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    Fuck it, make it a Twinsanity theme. Academy of Evil as a track, Nina as a character, and Evil Crash, Evil Coco, and Nice Cortex as the skins.
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    Not to defend a viewpoint I'm personally critical of, but this is a bit of a false equivalency that you're using that barely relates at all. The disdain for the movie is based on personal preference and expectations where as Sonic 4 not playing like the classics is an objective that those who obsessed over the most minute understanding of were able o see well in advance. Even when one can prove that the majority thinks something is ugly or likely you fail you have to consider that hat is a collection of subjective viewpoints that happen to align. The only fact that can be gleaned from that is that the majority, which can literally be defined as ≥50.0...1%, think it is ugly and that it will fail. It's not a fair comparison even if your intentions are in the right place. So onto the problem in general The problem is that you aren't taking into consideration how much affect that first opinion has on most people (my dad and I were just discussing first opinions the other day) and a number of the other factors that result in these outcomes. Most importantly however is that most forums like this one are made up of eth minority of people who will be consuming the product in any form. We are though particularly loud so we can seem like a lot more voices than we are. So these other movies succeeding for a number of entries is typically due to the silent majority continuing to partake to some extent since the declining numbers speak for themselves. For most studios whose primary purpose is to make money that is enough reason to let the creators go at it again regardless of critical or fan reception. That is one of the unique hurdles that the Sonic movie has encountered though, like New Coke their was enough public outcry and disdain that the prospect of making money looked threatened and the studio doubled back to avoid that and recover as much of the production costs as possible even if it has cost them more money in the process. Considering that let's break it down a little bit further There are three things to consider here. 1) The marketing department is using millions of dollars to convince us that we should want to see it. They have failed at that in part to not putting out a great trailer which overrides the controversial design and because they had to promote a movie from a franchise whose main character in the 90s had a design rivaling Mickey Mouse in global recognition. That means you have a lot of people already having a pre conceived notion of what Sonic should look like that they've passed o to their children, nieces, and nephews. Thus you have a very large amount of people who are trained to think of Sonic in a particular way making the marketing team's job even harder since the trailer shows nothing outside of Sonic smashing an unrecognizable and unnamed even Dr Eggman/Robotnik that one could relate to the IP in any existing interpretation. It's a astronomically hard sell at this point. 2) You frequent mentioning of the test screening actually references back to saying see it to know for sure. Trust your own eyes in other words, and considering the one South American screening got me hopeful we would get something I found better than the motion poster and not less appealing to me, "seeing is believing" became a very good point of reference for me and a lot of others. it what I meant when I said that people have felt betrayed, and it definitely was not in a good way based on the response from Paramount to rebuild Sonic for the movie. 3)I wonder if you are familiar with the saying "speak with your wallet". If not it is a saying that generally means if you want the company trying to convince you to spend your money on their product that you don't like then don't spend any money on it. At this point most people contributing to this thread who don't like it have expressed a dislike of the live-action setting for Sonic, a human audience surrogate who will naturally take away from Sonic and Eggman to justify their presence, the lack of most game elements beyond use as Easter Eggs and a general avoidance of the source material, a generic plot of human with problems gets help from alien (in)directly while helping alien (part of why E.T is kind of a horrible thing to say to think of for this movie as again it makes Tom the main character and not Sonic), the movie design for Sonic, Eggman, and Eggman's robots, as well as the lack of that fantastical and surreal worlds presented in the games no less the cast of characters, and even Sonic's unusual never seen before lightning and EMP powers. In short, regardless of how valid or not the complaints seem to you, to the person expressing them they are extremely important and enough reason to dislike the movie and express that in any form they can think of, up to and including not spending money on the movie. So, while you're right that one can not, and should not pass final judgement on something they have yet to experience for themselves, they can say that it looks bad to them and that they don't want to give it the chance to prove them wrong. Now of course you also have to consider that sometimes when you see someone say "this is bad" that they simply aren't fully detailing their opinion as they are being