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    Digging through my ancient image archives, I found some concept art for other characters that never got released for my stupid Mental Sonic comic
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    Oh fuck no

    Oh fuck no
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    Avengers Endgame’s final fight against Thanos, but It Has To Be This Way is playing in the background
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    Man, forgot how terrible Finn-Rose's plotline is.
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    So Endgame is getting a new release with new footage.
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    And here we go to also one of my favorite in the series: Solister's Tune of the Day #78 (Sonic Birthday Countdown 19/23) - runblebee - Sonic Speed Riders - 2006 [Sonic Riders]
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    Damn, the Child’s Play promotional posters are savage lol
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    Which Smash game has your favorite roster? My favorite is Ultimate's.
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    I LOVE THIS! It's an accurate depiction not just of Jojo, but of Banjo-Kazooie as well!
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    So these outfits are slick af
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    Finally gonna go see Godzilla 2!
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    I have a sneaking suspicion that somebody I know would approve of this.
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    Just had a thought. People complain about Smash having too many FE characters, but what if Namco made a FE fighting game with Soul Calibur's mechanics? I don't know if it would do well everywhere, but I bet at least Japan would eat it up.
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    I finally saw a doctor, and I finally got my problem diagnosed! I've been getting hit with panic attacks over these past three weeks. It's not severe, but it IS an issue. My body gets anxious, and then pumps me full of adrenaline to combat whatever concerns it, even when nothing is happening. This status update (link) was from my first one, which I was completely unprepared for. There are triggers that cause the attacks, and I need to work past overcoming them. So I wasn't having some existential crisis after all, or some issue with loneliness! But those are all still part of the issue.
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    wth I've had New Super Mario Bros. (the original on DS) for over a decade now and yet I'm now learning that it has a secret Challenge Mode that has a level progression similar to the original SMB and SML (no backtracking in levels, camera won't scroll back left [or down if you're playing the vertical levels]) (start video at 1:48)
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    Avengers Revengers Rereleasevengers.
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    Everyone: Dragon Quest isn’t that popular in the west, so a smash announcement makes no sense, no one’s gonna get into the series just cause the characters in Smash Post Smash announcement: *tons of people want to play Dragon Quest now* Almost like Nintendo knows how to market products or something.
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    Guys, Endgame is rereleasing with new content in theaters @Failinhearts @Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice @Balding Spider
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    Wow, that PR spin lol. https://www.pcgamesn.com/ea-loot-boxes My god. This is me right now.
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    Watching The Last Jedi for the first time since the cinema. Its just odd watching it knowing what it did. The monsters it created.
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    Godzilla 2 was bloody awesome! ...Well, at least when the monsters were front and centre (which was a lot, to be fair). The human characters weren't all that interesting to me. Still worth the watch!
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    Unlocked Mushroom Hill in Sonic Dash. It’s probably the most appealing stage to run through imo
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    With spending more time on other websites, I've come to realise that I'm very interested in the opinion of others and how they reached it. So I watched this video and found it fascinating. It's a video from youtuber, YoungRippa59. He's a big comic book fan and seems quite chill about the heavier subjects. Anyway, I'm not black and since I'm British, most of my history class covered history within the UK, so stuff like Malcom X is new territory for me. (I've heard of him, but I was also badly educated. My school was sh*t.) My opinion of the subject matter is irrelevant, I just found it all interesting. (I should admit though, that some terms used did confused me. So I'm heading to the dictionary.)
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    Indigo Rush

    cowabunga, gamer gurls

    cowabunga, gamer gurls
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    One minor request I'd have for BotW2: a more customizable HUD. I like using pro mode (which gets rid of everything except the heart meter) but I wouldn't mind the option of being able to keep *just* the weather forecast or *just* the sound meter. I can live without them, but they sure are handy.
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    Got my copy of Jun Senoue the Works 3 in. Got some really good tracks on here! Live and Learn with an orchestra is so strange yet so cool!
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    Just saw Mario Maker 's intro. Wow Mario really is a moron.
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    Aw Yee one day left till my burfmas* *Birthday
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    Watching Scott Pilgrim vs the World for the first time. Just saw the intro and liking it so far
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    It's weird I've gotten to a point that I have a really hard time playing 2D platformers except for Sonic anymore.
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    Riddle me this: Game Boy Players are common and can be had for like 40-50 bucks, yet the discs that go with them are rare and add $100 to the cost. Even though logic dictates that due to the disc being necessary for the thing to work every GBP shipped with a disc, meaning there should be as many discs out there as there are players. As they say:
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    TOGETHER WEEEEEEE can have a decent chat over some tea or something.
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    This whole deal with the Sword/Shield Pokedex has made me realise: Pokemon is suffering from franchise fatigue. Big time.
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    I'm really stoked to see the next Smash Bros Ultimate characters... despite the announcement still being months and months away and the fact that the last one barely happened a week ago.
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