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    The next generation of children deserves better than this.
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    Ah, but there's the age old argument. "It's just for kids!!!" Except that plenty of other creators actually treat kids like they have half a brain, and don't need pandered down to with total crap. Not to mention that the first defence was "It isn't just for kids, it's for those who remember Sonic from years ago and have nostalgia for him!". Like, the idea that Movie!Sonic is more marketable to kids is downright laughable, especially when the majority of kids likely know what Sonic is, and what he looks like, given many of them still shit on the movie, from what we've heard from tons of movie theatres, that even has video proof. But good god I swear there's no other argument that infuriates me more than "It's just for kids", because the next generation of children, kids, and whatever actually deserves something of quality that isn't trying to pander or talk down to them. It's not a good argument. Better yet, you wanna know where else the "It's just for kids" argument pops up? When people defend Alvin & the Chipmunks, the Smurfs, or any other bad live-action hybrid film based on an old property.
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    Except many people have also reported tons of kids calling the new Sonic movie awful in theaters too when watching the ad during Detective Pikachu. There has been both reports of kids who think it looks fun and many reports of kids who hate the looks if it. it isn't just one way or the other currently. Also the argument that "This is only for kids! Not smelly old adults!" is among the worse weak arguments made by people when defending a old franchise getting ruined by new misguided developers. Today's media doesn't exist in separated small voids. Very often when something upsets old fan-bases the opinions and feelings overflows into the new fans too. For example years ago there was old PR talk for Sonic Boom that also said it was trying to target a new fan base and they slightly hoped the old fans would leave it alone... and that did not work out for them... because well you guessed it... Sonic Boom was only really interesting to Sonic fans. It is delusional for anybody to truly assume & believe that old fan-bases don't matter and that a product can survive off of new fans only... often that kinda arrogant attitude bites developers in the keister before long. Sonic isn't a new franchise no matter how much they try to change/corrupt it... and as such it never can appeal to new audiences in the same way as a fully new franchise can. Trying to sweep all old fans under the rug is suicide for almost any long term franchise. PS: If they truly wanted to aim this movie at kids... then they should had dropped the PG13 rating, and more importantly they should had made it a CGI cartoon too... A cartoon would had both made it more appealing for kids and the old fans too, which would had been hitting two birds with one stone.
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    I still don't get how making a movie that resembles the source material so very little is supposed to bring in new people in masses to said source material. Don't get me wrong, it can happen that someone likes both, but the two are so day and night I just don't see it working in general.
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    Personally I've found that it's very easy to make anything sound bad if you break it down the "right" way.
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    Oddworld: Soulstorm (Coming 2020)

    Abe returns in Oddworld: Soul Storm. Article by Eurogamer: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-05-13-oddworld-soulstorm-the-quintology-is-back-on
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    that argument is just so weird since that was used against gay people which Penders claims to support. Its also so outdated and ignorant. Accepting gay people and asexuals wont suddenly make more people gay or asexual. Straight people will always be the norm because homosexuality and asexuality are not common sexualties. Not to mention adopting and IFV pregnancy are all options??
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    With those tweet, Ken feels like a man from 1888 halfway trying to climatize to the 21st century and failing miserably. I've never seen a person make try hard at being progressive, yet at the same time keeps being backwards. One moment, supporting other sexual preferences, then saying characters are only defined by relationships and should focus on having children. The hell kinda thinking is this?
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    Well, since Penders posted that last nugget about Sonic and relationships, might as well clarify some of the other stuff he said in conjunction to that, and oh boy, is it ever a DOOZY. Valiant effort there, @Adamis, but I don't think he's gonna get the message. That bit about the 'family line' is practically medieval.
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    I can do an absurd reductionist reading of the original Star Wars movies too! Luke: Unimportant person living in the desert? Check! Is given a lightsaber and can deflect shots against a droid after 5 minutes? Check! Can outgun soldiers and dogfight pilots despite no military training? Check! Can use the force to fire a nearly impossible shot at the Death Star on his first real time using the force? Check! Letting himself get captured because he magically knows he can save Darth Vader? Check! Can own Darth Vader after one failed duel despite not having any duelling training established? Check! I could keep going but I think you get the point.
