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    I'm aware that the best chance for a future animated Sonic movie is for this to do well financially. The question is, is funding a product most of us assume is going to be bad really worth that risk? Much as I love Sonic, maybe Hollywood isn't the place for a Sonic movie to be made.
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    We don't have to treat it like a zero sum game though. If the license proves to be profitable, it can help pave the way to an animated movie rather than hinder it. Into the Spider-verse is a perfect example of that. Everyone knows that franchise spits out live action movies and prints money, but eventually someone got off their tail and realized the demand/profitability of an animated take - and we got an awesome film from it. If the Sonic movie does take in its fair share of $$$, then the single biggest complaint about the film (why isn't it an animated movie) won't just go unnoticed. I'd argue the more profitable it is, the marketable the franchise is, the higher the likelihood of getting that animated film. As opposed to the movie bombing and we wait 10 years before anyone is willing to touch it with a 10 foot pole.
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    Look who ❤️ 'd my YouTube comment!!!
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    Chamomile #109
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    Shaddy Zaphod

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    Not really surprising seeing as how the game isn't even out yet officially.
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    Hmhm... How about a big fat NO? Just because you don't care for them doesn't mean they should be removed from the entire series. And your arguments for why they should be removed are poor at best especially as it reeks of bias. Knuckles is another character that has no good reason to remain around just like characters such as Shadow, yet I don't see you including him in your list of characters that no longer add anything to the stories. Sonic is never going to be a story matters first series, so there is zero reason to permanently remove any character from the series just because they don't serve a massively huge story point in being around anymore. Furthermore Blaze is my favorite character in this whole bloody series... If they removed her, then no joke I would toss this series in the trash far as my interaction with it. Also I find this all funny considering you are the same guy who was trying to argue in the past that it doesn't need to be logical that Sonic and gang ride in cars when it feels out of character, and the only thing that mattered to you for it to happen was the fact it is silly good fun. It flat-out doesn't matter if trash review outlets like IGN hates Sonic friends for the most shallow of reasons as they do. Their opinions are awful and in no way favors the Sonic fanbase. SEGA should be more smart with how they use their characters in the Sonic series I would agree... But just getting rid of characters for the sake of it and probably limiting it down to just Sonic and Eggman and maybe 2 others is pointless and makes nothing better. As a side note: Sonic and Blaze are friends. She doesn't require a giant plot device to take a break and go hang out in his world, and it is easy for her to do so too as it has been said multiple times even by SEGA that Blaze has mastered the art of dimensional travel after Sonic Rush and can freely travel at any time. Also stop treating her as a Sonic 06 character. That is not the game she originated from. And continuing to act like she is a awful character simply because she appeared in that game is terrible reasoning. Blaze is the 1st or 2nd top popular female character in the series regardless, it is debatable if she is more popular then Amy, but they are pretty close together and that says a lot considering she mostly gets sidelined to spinoffs.
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    code red: the cockroaches are conga-lining inside the house i repeat, the cockroaches are conga-lining inside the house this is not a drill
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    so I heard that Endgame may have surpassed Avatar recently
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    So, I realized that Neal McDonough who played a government major named Bennington was in a video game movie before. It was called Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. The movie was released in 2009, and of course it was bad and forgotten. It was an box office bomb. He played M. Bison in this.
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    Speaking of Penders, this just so happened to be the issue where Geoffrey thrusts himself at Sally and steals a kiss from her. They kiss again at the end too. Then Sonic's like "She's just trying to make me jealous. WELL TWO CAN PLAY IT THAT GAME!" And immediately, I'm like "This isn't Sonic". Also, it ends with a story about Rotor but that Rotor story has the weirdest cliff-hanger. He's shown to be able to swim in the arctic ice water for a considerable long distance without coming up for air just fine at the beginning, because he's a walrus I guess. But at the end, a Swat-Bot throws a wooden club at Rotor's head and he falls in the water... and Robotnik's just like "Well struck! Now to continue expositing my plan to these brain-washed walruses." and the Swat-Bot is like "INDEED! THE ONE CALLED ROTOR WILL NEVER TROUBLE YOU AGAIN!" ... He just... fell in the water though? That's literally all that happened. You threw some wood at him and he fell in the water. What?
