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    Chamomile #109
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    Shaddy Zaphod

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    Speaking of Penders, this just so happened to be the issue where Geoffrey thrusts himself at Sally and steals a kiss from her. They kiss again at the end too. Then Sonic's like "She's just trying to make me jealous. WELL TWO CAN PLAY IT THAT GAME!" And immediately, I'm like "This isn't Sonic". Also, it ends with a story about Rotor but that Rotor story has the weirdest cliff-hanger. He's shown to be able to swim in the arctic ice water for a considerable long distance without coming up for air just fine at the beginning, because he's a walrus I guess. But at the end, a Swat-Bot throws a wooden club at Rotor's head and he falls in the water... and Robotnik's just like "Well struck! Now to continue expositing my plan to these brain-washed walruses." and the Swat-Bot is like "INDEED! THE ONE CALLED ROTOR WILL NEVER TROUBLE YOU AGAIN!" ... He just... fell in the water though? That's literally all that happened. You threw some wood at him and he fell in the water. What?
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    Mr Enter steps in to make another Admirable Animation.
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    Yeah, because he’s a Paris-ite.
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    I got Ness, Joker and Link into Elite Smash, although I'm pretty sure if I actually played matches in it I'd lose and then not be in Elite Smash anymore, ehehe
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    It looks like until they find someone to fill in the position that my coworker's leaving behind at work, that I'll pretty much have near full-time hours and go in at 6am every day. Sounds fine for the most part, just gotta make sure I don't drive my department into complete chaos whenever I'm there alone in the mornings. Still wanna switch departments soon tho. Its funny looking back at my work history; in that I've never been a morning person, but as of yet, I've still never had an overnight-hours job that I feel I'd be perfect in, haha.
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    The Tenth Doctor


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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Well heres a piece I did in response to them changing the character design for Sonic in the movie. If you liked the old design, more power to you.
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    I'm glad Team Sonic Racing is a console game that's also not a mainline game or something worth taking too seriously regardless. And here's why!: (I must've spent 30 minutes writing this in the Upcoming Games section, so I'm gonna make other people read it. You'll read it and you'll like it!)
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