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    If it was the case where Rey had only one unique skill--say, piloting--then we can assume she just has unusual skill in that area, but can be average elsewhere. She wouldn't be a fantastic fighter, a master mechanic, or strong with the force initially. Luke was in a similar situation, where yes, he did have unusual ability in one or two areas, but we as an audience are willing to forgive that because he isn't very skilled in other areas, and he relies on other characters in dire situations, such as Luke being unable to shake Vader off his ship until Han swoops in. Rey, however, isn't like that. She has unusual skill in all things she does, whether it be fighting a trainee Sith lord, flying a junker ship or using the Jedi mind trick with little prior knowledge. We can at least believe that Luke could be a good pilot since he has mentioned wanting to become one and validating it with knowledge driving other somewhat similar vehicles back home. With Rey, there is no evidence of having skills in much of anything other than identifying valuable machine parts, basic driving knowledge and average close combat abilities--nothing of which is really referenced later on. It's not so much a matter of having an ability with little explanation. It's a matter of having too many abilities with little explanation.
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    Aaron's a good guy and I'm not gonna blame him for just doing his job, but that's literal just PR speak and nothing more*. The sad fact is, people wouldn't be asking for DLC so much if the base game's content didn't seem somehow unsatisfying, minimal, stretched-thin or incomplete, etc. Making it seem like that isn't the case by implying that the game doesn't need DLC is the best he can do about such a circumstance. If there WAS paid DLC planned, that exact same human mouth would be instead championing what great value the DLC is gonna be and how they wanted to do more than just a base game product and continue supporting it after launch with content that's worth paying for etc. *(Of course there is a chance either one of these scenarios is/would be his true feelings, but this is still what he'd have to say about it in spite of that as the face of Sonic's western PR).
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    First off, you really need to watch the rest of Clone Wars if you've just seen two seasons. That stuff gets crazy good. Secondly, I totally agree about the failed Padme subplot. That very well could've been a saving grace for ROTS. I mean it would certainly tie into the Shakespearean tragedy Lucas was clearly going for. I've seen others speculate George was going for a Hero's Journey with a twist and I'd say it's pretty likely he very well might have had that on his mind a the very least, considering how much he's leaned into Joseph Campbell.
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    Looks like there's going to be a press preview event (conveniently after the SEGA one was wrapped up a few weeks ago) for the game, footage is probably gonna be out soon
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    Star Wars fans have it as bad as Sonic fans

    That's not a part of the original trilogy and people took the piss at them time about how out of place it was that Yoda used a lighsaber since no one associated them with him.
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    Um...prequels? He very clearly uses a lightsaber in them.
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    Star Wars fans have it as bad as Sonic fans

    There's no subtext because his only teacher is Yoda and he's never established or even hinted at being able to use a lightsaber.
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    We don't see his lightsaber training because it never happened. The original trilogy never hints at Yoda using a lightsaber, he's proficient in the force.
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    If you break down the story to its default components with little-to-no exaggeration and it sounds bad, that's usually because it is. The Last Jedi's production value was great, and I do think the actors all played their parts well. The main issue is that nothing interesting really happens in the movie, and at any time there would be, expectations are subverted (read: Finn's would-be heroic sacrifice). And we end up at a point where we have no idea where the series will go thanks to there being nothing to build up to it. How many theories were flying around after Force Awakens? Dozens, hundreds even. And now look at the buzz for Episode IX after Last Jedi. I think even the crickets have clammed up. It reminds me of the situation that Sonic Forces found itself it. A rather mediocre story at best, and with the state of the franchise we don't know how the next mainline game will be. At least the story is continuing through the IDW comics, and if Sonic Team is smart, they will at least draw from it in some way for the next plot. Likely from Yoda. We never saw him being trained, sure, but there were at least two years in between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. I assume they didn't show it since it would have been a technical hassle, and there really wasn't much need to either. Sure, he was old, but that didn't stop him in Episodes II and III.
