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    I want to attack this argument at it's root. You do not have to like or defend everything with Sonic it. I say this because I've been through that exact same mindset back in my teenage years. I was defending Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 2006 for corn's sake, and it had nothing to do with a genuine appreciation for the product itself, and had everything to do with an implied mandatory solidarity with Sonic in general. I've taken notice that the vast majority of people who defend Sonic's more ridiculous material are either children and teenagers who don't know any better, or adults who happened to get into the franchise at a time when similar ridiculous material was the way it was presented. This trend of blaming the community at large for Sonic's generally negative reputation as a game series is either a disingenuous or a naive perspective, and it wrongly invalidates the years of constructive criticism against Sonic's failings as a whole. Defenders are quick to attack IGN, for instance, (despite the site's founder having worked for them in a managerial position) for being biased against Sonic, not because they take issue with what was said, but because they put a number lower than 7 next to a picture of some box art with Sonic on it. It's a reactionary trend that does more to paint Sonic fans in general as overly sensitive and unreasonable children who don't care about the quality of a product, so long as their favorite character is represented in some shape or form. Enter the Sonic movie, where this horridly disfigured abomination of a furry's wet dream shows up, complete with uncanny human proportions and the soul of a corporate shill's merchandising factory, is being defended, not by studied film critics or seasoned and veteran fans of the series, but by kids and teens who take one look at the trailer, see a blue hedgehog running fast and rolling into a ball. They see Sonic in this twisted depiction of Hollywood's absolute worst pedigree, and feel the need to defend it. Because it's Sonic. Listen, if y'all really, truly cared about Sonic, you would ask for better than this; and seeing as not just Sonic fans, but the general public decried the film's main character for looking nothing like the character it's supposed to be representing it, I'm wondering how much thought you've actually put into this. If I can show a picture of Furry Movie Sonic to my older co-worker and they have to scrunch their brow and squint their eyes for a few seconds before saying "...is that Sonic?" then you done dog gone plum done screwed up, ya idiots. Demand better. If a bunch of rando's on the Internet had enough sense to ask for it, then why aren't you on the frontlines?
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    aw yeah this is happenin'

