to our feedback after that very same producer already said they put their foot down when SEGA was not happy with the design. It's not necessarily damage control, but to a lot of people it is very easy to read as such. At this point, I think above all else it's going to be an interesting study for those who care to, to see how much people's perception of the movie changes once the first trailer comes out. Me, I know I'm still waiting to see if the trailer can change my tune even though as of now Movie Sonic is #notmysonic.
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    Now I conflicted between getting Into the Spiderverse digitally (already watched it in theaters) or getting NitW for the Switch.
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    Sweet mercy! Have any of you heard Ronda Rousey as Sonya Blade yet? It's nearing Aerith from KH2 levels of delivery.
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    Indigo Rush

    Wisps did nothing wrong

    Wisps did nothing wrong
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    One of things I will always miss about Archie Sonic are the graphic novel collections. Can you guess why?
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    It's always interesting to see how jaded and cynical people can get about something they once loved ,the longer they involve themselves with it. To the point when actual people who are optimistic and hopeful are looked down upon by the cynical older crowd. And yes, this can apply to more than just us Sonic fans
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    I definitely get your point and understand your concerns. Sonic Team has let us down many times in the past. I'm a naturally optimistic person tho and I've noticed a combination of things that make me believe that we might be in for an improvement. Forces failed critically which (despite the game selling decently) is something they want to avoid in the future. As such, they'll probably respond with a change of some kind (good or bad). Furthermore, they can't shoehorn classic sonic with modern sonic anymore because classic fans finally their own game (thank god for Mania) so they have no interest in playing a modern game for subpar classic gameplay. On top of that, they've stated that there's a clear cut separation between modern and classic now. Again, this supports the idea that whatever they're doing next for Sonic, it has to be something else than boost and classic nostalgia pandering. There's a chance they fall back on Adventure pandering or do something entirely new... I'm not sure what direction they'll go in but we'll see. Now, why am I expecting higher quality ? For starters, both Mania and TSR got delays for quality which is a good sign. They also seem to be getting people who care about Sonic to work on Sonic. I'm referring to the Mania Adventures shorts and the Overdrive animation. We would never have gotten something like that in the past. It feels like they're starting to get why people care about the series and nailing the tone. Finally, all of those points coincide with an apparent new management of Sonic being concentrated in America. Sure, one can say Forces was a total disappointment so they don't actually care but I think and hope that Forces was just the remnant of the previous Sonic initiative from before the CEO said they'd focus on quality. Anyways, it might be misplaced hope... especially after Forces but I do have a good feeling about the future. Exactly this.
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    The staff changes along with the way the tides are shifting with gaming culture make me think the next game will be very different. More focused on the free movement of the older days. The boost style came from an era where games were focused on simple mechanics and cinematic appeal to begin with, but times have changed and I expect Sonic will try and change with it, as he always does. Hard to predict anything beyond that, though.
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    Like what, exactly? Honestly, I have to ask this. Before Forces was announced, SEGA got a new CEO who was talking at length about letting fans down and wanting to regain their trust. That's when the social media pages really took off and started to recognise past failings as those they were going to be better moving forwards. Mania the got revealed which seemed to signal a huge shift in SEGA's interest in delivering a high quality game, followed by the Forces teaser reveal only hours later. That too seemed to be interesting, because in recent years SEGA had completely shied away from early reveals of Sonic games and it was a very different tone to everything from the past 10 years. Forces looked like a nice approach in many ways, although the presence of Classic Sonic was a bright red warning flash we all hoped was a false alarm. And ultimately it didn't follow through... Like, at all. Mania came out and was met with acclaim, but Forces really hit a sour note. Love our hate the game, it was not recieved nearly as well as Mania and that's a fact. Since then, it's been relative radio silence on what to expect from Sonic in the future. TSR looks like the quality game we've learned to expect from Sumo Digital, but its also seriously lacking in scope (probably because of budget). Mania and TSR both got fairly substantial delays. In Mania's case, it was definitely to make sure the game didn't need to be as rushed. That's probably partially true for TSR too, but I think it was also part of a conscious effort to make sure that there was a Sonic game for 2019 (as was the case for Boom Fire & Ice). So...What's changed? I'm not aware of any changes in how SEGA is handling the brand. And what indications we've seen in the past have never held out. SEGA haven't handled the series well for the past decade at least, and it's gotten especially bad in the years after the (relative) high of Generations.
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    Awww, this one is sweet.
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    With Spider-Verse out today in the UK here's a shot I blocked-in today whilst I finish off the last of my uni honours work! https://twitter.com/TheCGAnimator/status/1120373163190308865
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    Finally got Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse!
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    Looks like KH3 is getting a critical mode tomorrow. I hope it's not as BS as other Osaka team made crit.mode, cuz it's been a long time coming.
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    Woo boy, what a mess they've painted themselves into to. Honestly, making the next released game something like Team Sonic Racing was a smart move because boy was Forces a conceptual mistake. We quite honestly need something of a low profile and making it a spinoff doubles that. Honestly, they should probably do something between Lost World(Greater Control, adventurous, half and half tone) and Heroes(more than one playable character, semi-distinct stage gimmicks, varied music) for the next mainline game. Something that's self-contained, moderately distinct, and most importantly, as different from Forces as possible.
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    It did the same for me. However, I was able to find the link to the scrapped stuff pretty quickly. Here is a more direct link
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    After I did a Knuckles (& Tails) playthrough of Sonic 3 AIR, I've received several requests to do a Tails playthrough...
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    MK11 spoilers

