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    "Kill it with fire!" *Screams, laughter* "NO!" People need to stop believing this was done deliberately.
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    Not that there was any reason to doubt, but the trailer is indeed getting laughed at/groaned at in theaters: This entire thing is a disaster.
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    It's a dishonest take on the situation that only exists to stir up shit. First off, Paramount's not some poor, beleaguered caretaker, they're a business trying to make money. The Sonic movie isn't a gift that we're ungrateful for accepting, it's a product that they have to convince us is worth our time and money, and they're failing to do so. Second, they're not going back to the drawing board with each fan response. The designs we've seen are basically all the same; there's some minor refinements and changes but he's still the same weirdly muscular gremlin that's been haunting our nightmares since the silhouette reveal. Third, people have been pretty clear about what problems they have with the design and how it could be improved. People aren't simply shouting "change it!", they're pointing out how the movie's design deviates from Sonic's usual designs and why those changes don't work. Fourth, people weren't letting the rest of the movie off the hook even before we got word that they're supposedly changing Sonic's design. Plenty of people were concerned about the story details that got leaked and about the rest of the trailer. People aren't just grasping for something else to complain about because we're "unpleasable", people are just all around disappointed in what the movie is offering. It's bad enough when this kind of shit gets pulled with the series' usual mistakes but disappointment and disgust with this movie clearly extends well beyond the hardcore fanbase this time so it's especially dishonest to try to write it all off as just a whiny, unpleasable fanbase.
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    Possibly the toy industry is going through a rough time right now. Toys R Us died, video games have captured a lot of the attention physical toys had, the sort of cartoons that are made to sell toys are less common now, and while that bit about games might make Sonic toys sell better, his games aren't all that popular anymore. This movie might be intended as a gateway to other Sonic things, with Sega not being picky about what those things are. Sonic Boom was going to be their big attempt to bring in new fans, but a terrible first game and Cartoon Network's inexplicably stupid scheduling made it fail quickly. This is another try, and while it doesn't look good now, maybe it'll succeed at endearing Sonic himself to children.
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    Here we go again.. https://old.reddit.com/r/SonicTheHedgehog/comments/bn61pp/i_saw_an_early_test_screening_fo_the_sonic_movie/
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    I can't believe we're still using basic fucking PR talk as a defense.
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    I think Caddicarus just sold me on Team Sonic Racing.
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    (tweet) Today is a very nostalgic day for like 7 people in the US.
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    In theaters for Endgame again! This time, in IMAX!
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    Was gonna add I was referencing the Grinch Leak. Which people were so dead set on believing that they were massively disappointed when it turned out fake.
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    Morning! Time to celebrate my birthday!
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    I've been side-eyeing the whole ProJared fiasco from afar but I gotta admit, this made me laugh:
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    Ken, that's how trademark abandonment works, not copyright.
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    But the humour does not work. Because the joke itself is untrue, and a total strawman. There's no truth in the joke to make it funny because it isn't just "lel those damn sonic fans ain't ever happy", it's just the sheer fact that the design sucks, and has been widely panned across the internet, Sonic fanbase or not. Non fans have panned it, so it isn't just "muh childhood" or "I DON'T LIKE CHAAAANGE", it's literally has a boatload of legitimate issues, criticisms, and cripes with it, and that's not even going near the comedy of errors that is the rest of this movie's failings. It's a bit hard to ignore and move on because it's being displayed here as if it's an relevant point to make, that the Sonic fans are on yet another "lel change sucks" tirade when it couldn't be any farther from the truth. Paramount isn't some tireless do-gooder trying to do right by fans, they're a boneheaded company that's fucked up at least three fan-beloved franchises because someone in the their higher-ups pretends to know better than the original designers, and all three times, it's fallen flat on it's ass. Transformers required a hard reboot with Bumblebee, TMNT failed hard after Out of the Shadows and is now backpedalling into another reboot, and low and behold - Paramount has done it again with Sonic. They're a company who tries to pander to what's marketable and can't understand the simple charm of their original franchises.
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    At a steakhouse for a birthday dinner!
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    Lets look at all the characters Ken hasn't used for years and use legal action. By his logic it'd work as he hasn't used about 80% of them in years.
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    Watch out, folks. This is Peter Rabbit all over again.
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    there have been a lot of statuses about SADV3 lately, so i'd like to say it probably has my favorite credits theme out of any sonic game
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    "Sonic Freedom" 2D hand-drawn platformer.
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    Sunset Hill is just a pitched-up Green Hill, so why do remixes of it always sound good af
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    me walking back to the bunker after rumors have come out that Spider-Man FFH leaks/ spoilers are out there now: I JUST went through all this with Endgame.
