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    I found the perfect gif for the next time @Strickerx5 needs to lay down the banhammer:
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    https://www.acsh.org/news/2018/08/21/osmium-dense-deadly-and-distictive-13337 The flesh sack that uttered this statement will receive his comeuppance.
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    This is my Easter gift to you all!
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    A little late today but the first update of the week for my story blog @ http://www.sa-b-ers.com is up and ready for reading. Hope everyone who checks it out enjoys.
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    Rabbids Go Home's music is so distinct and I'm saddened this sort of new identity the series established never carried over to later installments.
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    After seeing how Star Wars and Marvel nerds can get on “sjw political” topics, I’m not super shocked by the negative reaction the gamer community seems to be having regarding Jax’s ending in MK11.
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    Another fangame which recreates Sonic '06
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    me most of the weekend struggling to draw (or do anything for that matter) after working all week: me feeling guilty for resting all weekend and going on a drawing spree sunday night after midnight when i should be resting up for the start of the next work week:
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    "Kiss me three times, beeee mine"
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    SO there's a sight called http://damnyoubatman.com/ , and apparently I'm the villainous... Iron Man??? You guys can try, too!!! Tell me what you all get!
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    I want you gone out of my life, look at the size of my nostril, I CAN SMELL YOU FROM HERE
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    That Pixels movie was on TV today. Decided to watch it. …. …. Well...when I say watch, I actually mean nap. I remember hearing bad things about it years ago and they seemed pretty accurate. I certainly don't recall laughing at anything and found most of the main characters to be arseholes. Had a nice nap, though.
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    Shit, I never noticed that the movie being played when Miles is late to class is Octavia discussing the multiverse theory in Spider-Verse.
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    Now I conflicted between getting Into the Spiderverse digitally (already watched it in theaters) or getting NitW for the Switch.
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    Oh my lord, the Inazuma Eleven Ares dub theme is laugh out loud bad.
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    Sweet mercy! Have any of you heard Ronda Rousey as Sonya Blade yet? It's nearing Aerith from KH2 levels of delivery.
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    Indigo Rush

    Wisps did nothing wrong

    Wisps did nothing wrong
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    One of things I will always miss about Archie Sonic are the graphic novel collections. Can you guess why?
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    It's always interesting to see how jaded and cynical people can get about something they once loved ,the longer they involve themselves with it. To the point when actual people who are optimistic and hopeful are looked down upon by the cynical older crowd. And yes, this can apply to more than just us Sonic fans
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    With Spider-Verse out today in the UK here's a shot I blocked-in today whilst I finish off the last of my uni honours work! https://twitter.com/TheCGAnimator/status/1120373163190308865
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    Finally got Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse!
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    Looks like KH3 is getting a critical mode tomorrow. I hope it's not as BS as other Osaka team made crit.mode, cuz it's been a long time coming.
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    I'm considering waiting for the next time it's on sale on the eShop to get Night in the Woods.
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    After I did a Knuckles (& Tails) playthrough of Sonic 3 AIR, I've received several requests to do a Tails playthrough...
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    MK11 spoilers

    MK11 spoilers
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    The Deleter

    Chair: *stubs my toe* Me:

    Chair: *stubs my toe* Me:
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    Special thanks to my cousin for putting up with my special brand of bullshit
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    R O A S T E D

    R O A S T E D
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    Am I the only one who can't take the "Hbox crab throwing" seriously? On one hand, I'm glad Hbox won, and fuck the guy for throwing stuff at him. On the other hand: IT'S A FUCKING CRAB. Like, a literal crab. I may sound like an asshole for saying this, but it makes me laugh more than it outrages me.
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    Hey, just a friendly reminder: we can’t go through life expecting only 3rd parties for Smash, let alone as part of Ultimate’s Fighter Pass. They do generate hype, for sure, but Smash is still a franchise heavily focused on Nintendo, nothing more or less.
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    who's ready for nostalgia time nostalgia time
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    Just watched a cool speed run of Amy in Sonic Advance. Gotta say she is my true fave character to play as in that game, and it is nice to see there are people in the comments on the video who also feel that way. I also agree with the people who are saying her gameplay is really fun if you are up for the challenge despite how on paper her gameplay doesn't sound like it works or fits into a Sonic game... Personally each time I replay the game I only pick her these days.
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    “That stage builder witch looks like Gruntilda” ...no it doesn’t. Like, it looks nothing like her. It’s a generic witch.
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    Just in case you didn't see this. The guys who made the SA2 fan dub did one for 06:
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    Journey Cross These Worlds (99% complete) Only three more voice clips to edit, a total of 130 segments. Should only take a few hours if I can find time soon. I'm really ashamed actually. For ALL THE TIME I put into this one, I still don't feel it's the best work I've ever done. A lot of this time allotted was also due to the job though, you know, gotta make that rent money. That and I asked for extra hours at work so I can afford my trip to Sonic Revolution coming up. It's getting to a point where I'm gonna have to post "Too Long" in the Time Taken slot. Just like in Sonic 3D Blast, know what I mean? XD. I was hoping to have this up by now. But it'll be up real shortly. Please stay tuned
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