    aw yeah this is happenin'
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    So you know how the story idea for the third SpongeBob movie is a prequel about him going to summer camp when he was younger, that's also a fully CG movie? Well either that story for the third movie was thrown out for something else, or somebody wasn't satisfied with just leaving it there as merely a movie... ...enter Kamp Korral (working title). Prequel series with the exact same premise and animation style. By the by, Paul Tibbitt (current SpongeBob showrunner who's been there since day one) isn't jazzed about this... ...and assuming Tibbitt's implication in the above tweet is correct--Nick knew Hillenberg would had rejected this pitch, and decided to wait until he passed to move it into production anyway?
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    I wondered why Leon wears such an odd combination of clothing, but thank you Twitter:
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    The anime did it first: Quick thoughts: Wooloo is adorbs, Corviknight is freaking cool, but the legendary designs are weak imo. E: A picture!
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    Ravens are literally just big crows anyway. But I agree. As cool as those two are, Game Freak has stepped up their crow game. Yeah, I don't know quite what to think of this. It's weird that they mention only one wolf legendary when the direct was very clear about there being two separate Pokémon.
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    It's funny this is being brought up now. I was just thinking about this yesterday and listening to some of the PC music. There are some Genesis remixes of the PC music, and I know I'll be alone on this, but I prefer those versions of Ice Cap over the original console version as a song. I think Carnival Night and Launch Base would be bigger losses. I agree with you. If it's such an unsolvable problem, replace the music, with remixes of the PC music or fully original compositions by Teelopes or someone. S3&K is still the best Sonic game and it sucks that it's unavailable. Although, it also sucks that SEGA still hasn't ported the Sonic 1/2/CD Taxman remakes to current consoles. Even after Mania's success. CD is playable on XBO, but PlayStation and Switch owners are out of luck.
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    https://gematsu.com/2019/06/grandia-hd-collection-coming-soon-more-information-set-for-e3-2019 About time.
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    Looks too decent/acceptable to be official. And if it by some miracle is, just take that small 1 extra step and make the arms beige...this isn't a Sonic Boom origin story after all..
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    Battle For Bikini Bottom getting a remake was the best news I’ve woken up to. If even goddamn Spongebob gets a remake, so can Banjo.
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    At the very least to me it is nice to see that free roaming Pokemon on the over-world are somewhat back in these games? That was among the few only good ideas from the Lets Go games and was something I wanted to return.
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    It was okay, I guess. The mascots aren't doing anything for me, but the wild space idea is excellent. Can't help thinking they're taking a page out of BOTW and with good reason. I also love how gyms are proper stadiums now. That said, dynamaxing just feels like another gimmick the series doesn't really need. I was also holding out hope for some update to the battle system, but it looks like they're keeping it tried and tested.
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    Given that her entire design and character essentially boils down to "Rule 63 Nack"... Think about it- Sally had absolutely no clue that she ever had a brother, at all. His existence came as a complete surprise. This would mean that, somehow, EVERY last adult she knew while growing up at absolutely no point in her life took her aside and told her that she once had a brother. Her father never told her about her brother when she was young. Her mentor never told her about her brother. Her nanny didn't say anything. The doctor who was her family's physician didn't. Uncle Chuck said nothing. And then you get into the circumstances behind his supposed death- he and his mother were shot down during the Great War on route to Angel Island. The loss of a queen and the royal heir isn't something that would be kept quiet in the kingdom, and so we have to believe that, SOMEHOW, this never once came up in Sally's life and that this incredibly infamous incident was somehow forgotten or never spoken of within Knothole. Elias' entire EXISTENCE being a secret only works through sheer narrative contrivance and a mountain of violations of basic logic and sense, and ultimately only 'works' because of Penders' authorial feat rather than being able to stand up on it's own internal logic. Likewise, Sonic's parents being alive as Robians the whole time, and evidently as FREE Robians shortly after Charles was liberated, also means we have to believe that in all that time, they never wanted to talk to Sonic, and Chuck was happy to go along with this prolonged deception. Nor are we ever given a real reason WHY they wanted this or why any of this proceeds- there is a vague notion of 'not wanting to distract Sonic' or some crap, but at the end of the day, we are basically told why Sonic's folks stayed away rather being shown why, and what we are told doesn't really hold water to begin with. All of this functions purely on the basis of drama rather than anything concrete. In short? Nonsense, all of it.
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    In fairness, Tails' parents were a Gallagher contribution. That being said, a rather large chunk of the family expansions DID happen because of him. He did indeed give Sonic parents who were still living in the present (despite it making little to no sense), and likewise he gave Antoine a father, Rotor a father (who showed up for a few panels in a single flashback), and likewise expanded Sally's family be including an unmentioned older brother (despite it making no sense), and revealing her mother Alicia was in fact alive, to say nothing of the various ancestors that showed up in her family history, as well as her grandfather and grandmother. And then of course we have Nic the Weasel, identical twin sister to Nack... Now in fairness, on paper these are not really BAD things. The problem is that Penders doesn't put a lot of thought into any of this and seems to include them more due to wanting a sense of 'completeness' (due to his intense fixation on families) and to give the characters an automatic degree of significance , rather than taking time to flesh them out and so forth. A lot of it just feels arbitrary, and it shows.
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    Nothing comes close to triggering pokéhype for me than seeing new non-legendary 'mons
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    Sonic Headcanons

