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    It doesn't really seem to have the same general vibe as a Sonic 2 track. Although Sonic 2 did have some songs with noticeably different tonalities. What an incredibly depressing world we'd live in if all our hard work and creativity would inherently be doomed to be lost to time just because it wasn't used in one video game released over 20 years ago.
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    In this case, I consider Sonic X's inclusion of Chris and the movie's inclusion of Tom to be two separate animals. The narrative justification is the same on paper, but when it comes things like the live action movie, I tend to think that is just the justification they throw out because it sounds like they're more invested in the artistic integrity of the story telling, rather than transparently throwing out marketing mumbo jumbo. I think the obligatory human protagonist has no real intention other than to have the actor carry a lot of the weight of the film's marketing. This tends to manifest itself a lot in the actual films. Peter Rabbit isn't a movie about the eponymous character and his friends. They are there and interact with the plot to a certain extent, but the critical focus of the movie is on Domhnall Gleeson's character winning the affections of Rose Byrne's character. The Smurfs isn't about the actual Smurfs. Again, they do interact with the plot and exist for the duration of the movie, but the core of the movie is about Niel Patrick Harris. Going really far back, Kangaroo Jack isn't about the titular Kangaroo, it's about the tense gay subtext bromance between Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson as well as the former's awkwardly unfolding romantic relationship with Estella Warren's character. This is a rather extreme one, because despite being the titular character and the majority of the marketing focus, Kangaroo Jack is barely in the movie, and despite what the commercials showed, he can't even really talk. The one and only time he does is during a... rather weird dream sequence mid-way through the movie. All this to say that I will at least give the movie credit in that I'm expecting Sonic will actually have a larger role than the examples I've listed. But I'm still expecting in some way the emotional core of the movie's narrative will be focused on Tom in some way. Because the movie won't be about Sonic, but about James Marsden. Even if Sonic is instrumental in that emotional core, the crux of the character development will still be on Tom. As a disclaimer, I'm not saying with certainty that will be the case, but some basic pattern recognition makes it highly likely to me.
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    You can't "both sides" this shit if you don't even know what you're talking about. How the fuck do you think making a film works? "Oh no, I spent too much time on this character being black and forgot to make the story good"? It's not even done by the same PEOPLE usually, and if you have a problem with the writing, directing it at diversity only makes your argument and understanding of the production look weaker. Literally n o t h i n g about the writing depends on the characters' race or gender. Call the writing bad if that's how you feel, you're entitled to that opinion, but it has nothing to do with diversity, and displaying the lack of understanding or sense to insinuate that it does? Yeah, you shouldn't be fucking surprised if people call that bigoted.
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    That's not something I would know for sure, but here's the way I see it - if that's true, it's a failure to understand that audience, and if it's false it's a failure to understand what audience this kind of film appeals to. In my book, either option is still a monumental fuckup.
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    I dunno. This seems like a bad kinda bait/damage control. Like, "Sure, we'll fix the design...in the sequel! See you at the theaters, everyone! :)" Maybe I'm horribly off base here and maybe they really are taking the feedback into account to make changes to the film. But sadly, the design would only fix one of many problems with it. There's still just about everything else.
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    He's just being stereotypical Jim Carrey. I wouldn't expect anything we haven't seen before.
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    Previews for IDW Sonic #16!
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    There are different kinds of people. Assuming all act the same is stupid because we are all different people. One person can dislike a video because they ...well...disliked the video itself. One person can dislike it because another told them to do so. One can because he's in a bad mood that day. One can because they clicked dislike on accident. One can like the video itself, but dislike the fact it has ads in it. You can't assume all people disliked for the same reason.
