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    Endgame Spoiler:

    Endgame Spoiler:
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    I would sure like a sequel to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven in the future. Obviously adding more representation from part 8 and a little more from part 7 for starters. ...granted I never played EoH and I'm not good/into fighting games in general my liking for Jojo is that strong I would like to see another one made anyway on the basis of what the could add/refine to the gameplay.
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    So I've got Toy Story 1 on TV in the background, and I think I can finally say that its...aged visually. It held its own for many years though, and being the first fully CGI film, that's still impressive.
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    Just found a £25 Amazon gift card which someone bought me (probably for my birthday) ages ago and it's still valid.
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    Morning! Seeing Endgame today!
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    every state farm ad is annoying now

    every state farm ad is annoying now
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    If I had a complete Infinity Gauntlet, I would give literally every person in the universe their own complete Infinity Gauntlet. Then I would just sit back and watch the chaos.
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    Friendly reminder that a potted plant came out the same day as KH3. Not gonna lie--when I first saw the last Direct live, I laughed like a hyena for a good couple hours after I first saw the Piranha Plant.
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    So instead of Sonic Team + Sega, now we have Yakuza team + Sega. Heh, I know I'm exagerating and Sega always had/has more teams, but the way you wrote that down was funny to me. And makes sense, Yakuza is hard on it's way to surpass Sonic as Sega's flagship franchise. I don't know if I prefer Japanese Sonic Team or American Sonic Team. The Japanese take more chances, are more shameless and enegertic and tend to create the most memorable and fun parts of the franchise, but they're unreliable and tend to fly off the rails pretty bad. The Americans are more reliable and tend to give people more what they want, but play it too save and tend to be a bit bland as a result. Plus are wayyyy too Meta these days. So I don't know. Eh, I can forgive them not resolving Sonic Generations ending, that was clear to be a comedic punchline at the end. And it's difficult to write a resolution of that in the next game without it feeling clunky. Lost world's story would feel awkward if it has to start with Eggman escaping limbo first when it has nothing to do with Lost world's events. If anything, I'm more bothered with how the plot of his games are pinballing around with several plotpoints having either no set up or pay off during the adventure. But I ranted enough about that, so never mind. That said, no idea if Morio Kishimoto is to blame for the story lines. At this point I'm weary of pointing fingers at any individual, to me it seems the whole development envirement around Sonic is a giant mess and there's no one villain to blame or one hero that'll resolve it.
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    I found the perfect gif for the next time @Strickerx5 needs to lay down the banhammer:
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