economical with their time and are frequently action under the presumption that when they say they think something is bad and going to fail that everyone already understands all of eth additional information that goes into those words. And frankly they are not wrong to as most people talk to those they immediately know who typically do already presume all of that background information when the statement is said or something similar enough. When those presumptions don't exist typically that is when "why do you think that" should be asked. Unfortunately not everyone is willing to elaborate simply due to either an inability or refusal to believe that someone doesn't see something the same way they do. In those cases it is usually best to move on as there is no need to hurt yourself trying to engage with people like that. My favorite example of a movie I found great but had horrible trailers was Get Smart starring Steve Carrell. Problem there though is that it mostly looked like they were being untruthful to the character of Maxwell Smart and not making him an elite agent like we was. In other words it was appearing unfaithful to the source material just like the Sonic movie. The big problem here though is that only Maxwell Smart seemed off (fortunately he wasn't, didn't even miss it by that much) where with the Sonic movie everything seems off or looks off. Bright fantastical worlds that can support darker narratives and themes. Nope, just the good ol' USA as Hollywood is wont to stick with. Oshima's iconic design that once rivaled Mickey Mouse in global recognition. Nope, instead a strangely human take on a cartoon hedgehog that doesn't even try beyond the most basic description of the character (I am kind of surprised that they didn't take inspiration from how Sonic's eyes were in the OVA and just give him a white raccoon mask to simulate his mono eye/eye mask). Eggman's colorful and inventive robots that highlight his playful and goofy sides. Nope, just generic Hollywood evil drones in black and red. And it goes on and on. This of course leads us to your question of why not go in with neutral expectations and waiting to judge until after you've seen it with your own eyes. Well, if we look at the above paragraph there are very hefty amount of expectations that go with using Sonic and not meeting them is frequently met with disappointment (Paramount is alone here as SEGA isn't safe from that either). Now the problem that your idea of stay neutral is very hard to have as usually the only way someone can stay neutral is to be completely unfamiliar with something. If you don't know anything you don't know what to expect and can't have any expectations; only hopes of liking what you see. But you won't find that wit hSOnic here at least. This is a Sonic fansite so everyone here knows Sonic and has there own expectations for him so there is no way they can look at the movie and stay neutral. Even major supporters like @PeterPancake and @Myst are so overjoyed to see Sonic on the big screen that their expectations of the joy that should bring most Sonic fans ill prepared them for the reality that unfolded. They expected the love of Sonic that Sonic fans have would have made them love the movie but their expectations underestimated just how much people love Sonic. They love him to the point that they only want to see him done right and done justice, and unfortunately even if this movie were to put Shakespeare to shame it isn't doing Sonic right or doing justice to the brand. it is changing nigh everything and telling people that what they love can't succeed. Believe it or not but that is very easy to take as a personal insult because you're effectively being told what you like sucks and can't entertain anyone, yourself included. Arrogant hyperbole like that leaves people actually hoping for failure just to spite those who wronged them and prove that they had no understanding of why something was popular in the first place which has already been proven just by saying they have to change it or it doesn't work It's a bit of a messy situation where respect was lost the moment the creators didn't show any to what they were adapting and the fanbase of nearly thirty years. When you start by insulting people, no matter how unintentional, you lower people's expectations out of the gate making it even more difficult to have neutral expectations. There is in the end a lot of negativity around this project because their is a lot of love from the fans and the creators of the movie, but the creators lacked respect and created distrust and lowered expectations. When those lowered expectations were exceeded in ways that were not well received it only made the original distrust stronger and the emotions built from feelings of betrayal that much fiercer. Unfortunately no amount of positivity on your end can overcome that instilled bitterness that you've been seeing here. just know though that it is so deeply ingrained because of how much everyone here loves Sonic, even if it is their view of Sonic that they potentially love instead as it is still Sonic.
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    This is the exact kind of goal post moving that gets us nowhere. If fans can deduce from a few seconds of footage that Sonic 4 doesn't play like the Classics, then I don't see how it's unreasonable for fans to think that a movie, based on a trailer, plot synopsis, casting, leaked style guide, among other things, will be bad.
