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    June is here....which I have only 14 days until I can legally drink (which I’m not gonna) Here’s my Nintendo E3 Bingo card since we’re a few weeks away.
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    I am forever bothered by Lavender Town in Gen 2. I get that Red set the spirits of the Pokemon at peace, but it just seems kinda...really distasteful to up all those graves and throw them into a small building for a radio tower.
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    Professor Layton: Isn’t it obvious who the culprit is? IT IS YOU POINTS TO MIDDLE AGED DR WILY DISGUISED AS LITTLE GIRL i don’t see how that’s obvious but...
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    i think its time for another president with a beard. presidents dont have beards anymore
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    One thing I am not looking forward to with Pokémon Sword/Shield is that the Global Trade Station will likely not be available without a Nintendo Online subscription. I actually used GTS a ton with the DS and 3DS games to get the other version Pokémon/starters/random stuff from past generations so it's going to suck if that stuff is paywalled.
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    "Mysterious language," as Ken Penders puts it. Buddy, you can't label a language that isn't close to English as "mysterious," especially since I've been studying it enough to say it all actually MAKES SENSE. 謎はありません、ばか… Next, he'll call Old Norse as the "language of the Gods."
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    Let me sum up Coming out of our Shells for you. WE LOVE YOUUUU THANK YOU WE LOVE YOUUUU THANK YOU WE LOVE YOUUUU THANK YOU
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    That retro track is really disappointing. It's just a low poly version of Turbo Track with the Playstation logo spammed everywhere. Would've been cooler if some of the background elements were references to other PS exclusives similar to what they did in the PS4 version of the N.Sane Trilogy.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Thanks buddy
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    Wasn’t everyone taking his words when people were of the idea he was hinting and being mysterious before? So now when he says something concrete and it’s negative it’s “well he wouldn’t know anything”? Really?
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    A roundup of everything happening at E3 this year? Check. Giving at least one unknown for every conference mentioned? I guess so. Once again mentioning that Nintendo should get to work in creating Mii Resort Paradise? Check. http://blog.darkrulamedia.uk/2019/06/pre-e3-2019.html Oh, I do love E3.
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    Trump is “celebrating” pride month, and people are quickly jumping to commemorate the man, quick to forget all the bs he has and is currently doing to the community, and the people he has surrounding and supporting him. I don’t really see this at all as a “step to progression” it’s empty words for easy publicity.
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    Not possible. Sonic's one true love is chili dogs.
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    Much like many other mascots Imagine they will never get married. Mickey and Minnie are just in a relationship and that's about as far as it will probably go. It may even reset, or maybe even be removed. Sonic is a forever brand, unless something terrible happens, no one is planning for sonic to " end " edit: note that , the a lot of the developer's, creators and designers that designed sonic as a brand, primarily for young boys. And some have explicitly mentioned something like " Sonic is a boy and a boy at heart " when responding to these sorts of things. So Its most likely such things will never happen. For any of the characters. Girls are "Icky " so sonic runs away, so he can relate to their primary demo young boys. Its as simple as that.
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    Your reaction, Movie Sonic becomes Super Sonic by believing in himself, not the Chaos Emeralds.
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    This is the most idiotic game which I got entertained to: https://findtheinvisiblecow.com/
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    Holy shit I love Metroid Samus Returns It was such a good game! It might be tied with Super Metroid for me The new final boss was such a fantastic addition Baby Metroid MVP It was a really damn good lead up for Super Metroid, the final boss is probably in my top 10 favorites
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    Dear Ohtani Please make a full remix of Silver's Theme in the vein of the TSR Version Thank you
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    I’m about to fly out soon. This will be the first time without any of my family members, so wish me luck!
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    As I promised, in this month of June I'll try to take only Sonic games music, and we start with a very cliche: Solister's Tune of the Day #60 (Sonic Birthday Countdown 1/23) - Masato Nakamura - Green Hill Zone - 1991
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    SatAm "Sea3on" Project

    Here’s the FAQ, for those who may have missed it!
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    Apologies for the late announcement, I've been pretty busy - but the next Sam & Max episode will be starting in 2 hours and 30 minutes! Join us in helping Max get his presidency, and watching the freelance police fight the giant stone head of Abe Lincoln!
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    Back from Aladdin! Mehhhhhh....
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    So what's with this Tails bench thing people are going on about in TSR...I don't get it......
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    Blue Wisp

    ... But why the stretchy arms?