    MK11 spoilers
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    The Deleter

    Chair: *stubs my toe* Me:

    Chair: *stubs my toe* Me:
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    Am I the only one who can't take the "Hbox crab throwing" seriously? On one hand, I'm glad Hbox won, and fuck the guy for throwing stuff at him. On the other hand: IT'S A FUCKING CRAB. Like, a literal crab. I may sound like an asshole for saying this, but it makes me laugh more than it outrages me.
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    Hey, just a friendly reminder: we can’t go through life expecting only 3rd parties for Smash, let alone as part of Ultimate’s Fighter Pass. They do generate hype, for sure, but Smash is still a franchise heavily focused on Nintendo, nothing more or less.
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    Sonic quips... That's a quip...fast and snappy. These modern games don't draw attention to the jokes Sonic makes, they just drag on.
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    I just remembered another detail about the recent episode that I'll add to my post.. I really don't get that. The Friendship of Festival was in Canterlot, wasn't it? Especially giving Cadence was there and therefore so should Shining. I guess. There mainly the use of magic thing she brought up that never really comes up again.
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    Just watched a cool speed run of Amy in Sonic Advance. Gotta say she is my true fave character to play as in that game, and it is nice to see there are people in the comments on the video who also feel that way. I also agree with the people who are saying her gameplay is really fun if you are up for the challenge despite how on paper her gameplay doesn't sound like it works or fits into a Sonic game... Personally each time I replay the game I only pick her these days.
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    “That stage builder witch looks like Gruntilda” ...no it doesn’t. Like, it looks nothing like her. It’s a generic witch.
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    Movie spoilers coming out the wazoo in this thread...
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    I'd wager if there was going to be a Boom season 3, it would have happened by now. As much as I'd love one, I think the show is effectively done.
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    Blue Blood

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    I love how one guy (who's name I'm willing to bet most people weren't familiar with two weeks ago) rejoins SEGA and everyone starts talking about SA remakes and SA3. Hiroshi Nishiyama was a field artist/director Heroes and Shadow as well as the Adventure games, and the last Sonic game he worked on was Rivals 2. https://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,52504/ Hiroshi Nishiyama is only credited for art in all of the games he's worked on; Sonic, SEGA and otherwise. This "news" is an interesting tidbit at best but ultimately is pretty meaningless.
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    Amazing fanmade music video featuring Squigglydigg!
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