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    Saw a comment saying the animated Lion King is poorly animated compared to the 'live action' one. This is all kinds of wrong.
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    Tragically that's a pretty big example of the kettle calling the pot black, given that Penders own work is pretty barren in that regard. You and I both know that Penders couldn't identify an 'emotional core' if it got up and slapped him in the face. I still find it astounding though that he's been complaining about the film 'stealing' his style, without seeming to realize that that says nothing good about his own work or its lack of appeal given the incredible backlash the film's Sonic design provoked.
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    Life's too short to be sad

    Life's too short to be sad
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    A lot of times, it can be the creator's already established reputation giving them attention (Undertale, Doki Doki Literature Club). Other times, it's just word of mouth until it reaches someone big (Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy's). Or maybe it'll just blow up completely out of nowhere (A Hat in Time). It'd be great to tap into that potential when making a game, but it's an impossible gamble sometimes, an unfair game that picks up one project from the millions out there.
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    Oh, same for my sister too. As well as the people at my job. Like, it's insane. Hollywood really fucked this one up. Reading this though... it HAS to be delayed right? How are they reasonably supposed to change the model and the animations of an entire theatrical feature in just six months? I can't wrap my brain around that. The mere thought of trying to accomplish that makes me feel sick. It's too late. They did this really horrible, obviously dumb thing and now they're paying for it. It wouldn't be so infuriating if it wasn't so obviously the literal wrong thing to do. Even out of touch executives should know that you don't take an iconic image that's made bank for over 20+ years and risk it not looking like that iconic image that's made bank for over 20+ years for no good reason. Why would you voluntarily impose that risk upon yourselves? I don't understand. Somebody, please, help me understand.
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    It feels a bit weird that the backlash to the Sonic movie is now within the mainstream instead of confined to this thread. It's like the gates blew off their hinges and the ghosts of misfortune were set free to terrify people on mass instead of just us poor heathens stuck within the confines of Sonic Silent Hill.
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    Not giving Stage Builder it’s own stylus was a dumb thing to do. I hope Mario Maker 2’s stylus will work.
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    After Colors/ Lost world's events being merely backdrops to Sonic's hilarious stand up comedian acts, Generations being an emotional flatline,, 2 seasons and 3 games of Sonic Boom, Lego dimensions, Wreck it Ralph, the cast goofing around on conventions and twitter, I thought Forces was the breath of fresh air. Other then Forces, what serious Sonic projects were the current voice cast in? Rise of Lyric? The dramatic energy of those cutscenes are so intense I use them as sleeping aid on restless nights. Fine, I'll give you Amy was mostly distressed and Eggman angry in Lost World. The only "nice to see them having a lighthearted chat" characters for me are Silver and Blaze who haven't gotten any casual screentime together other then a cameo in DS Colors. Other then that, seems bussines as usual to me.
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    This might be a reasonable compromise. All this person did was adjust the face slightly and it looks so much more bearable.
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    it's perfect

    it's perfect
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    I wonder if it'd even help them that much in the long run, because the only interest people seem to have in this thing is that the main character looks like a hideous freak monster. Lose that and you lose your ironic audience, and I don't think that leaves a whole lot left.
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    Goodness, Project Hero is shaping up remarkably. Loving what I've seen so far!
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    Remember kids, you can only tell what's good bread through the sound of the crust... apparently.
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    Omelette du fromage Omelette du fromage Omelette du fromage Omelette du fromage Omelette du fromage Omelette du fromage Omelette du fromage Omelette du fromage
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    I guess I'm just old fashioned but I want stuff that I actually enjoy, not just some crap with the name of an IP that I enjoyed the previous entries of.
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    Talking to people on Twitter is not healthy for him.
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    That's the ironic bit, in their desperate attempt to nostalgia-grab the 90s crowd, they hit that exact crowd who know who Sonic looks like, and know this still looks awfully wrong. It's one of the most disastrous uses of nostalgia I've seen in a movie to date.
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    To think we have come a long way since the time this was made.