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    The ProJared Drama

    I'm sure this is totally the truth, Heidi just randomly decided to say "oh yea go ahead and announce you love my best friend, and then i'll randomly be angry you did so". Fucking bullshit. This is utterly fucking pathetic. Go ahead Jared, dig your hole deeper, considering that's all your nonsense story has done for you.
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    There was an Avengers comic called Endgame in the 70's I believe. Funny how they named it that, knowing that Ken would name his magnum opis that 20 years on.
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    It’s surprising that, over these past two weeks or so, many things from SnapCube’s Sonic real-time fandub videos have actually become reality. Most notably: Tilted Towers being destroyed and on fire “Who posted my NUDES on TWITTER.COM” and Sonic the Hedgehog said gay rights
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    Mr Enter steps in to make another Admirable Animation.
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    Zebrahead's Born To Lose With lyrics like this it would be a perfect fit: "They say I live my life too fast, they call me an outcast Borrowed time and they say that it won't last Misunderstood, there goes the neighbourhood Couldn't win even if I should [Chorus] Cause I've got a bad reputation Born to lose in a dying generation Whoa-Oh I'm lost in translation I can't win cause I was born to lose Born to lose ... They say I am a reject, they call me a defect Wasted time, I'm the cause and the effect Misunderstood, there goes the neighbourhood Couldn't win even if I should"
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    I think this tune is the best non-Sonic track SEGA ever put on a game. I think many of you already have heard it, or at least know the game. May I'm wrong, but I believe this track was in SASRT as part of the JSR Stuff: Solister's Tune of the Day #46 - Deavid Soul - Miller Ball Breakers - 2000
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    I'll never understand those silly enough to try and paint the likes of ASRT, CTR, or TSR as supposed Mario Kart clones, despite them playing differently each. Unless Mario clone is in the fact that they have characters and drive stuff, sheesh.
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    Big Panda

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Yeah, because he’s a Paris-ite.
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    Issue #32 - Blast from the Past Okay, so Sonic's actually kind of lame and stupid in these earlier books and to be honest, it's kind of amusing. The amount of times he gets hit and sees stars floating around his head is astonishing but even funnier is the way it's sometimes being treated seriously. Like, in this issue, the plot is that they thaw out a Prehistoric Mobian (they call him Mobie) whose your typical caveman (at first). Rotor makes a big deal about thawing him out slowly with his device but Sonic accidently knocks into it and makes the defrosting happen super fast. This has the horrible effect of... nothing. Nothing bad happens. He thaws out and he acts like a caveman, which is what he was going to do either way. So... I'm not sure why that detail of thawing him out slowly was even put into the story...??? Anyway, though, the plot is that he's running about the place and they're trying to communicate with him. Sonic is getting annoyed by him and he clearly doesn't like him. I guess cause he's hard to figure out but either way, Sonic's being an ass about it. Eventually, they remember that Mr. Caveman had a paintbrush in his hand when he was in the ice (as well as a club) so they try to communicate threw paintings. This causes him to remember he had a family and he jumps off a tree he climbed up, bounces off Sonic's head (Ha.) and then runs off into the forest. His family is dead, obviously. But the funny part is when the SWAT-Bots attack Sonic. For some reason, Sonic spins into a tornado to blow them all away, starts gloating while spinning to a stop, smashed his face against some rock, then passes out... It's hilarious. At first I thought he was just going to immediately collect himself but then Muttsuki, his dog from way back whose been roboticized, comes along and is about to... eat him? I think? And we cut back to Sonic and he's still unconscious. Then he has to be saved by the Caveman. It's so lame. I kind of love it. Issue #33 - Let's Get Small This is the weirdest thing ever. The Freedom Fighters, aside from Sonic, all get sick because they ordered take-out from a new restaurant called Robo... something. It's obviously a Robotnik thing. Anyway, Sonic has to shrink himself down and goes inside Rotor's body to fix it. He meets up with Rotor's Auntie Bodie. She's an old woman that looks like Rotor but lives inside his body. At first I appreciated the pun but then I realized that there's not really a joke there aside from the fact that Auntie kind of sounds like Anti. Anyway, Sonic fights this dude that looks like a Potato Chip while inside Rotor's body called "Parasite". For some reason, even though this is Rotor's body, Parasite is French, like Antione. I don't really get it. Anyway, they beat him and his partner "Fever" up and then the Rotor Auntie Bodie gives a call on her "One-Celled Celluar Phone" to the other Auntie Bodies in the bodies of the other Freedom Fighters and tells them to... beat up the Parasites and Fevers in their bodies. And they do... and then that's it. Also, the other Auntie Bodies are just the other Freedom Fighter characters in old woman wigs and dresses. That includes Tails. It's weird.
