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    Stuff I got on my travels today! My game store gave away a shit ton of cards just for visiting. As well as the promo cards I got from Detective Pikachu's screening for fun.
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    I’m kinder towards current Star Wars movies than a lot of people here (TLJ is one of the best movies in the series, fite me irl with razor blades), but if there’s one thing I can definitely criticize it’s the new planets and locales. They’re all generic, lack any kind of spectacle, and bleed together. I couldn’t even tell you the names of 80% of the planets we’ve seen. This is literally the only thing I’ll give the prequels over the sequels; they may have overused the CGI but at least the worlds were interesting and memorable.
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    Was saying the other day Maya should show up in the Persona memeverse, and looks like I got my wish lol @Crow the BOOLET
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    First off, you really need to watch the rest of Clone Wars if you've just seen two seasons. That stuff gets crazy good. Secondly, I totally agree about the failed Padme subplot. That very well could've been a saving grace for ROTS. I mean it would certainly tie into the Shakespearean tragedy Lucas was clearly going for. I've seen others speculate George was going for a Hero's Journey with a twist and I'd say it's pretty likely he very well might have had that on his mind a the very least, considering how much he's leaned into Joseph Campbell.
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    Star Wars fans have it as bad as Sonic fans

    There's no subtext because his only teacher is Yoda and he's never established or even hinted at being able to use a lightsaber.
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    If you break down the story to its default components with little-to-no exaggeration and it sounds bad, that's usually because it is. The Last Jedi's production value was great, and I do think the actors all played their parts well. The main issue is that nothing interesting really happens in the movie, and at any time there would be, expectations are subverted (read: Finn's would-be heroic sacrifice). And we end up at a point where we have no idea where the series will go thanks to there being nothing to build up to it. How many theories were flying around after Force Awakens? Dozens, hundreds even. And now look at the buzz for Episode IX after Last Jedi. I think even the crickets have clammed up. It reminds me of the situation that Sonic Forces found itself it. A rather mediocre story at best, and with the state of the franchise we don't know how the next mainline game will be. At least the story is continuing through the IDW comics, and if Sonic Team is smart, they will at least draw from it in some way for the next plot. Likely from Yoda. We never saw him being trained, sure, but there were at least two years in between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. I assume they didn't show it since it would have been a technical hassle, and there really wasn't much need to either. Sure, he was old, but that didn't stop him in Episodes II and III.
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    Oh you've played to lose, all right. You have a pretty terrible history of this kind of behavior on this site, and I've about had it with your trolling. Bye.
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    Seeing as how I've forgotten about it not even a few months later, I can safely say that Wreck-it Ralph 2 didn't need to exist, atleast in the form it came out in. Had it stayed strictly video game based, maybe moving onto console gaming and keeping the internet strictly as a transportation method between consoles or online games, then it would've been better imo. But they didn't need to drag the internet as a whole into it, especially with memes that were already old by the time the film came out and will only age worse as the years go by.
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    Right, might as well have a go at this. Anakin, when looked at, does not suffer the same sort of problems Rey does. Sure, in Phantom Menace he seems similar, being a skilled, highly compassionate pilot at age 9 because sciency stuff, but after that, he becomes fairly selfish, arrogant and at times even obsessive. The big kicker though is that we know what drives him (hell, we know what drives Silver in 06). Anakin wants to be a Jedi, then a Master, then keeping Padme alive. For Silver, it's saving his future and for Rey... the hell I know. She just randomly seems highly invested in the troubles of strangers. Realistically her background would easily make her closed in and looking out for her own skin first. Also, at least on a visual scale, Christiansen seems more capable than Ridley and that's with Lucas', shall we say, minimalist direction. As for Rey and her training, it's more BS on her part than Luke because you can easily tell that in TLJ she stays with Luke for a couple days, or more, gets no input about lightsaber combat, yet completely owns specially trained bodyguards anyway. With Luke, it's left more in the air how long he stays on Dagobah, yet he gets wiped around the floor by Vader because, quite frankly, that's better storytelling - keeping the stakes and tension high as a kite. Certainly makes a better story than Rey cutting up lobster men. The key problems in play are struggle and investment. With how astonishingly multi talented Rey is, you have to wonder how the hell she ever stayed on Jakku as a scavenger and not stolen a ship outta there. The lack of struggle will never give a character much interest, or attention and thus, you lose the investment. With both Luke and Anakin, you have struggle and investment in plain sight (all right, for the latter it's not quite so well written, but it's there).
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    Global illumination. I don't understand it well enough to begin explaining it, so Google is going to be your friend here. Or watch this video about the Hedgehog Engine itself: https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1428/Global-Illumination-in-SONIC Just a small snippet of what you can see in the video; Sonic Team took a level from Black Knight and ported it to Unleashed, with fully rendered GI, light fields and everything else: Pics are super low quality because I stripped these out of a post I made on Retro like, four years ago.
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