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    In other news: (tweet) Look at those cool new Mario and Sonic renders!
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    It's confusion, not salt . The mods don't just provide stat boosts - they're hindrances as much as anything. I just don't get what your accomplishment here is supposed to be. Sounds like you're missing out on a lot of the fun by choosing to ignore part of the game.
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    Congratulations. You successfully gated off a significant portion of the game for absolutely no reason. The mods don't make the game explicitly easier like some kind of handicap, they just let you tailor the vehicles a bit more to your own liking. I really don't get why you chose to do that our why you've been talking about it throughout this thread as some kind of accomplishment.
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    This will be the first Nintendo E3 without Reggie in 16 years.
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    I like Johnny's reviews but... JESUS WATCH THAT PAID FOR AD AT THE START XD
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    Which side would you pick? I'd pick blue because a certain lawyer is there.
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    So we got confirmation that we will see the next Smash DLC Fighter at E3. I know it's expected, but it's nice to have confirmation. However, by the way Sakurai worded it, we'll be seeing only one DLC fighter.
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    Time now to the classic of the classics. I think this is the most sonicish track ever made, and I think many of you will agree with me. It was the initial track I was planning to play on Sonic's birthday when I wasn't assuming make it on chronological order. Solister's Tune of the Day #68 (Sonic Birthday Countdown 9/23) - Crush 40 - Open Your Heart - 1998 [Sonic Adventure]
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    Blue Wisp


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    Also, just generally, if publishers/news outlets/other people in general could just stop saying "The West" when they mean "North America and noone else", that would be swell.
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    That shit was trash lmao

    That shit was trash lmao
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    It was alright. Had some goody things, had some annoying things, but I liked it more than last years. Plus theres Keanu Reeves so that’s a big plus
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    Supah Berry


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    Fucking Christ if they have that fucking douche come out on stage.
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    Is that.....PSO 2!?!!?
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    Guess who's back....
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    Look like you're excited even more for Forza
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    Everything is awesome!
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    Rusty Spy


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    KEANU IS IN CYBERPUNK?! (edit: Keanu Reeves, for clarification)
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    huh, they're making a blair witch tie-in game. funny thing is when they showed the person in the corner I thought it was a homage to the movie, rather than being actually connected.
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    Motobug is now back! https://cytu.be/r/Motobug
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    Vergeben was right guys about the Microsoft E3 conference. Guess who’s coming to smash?
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    Welp. Sonic wrecked the Badnik.

    Welp. Sonic wrecked the Badnik.
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    https://cytu.be/r/Motobug Microsoft's conference begins in 50 minutes on Motobug, come watch the conference with other SSMB members!
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    I'm annoyed that for the past few weeks I didn't know Toonami had been starting at 10:30 instead of 11:00, because for the past few weeks I'd felt there was something missing on the lineup and it turns out it was My Hero Academia which is on at 10:30 now before DBS. Probably missed that ep where Deku and Bakugou fight. im mad af
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    Seeing Vic Mignogna's shitty legal team get annihilated by real lawyers on twitter is just incredibly fucking cathartic.
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    Man, The LEGO Movie 2’s soundtrack is fucking amazing. I don’t have many film soundtracks on Spotify, but that one was added immediately.
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    Dee Dude

    When’s Mircosoft’s E3?