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    •People disparaged Sonic's design; particularly his teeth. Other issues have been raised, like how few game things are in this, the joke quality, and the bizarre choice of "Gangsta's Paradise" as a trailer theme, but overall Sonic's design attracted the most scorn. Lots of memes, articles, and trailer downvotes. •Tim Fowler promised to fix the design. Discussions arose over whether this movie will need to be delayed to fix it, whether it was even possible, and whether they put a bad-looking Sonic in the trailer on purpose just so they could heed reactions to gain support, and might already have a better model to replace it. •Detective Pikachu released to wide acclaim, further damaging this film's image in comparison.
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    I've pre-ordered my copy of TSR

    I've pre-ordered my copy of TSR
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    I got Ness, Joker and Link into Elite Smash, although I'm pretty sure if I actually played matches in it I'd lose and then not be in Elite Smash anymore, ehehe
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    Going to be honest, I agree with the reviewer who said that the current system of default skipping cutscenes gives off the impression that the developers are embarrassed by the story and want to hide it.
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    Some story/character thoughts. The least important thing possibly about the game. But I can't get the game til way later or perhaps a sale so it's all I can really focus on.
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    I’ll be honest, I assumed that since I sat through the whole beginning/opening ‘cutscene’ of the story, that the story sections would automatically play just like the opening cutscene automatically played XD And there are SO MANY times you have to press the ‘next!’ button at the end of the race (adding up scores and tokens and such like) that it just becomes a bit of an automatic habit. I’d assume that because of both those things, a cutscene would play automatically which I can then push a button to skip which is the norm with, I think, every other game I’ve played. But no, not this one, instead I just have a lot of catching up to do haha! On the Switch in particular, if you’re playing in handheld mode, the small text at the bottom becomes absolutely tiny and easy to miss. ETA: After checking the buttons on the large screen tv, you have to press Y on Switch to ‘begin stage - watch story’. Pressing A is ‘begin stage - skip story’
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    Sorry, but I have to disagree. Sure, it’s on the screen, but it’s not ‘clear’ if you get my meaning. Considering two of us skipped over story elements already without realising to me just highlights that perhaps the button actions simply needs to be swapped around on this menu. It’s kinda difficult to explain but it’s not entirely obvious you’ll be continuing the plot even if Dodonpa pops up with a line when pressing square, although this was when I went back through the parts i missed. Also on branching paths you are treated to the same cutscene with a different background which is good... I guess?
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    Hey, are you doing okay? Don't know if you'll see it, but here's a cute kitten that you can see on your profile page (If no notifications happens after then) since you said you like them! Hopefully you come on again soon!
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    Eh. As long as the story and special effects are good, I don't care if its in live-action.
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    Crazy ol’ me is getting TSR and CTR: NT in both Xbox One X and Switch. Figure it gives me better options for friend matching.