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    Also the context of the series it's taking place in, and the intent behind the writing. I'm not interested in getting deep into an argument over Star Wars as I'm not even a fan of it but that really was not an honest appraisal of the movies from what I've seen of them.
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    Are you for real? He literally gets his ass handed to him in his first duel with Vader even AFTER being trained by *the* Jedi Master. He's only able to beat him after like a year or more of further training and almost giving into the dark side, which is part of his arc.
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    Luke can fly starfighters and defeat military pilots, defeat trained soldier squadrons in gun battles and beats Darth Vader in a duel, one of the most powerful sith lords of all time, despite no duelling training whatsoever. If I duelled a great swordman once and lost I probably wouldn't beat him next time. And let's not even get into the ludicrous things Anakin can do in the prequels, which fans never talk about. The only reason people give Rey shit for being a Mary Sue is in the name: because she's a woman.
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    You mean her 1 flaw that she spends about 150 frames angsting over it and then gets over it just like that? Such an important character flaw. The guy who has been trained by Luke and Snoke, destroys Finn in combat without batting an eye but struggles vs someone who has never even wielded a lightsaber before? Amazing writing. I'm sure TLJ will explain everything aptly. He doesn't. He attacks the Deathstar as part of an entire squadron and is nearly killed himself until Han Solo completes his character quest of not just fighting for himself. It's never really defined how long Luke trains with Yoda. Oh fuck off Unrelated: Have I ever told you about my Sonic Fan Character? She's called Razorkill the Echidna, she's Yellow. She's an orphan who lived in a desert all her life until she's called to action by one of Eggmans robots who respects women and becomes instant friends with her. Razorkill discovers she's amazing at everything she does and all of Sonics friends like her. She meets Shadow for the first time and beats him up using Chaos Control. Later she beats up Sonic because he doesn't tell her how to use Chaos Emeralds. Later Razorkill lets Shadow capture her and he takes her to Eggman, Eggman tells mai husbando to kill her but Shadow kills him instead. Shadow tells her she's not an orphan and her parents abondoned her, Eggmans base explodes and she leaves. Now she leads Sonic and Friends against Shadow. Criticise me and you are misogynistic and know nothing about fanfiction.
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    This fast? I mean, it's Sonic but.... Jokes aside, I talked about this (the next game being influenced by Mania's success) literally 3 posts above yours, and then the news comes out. Let's see if they will develop a decent game for real this time.
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    It's a start I guess but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Sonic Team's had any number of chances to learn, from their own mistakes, from older, better Sonic games, from games entirely separate from Sonic, but they haven't had much success with it. They've apologized before, they've promised to do better before, but they still fall short again and again. I wouldn't believe they've learned anything substantial from Mania until I see them put it into action.
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    http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/takashi_iizuka_believes_the_blue_blur_has_turned_a_corner_following_the_release_of_sonic_mania Friggin yes. Well, in any case I hope they keep focused on their victories, however big or small. I'm not a "only 2D" guy, I definitely want to see a great 3D game at some point. But I also want to see sonic have a series of great games so the series can actually have further investment. So while this means nothing about the next game, at least the head of "Sonic Team" recognizes what he has now because of Mania. These types of acknowledgements mean something important, in my view. It means that people are learning! Time to steer the ship back on course. If sonic games were to perform as forces did going forward both critically and commercially, I dont see sonic ever returning to being a big franchise with big releases again. So we really need to see a few mania level games in a row and that will only help the big 3D projects going forward, because they'll have more investment from the company and more goodwill from fans and the media. ...that said... I think the next game will again be a boost style game. If it is more akin to generations in design with a little more physics and nuance added, I can definitely be okay with that. I'd really prefer a true 3D platformer like Sonic Adventure (but much more polished obviously) but if Sonic Team has the ability to focus on something they have done well in the past and tune it a little more, then I'm okay with that too.
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    Oh you've played to lose, all right. You have a pretty terrible history of this kind of behavior on this site, and I've about had it with your trolling. Bye.
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    Just like how I'm a good sport about reporting this type of nonsense.
