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    Endgame spoilers oh my god lol

    Endgame spoilers oh my god lol
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    Detective Pikachu review is out!
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    Crush 40 being back for Sonic intros is a direction I hope persists going onwards.
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    I like how, me being me as a train enthusiast, I can recognise every fucking train seen in Detective Pikachu.
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    Today's stream is about to start (hopefully they will show-off TSR):
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    Just started playing Super Mario Odyssey. My first Mario game since Super Mario Sunshine bored child me and I ended up becoming a Sonic fan when I played Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. It was apart of the pile of games my aunt had at the time. She also had Smash Melee and Super Monkey Ball. Didn't play those much either. Me and my brother were practically obsessed with SA2. Odyssey is the first one thats captured my interest in all these years and I just reached the Lake Kingdom. This is an impressively made and creative game. Sonic wouldn't be able to do a ton of this stuff, blasting through the levels the way he does now.
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    Endgame spoiler

    Endgame spoiler
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    There is a bunch of comics I could throw out there, but I think I'm going to start out with this one. It checks off all the boxes for me. First off, the artwork hits it out of the park. Its fast, energetic and entertaining, and Sonic and Bunnie frankly pop off the page with their ability to emote and exaggerate. If I'm not mistaken, this was like Bates second issue with the comic... Man, that dude is a gem right out of the gates. While the story at its surface is another hero v hero romp, Its done in a manner that is believable and even had a clever resolution. Sonic and Bunnie don't just butt heads until a solution presents itself, they actively discuss their problems and through their friendship and open dialog create their own solution in which they flip a dire situation on its head and makes it so everyone wins. It also showcases some of the character quirks that makes Flynn so appealing as an writer. His ability to leverage family ties, past lure and circumstance creates some truly sympathetic villains. They are just good people in a bad spot. Dealing with these kinds of situations, the grey areas in between are what made this era of comics so entertaining. It wasn't enough to just go beat up Eggman. You had to deal with the fallout. You had to find a way to save the people who didn't want to be saved. You had to protect the jerks who didn't deserve it. Just good stuff all around. This issue is a microcosm for what the medium could do for the franchise.
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    What are your favorite Sonic Comic issues?

    I don't have a favorite from IDW yet, but I loved the Babylon Rising series from Archie's Sonic Universe. Reading a fun backstory full of action with some of my favorite Sonic characters was great. I also liked how well the Tails Adventure characters were used here. While I think it takes itself too seriously, I liked Shadow Fall as well. The plot isn't perfect, but I wish Shadow the Hedgehog had this story instead of being a cringy clusterfuck full of meme material.
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    Really cool that you can find this stuff.
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