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    Damn, well that was certainly an intriguing episode. Can't remember the last one we've had where the mane six weren't really involved at all. Gave the villains some real time to shine. Gotta say, I love the angle they're taking with Chrysalis, Cozy, and Tirek. They remind me a lot of Team Rocket with their antics and seeing them play off one another was fun to watch. Especially for characters like Chrysalis and Tirek who really haven't had all that much time to grow even with them being a thing in the show for... a long ass time now. Though, as a bit of a side note, am I the only one that finds it slightly creepy that Chrysalis seems to still be holding on to that twig that was one of the Mean Six? As for that little plan they started at the end of the episode, I'm very interested to see where it leads. There are a lot of routes they could take with it. Though, one flaw I do have with this (and any other episode really that uses it going forward) is that bell. I've never been a fan of the magical MacGuffin plot and I'm kind of sad to see it return for this final season. Especially with it's backstory revolving around a character we haven't even seen (or heard of from my knowledge). It's all kinds of left field and I kind of hope that it doesn't play that big of a role going forward. But yeah, an overall nice episode that adds a lot to this season's arc. Both in great and to somewhat more questionable extents. Can't wait to see more of the villains in general though. Also, a bit of heads up, apparently a channel in Italy is premiering the rest of the first half of this season over the next week or so. So be on the look out for spoilers and what not. Actually, I think a number of them are already out there (including today's). Personally, I'm going to check out ep 13 (for obvious reasons) but won't talk about it until it airs here.
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    So apparently it isn't Roger doing a Travis impression for Knuckles but rather Dave B Mitchell voicing him!
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    It looks like until they find someone to fill in the position that my coworker's leaving behind at work, that I'll pretty much have near full-time hours and go in at 6am every day. Sounds fine for the most part, just gotta make sure I don't drive my department into complete chaos whenever I'm there alone in the mornings. Still wanna switch departments soon tho. Its funny looking back at my work history; in that I've never been a morning person, but as of yet, I've still never had an overnight-hours job that I feel I'd be perfect in, haha.
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    I'm kinda saddened that some of the voices changed (except one).
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    The Tenth Doctor


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    Side by side comparison of the PS4 and Switch versions of TSR. Besides the halved framerate and very very slightly pared back shadows, I'm hugely impressed at how close the Switch version is to the other console versions. Can't wait to see how the PS4 Pro and XB1X handle it.
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    Say that the story was an after thought all you want. This is still in my opinion the best written sonic game. I love every character in this game. If the story is bad cuz nobody had to fight a monster of the week or some deep dark story wasn't here, then it doesnt mean the story is bad, it means you dont like silly lighthearted stories.
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    Gameplay courtesy of me. Yes my copy arrived mega early! Initial thoughts. It's good, very good, not as good as Transformed, but we're talking like a small degree here. Whilst I miss the non Sonic characters and the transformed ability (I miss it a lot) the game for what it is is very good. The tracks, so far I've only found one I really don't like, and it's because it has a really long moment where nothing really happens on it. It's the one where giant mother Wisp follows you. Knuckles has THE BEST dialogue by far, especially when he cries out that he's a bird and screams when he has his ultimate move. It takes A LONG time to unlock everything, I was playing for 1 hour 15min and hadn't unlocked any other characters and only raced against one other team. Things I don't like. In GP races you can't swap characters after a race ends, you're stuck until the end of the GP. The loot box system. (Skip to 1:19:30 in the video to see this) This mod unlock system is a loot box system, there is no other way to describe it. Whilst the drop rates are very generous, I got a lot of legendary items, I also got A HELL OF A LOT of temporary single use items, nearly 50% of the boxes I opened where those. Things that could make it better Fashion mode. Let me pick mods for my car, but let me either have default or more control over their performance, I want to make my racer unique without having a speed penalty. Criticisms which really don't mean anything anymore. The returning tracks: Yeah they're similar in layout to the previous games, but you now have this completely unique and different gameplay mechanic which totally changes how you approach the course, such as your racing line, when to use your special moves, items etc. It's pretty much a new course. In game radio: Its barely noticeable. Overall: It's a really fun game, definitely worth your time. Any questions?
