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    "Kill it with fire!" *Screams, laughter* "NO!" People need to stop believing this was done deliberately.
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    There not lauging with the movie or because its funny. There lauging at it because it doesn't look good. I almost feel bad, its like the movie is being bullied.
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    It wasn't a PR stunt. People need to stop believing this nonsense. It wouldn't be some insanely brilliant move to purposely make everyone think your movie is terrible.
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    A company's job isn't to be honest with the quality of their products. It's to sell you those products and nothing more.
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    I think Caddicarus just sold me on Team Sonic Racing.
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    (tweet) Today is a very nostalgic day for like 7 people in the US.
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    Was gonna add I was referencing the Grinch Leak. Which people were so dead set on believing that they were massively disappointed when it turned out fake.
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    Morning! Time to celebrate my birthday!
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    Ken, that's how trademark abandonment works, not copyright.
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    Caddicarus got a chance to play it, he gives his thoughts in a vlog style video. Really positive actually.
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    Watch out, folks. This is Peter Rabbit all over again.
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    "Sonic Freedom" 2D hand-drawn platformer.
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    To the anonymous French-speaking lurker calling me out on Twitter for saying the Sonic Movie looks bad: "Bonjour!"
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    Sunset Hill is just a pitched-up Green Hill, so why do remixes of it always sound good af
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    Seems that the allegations against Jim Cummings were proven false.
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    Happy Birthday buddy, have a good one!
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    Back from Detective Pikachu! A very enjoyable if not quite flawed experience that bears great potential!
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    Iizuka's statement can basically be "Yeah, it sucks, we know, but it's not our fault this time!"
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    My ideal Sonic comic is basically a Sonic version of Usagi Yojimbo. By that I don't mean a Sonic comic that's set in 17th century Japan, but a comic that focuses on a wandering hero and a rotating supporting cast in mostly episodic adventures that sometimes tie in to larger underlying story arcs. We honestly do sort of have that now, but it's just super, super decompressed and repetitive. Not enough individual character-building stories and just these bland "season"-long arcs. The episodic and character-focused setup of the annual stories was refreshing, even if they weren't masterpieces.
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    Well, to be fair, no one accused the people involved in this of knowing what they're doing.
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    Hmm. The ugly teeth are gone. And look, black eyes again! So maybe they are trying to pull classic fans back. His face has a slight cartoonish look, but there's still a bit of seriousness to it. Like he's not going to buck around with Eggman. Overall, a strong improvement.
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    Probably because they all looked bad? You can't pull the "it's a meme" card on us dude when you're basically making fun of people who have been giving criticism of the design.
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    Word of God is that Sonic isn't into any of that because he literally is a boy at heart, and will forever be one: Ignoring the Sonamy stuf, the key part here is the sentence "Sonniku was eien ni shonen no haato desu". The way the original Sonic Team designed Sonic's character is for him to be a kid. He's not interested in romance because he is a boy who wants to do boy stuff like looking for adventures, fun and excitement and hanging with his best buddy. This is why I can't stand it when writers like Penders try to shoe in real-life stuff like him becoming sexually active, or altering his character into flirting with every chick he sees (I hated this in Archie since I don't think Sonic is the kind of people that would play with other's feelings nor is he someone dishonest) as I feel it's very disrespectful to the creator's original vision of the character. Same goes with "woke" people (often kids) who want to force their bloody LGBBQ identities or whatever they're called onto a character that was meant to be enjoyed by everyone.
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    *finds out that the person who pretty much holds my department together with 15+ years of experience and know-how and is the only one in the store who knows 100% of how to run the dept, even more than our supervisor, is trying to transfer to another store* *immediately tries to get things going on the down-low with either finally moving to another department or even just looking for another job entirely because anytime that co-worker isn't around my shifts are so much harder and if they leave that'll be how things are ~all the time~*
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    I really am kinda perplexed on why Nintendo didn’t just make the boss stages in Smash Ultimate for both Ganon and Rathalos, normal smash stages. I think fighting on ganon’s Castle would have been pretty awesome. The assets are literally right there to use
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    The Note 8 feels really good to hold without a case tbh. Too bad I've always been a case person and always will be. People who buy expensive flagship phones at launch and go case-less are really brave in my eyes.
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    https://cytu.be/r/Motobug Sam & Max starts in 40 minutes on Motobug!
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    Back from seeing Detective Pikachu. Man was it a keen picture.
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    I can dream.

    I can dream.
