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    (tweet) Today is a very nostalgic day for like 7 people in the US.
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    Morning! Time to celebrate my birthday!
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    Watch out, folks. This is Peter Rabbit all over again.
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    Seems that the allegations against Jim Cummings were proven false.
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    Back from Detective Pikachu! A very enjoyable if not quite flawed experience that bears great potential!
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    I really am kinda perplexed on why Nintendo didn’t just make the boss stages in Smash Ultimate for both Ganon and Rathalos, normal smash stages. I think fighting on ganon’s Castle would have been pretty awesome. The assets are literally right there to use
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    https://cytu.be/r/Motobug Sam & Max starts in 40 minutes on Motobug!
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    I can dream.

    I can dream.
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    I've found all chao & collected the chaos emeralds in Twinkle Snow & Cyber Track. Was quite pleased that I was able to find all chao in Cyber Track without the need of a guide. Special stages 5&6 are very tricky.
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    I need to stop posting SUs while i'm drunk. But seriously, Spirit Riding Free still sucks.
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