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    It's time for Sonic Team to do the right thing and get rid of every single Sonic character. The next game will just be an empty GHZ, and you can move the camera to look at the different flowers.
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    Dear lord. We can't even have a silly story with Silver cuz nooo he has to fight some villain that destroyed his future everytime or else his character doesnt make sense. For some reason. This discussion is so tiring but holy shit I want people to know that Sonic doesnt have to have an explanation for this and that, it should be fun, FIRST AND FOREMOST.
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    Big Panda

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    That story was drawn by Ken, right? Sometimes I forget there was a time where his art was just immensely mediocre and not a full-frontal assault on the eyes.
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    I guarantee the movie will do well. It will get hounded by your typical youtubers that will chime in make sure you sub to my pateron link at the end but regardless kids will eat it up. Not all kids mind you but in the example above the TMNT live action movie was jumped on for making them look so off from what many of use late 80s and very early 90s kids liked. But kids loved the film. i see Sonic doing the same honestly. Then we will get a bigger sequel. I am sure the team has rough drafts of other designs. I mean i see what they were going for. any REAL hedgehog looks like sonic does in the trailer. Except for those evil teeth. their faces normally look like that just paint them blue. Still paramount was looking to sell more toys to a general audience i suppose than gamers that grew up on sonic.
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    Betting the Hammer is what you pick up to become Builder Mario in-game. (The extended cover artwork DID show Builder Toad IN THE ACTUAL LEVEL, after all.)
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    Sonic Forces - Sunset Heights (51% complete) Halfway mark! I made a LOT of progress today. The Legacy portion may be over but the fun is just beginning. I can already tell this is gonna one of (if not THE) best remixes I've ever done. It goes from really calm to really brutal, really quick. I'm having a lot of fun adding in my own solo, and of course I threw in my signature Sky Synth to go along with it. I'm gonna try to keep the beachy theme but really kick it up a notch. So far, so good. I sent a couple short samples to people via Discord, for opinions and such, and it's getting a good response. It's a good sign. I'll provide one on Twitter soon enough, and I can share it here on SSMB as well. I can't give any of the Legacy portion away, so I'll need a little more before I can do that, but it's REALLY coming together now. I'm so excited!
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    Well, I've reached Issue 31 of the older issues of the Archie Book and so far things have been rather interesting. Learning the origins of some of this stuff and how comparatively... uncomplicated a lot of these origins were is fairly neat to see. Some of these panels are funny as fuck though.
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    So if I'm understanding rumours and speculation correctly, Travis Willingham (Knuckles and Zavok) and Laura Bailey (Blaze and Omochao) may only be temporary departures? They recently had a kid together and are possibly taking time off work. I don't keep up with the world of voice acting at all, so I don't know if they've been providing other voiceovers recently for a while. And who knows when the voices were actually recorded for the game. Anyway, as it goes... Knuckles/Dave Mitchell: Easily the most controversial change. He trends to sound mostly fine when just talking normally. But the moment he tries to do any high emotions, he becomes an incredibly amateurish and try-hard sounding tough guy. And considering most of the in-game dialogue is exclamations, it's not great to listen to. Travis Willingham went from being a total Dan Green clone in Free Riders to really hitting the mark in Forces with a decent range of emotions. Blaze/Erica Lindbeck: I can barely hear the difference. She's a bit higher pitched than Laura Bailey, I guess? Sounds fine. No complaints. Omochao/Erica Lindbeck: Very much the same here. Definitely higher and now feminine than before. Also not annoying though. I like it. Silver/Bryce Papenbrooke: Silver's voice style is the only one that's really changed significantly. All of the other replacements are channeling the same vibe as their predecessors but Silver is completely different. It's a change and change makes me uncomfortable, but I could get used to this. The generic anime protagonist voice really suits him. I think I preferred Quainton Flynn though. Omega/Aaron LaPlante: How much has Omega even been voiced since the big VA change back in 2010? He had like 2 and a half lines in Forces. He sounded perfect, from what little there was to go on... From what I can tell in this game, they've gone a bit overboard with the digital effects on his voice. Sounds pretty much fine though. Zavok/Patrick Seitz: Similar voice, but note quite as gravelly. It's Zavok though... I find it difficult to care so long as his voice isn't offensive. - Silver and Knuckles are the biggest shake-ups considering they're the most major changes and also the most important characters here. I hope that Knuckles' new voice is only temporary, because it's going to be a point of contention for a lot of people for a long time if not.