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    A good video of how Sonic could be fixed.:
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    Lets make it look bad then say we'll change it 2 days later but still put it infront of other movies. Great plan.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Because Sonic is known for it's deep intricate characters. Like don't get me wrong I love the Sonic franchise but...I'd hesitate to say any of the characters are super deep. Even Rouge who I do feel is more grey area is still not a totally deep character. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. I like the characters for their personalities more than how serious they are TBH.
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    Morning SSMB, and an extra happy birthday 🎂 to @Failinhearts! Finally it's the weekend so I plan to relax a little today and hopefully not stir up too much trouble. Shouldn't be too hard though since my most recent depressive episode has left me feeling introspective and wondering if I really know myself at all. Kind of weird feeling to have when you're 33 but it is what it is I guess.
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    Seems that the allegations against Jim Cummings were proven false.
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    So, I'm using spoiler tags for this, but maybe… IDK, the second test screening AMA ties into the first one, could be very well done research if it's fake, anyway, let's give it the benefit of the doubt:
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    Eh, so what else is new? Penders routinely misunderstands/misrepresents these things in an effort to look more in the know than is. Doesn't change the fact that at the end of the day, he can't use anything of Sonic without heavily altering it, and more to the point? He STILL doesn't have anything to show for his efforts. Nor is he ever gonna have more than nothing at any point.
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    Back from Detective Pikachu! A very enjoyable if not quite flawed experience that bears great potential!
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    At the end of the trailer, when Carrey goes full Robotnik, I wonder if the color of his goggles are a visual reference to SatAM/AoStH. As we all know, In those cartoons, he had black eyes with red pupils. The goggles have the same color scheme.
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    Iizuka's statement can basically be "Yeah, it sucks, we know, but it's not our fault this time!"
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    Its probably like the Captain Marvel situation, DC didn't use it when they got it and the trademark expired allowing Marvel to step in and use the name and they have to publish something every few years to retain the trademark. So a name like Bunnie Rabbot would be available but the design and backstory wouldn't.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    My ideal Sonic comic is basically a Sonic version of Usagi Yojimbo. By that I don't mean a Sonic comic that's set in 17th century Japan, but a comic that focuses on a wandering hero and a rotating supporting cast in mostly episodic adventures that sometimes tie in to larger underlying story arcs. We honestly do sort of have that now, but it's just super, super decompressed and repetitive. Not enough individual character-building stories and just these bland "season"-long arcs. The episodic and character-focused setup of the annual stories was refreshing, even if they weren't masterpieces.
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    This comes off as a laughable attempt at trying to imply he has the right to use the Freedom Fighters in TL-SC however he chooses. "If SEGA don't use these characters, they've abandoned their rights to them therefore I can use them however I choose". Unfortunately, how the law works in Ken's make-believe land of fairies and him being a good writer, and how law works in reality are two very different concepts.
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    Well, to be fair, no one accused the people involved in this of knowing what they're doing.
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    yes ''some'' nothing compared to how Sonic and general people reacted to Sonic's movie design.
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    Yep. there are even reports of adults and children yelling how Sonic is ugly in the theater since the trailer is playing before the Pikachu detective movie. it also doesnt help that Pikachu detective movie has been much better received and they should have taken pointers from the Pokemon movie, since they brought in acteal pokemon fans and fan artist to work on the characters design and involved Nintendo/Pokemon Company with the movie every step of the way. Bonus: its in fact based LOOSELY on one of the Pokemon games too. Imagine that, a movie following the game's storyline. Wild.
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    If several people, including the creators of Sonic, several prolific members of the fanbase, and even a good chunk of people outside the fanbase, are telling you that your design is garbage, maybe the audience isn't the problem?
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    Caddicarus did a vlog where he went to play Team Sonic Racing.
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    In theater for Detective Pikachu! ...I legit hope I catch the Sonic movie trailer for the previews lol.
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    Also, there's several characters we haven't heard much from recently that will be heard again. (though they were in some cases seen plenty via stuff like comics and mobile games) Though not all of them seem to be in (like Cream, the Rogues, etc). Plus this is also a breath of fresh air QUALITY-wise, due to things like ROL and their complete lack of energy.
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    Adventure DX was a "enhanced" port, not a remake of the original game (although that's not to detract from your point, the term "enhanced" is rather dubious in the case of that game and I wouldn't trust them to handle a remake properly either). As for franchise management, I think the only way we'll honestly know where Sonic goes from here is what the circumstances of the production for the next mainline (/ platforming) game is. Which might not be for a while (Iizuka confirmed that it had entered production during the SXSW Sonic panel). As it stands though, it seems over the past few years, Iizuka has been busy juggling dual roles as the head of CS2/Sonic Team back in Japan with Forces' production and being the series producer over at America with TSR and Mania [Plus]'s production. I can't imagine that's going to carry on forever though as that sounds extremely exhausting.
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    I can dream.

    I can dream.