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    When discussing Sonic's characters most of us say 'they fun, but not exactly complex". Obviously Sonic games or comics will never attempt storytelling of Bojack Horseman, Steven Universe or Avatar Aang/Korra (all great cartoon BTW). With that said, not everything deep must be spelled out (I noticed few fascinating thing about characters from Bojack that show never acknowledged in depth). So I believe that from right angle there can be find at least a little depth from Sonic's friends and enemies. For example 1 Eggman. He kinda comes off as very stereotypical evil scientistic, maybe a little 'adult child comparing to Willy or Neo Cortex. But there is a very fascinating theme to most of his inventions (other than putting his face everywhere): Badniks, Eggman Land and Metal Sonic (series). What they have all in common? ....They are twisted joke, a corruption of something good. People like nature, here are animal-based robots (even with silly googly eyes). People like Amusement Parks, here's one that tries to kill you. And of course people love that blue rodent, let's make a deadliest robot based on him (Ironically his first victim, Amy, was Sonic's #1 fan). When I heard somewhere that Robotnik was mockingly called Eggman, and he took it as his official nickname, I though it's a stupid retcon to smooth West/Jap connection. But that actually fits perfectly with his characterization : people found this name funny, so he took it. Now he build tons of deadly weapons and calls them Egg-something. So suddenly something that was funny to you is now associated with death and destruction. (Mind you, that is his intention, not official outcome). And there is even more baggage if you look at Preboot Archie Eggman, but that's for another day. 2 Metal Sonic. I wrote whole fic around this concept, but basically I think Metal Sonic is insane. Or at very least he was in Heroes. "There can be only one Sonic" is a famous quote from Sonic's OVA movie. Metal's entire existence is based on defeating one person he hates, yet he's just Sonic's knock-off. Solution? Convince yourself YOU'RE the real Sonic, and fleshing is somehow your loathsome copy. Now that's already stretching reality. Only worse thing would be if you LOST to that copy. And again and again. That could push you to do something drastic, like becoming a giant metal dragon or something. In other words: he's put together the wrong way. 3 Omega. He's not the first Eggman robot to rebel. But he's the only one still in process of that rebellion. It's funny how long time ago he decided to kill Eggman, but so rarely does anything towards this goal. Could it be that somewhere deep in his head he doesn't want to fulfill his goal, as that would bring him to his biggest fear: lack of purpose? Omega's reason to rebel sounds silly: he was left without orders. But robots live to serve, he needed some kind of orders. So he got so desperate that first two organic he meet suggest him a goal, he took it in a second. He even follows then, while not officially a servant, he's always a sidekick to Shadow or Rouge. Rarely he goes on his own to destroy Eggman's robots, but he's totally not in a hurry to finish it. Because if he's done, he would be back to that room Rouge found him: without a purpose. OR IS HE? He was sealed with Shadow after all. And Mephiles said Omega is the one to capture him in the future. Maybe goal of destroying Shadow is still in his head, but was overwhelmed by hatred towards Eggman. Maybe Omega doesn't want to accomplish his goal anymore, because then he would be left with only one purpose in life: destruction of his best friend. Well, those are my ideas and observations. Anyone else has his own ideas how Sonic Cast can be a bit more complex then we give them credit for?
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    Until it comes out...people who have disliked it so far can say it's bad all they want. Then when it does come out, they either will or won't have that opinion verified by viewer consensus...and decide if it's worth it or not to verify their opinion themselves by watching it.
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    So yeah, new streamers confirmed that Wumpa Coins...
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    Even assuming that Ken owned everything else - story, characters, art - then I would imagine he'd have to redraw the SEGA characters with his own distinct designs and different names à la K'Nox (or just scrub out any text that actually gives their names, black out the characters into shadows, etc.). Alternatively, if he put the whole thing out for free, there might be an argument that it wasn't a commercial use of the property and thus falls under fair use, like fanart. It would depend, basically. With that said, given Ken's estimated publication date for his "remaster": Then the answer is that we'll never find out.