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    If ThE DIreCtOrs THiNk SoNic'S TeeTH aRe ThE OnLy PrOblEM Edit: It has taken me all this time to realize he also fucked up Sonic's shoes. If you told me Ken was the concept artist on this movie, I'd believe you.
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    Best part is a delay would impact their marketing strategy, forcing them to spend even more money on top of the cost of the redesign. This thing is going to bomb regardless, all they're really accomplishing is inflating their returns ratio. They should just put the thing out and hope they make something back on simps seeing this ironically.
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    Yeeah that... doesn't really change the fact that the Sonic book was a kid's book. That the show was a kids show. And that the games, shockingly enough, were aimed at children as well. I really do not get how the heck he can think citing 'original intent' as though that somehow magically makes him talking about wanting underage sex in a kid's book okay, given that whatever the initial intent, Sonic wound up as a franchise for kids. By this logic, the fact that E.T. was originally conceived as a horror film would mean that Steve Spielberg discussing how he wanted ET to screw a teenager would be A-Okay, simply because of what it was ORIGINALLY. By this point I'm not exactly shocked by the fact he'd much sooner look like an idiot than admit that anything of his was ill-conceived, but the fact that he has chosen THIS particular hill to die on is as baffling as it is unnerving.
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    The whole redesigning Sonic thing is hilarious to me. Like, the damage is already done and the rest of the movie looks dreadful, but by all means dump even more time and money into this bullshit.
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    tfw Paramount tries to win the crowd back by altering the design and it's likely too little too late at this point:
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    Having finally beaten Advance 2, I've decided to try and beat Advance 3. I'm currently up to the boss fight in Twinkle Snow. All the previous boss fights are..okay, I mean, more bearable than Advance 2's boss. What a shame we then get Twinkle Snow's boss which is piss-poor garbage.
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    A friendly reminder that if Sonic's movie design scares you now, there's also a baby version of it coming.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't get how there are people who don't like her TBH.
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    Meanwhile, in a certain old game cartoon... ”oH bOy, SmOoChInG tImE!”
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    Your reaction: Ultimate's story mode was just a retelling of SSE with extra fighters and sub-dungeons where you can fight bosses not present in the original SSE.
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The funny thing is, Sir Connery’s design back when he first appeared was much more fitting with the overall Sonic style.
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    Me: wow endgame kinda has me interested in looking at how the comics are goin- Comics: Thor owns Thori now. Me:
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    Hello there. It's been an incredibly long time since I've visited after getting into other games. How is everyone? (That is, if anyone remembers me 😄)
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    Pet peeve, but I was disappointed the KH3 Boxart didn’t have a shiny version like the other mainline titles. Even FFXV got one
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    Is just with me or SSMB is messing up with the notifications lately? Apparently there's something about multiple reactions (If someone reacts about two things before I log on again, or if two different peoples reacts to the same thing). In the first case, the counter shows up 2 notify but when I click to see, it just show only one. It's generally by the same person and when I click on my profile I can see what was the second content not mentioned. In the second case, the counter also shows two notify but only mention one member but when I see the post appears two.
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    Yeah, clearly not grunts, unless one of Tails' is randomly saying the word "fastest" in a way that would only make sense if it were starting a sentence. (Which it is in the dialogue box.)
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    Man I really like Smash Ultimate but it'd be sooo much more fun if the online wasn't this lacking
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    Story Mode is probably just there to provide some fun, unusual gameplay for people who don't enjoy playing online, of which there are many out there, especially younger kids. It's as worth putting in as it was worth putting Mission Modes in the previous two Sumo Sonic racing games, which I get the impression most people played even without a story. But yeah, I'm not expecting anything grand, though I am glad to hear it is at least voice acted. I hope the writing is decent enough to provide some laughs and fun interactions. To be honest, after Forces, it might be a breath of fresh air to get some voiced character interactions for the modern cast where the stakes aren't high, assuming they are able to write them in-character, at least (which is where Free Riders stumbled thanks to almost everyone being petty jerks to each other).
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    If Sonic’s marketing in Japan was somehow more “mature” than in the west, you have to remember that Japan has very different ideas as to what is suitable for kids.