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    Yep pretty much my feelings summarized in a pic
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    A 57:43 ratio really isn't that much more impressive than a 50:50 one, especially considering that the latter has still 4 more original tracks than the former despite it. People basically have said everything about what MK does differently compared to TSR, but I think it bears repeating: Mario Kart waited with bringing basically anything back until they had dozens and dozens of different tracks, so that even after multiple games bringing back retro courses, they would still have a pretty big pool to pick from, and even if there's overlap, the generational leaps make it so that even if a track was already remastered on, say, a Gamecube, on a Wii U, it would again look fresh. With TSR, it's one generational leap. Ocean View barely looks prettier than on its predecessor (or not at all, if you compare it to PC) and while it's certainly noticable on the ASR tracks, it's obviously not as day and night as, say, a 2D SNES or lowpoly 3D N64 or DS track suddenly making the jump to current gen hardware. And, because Sonic had to share the game with other franchises before, has an incredibly limited, samey pool of tracks to choose from, so instead of "Oh, they brought this track from 'one of 7 games' back!", it's "Oh, they brought the whole batch from 'one of two games'. It just doesn't have close to the same appeal the returning courses in MK have. Also, especially in the later games, MK incorporates new gimmicks and mechanics into the tracks. Even the simple trick mechanic they added in Wii adds quite a bit to the tracks if used properly, but the big jump happened in MK7 and onwards: With the gliding and underwater driving in 7 and the Anti gravity in 8 get seamlessly integrated in old tracks that generally also get heavily redesigned. Suddenly, in Dino Dino Jungle, there's a Gliding pad that lets you fly an alternate route while dodging the giant Dinosaur, Daisy's Cruiser has part of the ship that was dry before flooded now and has clamps in them that you can do trick jumps over if you time it properly, Toad's Turnpike lets you drive on walls now and has cars with ramps on top that you can do tricks on or glide off - they clearly put much thought into making them fresh. In TSR, it just seems like it's just a coat of paint. A gorgeous one, no doubt, but still, not particularly interesting, in my eyes. The Team mechanics will clearly change your thinking on these tracks in some way, but I don't think it's gonna be that significant. Other than that, I can't think of much that could be possibly different. Maybe a Power character can drive through certain obstacles now? Doesn't seem that exciting. The Technique characters can drive through some of the grass on Ocean View now since the whole hover mechanic was, as far as I know, not a thing in ASRT, so that's a thing that can happen now, I guess? And Speed Characters just get the usual old fare without any changes, I guess. The retro tracks in ASRT had a similar issue of being just themselves again', but those were only 4 tracks, so it wasn't as apparent as it is in TSR. But putting all the above aside, even if Sumo brought everything back without any changes in TSR, it honestly wouldn't be a problem at all if enough new stuff was there. But the biggest problem compared to MK is that, instead of more, everything here just feels less compared to its predecessor. We got less characters, which sucks, but I'd manage if the track variety was there. But it isn't. ASR had 24 original tracks, but they borrowed heavily from eachother, which dampened the whole thing. Then ASRT came along and wiped the floor - only 17 new tracks, sure, but each track was completely distinct from each other and felt super fresh, but not only that, pretty much every track in the game transformed in some way over the course of the race, sometimes giving you new track layouts and basically multiplying the track count by quite a bit. They clearly went in with a quality over quantity approach in ASRT and I think a lot of people, myself included, appreciated that a lot. It's kinda like how, again, Mario Kart went, to be honest: The first game on the SNES had 20 tracks, but they were all part of like 5 terrains and it wasn't really varied at all, but when the sequel came along on the N64, the level number went down, but everything was unique with barely any overlap and no reused locations. Again, Quality over quantity. But where Mario Kart basically stayed at 16 new tracks over the course of its series and then added the retro cups to give people more content on top of it down the line, TSR just is...less. Instead of 17 new tracks, suddenly, there is 12, with Planet Wisp even kind of bringing back the "Three in a samey locale" problem that the first game had (though the rest of the new content in the game pretty much avoids it so I'm not gonna harp on it). Instead of having multiple track layouts that switch in over the course of the different laps, we're back to static tracks that stay the same throughout. And the rest of the track amount that had new stuff before just gets filled up with old stuff. It's just a step back in every way. Less variety, less new stuff, less stuff in general. And the fact that the difference between the retro tracks, strictly visually speaking basically amounts to "Seaside Hill" " Seaside Hill with less beach and more ruins" and "Seaside Hill with fewer ruins and more jungle", it's just boring to look at and really disappointing. And yes, I don't think much, if anything, of this is Sumo's fault, but a problem of really limited budget, so I'm not blaming them. And yes, technically, the price is lower to make up for its shortcomings. But for me, personally, there is nothing interesting, even for the cheaper price, since the predecessor does, in my eyes, so much a lot better. I honestly would've been more interested in the game if it was more expensive, but gave me a lot more new, exciting stuff, and just stuff in general. Now, it's pretty much just a lesser version of a thing I already have. The whole base game of TSR seems incredibly solid and fun, the soundtrack is amazing, having a Story is neat, and the customization looks great and heck, the Teamwork aspect also seems fun, but what should be the meat and potatoes of a (kart) racing game, the roster and the tracks, just seem lacking. And that's a shame, really.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic is only putting off the infection process with his speed. It's not gone. If I had to guess this will be less and less effective over time. We see it on the covers all the way to the Shadow issue so far. Nice to see the Sonic Adventure place again. Now if only we could see other rooms. I still head canon Tails has a Sonic plush for bed XP.