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    So there's a Japanese guy on Twitter, I don't know if I trust him yet as he's a bit on the weird side, who claims to know details the next DLC character. Normally I wouldn't believe this stuff, but before the reveal of even Joker, he described the Hero as being a) Based on the Luminary (When most have said Erdrick would be the main character), b) Would only be male alts (The 5chan leak said female alts would be in there, too) and c) Would be called the Hero (He's the ONLY person I know of (By word of mouth of other people, have no idea how far it would be in his history, plus what the Japanese would be for it) to have said that before hand, as most said the Smash name would be Erdrick or the Luminary). He claims not know the exact character, nor has he seen the model (Which goes against something he says earlier, but he also again is Japanese and is typing this stuff out in English because he wanted to share it), but his friend, Mr. H, has, but didn't recognize the character. So if (And this is a big IF) he is telling the truth, here's what he knows about the character: As of right now, the 5 most common theories as to who it is he describing (I'll bold the one I most believe in IF this is true) are the following: Mr. H also didn't a) See the character's face, or b) See the hair color Here's the guy's twitter btw: https://twitter.com/niconico_test_1 Just know that it's very cryptic because he can't speak English well so his sentences don't always make the most sense (I.E. He says he doesn't know the character, but as I understand it he means that he doesn't know the name or anything, just these details he's shared with us).
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    That was almost certainly the motion blur of his tails at one point, until the colorist got to them.
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    Sonic Headcanons

    And Eggman just left the Death Egg for a while?
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    Yeah, kinda like Riders, in a sense!
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    As one of the few memorable tracks from CTR's soundtrack, this is one of the few changes I appreciate soundtrack-wise for this remake.
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    Splatoon 2 (Summer 2017)

    Same... Please leave this precious duo alone Nintendo lol I was a little disappointed about the lack of foreshadowing. I was so sure I was on the losing team lol Did not have a good run despite winning a 10x match. I'd say the Shifty Station from this fest is one of my favourites ^^ Wonder if the song for the final few hours of Final Fest will change to Fly Octo Fly or something ^^ In Splatoon Calamari Inkantation played for the final few ours of the Callie VS Marie Splatfest ^^
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    Yeah, I heard the music. Most of them are pretty shit... Dragon Mines is the worst offender in my honest opinion, it's too much purposely out of tune and goofy, almost sounds like a parody version. Few remixes are almost as good as the original, but none of them I can honestly say is better. They really missed the mark with this soundtrack. Could've used more electric guitars, bass and drums, but they relied a lot on weird synths (my God what they have done to Skull Rock). I'm very thankful for that original soundtrack toggle, because playing the game with these bad remixes would've been fairly unbearable, music really matters to me in videogames. It's a shame tho', they even got Josh Mancel on board to supervise this, and I was really looking forward to this OST.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So here's another sneak peek of Tangle and Whisper- in video format! E: more stuff from Twitter: Angry Whisper is cuute
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    Issue #37 - The Day Robotropolis Fell Oh dear. That's... quite a cover. It's going to be hard to refrain from making jokes about how Sally is naked. Right off the bat, I have to say that the writing in this issue is very weak. It's so loose it feels like its held together by silly string. This feels like an issue where things are just happening to the characters and they're reacting based on what the plot is calling for. It's not infuriating or anything but these little ticks in the set-up were getting to me after a while but I'll explain that in a bit. Anyway, the issue starts with Sonic and Sally waiting in a junkyard for Uncle Chuck, who if you'll recall, is an undercover robot dude stuck in Robotropolis. We get our traditional Sonic slapstick moment when Chuck opens the secret door that Sonic was sitting under and launches Sonic into the air where he then lands hard on his butt. It's great. Chuck leads them to his hidey-hole and shows them seismic waves on a screen. Then this exchange happens. Sonic: If that's your heart rate unc, you should see a mechanic! Uncle Chuck: I wish it were, Sonic... I know what they were going for here but it really does sound like Uncle Chuck just wished he had a heart attack. So it turns out that Robotropolis is about to suffer an EARTHQUAKE! Robotnik knows this and is evacuating himself, Snively, and all his SWAT Bots into a spacecraft that'll hover over the