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    This will be the first Nintendo E3 without Reggie in 16 years.
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    Which side would you pick? I'd pick blue because a certain lawyer is there.
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    Rusty Spy


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    I'm annoyed that for the past few weeks I didn't know Toonami had been starting at 10:30 instead of 11:00, because for the past few weeks I'd felt there was something missing on the lineup and it turns out it was My Hero Academia which is on at 10:30 now before DBS. Probably missed that ep where Deku and Bakugou fight. im mad af
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    So this was trending. Why I'm sharing it, because why not? I'm not saying it's real or fake, but several things make it questionable. (Tweet)
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    ...was it though?

    ...was it though?
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    Guys, Sabi (A very famous leaker) just leaked something CRAZY that's going to be revealed at E3, something that was supposed to be able to never happen again:
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    I was just thinking, in Spongebob BFBB Rehydrated. If their adding in the cut content like Patrick's cut Robo-Spongebob boss section. Then maybe we could get Sandy as part of the final boss as well.
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    https://biggayicecream.com/about/ This is real place, there's a location in my hometown and I wasn't aware of it til now This is one is their flavors I want taste a Salty Pimp in my mouth
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    a striking change, however even under management by Americans, which you would think would be the logical move for a franchise marketed towards American boys, you can only still assume Sonic will be a series controlled by aging Japanese men trying to figure out what small American boys like
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