    When’s Mircosoft’s E3?
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    Come on, he's getting better. Every face on shirt is half hidden, thus making whole thing 50% less ugly. In fact, remember when Penders drew "Naugus Games"? Honestly that approach could be an improvement. Plus he might actually finish the damn thing.
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    You know, a pretty low-key announcement I'd be pretty darn excited for would be a new Nintendogs. I'd love that.
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    I actually liked the trailer, even if there's not much actual new stuff shown. One, ya boy Skinnype-- I mean Roxas is playable and he looks to be without any sort of changes, including the damage output. Yes please! Two - can't believe I'm gonna be talking about Luxord in 2019/2020, depending on when the DLC gets released (since "this Winter" can be early 2020 for all we know) Three - glad to see Oathkeeper back in the game. It doesn't get a proper transformation, only a new form, but I don't mind too much, cuz these combos are kinda nuts. And it's free thankfully! Four - nice to know they aren't spoiling too much this time, since we know there's gonna be a Limit episode - most likely harder refights, as well as a Secret episode with a new boss. I hope at least the latter doesn't get spoiled, have to leave something for a surprise. Five - give me more stupid lore in galons pls ty. Overall, while I can see people being disappointed in this trailer, I'm not one of those people. That said, I still have my expectations in check, so that I don't burn myself later on.
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    It occurs to me Sonic Revolution doesn't keep track of its attendees year by year anywhere, apparently o.o
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    So this was trending. Why I'm sharing it, because why not? I'm not saying it's real or fake, but several things make it questionable. (Tweet)
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    Winter Spirit Ultima

    ...was it though?

    ...was it though?
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    Guys, Sabi (A very famous leaker) just leaked something CRAZY that's going to be revealed at E3, something that was supposed to be able to never happen again:
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    I was just thinking, in Spongebob BFBB Rehydrated. If their adding in the cut content like Patrick's cut Robo-Spongebob boss section. Then maybe we could get Sandy as part of the final boss as well.
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    "Hey, whatcha doin'?" learning how to order tea, cake and biscuits in another language no matter where i go, i want my comfort foods
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    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Rotomdex will be the new Brock, the character who overstays their welcome and everyone gets sick of.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    FCBD stands for Free Comic Book Day.
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    https://biggayicecream.com/about/ This is real place, there's a location in my hometown and I wasn't aware of it til now This is one is their flavors I want taste a Salty Pimp in my mouth
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    Got back from Godzilla, and Disney was at the theater with a neato activity. Make a Forky.
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    Much like the movie's plot is a disfigured adaptation of Sonic X.
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    I just listened to the whole soundtrack on YouTube during this afternoon. This is easily one of the BEST soundtracks in the whole franchise, hands down. It has such a variety of genres and they all blend so well. It's something Sonic Forces really needed. Teamwork does for the soundtrack too, amazing how these composers can achieve such quality when working together instead of pushing all the work to Tomoya Ohtani (although still excelent, Sonic Runners' soundtrack is superb). Tee Lopes and Hyper Potions are excelent additions to the franchise, I hope SEGA keep these guys around, along with all the other new faces. They rock. I'll put Team Sonic Racing soundtrack high up there with my all time favorites like Sonic CD (JP), SA1 and Mania.
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    Panda Claus

    The Avatar and Signature Topic

    I’ve been on a big Kingdom Hearts kick, and the recent announcement of KH3's manga adaptation has got me rereading the previous Kingdom Hearts mangas. Shiro Amano is an amazing artist, and I particularly love how well he's able to translate the very American Disney characters into his very Japanese art style. I especially love his, frankly, adorable take on Pete. What’s not to love??
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    It's most likely a lane runner, but we are not sure yet. While the rings/monitors are aligned with the lanes, the vehichles are all randomly placed. But yeah, Hardlight + the lane texture/layout suggest that it's another Sonic Dash clone... so it's very possible. Anyway it's not the lane gameplay that concerns me (Forces Speed Battle would be a pretty fun game on paper, if just it was fair and didn't have that level up/chests crap), it's the possibility of it being a free mobile game that concerns me. Expect random unlockables, leveling up, random machups, microtransactions, unfairness etc. Speed Battle is one of the most unfair games I ever played, it manipulates the outcome of the races in the weirdest ways possible, and the game forces you to stay at a certain place in the chart (or out of the chart completely) with lame cheats, if you win too much it starts sabotaging your races blatantly (even by misreading your input and forcing you into obstacles, or spawning traps directly inside your character without any possibility to dodge them and without them affecting the other racers). On a side note, it's not the first time it happend, the Apple exclusive is most likely just a temporary thing, just wait and see.
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    a striking change, however even under management by Americans, which you would think would be the logical move for a franchise marketed towards American boys, you can only still assume Sonic will be a series controlled by aging Japanese men trying to figure out what small American boys like
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