    The deadly 6 are now stuck in sonic's world and are trying to adjust. Some of them stopped being evil
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    I actually share a very similar opinion to @Apollo Chungus. I never thought a game like this one would have a demand for a remake. I personally never played the game so I can't take some major opinion. Particularly, it's not a game I totally want or would buy, in fact, I have some other more memorable games such as Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island, and the own Spongebob: Light, Cameras, Pants! The first one is classified as mediocre (But I liked it at the time), the second one is considered very good.Talking about Nicktoons specifically, other one which I have some great time spent is The Fairly Odd Parents: Shadow Showdown, but once again, not so well received but a little better then Nicktoons. But then, as @SupahBerry just reminded me, The Simpsons: Hit & Run would be also a pretty memorable game which I spent a lot of time playing, which also should be remade. In fact, it's just me look at my PS2 game collection which tons of names come into my mind: Need for Speed Underground 2, Star Wars Battlefront II (2005), Sonic Heroes (lol), Burnout 3, tons of LEGO games. Alright, say what you want but the PS2 era had the best games.
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    Lining up the scenes of it in the trailer against the map, it seems like the Wild Area honestly runs through most of the region; we know it starts in the open area with the lakes in the south, but there's also a shot taken right outside the dragon-wall city with the enormous winged building, and it visibly runs between the two. I'd wager you'll criss-cross the Wild Area through the game, more of it being gradually unlocked as you proceed around the region.
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    TSR online: I got nominated for "spending 210 seconds in first place", basically the whole race in first place.
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    Indigo Rush

    (╯ಠ ل͜ ಠ)╯︵ 🍕

    (╯ಠ ل͜ ಠ)╯︵ 🍕
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    Here's some leaks by a guy who's been totally legit so far, so major spoilers.
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    Pokemon: Sword and Shield? More like... Persona: Breath of the Wild. also morning
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    That vocal theme was hype as hell. Cheesy yes, but hype all the same. Really set the mood for this adventure. Holy hell eveything in that direct I loved. I have one comment though. Free roaming camera is only usuable in those Free Areas now. Would you rather see it be used for the entire game or just relegated to those areas? Also...CORVIKNIGHT
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    His estate. Who knows where the rights to his music lies, especially contestable stuff like this. The fact that he wasn't credited in the game also doesn't mean anything, because deals can be put in place to keep contributors anonymous from the product whilst they still get royalties. It could be more Buxer than Jackson, but it doesn't really matter.
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    Hmmm, considering Ryce's own track record too, when he endorses something like this, people listen big time.
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    With how much teasing going on I wouldn't be surprised if we do get a major Banjo Kazooie announcement at E3 this year. Weather it be smash or a new game. Or we could get another Project Spark situation just so to rub salt in the wound.
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    I don't get it. Sonic 3&K was rereleased on Mega Collection with the music intact. There was a DS Port as well that I think had the music untouched. And wasn't there an AtGames Genesis with Sonic & Knuckles on it?
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    Banjo-Kazooie Returning?

