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    We Egg Pawns gather here today to mourn the loss of our brilliant leader, who died today, doing a booty shaking dance with a stolen trophy before being crushed by a car... I know it sounds like a hilarious death but trust me, it was a tragedy.
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    Just got done watching Avengers Endgame. A brilliantly satisfying conclusion to the last 11 years of the MCU, if you ask me.
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    I've been hit by Endgame spoilers. I've suffered major damage. I don't think I'm gonna make it guys.
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    Man, thinking about it, Remy is a total douchebag in KH3. Gets his ass rescued by Sora and co, and then Remy forcefully controls Sora's body to pick up his fruit.
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    Shaddy Zaphod

    This is a very important video.

    This is a very important video.
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    Didn't partake in today's reception of the TSRO episode 2 (though I did enjoy it quite a bit) as I was working on the next update for my story blog @ http://www.sa-b-ers.com. It's up now for those who are interested. As for me; I need to get offline for now so catch you later SSMB.
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    I just noticed in a bit of Olympus that Donald's hat actually flies up in surprise when buildings crash down. Now that, that is some attention to detail.
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    I'm being persuaded to see Endgame on saturday instead of thursday like I originally planned. I was gonna see it alone tomorrow if it came to that since I'll be the only one free that night and because I wanna avoid any spoilers and soak in the energizing aura of the premiere night crowd, but now I'm contemplating if I'll have to be a monk for 3 days and get off the net completely. Won't stop spoilers from customers or coworkers though. *exasperated sigh*
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    Alright, late mentioning it, no less getting offline, but today's update is live for my story blog @ http://www.sa-b-ers.com. Anyway I have to go so enjoy and see you later SSMB.
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