    ... But why the stretchy arms?
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    thinking about replaying sonic mania until i remember the boss fights
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    That is the most horrifying Phineas costume ever. https://www.deviantart.com/haydenboggs/art/anime-titties-799952587 Also one of the most inappropriately named photo uploads.
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    Starting to catch up with this series bit by bit. The other day I reviewed #70 (end of the Bishop arc I mentioned I stopped at a couple years ago) which got me pumped up to read the series again and tonight I blasted through issues 71-75. So the two part story about the Pantheon and the Trial of Krang. I thought the Pantheon story was alright. The first part reads a hell of a lot like an issue of Fables (at least really early Fables) and that is probably the most entertaining aspect about it. Rat King in particular is a highlight in this story. He's a fucking troll who seems to have a quip for just about everyone in the room, and I honestly don't think this two-parter would have been anywhere near as entertaining without him. The newer Pantheon members (so Toad Baron, Gothano, Jagwar, and Manmoth) don't leave a very strong impression at the moment, and most just seem to fill in personality types. Toad Baron is a hedonist. Gothano a mysterious creature from the deep. Jagwar, humorless killing machine, whose only point of interest is that she is a new incarnation of a character from Archie (and admittedly one I don't remember a lot of besides his design). Manmoth is the wandering hunter. I like these characters by design and I know with the way the book is structured, they'll eventually get their time in the limelight, so introducing them in a big group isn't a bad thing (and I'm aware the Turtles will face Manmoth relatively soon) but they don't do much but rely on well-established personalities to bring them together (so Rat King, Kitsune, and to a lesser degree, Aka). Gothano in particular would be an interesting foe, but he seems like the least likely for the Turtles to ever face off with, and if they ever do, it'd be at least after another thirty or forty fucking issues at the rate this book goes sometimes. I thought it was pretty fascinating seeing that Kitsune is not only the youngest, but that she's certainly treated like it. It's a complete 180 from her focused and cunning personality, probably one of the Turtles' most dangerous adversaries, treated as little more than a child by everyone else. Her finally revealing her plan for Shredder and bringing back the Dragon Warrior to unite the family (which is probably not even entirely accurate, because of course it isn't) was interesting. It makes me want to pick up "Shredder in Hell" when it's finally collected and while I'm not currently buying the book, I know I'll probably grab another batch of books when Shredder inevitably returns because I honestly think this book is feeling the loss of his presence finally. I also hated how many footnotes needed to remind me to read TMNT Universe. Maybe I will some day, but sure as hell not now. I'm grateful I can glean just enough from character dialogue that sounds normal and one can assume it happened in the space of time where the Turtles had to work with Hob to try to rescue the Mutanimals in the previous storyline. Then we have the trial of Krang. I skipped the "Dimension X" mini which details the individual stories of the key witnesses, I really didn't want anything to kill the momentum, and to be honest, I wasn't terribly interested in that stuff. The characters are fine and serve their purpose, so while it might be fun to know the details of how they're involved in this stuff, it's also all established in their testimonies. So while the details are lost on me, I thought it was a fun read primarily because of Hakk-R running around and the sub-plot with the king and the Triceratons. Maligna is kind of just a footnote (and probably feels that way moreso because I didn't read the mini) and doesn't seem to really do much other than give a backdrop for the Triceratons and their upcoming conflict. If she wasn't there, they wouldn't, and there probably wouldn't be much else that can really be done with them. So while she seems necessary, she's also a pretty unimportant threat that I don't expect to see unless the Turtles get dragged back to Dimension X--so not any time soon. The ending was one part expected, due to Krang pointing out that the king's hands aren't clean either (and it's hard to say if he's actually aware of how destructive his decision at the end of the story is) but what I honestly didn't see coming was Leatherhead dishing out justice and killing Krang himself. Unlike Shredder, you know he's not coming back, and the story seeded that Ch'rell (named after the character from the 2003 series) will be his successor. Now that's going to be interesting. I vaguely remember he was brought up during the Leatherhead arc a few years ago, so knowing he's going to show up is pretty exciting. Will he end up being possessed by the spirit of the Shredder? Or is Ch'rell just going to be there to fill in IDW Krang's shoes? I might actually go back to the "Dimension X" mini but I feel pretty satisfied with how things ended up that it feels even less pressing or necessary. And that's about that for the night. I might be a little too critical right now, but since these two storylines rely heavily on reading extra material I don't care about, it admittedly sours the experience just a bit. With this stuff out of the way, I'm going to pick up with the Triceraton invasion tomorrow. I'm definitely looking forward to that.
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    Wow I'm... Actually enjoying the Werehog. What the fuck? The only thing that I dislike is god why is he so slippery and awkward to move. But wow besides that I'm having fun. Huh. Well I do think Sonic and the Black Knight is one of Sonic's best games so...
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    In celebration of Spawn in MK11
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    sometimes i hate how the internet has completely ruined my perception of things this commercial has been playing on TV for a while but i've never been able to focus on anything other than the song that plays because it's been codified as the "sad meme" music
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    Listening to Sky Road for the first time... Ohthani made this? He's definitely still killing it
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    Well, I just finished re-reading Worlds Unite for the first time since it originally came out. ...nope, still sucks.
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    Horses aren't real. Hail Sobek
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    What if: Ken Penders has now written both Worlds Collide and Worlds Unite What stupid shit does he do?
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    Panda Claus