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    Your Vest Friend

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    What a cute crowd of people.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    A work in progress from Evan Stanley for IDW:
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    I'm rooting for Avengers to beat the shit outta Avatar. go team.
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    So the 30th anniversary Sonic game will be good, right? There's simply no way Sega/Sonic Team would screw up on such a monumental occasion right? RIGHT?
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    There's a difference between not making content that fascists and bigots like and not making content with value and meaning to it. It's not that sketchy media turns perfectly ordinary non-fascists into fascists, it's that fascists rally around it, reinforce each other's beliefs, and use it to draw in people who are in some way on the fence. Ok. Not sure what that has to do with any of this though. It's certainly not anything like anything I've said.
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    I don't know enough about Warhammer to criticize it specifically but I feel if a bunch of fascists and bigots flock to your product you do have an obligation to take a step back and reevaluate it, figure out what you're saying that they're attracted to, and basically tell them to fuck right off. That's not to say you have to sterilize your work, and obviously you can't prevent every last person from misunderstanding or deliberately misusing your work, but if it happens enough for it to be a known thing it's probably not a coincidence, and again you're still responsible for the messages you send whether they're intentional or not.
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    Pornhub apparently wants to buy tumblr from Verizon and restore its adult content setting.
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    Peeps can do all the way from a purely suggested design standpoints. The real issue honestly comes from what's already animated and having to change the model proportions (and the rig) to avoid clipping and weird issues that come with swapping out models. I don't have any experience with Autodesk (or even Blender for that matter,) but here's what happens when you try to give some models different animations or poses in SFM. Keep in mind, SFM is generally easier than Autodesk. So, I decided to load up SFM and start up an old file - Spinning Egg Zone Episode 1 (plug plug plug) I just chose a random scene to work with, very simple to kinda demostrate a point about model swapping. So, in this scene, I'm just doing some easy movements in montages. So, we have the glorious doc here, right? He's pointing and going "Microtransactions!" He's also floating because camera tricks and I'm lazy. Camera tricks will be less viable in a movie partly shot in live action. So, Eggman and Sonic have the same names of most bones here and using the same rigs with the same name is helpful in some situations. We can technically slap Ivo's current animation (or pose in this case) but the results are... beautiful. Okay, but Eggman is significantly taller than Sonic and obviously doesn't have the same body shape. I have Sonic over to the side here, also floating as well, because lazy. And a close up of his very interesting arms-to-the-side pose. So, let's get someone a bit different here. Blaze is only a little bit taller than Sonic, so she's less of an extreme. We make her rig name match Sonic's and we get... not the worst result, but you can see some fuckity is going on here. We put up a fresh Blaze and we can see some unusual behavior is going on here. Her ankles are broke, for one. And there's some weirdness going on with her fingers. It really look like someone took a sledgehammer and went to town on her bones. I wasn't planning on doing this, but here's a bonus one. Shadow, right? He's basically a carbon copy of Sonic. What happens when you give him the pose. Boom. You can see the breaking of ankles returns, as well as some wild quill work. It doesn't smooth out. Super Sonic, basically an exact copy minus the quills. Feet aren't broken, but the hair, my guy. The hair. Sooooooo... what this is meant to do is show what you could expect from them simply trying to replace the model. Issues will arrive. If the new model is shorter, you can expect it to break. If it has different sizes in certain spots (and it will) it's going to break. It did here and these are just poses. Now, imagine actual animation. And they have to look good because this isn't a nerd doing a satire animated series like me, this is full on industry work. I chose extreme cases to just really make a point and give an idea.
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    What really boggles my mind is how Sega is super strict with Sonic on all other media, especially the comics: Sonic can't cry, Sonic can't lose, we can't see anyone's family, no romantic relationships whatsoever, all that shit. So the million dollar question is, where the hell where they for this movie? Did the contracts demand they just fuck off?
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    What makes me question if you are is how you have the audacity to come in here, insult us, insinuate that we're all just nitpicking and the design is our only problem with it, but in the same breath demand we accept it and your opinions. That's what's bothering people here. There are a few defenders and fans of the movie here. That's not the issue. How you present yourself, conversely, is.
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Because it contains both wind and hills.
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