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    Right, might as well have a go at this. Anakin, when looked at, does not suffer the same sort of problems Rey does. Sure, in Phantom Menace he seems similar, being a skilled, highly compassionate pilot at age 9 because sciency stuff, but after that, he becomes fairly selfish, arrogant and at times even obsessive. The big kicker though is that we know what drives him (hell, we know what drives Silver in 06). Anakin wants to be a Jedi, then a Master, then keeping Padme alive. For Silver, it's saving his future and for Rey... the hell I know. She just randomly seems highly invested in the troubles of strangers. Realistically her background would easily make her closed in and looking out for her own skin first. Also, at least on a visual scale, Christiansen seems more capable than Ridley and that's with Lucas', shall we say, minimalist direction. As for Rey and her training, it's more BS on her part than Luke because you can easily tell that in TLJ she stays with Luke for a couple days, or more, gets no input about lightsaber combat, yet completely owns specially trained bodyguards anyway. With Luke, it's left more in the air how long he stays on Dagobah, yet he gets wiped around the floor by Vader because, quite frankly, that's better storytelling - keeping the stakes and tension high as a kite. Certainly makes a better story than Rey cutting up lobster men. The key problems in play are struggle and investment. With how astonishingly multi talented Rey is, you have to wonder how the hell she ever stayed on Jakku as a scavenger and not stolen a ship outta there. The lack of struggle will never give a character much interest, or attention and thus, you lose the investment. With both Luke and Anakin, you have struggle and investment in plain sight (all right, for the latter it's not quite so well written, but it's there).
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    Gonna talk about shadow for a bit, because I think its interesting in this context . That statement explains so many things, like that time shadow IIRC is going through this emotional time , questioning who he is as a person and the only thing ken pnders thought of sonic to say is " You should get laid " . Not to mention the bad love angles that no one cared about, the the actual assault that took place and everything else with scourge, what he did with rouge , ect ect. It might explain why the guy had to be forced by sega to use the character. Shadow is a character, from the outset who for the most part , outside of .... sparce instances does not show anything close to anything that would be a romantic interest in anyone, he might have legitimately not understood the character. He might not be actually be able to comprehend a character who just wants to do non romantic things. Its things like these where I have no issue with the new book wanting to stay far away from that.
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    Penders is not a troll, dont try to downplay the actions of his comments by treating it like he is trolling. It was also well known that he has hang-ups about asexuality before. Its just a little insulting and a bit funny since the man always claims he is progressive when it comes to minorities and different sexualies. This is the same man who was proudly saying he was the first to have a gay character in the comic book (Rotor) and that he was the only one who hired women to work on the book.
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    Word of God is that Sonic isn't into any of that because he literally is a boy at heart, and will forever be one: Ignoring the Sonamy stuf, the key part here is the sentence "Sonniku was eien ni shonen no haato desu". The way the original Sonic Team designed Sonic's character is for him to be a kid. He's not interested in romance because he is a boy who wants to do boy stuff like looking for adventures, fun and excitement and hanging with his best buddy. This is why I can't stand it when writers like Penders try to shoe in real-life stuff like him becoming sexually active, or altering his character into flirting with every chick he sees (I hated this in Archie since I don't think Sonic is the kind of people that would play with other's feelings nor is he someone dishonest) as I feel it's very disrespectful to the creator's original vision of the character. Same goes with "woke" people (often kids) who want to force their bloody LGBBQ identities or whatever they're called onto a character that was meant to be enjoyed by everyone.
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    Caddicarus got a chance to play it, he gives his thoughts in a vlog style video. Really positive actually.
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    "Kill it with fire!" *Screams, laughter* "NO!" People need to stop believing this was done deliberately.
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    Ken, that's how trademark abandonment works, not copyright.
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    Well, to be fair, no one accused the people involved in this of knowing what they're doing.
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    I'm not telling you to not dream, but I seriously wouldn't look into that too much.