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    Morning SSMB. Thought I'd share a Sonic I can enjoy to see at the start of the day. In other news next update for my story blog will be live at noon PST so check it out if you'd like.
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    So uh...who’s your favorite so far? (New art)
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    I fucking love the babylon rogues guys

    I fucking love the babylon rogues guys
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    Here's a thought for developers who feel they're too troubled by angry nostalgiaists who can't move on: Just make new properties for new people. Moreover, understand with whom you're dealing when making a Sonic movie. You're welcome to a negative opinion of these fandoms, but you're not likely to change them by making something they hate, and frankly you aren't owed patronage by people outside the fandom. For as finicky as Sonic fandom is, it's also huge, but people outside it tend to regard Sonic poorly. If you don't want to make a Sonic movie for the fans, good luck finding any other audience.
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    I don't think it was a good movie either, but when a not-insignificant portion of the conversation surrounding it was "MUH FORCED DIVERSITY" and "FEMENSIM IS RUINING MOVIES" bullshit, you can't act like a lot of the negative reception wasn't from assholes arguing in bad faith.
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    Giving Sonic super speed at THAT level PLUS the ability to instantly teleport with the ring is already making him overpowered. So I hope he can only pull hat off in special occaisons or this movie will become a cinemasins nitpick parade. But, well, I get the impression this is mostly written as a comedy, so I suppose we'll have to turn our brains off and assume each joke just exists in it's own little vacuum universe. "Things happen because screenwriter thought it was funny at that point". Pretty much like most of Sonic's modern output. Well, and my own cartoons as well to be fair.
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    Gives gameplay of at least one entire lap for each track with a competent player.
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    Calling it: (more KH3 spoilers)

    Calling it: (more KH3 spoilers)
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    Okay I didn’t know that the KH3 Boxart was
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    I love Jeff's answer to criticism and this is how professionals should act. I'm glad he's not Josh trank, lol. That being said, it seems he has had feedback for a long time. So, I'm sure this first trailer is showing a old version / draft. The next trailer might show a better design and everyone will say he fixed it after this trailer. Nope, he probably fixed way before the first trailer.
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    I'd be more impressed if they could at least name something some of the more specific complaints that fans have about the designs. "[We recognize that] you don't like the design" is a pretty broad statement.
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    What if they changed him to look like this. And make the shoes look closer to the classic. That was one element that shouldn't have changed. There are Nike shoes that look like the classic buckle shoes
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    Dislikes must be illegitimate, likes must be legitimate. Well, it's an interpretation. I was just thinking about the Thunderbirds movie earlier, actually; a movie for which, on reflection, I understand why they made a lot of the decisions that they did, but wow was the execution awful. But they did get one thing right: They didn't mess with the machines. They didn't play down the cartooniness of the designs or make them more edgy and realistic; a few tweaks here and there, but overall same silhouette, same vibrant colour schemes - same design overall, instantly recognisable. It's right there in the title, Thunderbirds; and moreover, I'm sure they sensed that what they were making was ultimately a partially toyetic product and that historically toys of the Thunderbirds had done very well. Meanwhile, in the Sonic movie, we have ugly humanoid Sonic, and boring, grey hunks of machinery. I'm no fan of a purely commercialistic venture, but you'd have thought they'd at least want to get it right for the toy sales.
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    Now if that is true good on them for realizing the design sucks after the backlash. I have no ill will at the designers here, CGI isnt as easy as it sounds but at the same time they should have known better. Yeah I dont think they will be that drastic in the changes this long into production and saying rthe film is going to be out november. They would have to crunch real hard and i rather not have them do that.
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    I'm just trying to point out that Jim Carrey is playing heavily on nostalgia in the trailer (which is likely what he's been directed to do), rather than putting in the kind of effort that Raul Julia did with Bison. It's likely that we've already seen some of the best stuff too...
