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    Shaddy Zaphod

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    It’s surprising that, over these past two weeks or so, many things from SnapCube’s Sonic real-time fandub videos have actually become reality. Most notably: Tilted Towers being destroyed and on fire “Who posted my NUDES on TWITTER.COM” and Sonic the Hedgehog said gay rights
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    Mr Enter steps in to make another Admirable Animation.
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    I've pre-ordered my copy of TSR

    I've pre-ordered my copy of TSR
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    I got Ness, Joker and Link into Elite Smash, although I'm pretty sure if I actually played matches in it I'd lose and then not be in Elite Smash anymore, ehehe
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    Sorry, but I have to disagree. Sure, it’s on the screen, but it’s not ‘clear’ if you get my meaning. Considering two of us skipped over story elements already without realising to me just highlights that perhaps the button actions simply needs to be swapped around on this menu. It’s kinda difficult to explain but it’s not entirely obvious you’ll be continuing the plot even if Dodonpa pops up with a line when pressing square, although this was when I went back through the parts i missed. Also on branching paths you are treated to the same cutscene with a different background which is good... I guess?
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    It looks like until they find someone to fill in the position that my coworker's leaving behind at work, that I'll pretty much have near full-time hours and go in at 6am every day. Sounds fine for the most part, just gotta make sure I don't drive my department into complete chaos whenever I'm there alone in the mornings. Still wanna switch departments soon tho. Its funny looking back at my work history; in that I've never been a morning person, but as of yet, I've still never had an overnight-hours job that I feel I'd be perfect in, haha.
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    The Tenth Doctor


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    Side by side comparison of the PS4 and Switch versions of TSR. Besides the halved framerate and very very slightly pared back shadows, I'm hugely impressed at how close the Switch version is to the other console versions. Can't wait to see how the PS4 Pro and XB1X handle it.
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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Well heres a piece I did in response to them changing the character design for Sonic in the movie. If you liked the old design, more power to you.
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