city until it passes. During that time, the city will be defenseless and crumble. Boy howdy~! That sure is lucky! I couldn't help but think how much it would suck had that Earthquake hit Knothole instead. Or if it turned out Robotropolis was so advanced that a regular earthquake did nothing to it. Or if a random Earthquake didn't randomly happen at all. All of those would have sucked. Phew~! Robotnik is shown evacuating and we get a scene where Snively shows concern for the roboticized people they left behind. Robotnik's response is "Who cares, you idiot! They're just MACHINES!" Most of the ones left behind were roboticized people which infers that they are indeed no longer mortal because of his cruel actions. How very sad. Not to worry though because Uncle Chuck has a plan. See there's a De-roboticizer in Robotropolis (???) and Uncle Chuck plans to lure all the robots in the vicinity to it. Then, in his own words, he says that he's going to override the De-Roboticizer's circuits and when it explodes he's counting on it to have a blanket effect... So they do that. They reach the city, a tremor happens, they get lucky when a hole opens up that allows them to get through (Boy, so lucky this issue) and then Uncle Chuck deliberately sends a signal to all the remaining robots that tells them to head right where they are. Then he pulls the lever on the De-Roboticier, it explodes, and shoots a blanket effect out at all the robots... except him... apparently? Sonic points out that Uncle Chuck is still a robot and Uncle Chuck says that he'll get his chance one day and that it's better for the cause that he stay like this. Then a regular Southwest Airlines plane arrives, out of nowhere, all of a sudden, at that very moment, and lands with Rotor coming out and saying he's gonna fly all the people away. Interesting. We didn't SEE them contacting Rotor and telling him to show up with Southwest Airlines but I guess that's something the audience is expected to just assume happened. It's here where I have to stop and ask... What even? There's so much about what I just wrote that doesn't make any sense or just seemingly comes out of nowhere. I need to stop and analyze this for a bit. THINGS THAT DON'T MAKE SENSE ABOUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED: 1. Why is there a De-Roboticizer in Robotropolis? What does he need one for aside for it being something to eventually be stolen and used against him by the Heroes? I understand that you never know when a tyrannical monster whose goal is to roboticize everyone to do his bidding might need to do the opposite of that but I gotta admit, I can't think of a scenario where he would. Robotnik still has a metal arm. He hasn't even used the De-Roboticizer on HIMSELF. Why does he have it? Maybe it was brought up before and explained then but I seriously have no recollection of that. I'm sure one of you guys could tell me. 2. Uncle Chuck says that re-wiring it to explode when he activates it will create a blanket effect that will De-Roboticize all the Roboticized people... okay. So, I actually don't care that much about the fake pseudo science there and whether or not that would actually work. Trying to figure out the logistics and functionality of an already fictional device is pointless and a bit too nitpicky for a Sonic comic. No, my issue is the fact that it works on all the robots ...except him. Even though he was standing right in front of the machine and was literally the one who pulls the lever. In the massive BLANKET explosion that happened across everyone there, he was somehow the ONLY one not changed back. HOW?! This isn't even a problem with the science or whatever, it's just obviously not possible. The machine exploded right in front of him and all the robots behind him and yet he wasn't affected by the blast??? 3. Rotor shows up out of nowhere and says that he didn't expect there to be so many people to save. I'm left to assume he brought a huge ass Southwest Airlines plane to cart away three people, I guess. They never show us how he knows what's happening or how much about the situation he was told. Uncle Chuck doesn't even tell Sonic and Sally about his De-Roboticization plan until they GET to the city which means he had no means of getting OUT of the city when this was done. Everyone reacts to Rotor showing up like it was a huge surprise and Rotor didn't expect there to be so many people. Neither were aware of the other's situation. If Chuck had just told them his plan BEFORE they went to the city, Rotor might have been able to accommodate everyone because as it stands, Sonic and Sally get left behind because the plane can't hold everyone. They also might not have had to worry about how they were going to get out of the city too. It's all, once again, VERY lucky that this happened. I guess not for Sonic and Sally because, as I say, they get left behind because there's not enough room on Southwest Airlines. I'm going to set aside whether or not I buy that the plane could fit literally everyone they had with them except for those last two people. Maybe it's a weight thing. I dunno. The comic never says. Anyway, they have to escape the city themselves now. Sonic tells Sally to keep moving and stay vigilant. Sally proceeds to not do that at all, instead opting to stand still