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    There are plenty of reasons to turn off super powers, sure (except maybe Tumor Man, have yet to see Wolverine deal with that but I could be wrong) but now you also have just turned off a trial for the super empowered to overcome. You've made life easier instead of challenging the character to come to terms with who or what they are. It's actually one of the very few things I liked in Man of Steel seeing Clark growing up and having to deal with what our sun's radiation did to him and learning to live with it and accept as just part of who he was. It's off hand the only time I can think of someone having to actually deal with the feedback of their superpowers instead of it being ignored or them having an off switch. If you know some stories where the don't actually have it and have to deal with the feedback without developing an off switch please share cause I'd love to see it instead of seeing the daftness of the Beast from the X-Men is suddenly human again because of a being whose presence cancels out genetic code, or you know; their powers. Just to also throw out a bad example of the off switch of a physical ability though while it's on my mind, say you walk down the street and witness a skunk spray a dog that got to close. That is going to reek, make your eyes water, and possibly even leave you feeling nauseous. It absolutely sucks and you have to make a decision so to deal with the situation before your reaction gets worse. There is a challenge to overcome and any number of approaches that you can take, or you could spontaneously for the situation have the ability to disconnect your sense of smell and stroll on as though nothing happened. It'd be nice to be sure but completely ignores how a human being is wired, undermines any challenge presented by the situation, and narratively defeats the entire purpose of the encounter while demonstrating that their is no reason to worry about the feedback from the ability because you can just turn it off and not be inconvenienced. I personally find the on/off switch for superpowers just to make life easier on the writers so they can tell their story taking the easy way out and avoiding actually exploring the character and what it means to be them. Now that isn't to say that some abilities aren't designed to be on and off like Spider-Man's ability to stick to most surfaces (though he's based on a spider so there is real world precedent for him to able to not stick to everything), but I unfortunately almost always see the off switch both as an option to the hero so they can either be vulnerable to the mundane for the plot and to make the writer's life easier, or so they can live normally without actually dealing with what they are all while also having that switch be an option for the overly cliched villain turned off the powers plotline. So rarely seeing it actually handled without the off switch as an option is part of why it just gets under my skin so much. Heck, just once I'd love to see a villain with their superpower off switch for the plot use it against somebody who is just naturally that way and thus have no effect. It would be a fairly cathartic moment for me. Boy this eats at me so much. It's not that I don't see it, but rather that it goes so against how I perceived Sonic as a kid. Sonic wasn't one of the gang, he was that cool teenager we all wanted to be like. We weren't supposed to relate with him, we were supposed to be enamored with what he was and wonder how to be like that ourselves. I know that viewpoint of mine is pretty unpopular but it does unfortunately just make this point so much worse to me. I feel sorry for Oshima and Naka. They with everyone else involved put so much effort into something that would make them world famous and become globally iconic and now their work has been bastardized but unfortunately not far enough to be beyond all recognition leaving them to see their creation at heart of the most intense backlash it has probably ever seen. 06 is a joke and the butt of any joke provoking Sonic (bar Shadow's game) but Tim Miller's insisted upon realistic take has brought out so much hatred and negativity and that is all aimed at their creation. It's absolutely horrible and just plain sucks. Speaking of that negativity, I've even been seeing at work where I never see anyone talk about Sonic the Hedgehog of all things and everyone I saw talking about it hated it. And then there is my younger brother who finally just caught a glimpse of the trailer's thumbnail and said that was enough to make him want to vomit. As much as I dislike what I've seen it astounds me how something made for harmless entertainment has brought out so much hate, anger, and just negativity in general. Something went wrong with this movie and that is just the one fact that I feel everyone can agree on.
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    https://m.dailykos.com/stories/2019/4/25/1853070/-Trump-administration-ready-to-roll-back-transgender-reproductive-health-protections Everytime I think they can’t sink any lower, the Trump Mafia only keeps on finding a way to make me despise them even more. I can openly say that this is probably one of the most evil group of humans in recent history. And people still have the gall to think we should try to reconcile with these fascists?!
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    I honestly found the kid joke to be pretty bad. It kind of reminds me of the fart joke from TTG To the Movies that was played constantly in the trailers, and was meant to be their big stinger, even though it wasn't particularly funny. It just kind of stunk of the normal "THE NORMAL GUY HAS TO KEEP THE SUPERNATURAL CREATURE HIDDEN FROM OTHERS, LMAAAAAO, HAM SANDWICH!!". Honestly, this is the kind of humour I've been dreading since the first reveal that Tom would be prominent in the story.
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    I'm not buying the game if that song is in it.
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    So like...is this gonna be in the game?
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    Or just wait til it gets pirated or streamed for free on the internet.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Hmm? I don't know, I mean it would've been less blatant to be sure...but call outs will still happen. Not of the negative variety.
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    The spirit event in Smash Ultimate is all about characters with tails, and they omit TAILS himself from it. The mad disrespect to my son. The mad mad disrespect come on!
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    Bizarre question: Do you ever use baby name websites in order to find a name for your OCs?
