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    Seeing as how I've forgotten about it not even a few months later, I can safely say that Wreck-it Ralph 2 didn't need to exist, atleast in the form it came out in. Had it stayed strictly video game based, maybe moving onto console gaming and keeping the internet strictly as a transportation method between consoles or online games, then it would've been better imo. But they didn't need to drag the internet as a whole into it, especially with memes that were already old by the time the film came out and will only age worse as the years go by.
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    Every time I rewatch Into the Spider-Verse, I notice more and more things, and it shocks me how a movie of this quality could even EXIST. Things like the warm colours of Aunt May's house washing out once a fight scene starts, as well as the calmness of the camera composition before the fight starting to wobble with more urgent movements once Miles enters the scene to highlight the incoming intensity. And in that mentioned fight scene, Peni Parker is literally sitting in the corner just watching the fight before she enters her robot, what with the fact that she can't fight on her own. And I have a newfound appreciation for the credits, because that is a visual treat. No, a visual dessert! Watching this film in the highest quality possible is a must.
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    Oh you've played to lose, all right. You have a pretty terrible history of this kind of behavior on this site, and I've about had it with your trolling. Bye.
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    Mannequin Skywalker wasn't using Jedi Mind tricks 20 minutes after learning the Force was a thing, lost his arm in his first sabre fight (despite years of training with actual Jedi no less), at least had a partial explanation for being a decent pilot and was treated with general distrust and suspicion from the cast outside of Space McGregor and Portman. Rey uses Mind Tricks 20 minutes after learning the Force was a thing, has already owned Kylo Ren in her first fight (oh the suspense for the new film), is an amazing pilot despite never having flown before, knows more about a ship and how to fix it than those who've used it for years, is instantly a crack shot with pistol, everyone that meets her instantly likes her, those that don't she just beats up and then leaves and while most struggle lifting rocks she lifts a several ton cave entrance 1st try. The term Mary Sue is overused and vaguely/widely defined, Rey however is a textbook Sue and the biggest reason there's so much furious arguing over it is through the majority of defenders having made it a gender issue over abysmal writing. TLJ could have done a lot to make her character more grounded but it didn't and saying Star Wars has always had issues doesn't absolve the new characters of theirs.
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    SEGA do like doing an announcement of an announcement https://www.siliconera.com/2019/05/10/the-next-10-japanese-sega-genesis-mini-games-will-be-announced-on-may-16-2019/
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    Sonic 4: Episode 2 aesthetic....pretty ★o★
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    Okay but like what if: Boondocks x Black Dynamite special?
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    Why is every dubbed theme in the English version of Dragon Ball Super garbage
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    I'm not even a huge DBZ fan but I'm hyped to see the Ultra Instinct episode dubbed tonight.
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    Back from Detective Pikachu. Yep, I think it’s safe to say we officially got our first good Hollywood video game movie.
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