    Made a thing

    Made a thing
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    It's what she does when she's not around. She crawls into a hole and lays there on her stomach, feasting on worms until someone is in need of a cameo.
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    Condescending. That's the word you're looking for. Anyway, not everyone hated Sonic Boom in general. Most of the hate was because of how Rise of Lyric went down and some of the very idea of the redesigns in spite of being separate universe. The only people who didn't like the TV Show were those who weren't down with the changes in general. Or those who just couldn't let go, anyway.
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    Because it's not an issue. Eggman is evil, Sonic is just a guy that loves adventure and hates injustice. Simple, and that's all it needs to be.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Robot made by Eggman Turned into good bot by Tails Befriends rabbit Cream There, now it's a haiku (come on, don't tell me I was the only one seeing this)
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    Might as well make this public now. I was gonna post this in announcements but didn't want to be cheeky... So I joined TSS in March 2012 and have written nearly 600 articles for the site, both news and original material, which is quite a lot. And.... Shortly into March this year, I made the decision that I would step down from my position as writer for the site. I figured given how long I've been effectively one of the main faces who brings you the Sonic news I should post a bit of a goodbye and why I'm putting down my keyboard to pick up a... uh... Keyboard! Why are you going? Some of you know that last year my health took a major nose dive which hasn't gotten much better this year. So does this have anything to do with that? Yes... But not in the way you think. Since I started having the health issues, I've tried to do some productive stuff to help me through it, first I made myself a small place on the internets which I really need to get back to doing at some point. But I then started to take my video making a bit more seriously, something which I'd wanted to do for a long time anyway but never really had a the time and the response has been quite incredible, far beyond anything I could have imagined and I'd really liked to dedicate a lot more time to it, especially since it lets me talk about games outside of Sonic and Sega which is also something I've wanted to do for a long time. And aside from releasing these completed projects, the process of making them is also making me a lot happier, far more than when I was just writing for TSS. So I feel it's the best for my health and... just the fact I'm doing something that a lot of others are also really enjoying if I focus on that full time. When are you turning red (Retired Rank)? NEVER! THERE'S ONLY SVEND TO GO AND THEN THE SITE IS MINE! MINE! MINE! AH-Hahahha! Well... Technically I'm already gone, I can't write for the site anymore, but I still have access to the staff area and something is being worked on which I've been dropping the odd input in so I imagine I'll wake up one day and find myself in the retirement castle with Flyboy Fox and all the other retired staff, I'll be sat in the corner working on videos, please visit and leave a muffin.. One with chocolate chips. But I've said I'll occasionally drop by for the odd guest article or help with a live-stream if they need a hand with something. Anything else? Not really, just like to thank all the wonderful people and friends I've met through my time writing on here, especially @Dreadknux for allowing me to write for so long without breaking anything (I'm still waiting for the money to fund my real life Death Egg). So I'm off to YouTube now to make videos, so feel free to subscribe to me there or follow me on twitter if you still enjoy telling me my opinion on Sonic is wrong! I'll still be a member here posting about the Sonikku and the Segagaga, but my new creative outlet where I make new content will be on YouTube and Twitter. So if you desperately miss my stuff or want to tell me it's 'wrong' I invite you to come along! Who is replacing you? Can they make nice sandwiches? I've not been involved in that conversation, but I think I know who my replacement is going to be and I hope you wish them all the very best. But I'll let them reveal that surprise in their own topic. Only I hope the reveal is something like this... But with my avatar on the hood, then when they lift it off it's their avatar. P.S. If you've made it this far, the moral of the story is @Dreadknux still hasn't funded my Death Egg!
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    Just wanted to jump in here and say that having Dave on staff writing things for TSS has been an absolute pleasure. We always try to make our news and articles sound really interesting with loads of personality, and Dave brought that by the bucketload. It's great that he found an outlet to follow his creative spark, on YouTube, so I'd like to personally wish him all the best. Anyway, he's not going anywhere anyway, he'll hopefully still be kicking about as he said. We're also going to be refreshing the writing staff at TSS soon, with fresh blood! We have some candidates helping out soon who we'll announce a little later, but if you're interested in helping write stuff for the blog side then shoot me a DM and we can go through some test pieces to see if there's a good fit!
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    That's interesting, because the sequel (Out of the Shadows) actually backtracked from the first film and tried to appeal to fans more nostalgically. They turned the Foot Clan back into a group of ninjas instead of a generic gang. They introduced fan recognizable characters like Casey Jones, Baxter Stockman, Krang, and Bebop and Rocksteady. I personally thought it was more faithful than the first, and in terms of quality it was probably on par with TMNT 2 Secret of the Ooze (and better than TMNT 3). But I guess by then, the damage from the first movie was done and fans had lost faith?
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    I just hope sega doesnt get any idEA's and pack this game full of lootboxes.
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