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    Perhaps movie makers should focus more on telling a story rather than pushing for diversity, which as a non-white Mexican, is an aspect that I could not care any less about... Unless this is something Hollywood does touse as human shields knowing very well who will be the first in line to defend their mediocre films. And no, TLJ was terrible because it's director was more focused on subverting expectations than on telling a story and building up on what JJ had established to the point that Episode IX is going to be damage control. And just like there are people who gives flak to movies for being diverse, there are also equally dumb people who think that honest criticism equals bigotry against said diversity, which is why I detest both sides equally since the rest of the majority of sane, functionalpeople get trapped in the cross-fire of two very loud minorities.
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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    I actually did like aspects of the concept art before the trailer drop so I did a sketch.
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    What do you think about gambling?

    Serious question: is this appropriate for a forum about a children's game series?
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    Sony tried that with Ghostbusters 2016, functionally weaponizing the atrocious response the trailer got with an extensive marketing campaign to essentially antagonize people into seeing it to see if it was really as bad as everyone was reacting to it. So assured that it would be a huge hit due to this brilliant plan that they wanted to turn it into a tentpole franchise and signed everyone involved to two sequel films. They ended up taking a bath on it and have already tried to erase it from existence like they did with the two different Spiderman franchises they had. Paramount isn't spending the stupid money Sony spent on that movie, but 90 million is a lot more money then the developers of Goat Simulator had.
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    Imagine how many people people they could get to want to see it if they actually made a good trailer that made the movie look good.
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    I watched it, it was shit, boring, and most of the humor was forced feeling. Certainly was one of the least funny films of that year. If you’re seriously insinuating most who don’t like it never saw it or are bigots that hate women, I’m at a loss for words Dude, it’s a film that’ll likely be under average and disappointing in a lot of ways, it’s not worth throwing a ton of hard earned money for just to travel to a different country just to see a movie a few months early.
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    I like the different color background-the red and orange sky.
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    Oh, I entirely agree. My post isn't meant to defend the film in any way, but I wanted to cover some bases I hadn't seen explored before here. Just for fun though, in addition to my example of Ghosbusters 2016, I also remember the initial trailers for Paddington Bear being so disgusting and unfunny that I never could have imagined it being decent. To my and everyone else's surprise, it became a modern family film classic and got a sequel only a few years later. And I STILL haven't seen it, because the imagery in that trailer was so bad. Even if this Sonic movie did turn out to be a good family film, I probably wouldn't be able to bring myself to watch it for the same reason.
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    The Hedgehog Engine 2 had no bearing on the physics or the feel of the boost. Its purely a graphics engine and is separate from the coding that makes up the physics or governs the controls. Its only job is to make what is being put on screen look good. To further prove that point, Lost World was also run on the original Hedgehog Engine - Just like Gens before it. Same engine, two wildly different feels. If your looking for something to blame for all that, then you want to point to the Physics engine - which would be HAVOK ... but even so that has been the engine of choice for most main Sonic games all the way back to 06, so its more of a problem with the dev's coding ambitions than anything else. Forces boost was daft because that's exactly how it was designed to be. The director in charge of Forces has shown a consistent and deliberate lean toward gameplay that is more controlled and restrictive in order to maximize accessibility. That's all it is. He did it in Colors, and he did it again in Forces. Classic Sonic is busted because they made zero attempt to recreate momentum physics and rather designed something that could approximate it in basic hi speed situations. Those were choices, not limitations on the engine or development fails. To answer the OP, Forces without a shadow of a doubt showcased that time isn't the problem here. Direction and Focus seem like much bigger issues in need of tackling.
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    It's implied in interviews and in the Reddit leak that Sonic is still learning to control his speed. Him getting shot (I refuse to acknowledge it's a tranquilizer, if I dream hard enough maybe Sonic will finally be dead) is at the first act of the film when he meets Tom, so you wouldn't expect him to Quicksilver his way out of that. Stop making me defend this movie.
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    Notice how SEGA logo is completely alone in the opening credits, unlike Sonic Mania which had the "proudly presents" in literally every trailer, animation, annoucement. Even the official Sonic Facebook page simply shared the trailer, no word, no comment, not even a: "Here's the trailer for the upcoming Sonic movie!". Nothing, just the link. That's not a coincidence. Ah, to be a fly in SEGA's office today... How come they give the thumbs up to that after what Big Red Button did to Sonic not long ago...? It's their flagship IP. What about all those talks regarding quality control? SEGA should be waaaay above this at this point. How come they think this is good, even as its own thing? It uses their property, their characters... Sigh.
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    in my infinite wisdom, i somehow managed to get myself lodged inside the death egg robot.
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    Thank you, Ken, for finally catching up to the rest of us on figuring out your own intentions regarding how both Ian's stories and M25YL can be canon. This isn't exactly the first time that he's realized this.
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