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    (tweet) Today is a very nostalgic day for like 7 people in the US.
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    Morning! Time to celebrate my birthday!
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    Watch out, folks. This is Peter Rabbit all over again.
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    Seems that the allegations against Jim Cummings were proven false.
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    Back from Detective Pikachu! A very enjoyable if not quite flawed experience that bears great potential!
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    I can dream.

    I can dream.
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    I need to stop posting SUs while i'm drunk. But seriously, Spirit Riding Free still sucks.
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    Animated or live action, I can't really fault a series for allowing time to pass, having characters grow older, and having them die (naturally or otherwise). It sucks to lose a character you like of course but it's just as valid a way to run a series, and it does have its advantages.
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    Well, that's how it goes when one franchise is a live action series that requires human actors to play the characters. The other is video game series that stars immortal, ageless cartoon characters. They can switch out as many actors as they want, and they'll stick around no matter how long it goes on for.
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    I've gone about this issue about as light-handed as I reasonably could. I've already said this is about significant numbers of people, not just a couple of randos, and that a creator's got the right to defend their work against these sorts of accusations. I'm not really sure how much more assurance you need that I'm not arguing for "someone said a thing, shut it all down!" I'm pretty sure when your photoshops and memes involve the current president of the United States that's sufficient grounds to say there's a political angle to them, even if it may not be a particularly biting one. And I don't really buy the humor argument; too often shitty ideas float by unchallenged under the cover of "humor" or "irony" or "it's just a joke". It's often a cheap way to cover up intent from people who still think the internet is something separate from "real life". And the kind of jokes we choose to tell tell at least as much about our beliefs as anything else we say.
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