while the city is literally crumbling around them because of an Earthquake, while yelling into her mobile flip-phone for Nicole to respond. She appropriately gets crushed by a rock for this bout of extreme stupidity. Nicole comes through with the information Sally requested though. That's good. Sonic's only got 10 seconds to use the fastest route out of there. Sonic makes it after jumping through a hole in some fallen debris and then we immediately smash cut to a ceremony celebrating the awarding of a golden acorn to Uncle Chuck and Sonic, who gives his Golden Acorn to Nicole. Wow. That was abrupt! We didn't even see Sonic escape the city or bring Sally back home or anything. He jumps through some debris and the next panel (not even the next page) we're somewhere else during the aftermath. Weird. Then Robotnik comes back down from space and says he's going to rebuild the city but there's nothing to worry about in terms of attacks because he's going to put up a force-field around it while it's being done. Okay. Go fuck yourself Robotnik. If you could DO that then why the fuck didn't you have a force-field up before? Maybe Dulcy the Dragon wouldn't be able to easily sneak in and overhear your plans if you kept that force-field up all the time. They just infiltrated your city! How can you-?! Jesus...! I have a feeling this issue is going to be more significant going forward but the structure of this tale was really odd and it feels like some things could have been ironed out a lot smoother than they were. The amount of convenient things that happened and how quick the resolution was leads me to believe this was something done to just quickly de-roboticize all the people in Robotropolis without any fanfare... ... Wait a minute. HOLY SHIT! ALL THE PEOPLE IN ROBOTROPOLIS WERE DE-ROBOTICIZED! THAT'S A THING THAT JUST HAPPENED?????!!!! No joke, I was editing this review and was about to post it when it literally just hit me that THAT happened! What the fuck...? THIS is how it happened? In one issue? Because of a random Earthquake that took place? It was so understated and fast that I didn't even process it. Are things being rushed? Also, the art in this issue was very odd as well. For some reason everyone looked stilted and significantly unanimated. There were points where you could tell you were looking at a drawing of a character rather than a believable panel of a specific action moment frozen in time. They looked like mannequins basically. Sometimes their expressions didn't even match. There was a point where Uncle Chuck tells Sonic that the De-Roboticizer is going to explode and Sonic responds by shouting "EXPLODES?!!" in a way that seems like he should be worried but for some reason he's got a doofy smile on his face. Not the best art. Not the worst though. Issue #37 - Bunnie's Worst Nightmare! The second story is a solo-story about Bunnie having a nightmare that she eventually becomes fully roboticized. It's such a convincing nightmare that she even dreams up convincing techno-jargon to explain why it's happening. It's actually a little creepy and unsettling, especially witnessing how she looks with a complete robotic sheen. Her eyes being black but her pupils remaining blue while the rest of her is this purple-ish looking metal is significantly scary to look at. I will say that if Robotnik did create something like this, it really would mean that there was no hope. I'm assuming he can't, otherwise he would have. The title was a spoiler of course. She runs away because she doesn't want to endanger everyone and sleeps under a tree only to wake up the next morning completely fine with Sally not having a clue what she's talking about when she brings up what happened. It was all a nightmare. We're getting closer to the fabled Endgame and I'm starting to notice a significant change in the dynamics of the story. THAT was an incredibly rushed way to fix all the roboticized people. Again, it happened so fast that my mind didn't even process that it did happen and I had to edit in my reaction to it. I'm assuming this is where the comic started preparing for the end. It's starting to feel like it.
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    I'd stick with Sonic characters. Maybe a few guests from other series (like NiGHTS for instance) but it would still be predominantly Sonic.
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    Wow this is quite misleading for all concerned. Here is the original interview which is over a month old. https://www.4gamer.net/games/421/G042175/20190415016/ You will notice it's actually a rather excellent interview about Team Sonic Racing... Not Sonic in general. E-Sports is brought up completely at random as part of the final throw away questions that most interviews do. I'm almost certain they asked that because TSR has been described as being a potential e-sports title, even I said so in virtually all my previews and reviews on it. Iizuka responds by saying 'no it's not going to happen' but is open to it. It's a way to say no without being rude or completely ruling out an idea.
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    Big Panda

    Sonic Headcanons

    I just remembered Fleetway Tails said he could talk to birds. Ha.
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