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    Crypto's back, baby. This was one of two (as far as I know and at time of writing this) remakes from THQNordic, the other being Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated revealed a few days ago. This one, as the title would suggest, is a remake of the PS2/Xbox cult classic from 2005. You play as a homicidal, wise-cracking little alien named Crypto, who comes to Earth in the 1950's and finds himself traveling the country, going up against the police, the military and a secret government agency. It was wild, off the wall and completely self-aware how ridiculous the concept was, and it has fun and revels in every second of it. I'm greatly looking forward to this one, especially since it's coming to PC, something that all other entries in the series passed on.
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    Crunchyroll retweeted my drawing of their mascot and now it has 900 likes ;v;
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    Reminder that Motobug will be streaming E3 shows starting from tomorrow onwards.
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    That's the thing, there wasn't really any. They tried to do the whole "the game is about the game and we'll release supplemental story material online throughout its lifespan" junk. Fast forward to now and over half the characters have barely any story to them outside of their initial bios, the world still feels as empty as ever, and even the in game story events are rushed out. I full on get wanting to keep that online solid but they really did let a lot of great characters and potential just fall by the wayside. There was no balance to it. OW 2 needs to have a clear focus on narrative alongside solid pvp. The best character in the game.
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    (tweet) Pfffff

    (tweet) Pfffff
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    Destroy All Humans remake makes Saturn a happy happy boy
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    ... It is NOT a sequel guys.

    ... It is NOT a sequel guys.
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    It's ultimately their decision, but it's funny how opposed Atlus is to making more money
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    It's funny this is being brought up now. I was just thinking about this yesterday and listening to some of the PC music. There are some Genesis remixes of the PC music, and I know I'll be alone on this, but I prefer those versions of Ice Cap over the original console version as a song. I think Carnival Night and Launch Base would be bigger losses. I agree with you. If it's such an unsolvable problem, replace the music, with remixes of the PC music or fully original compositions by Teelopes or someone. S3&K is still the best Sonic game and it sucks that it's unavailable. Although, it also sucks that SEGA still hasn't ported the Sonic 1/2/CD Taxman remakes to current consoles. Even after Mania's success. CD is playable on XBO, but PlayStation and Switch owners are out of luck.
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