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    Not that he alterers them that much. I mean, his masterpiece graphic novel (that will be released a few million years later) for which he fought in court features what is essentially Knuckles with the OVA hat: A beloved character from the Sonic franchise. Pen Kenders like totally over 9000% original, doughnut steel character: The Praetorian. That guy has some nerve to be talking about copyright when he himself is such a scumbag who weasels his way out. Only reason he does not get sued is because he is not making any money out of it (yet) and because it's not worth it (Sega's lawyer would have to take his car out of the garage to make room for whatever is seized from Penders as compensation... tha poor car). Unlike him, Sega knows that whatever Kenny boi decides to do is so small and irrelevant that there is no way his work can have any impact on how people perceive the franchise nor cause any brand confusion.
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    Took forever, but I finally caught up on the MHA anime up til the end of Season 3!
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    It really isn't accurate. Paramount made a garbage design that nobody liked. They're only changing it after backlash, and this is only happening once.
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    Badnik Mechanic

    The ProJared Drama

    I'm only going to comment on the whole cheating aspect. As someone who was recently betrayed by someone in a similar manner. I am completely on Heidi's side in this. People who do this kind of shit don't just accidentally do it, or make a mistake for whatever reason. They know exactly what they're doing and know exactly the kind of hurt it's going to cause if it's found out and it almost always is found out. So pretty much rooting for Heidi in all this as it stands right now.
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    Many of the early "indie" [personally call them small developers since they often having very few staff or even one person] games got popular just because they had staff members from games companies in the past. Broken Age, Shovel Knight and even Fez are very good examples of this, even Shantae can be considered a popular indie series. It is still like this for a few games such as FTL/Into the Breach were done by ex-2K staff. If it wasn't from a games company already then heavily associated with a community like Undertale and Freedom Planet, the latter was a Sonic fan game originally that happened to be a bit more unique when it came to SAGE at the time. Some early indie games were involved with the industry but didn't work on any games before or did Flash games/shareware games. One of the earliest indie games ever Manic Miner was made because the programmer was talented enough to code on the Spectrum, yes Manic Miner could be considered an indie game today. Nowadays with kids on the Internet, it is pretty much what entertains them more and down to luck. It could even be a bad game that gets attention for the memes and not out of quality. Maybe a well known streamer played the game out of boredom. Alot of it is also just down to the type of the game. Indie games were made to be either filling a void left behind due to that very few publishers want to invest in that genre (e.g. beat em ups, platformers until more recently, classic RPGs, shoot em ups, well 2D games in general at one point, arcade sports games, arcade racing games), something different or were made out of limited resources, as is the case of many of the early ones and still is to a extent. At one point people thought every indie game looked like a NES game even though actually quite a fair bit weren't technically (even something like Shovel Knight is slightly more advanced than the NES). There have been a few indie racing games lately trying to get fill that void outside of the simulations (e.g. Milestone motorbike games, Forza, F1, etc), think the only success story was Horizon Chase and that was because the developers were such big fans of Top Gear (the old SNES game) that they put their passion into making the game. Plus it had a different model in terms of marketing as it that it was a mobile game at first that got a console/PC port later on. Many indie racing games have either stumbled on the final corner (e.g. Xenon Racer, GRIP) or didn't even get off the starting grid (e.g. 90s Arcade Racer). Sadly though many of the indie games are fighting in the same space. Not the same space as AAA or traditional publishers/developers like open world, action adventure, FPS, online battle royale, loot box/slot machine simulator, puzzle for mobile. Can recall that quite a lot of them are Metroidvanias or platformers for instance. So now that they have to really stand out to get attention whether its art style, gameplay mechanics, level design. Within the past two years we had Axiom Verge and Hollow Knight for Metroidvanias, Cuphead for a run and gun, Celeste, Gris, A Hat in Time and not as successful Yooka Laylee for platformers with the latter two being 3D. Those are just the noticeable ones. Also when it comes to attention, it seems to move from pillar to post. First indie games got popular on XBLA then when that well dried up moved to Steam or even the Vita and now it is Switch as well as various PC outlets. Why they move? Too much competition and in case of the first two got really over-saturated with crap while the Vita just died. It will happen on the Switch and probably always has right now, more so on the US store due to the rating systems/translations that many indie developers can't afford or don't want to do.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Some fanart from Evan Stanley.
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    I've gone about this issue about as light-handed as I reasonably could. I've already said this is about significant numbers of people, not just a couple of randos, and that a creator's got the right to defend their work against these sorts of accusations. I'm not really sure how much more assurance you need that I'm not arguing for "someone said a thing, shut it all down!" I'm pretty sure when your photoshops and memes involve the current president of the United States that's sufficient grounds to say there's a political angle to them, even if it may not be a particularly biting one. And I don't really buy the humor argument; too often shitty ideas float by unchallenged under the cover of "humor" or "irony" or "it's just a joke". It's often a cheap way to cover up intent from people who still think the internet is something separate from "real life". And the kind of jokes we choose to tell tell at least as much about our beliefs as anything else we say.
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