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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Well heres a piece I did in response to them changing the character design for Sonic in the movie. If you liked the old design, more power to you.
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    Chamomile #108
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    I'm glad Team Sonic Racing is a console game that's also not a mainline game or something worth taking too seriously regardless. And here's why!: (I must've spent 30 minutes writing this in the Upcoming Games section, so I'm gonna make other people read it. You'll read it and you'll like it!)
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    Staff has noticed several problems creeping up in the Showcase sub-forum of the SSMB recently so we felt it was necessary to run some reminders by everyone in reference to the already established rules in efforts to tone down the toxicity and restore order. ROLE PLAYS Make sure your story is written in a novel format. Script writing is not allowed, as it is often is confusing and done just to be shorter to write. Also please make sure the grammar, spelling and punctuation is correct. PARTICIPATION When it comes to topics and specific genres of media, only ONE topic is allowed for each different form of media. That means that all your artwork must be under one topic, all music must be under one topic, etc. An exception will be made in regards to writings provided that there are topics associated with new stories as well as projects and albums. Otherwise everything else should be included in a general thread relative to its genre of media. Feel free to 'bump' your topic with new content, and if you were the last person to post, you will be allowed to double-post if it has been at least ONE day since you last posted. If you want to add new content to your topic in the same day and no one else has replied yet, you will have to edit your post instead. DO NOT post your works in the topics of other members. Create your OWN topic if you wish to share your works with the community here. There have been several projects where members have requested participation from members here. Some have made it a point to reply in a non-contributive manner including but not limited to jokes and trolling. When a member requests assistance for a project, if one wishes to give assistance one should post in an actual contributive manner, not with unwanted jokes and the like as that comes across as disrespectful. Save that for the status updates as you are free to joke around there within the SSMB rules. Not among a fellow member's project that they wish to take seriously as it is important to them and everyone should respect that. Seriously, DO NOT DO THIS. Either post some reasonable, relevant and respectful content in the topic for the project in line with the request that actually contributes or you don't post in it at all. COMMENTS AND CRITIQUE The original Showcase rules had previously stated that anyone lashing out any mean-spirited and hurtful comments would warrant them a strike. Staff has been extremely lax on the matter only giving out verbal warnings at this point. This will happen no more as we will make it a point to enforce the rule regarding disrespectful critique from now on. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: anyone that fails to use any kind of constructive criticism (be it positive or negative) and resorts to insults WILL RECEIVE A STRIKE. Everyone that makes a point to share their works with everyone here at the SSMB via the Showcase is sharing something important to them with us that they take pride in. That said, no one wants to be made to feel terrible for the works they created due to someone being tactless, mean-spirited and disrespectful. Be thoughtful with your comments be it praise or critique, and make sure the latter is constructive and specific as we want to encourage our fellow members and have them share more with us along with helping them improve if need be along with the praise they may deserve. The Sonic fanbase is filled with wonderful forms of talent including artistic, musical and written among others and one should always feel free and comfortable in sharing these talents with the SSMB community if they so choose to. Please keep these reminders in mind so that the Showcase sub-forum of the SSMB can be productive and enjoyable for all. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a SSMB Staff member.
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