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    Well that didn't take long for someone to edit.
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    Meanwhile TSR is looking really great actually. I love the character interaction and the gameplay looks really fun.
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    Endgame spoilers:

    Endgame spoilers:
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    The only time I'd say a game is too political is when it touches upon a topic that is far too relevant. The best example I could give is a Trump game (you won't find many games about Brexit or whatever). Otherwise, it's social commentary, which is in every form of media. Books, movies, games, whatever, there are many stories which involve social commentary, making observations about us humans as a society. Metal Gear is a great example, as it has themes of anti-war that the series bases itself around, and made very shocking observations regarding the human memes. A while ago, I saw someone joke of people saying that Metal Gear would be considered "too political" if it added a female playable character, disregarding the already political nature of the series. Regarding Smash, for as much as I too support trans rights, these stages do count as "too political" under my classifications. I'm not good at talking about these kinds of things, but I hope I am understood.
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    Movie Sonic should wear pants.
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    "this, is the sonic the hedgehog film trailer" dear god
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    Yes, I can agree with Diogenes. It may be the case that this issue arises because people simply don’t want to see certain things that do not fit their worldview. The uproar about women in games make this very apparent. Even I am at fault, for different reasons (games on current government environments drive me up the wall). For me, the story is the last thing I look for in a game. I am a “gameplay first” kind of person. And from my experience, games that focus on particular parts of our society and centre the game around that topic, don’t make for fun or engaging games. From then on, the game’s story really needs to find a way to keep me hooked, or I drop it. I realise it’s such a simple way of being, and I’m sorry if it hurts anyone in any way. I do my best to be open to many things, so I wish not to fall deep into this way of thinking. Diogenes is right, it does come down to personal worldview, and what one does and doesn’t want to see. PublicEnemy1 is also right, society is inherently political in it’s nature.
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    Hypothetically, does this include if a game narratively includes a trans character and they aren’t forced in? I feel like “it’s a current topic” is a bit too far reaching and broad and could harm certain pieces of work that simply include these characters or topics for the better of the narrative more than “its a current topic that’ll put us in the spotlight”.
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    More Endgame Spoilers

    More Endgame Spoilers
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    Bad I've got no reason to believe Sonic Team are going to move on from their sloppy engine and worsening takes on the boost gameplay style when Forces sold well enough despite mediocre reception. We'll see the same outdated models, bland art and shallow gameplay that's all spectacle with no substance. Forces did nothing if not prove that SEGA do not have any idea (or that they don't care) what their audience wants. There was no effort put into making it a solid game there; it was a cynical plea to almost every fraction of the split fanbase. Fans who liked the early-mid 2000s games got their "dark" story with lots of characters and edgey new villain, Classic fans got Classic Sonic to play as, modern fans got the boosting and then there was the avatar for the huge subset of fans who make their own characters and just the general popularity of personal expression in games these days (there is of course overlap between these groups). None of these features are close to being fleshed out, and particularly in the case of the boost and Classic gameplay styles, they took the already flawed gameplay of Generations and proceeded to make it worse. I don't believe that these were conscious changes made to improve the games that some people disagree on, but rather were the result of an inexperienced team with poor direction, poor vision and poor understanding of what they even wanted to achieve. The choice was to make a bunch of things that looked like they were what fans wanted, and they didn't go to any lengths to really deliver. The gameplay was phoned in and lazy. Whatever Sonic Team try next, I don't think they'll be appealing to fans such as myself. They'll continue to go after thd lowest hanging fruit, rather than making a quality product that will appeal to a broad audience because requires more time and money (and the right talent). I can't comment on the content of the game, like additional characters, story or even gameplay style. They might move on from the boost, I guess? But even if they do, I'm really sure they won't do it right. Lost World was a mess, as were the avatars and Classic Sonic in Forces. It'll be a low quality game.
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