    Yooka-Laylee is great, though. Sure it has some problems, but it's still great. I hope Team17's teasing really is pointing towards Yooka-Laylee 2. As for B-K, Banjo-Threeie would be amazing, but I'd be happy with full remakes of the first two games. Just use the original designs. Humba-Wumba probably needs a redesign, though. Shinobi602 over on Resetera is also teasing Banjo in Smash, which would be a dream come true. https://www.resetera.com/threads/banjo-kazooie-controller-holder-teased-by-exquisite-gaming.120331/post-21418452
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    I'd like to see a Sonic R level. Tropical resort would be cool, but you'd probably have to find a way to nerf the tech characters from breaking that level... and while I would puke at any mention of Classic Sonic, I would love a second skin for Sonic Tails ect with their R character models. That would be fun.
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    Mobius Legends #5 Reckoning - I always appreciate a really good foreboding story. I didn't quite catch on that this was the Pre-reboot version of Breezie. My mind failed to catch up with that a bit as I didn't consider the possibility of taking elements from the reboot and incorporating them into the old one. As much as I liked the Post-Reboot and it's characters, it didn't get off the ground all that well all things considered and was still in the early stages of developing itself before it was shut down fully because of Archie's incompetence. I'd like to see more stuff like this in things outside test stories. Boy howdy was that kid ugly though. Dimitri's Log - Dimitri was one of the few character Pre-Reboot I had a heavy interest in and I think it was mostly because large chunks of his past were things I hadn't read (and still haven't read) yet. As such, the concept of this dude in a robot head in a bubble just really fascinated me on the forefront. I had no clue what kind of fucked up history you'd have to have in order to go from whatever he was before to that. Even more interesting was that time he was trapped in the cardboard box so I'm glad there's a story of him recounting all of this. It was pretty much what I expected it would be. I still liked it. The ending gag took me off guard but I appreciated it too. Protégégg - I feel as though this one was easily the best of the three. I did admittedly worry a little bit when I saw the Omelette girl there because I try not to partake in too much "fan" things in my fan projects (if that makes any sense) as it kind of breaks the illusion a bit for me. However, the way around that is usually to take it and incorporate it in a way that feels like it's capitalizing on what it could be rather than just having it be done for the sake of recognizing a thing that the internet made popular. As such, this was an incredibly dark and satisfying tale of a really messed up, cruel, and insane child. Considering how ruthless and unapologetic for Eggman is, this fits right in with what he is as far as the comic is concerned. I have to say this was definitely the best of the Mobius Legends issues. It had the best stories. The art was the most consistent and pleasing to look at on the whole for each story. I didn't get the feeling that things were being done "because we don't have to worry about mandates" in this one too. It was pretty great. Although, someone in the questions page asked if Bunnie was going to get her cybernetics back. I gotta be honest, I don't really understand why they would want that for her character. Reverting back to the status quo for her isn't something I personally feel would be the right way to go about it but I suppose there might be a way to do it and have it be satisfying...? I doubt it though. No matter what it'd probably feel a bit contrived to me. Knuckles: Endangered Species I liked it a lot. I liked the story, the art, and especially the colors. I've always wanted to know how to make beautiful looking explosions. I'm glad I can witness all this. Lien-Da is pretty bad at this though. It does feel like there was a way for her to keep control of what happened there better. It will never not be weird seeing someone say "IT'S THE CHAOTIX" and witnessing three characters who aren't the Chaotix step out of a portal. I've tried to get used to it... I can't. But it's fine because the story was good. Also, Saffron recalling the hideous thing that happened to Charmy was a neat touch. I might even get to see a proper resolution to that one day. A lot of the details about the Echidna stuff, to this very day, is lost on me because I've yet to fully read through all the stuff that happened before issue 150 but that's part of the journey. I'll be all caught up one day.
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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    I looked into every page (literally 4 pages, eh too easy) and the drawings you made were amazing! I wish I had a bit of patience to draw something good.
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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    good drawings op
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    Oh-ho, you're gonna 'love' this- that Golden Gamma clone was called "Isaac", and it was created by Dr. Ivan Robotnik, the ancestor of Eggman born June 6, 2006 (06/06/06... yes, really). Ivan Robotnik was the scientist who abducted the Xorda emissary (those one eyed alien squid things), and as such is indirectly responsible for the creation of Mobius given that they gene-bombed the planet in retaliation, which resulted in the creation of Mobians and everything else. He squirreled himself away in a cryo-chamber, and Isaac was deployed to guard and eventually re-awaken him. It's pretty clear that Penders was intending on him becoming a new major villain, given the oh so subtle birth-date of '666', buuut when Flynn came on board, he basically retconned that Ivan had been dead for a while now and that Isaac's robotic mind had rotted to the point where he was basically crazy.
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    Aaand we have a tiny LSC update. Oh, nothing as substantial as a new page, but that "Dr. Zephyr" has been sketched out. Though I wish to God he hadn't been. God, I mistook the collar of his outfit as being his neck folds...! You know, as a side note, but I cannot help but feel that this guy exists purely because Dr. Starline is enjoying a great deal of popularity thanks to IDW.
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    As a writer, i always ask myself "who do character fuck?" Ask any writer and they'll tell you, they always do several drafts exploring their character's sex having from all angles. Does this character work better as a gay, an asexual, is he a player??? I have hundreds of documents in my filing cabinet, each one exploring that great question. Anyway, I just moved in across the street and by law I have to inform you that I am a registered sex offender. Edit: Oh my god that one about how asexual characters are "less interesting." It really tells you what kind of writer Ken is that the only layer of depth worth caring about with a character is whether they're sexually attracted to someone and who specifically they're attracted to. Double edit: Hey by the way to be perfectly clear I'm not saying Ken is a sex pervert but this is a really creepy question to pose about a children's cartoon character who is also in his mid-teens and described as being perpetually young. I am playing it up for ~comedic effect~
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    Oh. So he's like Peter Pan. That's cool. . . . I think I understand Sonic and Amy so much more, thinking in terms of Peter and Wendy. Tails so much more, in terms of a Lost Boy following Pan. Robotnik and Hook, with his fatalistic obsession and alter-ego father figure connection (Kintobar, Mr. Darling). And Knuckles... well, I think that course was played out by the time Knuckles came. (shrug)
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    I go off the internet for 36 hours and this happens?
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    that argument is just so weird since that was used against gay people which Penders claims to support. Its also so outdated and ignorant. Accepting gay people and asexuals wont suddenly make more people gay or asexual. Straight people will always be the norm because homosexuality and asexuality are not common sexualties. Not to mention adopting and IFV pregnancy are all options??
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    Gonna talk about shadow for a bit, because I think its interesting in this context . That statement explains so many things, like that time shadow IIRC is going through this emotional time , questioning who he is as a person and the only thing ken pnders thought of sonic to say is " You should get laid " . Not to mention the bad love angles that no one cared about, the the actual assault that took place and everything else with scourge, what he did with rouge , ect ect. It might explain why the guy had to be forced by sega to use the character. Shadow is a character, from the outset who for the most part , outside of .... sparce instances does not show anything close to anything that would be a romantic interest in anyone, he might have legitimately not understood the character. He might not be actually be able to comprehend a character who just wants to do non romantic things. Its things like these where I have no issue with the new book wanting to stay far away from that.
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    Penders is not a troll, dont try to downplay the actions of his comments by treating it like he is trolling. It was also well known that he has hang-ups about asexuality before. Its just a little insulting and a bit funny since the man always claims he is progressive when it comes to minorities and different sexualies. This is the same man who was proudly saying he was the first to have a gay character in the comic book (Rotor) and that he was the only one who hired women to work on the book.
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    Yeah because how dare people headcanon a character they like a certain way because it makes you uncomfortable?
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    Ken, that's how trademark abandonment works, not copyright.
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    Indigo Rush

