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    Yep pretty much my feelings summarized in a pic
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    Morning SSMB. Thought I'd share a Sonic I can enjoy to see at the start of the day. In other news next update for my story blog will be live at noon PST so check it out if you'd like.
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    So uh...who’s your favorite so far? (New art)
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    I fucking love the babylon rogues guys

    I fucking love the babylon rogues guys
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    Calling it: (more KH3 spoilers)

    Calling it: (more KH3 spoilers)
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    I'm not buying the game if that song is in it.
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    The spirit event in Smash Ultimate is all about characters with tails, and they omit TAILS himself from it. The mad disrespect to my son. The mad mad disrespect come on!
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    Bizarre question: Do you ever use baby name websites in order to find a name for your OCs?
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    What do you think about gambling?

    Serious question: is this appropriate for a forum about a children's game series?
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    I like the different color background-the red and orange sky.
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