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    How is it the Switch doesn't have a single Star Wars game? Not even a LEGO one. I'd even take *emulations* of the PS2-era stuff if it meant having them on the go. grumble grumble stupid EA grumble
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Colors for starts bores me as nothing happens. In firt minute we stablish that Eggman enslaved aliens and that's the story, followed by 30 minutes of nothing new. I don't know much I can blame this on Pontac, maybe he's just victim of circumstances. I just miss the days when Sonic had adventures, twists, mysteries, when STUFF happened. What I can blame on him is that I just don't laugh. What worse, Sonic and Tails act so smug, like their jokes are a comedy gold. With Eggman and most of Deadly Six being incompetent dummies, Sonic doesn't beat his enemies, he bullies losers into submission. I don't hate comedy in Sonic. Flynn/Sonic Mania/ TeamRacingOvedrive are great Sonic comedy-wise as their comedy is based on face expressions and personalities of characters. Pontac/Graff aren't using personalities, they possessing Sonic and Tails to tell jokes (ok, Eggman sometimes made me laugh. Like his Colors announcements). Sonic Battle, Riders 1 and yes Marine in Rush Adventures. It's almost universally agreed they aren't great comedies, but I still like them for what they are, way more than Sonic game comedy in 2010-16
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    I've found all chao & collected the chaos emeralds in Twinkle Snow & Cyber Track. Was quite pleased that I was able to find all chao in Cyber Track without the need of a guide. Special stages 5&6 are very tricky.
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    What are you even talking about? Don't get too excited boys. Those were the easy ones. Literally anyone can make an ad like the ones that have been popping up. And honestly, why would Nintendo put all of these up on Google for characters releasing as late as February next year potentially? Not saying it's completely bunk, but it's as liable to be fake as the music theory or the Grinch leak honestly.
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    I need to stop posting SUs while i'm drunk. But seriously, Spirit Riding Free still sucks.
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    Just started playing Valkyria Chronicles. I'm less than an hour in so far, but it's fun. The cutscenes and artstyle are all very nicely done. I think I'm just always going to have a distaste for anime tropes (from character design, to dialogue, to story to "anime gasps" Etc) though...
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    Have a good one, bud!

    Have a good one, bud!
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    Yet he basically said that he’s looking forward to seeing the finished thing. Side-note: since Sonic is their property, I wonder if the folks at SEGA get early screenings?
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    When I read Eggman's lines in IDW, I hear them in Deem Bristow's voice. ^^
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    All the money from Johnny Gioeli's solo album sales on Pledge Music was stolen by the company, who is now filing for bankruptcy. Poor Johnny, he might file a lawsuit.
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    Took forever, but I finally caught up on the MHA anime up til the end of Season 3!
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    I need to get back to painting. (Yes this is my avatar!)
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    Saw it today myself. I don't consider myself much of a Pokémon fan but I have an affection for the franchise to this day for it's character design and nostalgia for back when I was into it because EVERYONE was into it. Was a pretty good time, nothing groundbreaking but yeah, good stuff. I think the highlights were the humour, animation, set design and acting on both Reynolds and the human cast's part. Soundtrack was pretty nice too. The detective story twists were 50/50 - some are very predictable, others did manage to catch me out. I have a few minor gripes however (late movie spoilers, be warned):
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    I wouldn't necessarily place game order on Sonic-robot advancement. 1) Technology doesn't always go straight forward. Maybe Metal Sonic is like a flip phone... temporarily phased out, but clearly superior to later styles. 2) Or, you might be underestimating Mecha Sonic. That machine could pilot eggmobiles, and it had a super form. Metal Sonic in Sonic CD was designed to beat Sonic in a race - we never even saw if it could spinattack until later games. 3) All of those robot Sonics might be the same A.I. transferred to new bodies. I like to think this. It gives Metal Sonic more of a classic era resume.
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    Animated or live action, I can't really fault a series for allowing time to pass, having characters grow older, and having them die (naturally or otherwise). It sucks to lose a character you like of course but it's just as valid a way to run a series, and it does have its advantages.
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    Well, that's how it goes when one franchise is a live action series that requires human actors to play the characters. The other is video game series that stars immortal, ageless cartoon characters. They can switch out as many actors as they want, and they'll stick around no matter how long it goes on for.
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    I hope that doll will look something like this: Gotta emphasize on them lovely teeth.
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    I've gone about this issue about as light-handed as I reasonably could. I've already said this is about significant numbers of people, not just a couple of randos, and that a creator's got the right to defend their work against these sorts of accusations. I'm not really sure how much more assurance you need that I'm not arguing for "someone said a thing, shut it all down!" I'm pretty sure when your photoshops and memes involve the current president of the United States that's sufficient grounds to say there's a political angle to them, even if it may not be a particularly biting one. And I don't really buy the humor argument; too often shitty ideas float by unchallenged under the cover of "humor" or "irony" or "it's just a joke". It's often a cheap way to cover up intent from people who still think the internet is something separate from "real life". And the kind of jokes we choose to tell tell at least as much about our beliefs as anything else we say.
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    As you may or may not have heard former members and content creators of Channel Awesome began speaking out against the media production company. Telling their shared and seperate experiences of being cheated out of money, belittled, harassed, or terminated for no justifiable reason. For a while now the former members have stated that they plan to compile said experiences in a single doc. And it's just been put my friends: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WZFkR__B3Mk9EYQglvislMUx9HWvWhOaBP820UBa4dA/preview# And just a heads up it's got a total of 69 pages, give it read when you can. Edit: Jesus christ.
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