    Tails is fat

  44. 1 point
    Jason the Jackass

    Tails is fat

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    Tails is fat

    Er, no, as much as I'd love that. All of the characters' vital statistics have been on Sonic Channel forever; Free Riders just brought the weight issue back to my attention with the characters it did include. I'd have used a more Free Riders-relevant example, but Marine is the one who bothers me the most. I mean, she's eight years old. And she's Marine. I'd have bought that maybe she just doesn't know how much she weighs, but the idea that she does know and considers it something worth hiding is just bizarre to me.
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    Tails is fat

    You seem to be under the assumption that the BMI system is actually a reliable indicator for health in humans anyways! [/shyamalantwist]
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    Quite. I hate how much he's been slowed down. He was the first character to fight alongside Sonic, and it sucks that he's now one of the least physically active of the 'team'. He should be fast. Not as fast as Sonic, of course, but certainly not at the tail end of the pack either. When Amy is faster than Tails, there is a problem. He can have an active and physically competant role without losing his techie side. What I want to see is Tails using technology to boost his existing abilities, NOT replace them.
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    Oh, sounds like the sort of things that would be in the Japanese manuals...thanks for the insight.^^ I came to that conclusion too, but then I realized...If you play as Tails, Sonic is the one who flies the plane and apparently fixes it.O_o Edit: Oh, okay, thanks for that clarification!
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    Where did "Techie Tails" come from?

    Well, in fairness I think he's always supposed to have been fairly adept with machinery. The fact he can fly the Tornado in Sonic 2, then fixes it when it gets shot down in Wing Fortress is proof enough of that. They just seemed to have played up that part of his character to no ends from Sonic Adventure 2 onwards, is all.
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    Where did "Techie Tails" come from?

    I don't know if it was the Japanese or the American storyline, but one of the backstories for Sonic 3 mentioned how Tails built a machine that could read the mystical ring that Sonic found on the beach. So there you go, I think. EDIT: GHZ mentions Tails having built an emerald radar, so I'm inclined to think it's from the Japanese storyline.
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