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    hilariously cruel

    hilariously cruel
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    It can be that simple and it is. We don't need to know where his powers come from because it ultimately doesn't matter. It's a video game that's not trying to be realistic, rules and logic are allowed to be bent if it makes it more entertaining. Sure, a Sonic backstory could be interesting, but it's not necessary and given this series' track record with deeper stories (most of them aren't very good), I can safely say pass on that. He wants to build it because he's an egotist and wants to take over the world. Even outside of EggmanLand in Unleashed he slaps his face and emblem everywhere he can and has modeled more than a few of his creations after himself. Simple, and that's all it needs to be. Not every character needs to be super in-depth or fleshed out. That just ultimately bogs down a story if you try to make everyone super developed.
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    Yep, they had the golden opportunity to make a "best of Sonic the hedgehog" compilation of things, using the best, most loved (or just coolest looking) elements of the franchise while cutting out a lot of the fat. Like I dunno: - the Sonic and Tails friendship (do people still care about that anymore or is that a thing of the distant past?) - showing some of the crazy, colorful locations from the games - wacky robot designs - Metal Sonic battle - a Sonic and Tails in the Tornado chase scene could make for a cool, fast paced action beat - chase for the Chaos Emeralds (when was the last time the Emeralds were actually an importance in the games? Generations? Colors didn't mention them, Lost World was busy with the deadly stereotypes, Forces already had the new doohickey gem to bother with existing ones, Sonic Boom..couldn't even tell you anymore, but probably no.) - Super Sonic transformation and final epic battle But nah, HUMANS! And REALISM! That's the main appeal of this franchise!
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    It's part of the "SEGA's biggest enemy wasn't Nintendo or Sony, it was SEGA itself" story. Left hand didn't know the right was doing. Or more like it knew, but it didn't give a damn.
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    Not possible. Sonic's one true love is chili dogs.
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    Man, fuck Rockstar execs

    Man, fuck Rockstar execs
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    *inhales for 13 seconds* "According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a fox should be able to fly. Its tails are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The fox of course, flies anyways, because foxes don't care what scientists think is impossible."
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    So in short: All the things you love about the franchise...yeah, that's not in this movie, we're saving it for the sequel (maybe...if we feel like it...if you're lucky.) Awesome way to sell a movie! I bet if they made the Titanic movie today, it would be a trilogy where the first part is the conception of the Titanic and how it was built. In the 2nd movie, it actually sets sail..
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    That's true. But I think that's sort of the point of that interaction. She was the first girl character, and the representative of " girl " character for them, was literally pink, love obsessed and pushy and getting in the way of "adventure." And that's sort of the dynamic sonic has had with romance, ( and a lot of the guy characters in general ) in a lot of game interpretations. Obviously there are more girls now and all romance potential in the series has died down besides " rouge says something weird to knuckles or shadow and they don't respond ". But that being the first interaction kind of colors the rest of the series and how it kinda of treats romance in general. So when I forget the man's name but when the guy says on twitter " Sonic has the heart of a boy and is unconcerned about such things " I think " girls are icky " sums that up nice. And he was supposed to be rabbit, things change. Blaze IIRC doesn't really have any romantic anything with sonic and a lot of that is english translation. And dies down even harder with the introduction of silver. And that in itself is a brother sister relationship. Tiara doesn't exist. And Elise is an embarrassment that they never went back to. I'm not saying you can't look at like some pre-release stuff gather some information about what was thought at the time. But this is a situation when that's really hard because they actively for the most part decide against it or ignore it. A lot of the romance stuff is brought up by the western branches through translation or through media licensing, which for a while promptly got ignored, or banned in the case of the comic. There aren't generations of intentions, there were a bunch of misreads. But largely sonic is an asexual character. And not for nothing, and this isn't directed to you, I find that a large amount of the people who genuinely care about this are people who really care for some odd reason that a cartoon blue hedgehog is a " Player " . Its kinda weird to me to be quite honest, reads as some self insert shit. Sonic largely doesn't care, heck, maybe he even actually likes boys. I dunno. But as a character, he's largely not a romance kinda guy. When Ken Spoke his peace on twitter there were a lot of people who just strait up said sonic is probably asexual or at least romance averse. I think there a lot more people who read that as their interpretation and are going with that as you may realize. And sonic has been an abhorrent peice of shit in both the archie and fleetway and its very clear those aren't representations of sonic that are not very canon to the character. There is no " der not canon " There " This isn't representative of what they wanted to do with the character, and it was largely ignored, it shouldn't really be brought up. Cool, none of that stuff is relevant to how they want the character. And are for the most part actively ignored. And in some cases condemned, like boom. Just because it happened, doesn't mean its relevant. Companies make mistakes all the time and throw shit under the buss and try to forget it. If they didn't , the introduction of captain marvel to the avengers would have been very different. ( Google avengers 200 ) Its a goofy twitter thing for fun dude. Shadow doesn't actually want to open up a cat orphanage, are you fucking kidding me. Metal Gear Solid is a fun video game to reference. I'm not saying amy isn't the love interest. She's the minnie mouse so to speak. I'm just saying sonic will probably never show an active interest in her. And maybe in future depending on who gets control of what sonic is in future... maybe even dropped. Sonic team might not be incontrol of what sonic is forever, things maybe change.
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    I read all IDW Turtles (Archie and Mirage as well), so I can tell you right now: Dimension X mini is one of weakest stories from IDW TMNT. Not as bad as Casey & April or both Annuals, but still. Turtles go from one strange planet to the other, meet new quirky witness, spend some time with him and then Hakk-R shows up for a fight. That's about for the plot. Not bad, just generic. Art ranges from average to kinda ugly. Even continuity/lore wise it's not that interesting. Dimension X is like any other space you seen and witnesses aren't much more than what you seen in main book (and I doubt we'll see much of them in the future). Maybe if someone reeeeally like Archie TMNT, then seeing Ace Duck and Stump-Sling duo is kinda cute, but still. If you want opinions/ quick summaries on any other side stories, let me know. (Bebob/Rocksteady ruuuuules)
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