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    I wonder how much will Detective Pikachu explain about its own entire world with dozens if not hundreds of unique characters to the audience so that everyone is on the same page before getting on with the actual story they want to tell.. Or will they go the "you can't please everybody, and you had almost 25 years to learn about the franchise, it's not our job to introduce it to you, we're just gonna make a movie for the fans of this franchise set in this universe and have fun with it" route. (NOTE: like an idiot, I didn't realize D.pika means Detective Pikachu, so if my comment seems like parroting the quote without realizing, that's why.) Regarding the "professional critics" thing: I doubt they're gonna go watch the movie multiple times and throw money on it like crazy like fans do. So I think if overal fans are gonna be satisfied with it, the studio will get over the critics not being blown away by it. I can't remember the last time I based whether to buy a movie/game on "professional critics".
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    The ProJared Drama

    There's some pretty huge irony in the fact she's saying you shouldn't believe a random person on the internet over her when she is in fact - a random person on the internet who did something awful and has reason to lie about it to protect herself. It disgusts me that something like this happened, it disgusts me further that the people who did this are trying to play innocent and blame the victim for bullshitting for seemingly no reason when there's fucking proof to her words.
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    I hope that doll will look something like this: Gotta emphasize on them lovely teeth.
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    Ken, the reason Ian stated that the Robo-Robotniks in #19 and #22 were different wasn't to "cover up for Archie"; It was to fix a plothole you and Karl created, because unlike you guys, Ian actually cared about creating a consistent world. Heck, his logic that it's to cover up for Archie doesn't even make sense to begin with, since both Robo-Robotniks were created by Ken, so it wouldn't change who created what. Ken seriously can't even remember what he actually did in the series. Also, good to see Ken is still trying to claim ownership over literally Dr. Eggman.
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    He's already a weird dude that they hesitate to call in at the start of the movie, there's no reason why "compulsively designs robots based off animals" couldn't have been part of that. It's not even that weird an idea to start with, considering some real-life robots take inspiration from animals. Just take a spider-ish robot, jazz up the design Hollywood style, give it a net shooter or a grappling wire or something and bam, it's a badnik.
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    I don't blame anyone for not liking the fact that we have a relatively small number of tracks and a chunk of them are old courses, but I can let by them personally because I love the ever loving Seaside Hill out of SaSASR. I just hope that there's enough variety in the voice clips, because Mario Kart voice syndrome is a thing.
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    Colours, Generations and Lost World were entirely or PRETTY MUCH entirely Sonic & Tails adventures, and Boom is obviously a completely different canon with alternate versions of the characters. As far as the extended modern cast goes, Forces is pretty much the only game that gave all of them an equal amount of screentime in terms of character interactions, and it was... lacking. Besides all that... even if they said "we learned from Forces and we're going to deliver a satisfying, intense serious storyline with great characterisation and interactions"... Team Sonic Racing would hardly be the game to deliver that.
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    Story Mode is probably just there to provide some fun, unusual gameplay for people who don't enjoy playing online, of which there are many out there, especially younger kids. It's as worth putting in as it was worth putting Mission Modes in the previous two Sumo Sonic racing games, which I get the impression most people played even without a story. But yeah, I'm not expecting anything grand, though I am glad to hear it is at least voice acted. I hope the writing is decent enough to provide some laughs and fun interactions. To be honest, after Forces, it might be a breath of fresh air to get some voiced character interactions for the modern cast where the stakes aren't high, assuming they are able to write them in-character, at least (which is where Free Riders stumbled thanks to almost everyone being petty jerks to each other).
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    Sonic looks great. The dip in the curvature of his muzzle is more prominent, more prominent brows, eyes are more rounded at the top. He's starting to look more like his 2D art. Even the shape of his smirk is real close to this:
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    If you are seriously expecting a heavy story from this game then I don't know what to say. Cute character interactions? Sure.
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    I've had it preordered for months, and have had complete faith in it as Sumo always does great with SEGA licenses. The music is also killer, and I'm very excited for it.
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    Global illumination. I don't understand it well enough to begin explaining it, so Google is going to be your friend here. Or watch this video about the Hedgehog Engine itself: https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1428/Global-Illumination-in-SONIC Just a small snippet of what you can see in the video; Sonic Team took a level from Black Knight and ported it to Unleashed, with fully rendered GI, light fields and everything else: Pics are super low quality because I stripped these out of a post I made on Retro like, four years ago.
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