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    *Just another art update.* Added the Hero and Banjo & Kazooie to my Smash Bros. Art piece. *twitter post*
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    I will not have Twinsanity being disrespected like this in my house.
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    The Netflix release is a fucking disaster in every respect
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    He has some really great ideas, but unless he can create well-designed stages that take advantage of these abilities then it's just another Sonic fan engine to add to the pile.
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    next smash fighter leaked

    next smash fighter leaked
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    Richter is an echo fighter, not an alternate costume. This sounds like splitting hairs when echo fighters are already very similar, but alt costumes don't even have different taunts. It's hard for me to imagine Leon and Claire having 1:1 animations in absolutely everything they do. Especially when they're different heights, body types, etc. Yes it could happen anyway, but it strikes me as unlikely. Olimar and Alph work as alt costumes because they aren't really that expressive in their own games (outside of the captain's logs) and because the Pikmin themselves feel like the real stars of the show, on top of being the basis for the entire moveset. The Koopalings are admittedly more distinct from each other in their home series than they are in Smash, but they strike me as being a sort of "package deal" where they were either going to be included as costumes or not at all, and you could argue that their moves are based primarily on the clown car anyway. Not a fan of how they're portrayed, personally, but it works for most people.
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    plz send help i can't breathe

    plz send help i can't breathe
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    September solicitations are out!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    A bio for Tangle was posted on the Facebook Group and an interview with Evan Stanley.
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    (pic/art) god i haven't drawn these two fuckers in forever
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    Please support the official release. Unless Netflix puts out a crappy version. Then just pirate the good version.
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    What the actual legitimate fuck is wrong with some people? You expect a kid who’s too young to watch John Wick to know fully well who the man is?
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    Adventure 2 and STH '06 were both new games with new levels and new characters; and the fact that they were anniversary titles was a defining moment of their marketing and development (to the detriment of the latter, of course). Just because it's an anniversary title doesn't mean it's another Generations; especially in the time since Generations itself Sonic Team haven't really done shit anyway.
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    link 2: zelda: the faces of evil
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    I don't think Resident Evil lends itself to a composite character the way Dragon Quest does. The heroes in DQ are all pretty interchangeable blank slates, but the RE protagonists are a lot more distinct. They each have different personalities, signature martial arts, and even weapons (although I don't think Smash would care about whether or not Leon has used a grenade launcher in his games).
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    it makes so much sense
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    Also putting aside how terribly Netflix treated the situation with the old VAs, within a bubble the various script changes, lack of kanji translation and the fact that Kaworu got fucking COUSIN'D is what dooms this version to immediate irrelevancy. If you want to watch Evangelion and actually enjoy it, just check out the original dub or ADV subs instead.
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    There's a Comic Book https://www.activision.com/cdn/crash/CTR_NF_COMIC.pdf
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    https://www.activision.com/cdn/crash/CTR_NF_COMIC.pdf Love how they made a comic for CTR Nitro Fueled.
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    Highly doubt a 2d game is worth having as an anniversary title. also not sure they would call it mania 2 if another 2d game was to come which it will eventually. If its a 3d I WANT to hope they would give us something new and fresh like how mario does in most all his main 3d games. But honestly it most likely will be another rushed 3d game with classic sonic shoehorned in somehow someway.
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    Well that was terrifying. Just played race "Android Alley" for the first time ever (Online race), had no idea of the lay-out...and I finished 1st.
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    I’m helping out at a restaurant run by my dad’s friend. This should be a nice experience.
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    Shaddy Zaphod

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    after seeing TS4 i am very adamant (i always was tho) that Toy Story is the greatest film franchise of all time, and i will take no disagreements, thank you, class dismissed
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    Finally back home, and picked up Nitro Fueled as well. Totally exhausted though.
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    Crash still going strong on the Switch y'all. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/06/here_are_the_top_10_best-selling_third-party_switch_games_as_of_may_2019
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    Yesterday I stayed out of home for most time and couldn't post the selection, so this means today comes in double dose! Solister's Tune of the Day #79 (Sonic Birthday Countdown 20/23) - Zebrahead - His World (Original Version) - 2006 [Sonic 2006] Solister's Tune of the Day #80 (Sonic Birthday Countdown 21/23) - Cashell - Un-Gravitify - 2007 [Sonic Riders Zero Gravity] The first one is basically a cliche. It's one of the main Sonic themes, specially from the new era. Not much my favorite one but it's very important for the series. In the counterpart, the second one is my favorite Sonic track which I found after distance a little from the Sonical tracks. I think I would put it in 3rd place, only preceded by the Julien-K ones. And well guys... We are that near. Only two tracks until the end of the Sonic selection, and just 20 until 100 tracks in overall. At the same time I always believed I would reach there, it always looked a hard mission which looked even more near after each day.
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    Have to use phone SSMB... computer SSMB is faster to use and more handy. 😞 I might make a few spelling errors as a result.
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    I don't think that was ever up for debate regarding Let's Go though? Everything about it suggested a lower budget to begin with. As for Sword and Shield, it's possible that the new camping gimmick (replacing Amie or whatever) includes new animations, which might go some way to explain their claim that the Pokémon require extra work to put in the game. I can't imagine it satisfying people either way, but I feel there must be some truth to their official line on this. Because they can't seriously believe the usage of the same models would ever go unnoticed.
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    Sega should be more willing to throw money at the IP if they want a better return.
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    So it turns out: ADV Version Netflix Equivalent. Had been worried for a little bit.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Oh, I just remembered something else from Bumblekast ...Forward to...? Alright Aleck. She has the same stats as Sonic himself. How im-- Did they forget to finish outlining her hair?
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Considering the comic’s still doing yearly arcs, and that 25 will supposedly be the first issue of year 3, I’m not sure.
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    Happy 1st day of summer!

    Happy 1st day of summer!
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    I'm guessing it's either because he decked him out enough that K'nox" is legally distinct from what SEGA would say represents Knuckles and/or it's the same way he allowed Archie to reprint his stories for a while: he won't be on covers.
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    Metacritic score currently 85 for PS4 & Xbox1. Currently no score for Switch.
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    First online race in Nitro Fueled I finished third. Second race; I fault my way up to 2nd place and the race stops for no reason just before I was about to finish...meh. Third online race. I won Sewer Speedway. Dominated from start to finish.
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    That's been a huge problem for a while now. There hasn't been good 3D level design in a Sonic game ever since Sonic Generations. If we let Sonic Team make some levels, how do we know it won't end up just like Sonic Forces' level design?
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    They should hire this guy. The 3D Taxman.
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    Going into debt by pursuing an english degree so i can achieve my lifelong dream of becoming the guy who writes the funny things on taco bell sauce packets
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    Huh... A bookstore in my city has a book listed in their database with a page on their website, but it’s not being sold or is it in stock. Mega Man: Master Mix Vol.1 Information on this book is scarce, but it was meant to have issues #1-#12 of the Archie Comic series... 3 years ago, yet it’s still listed in some places. This book is a total mystery.
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    I love all the new environments and music in Super Mario Maker 2. It's almost like they're letting us fans make brand new sequels to Mario Bros, 3, and World.
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    Why u make me feel all nostalgic now @Indigo Rush I wanna listen to the past now
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    NPD May charts are in. TSR barely made the general Top 20 at #19. Nowhere to be seen on any of the top ten platform-specific charts, not even on Switch. For perspective, Sonic usually fails to make the general Top 10 / Top 20 for monthly NPD charts--this just shows how quiet May was if a Sonic game could even manage to tunnel into the bottom. (For further perspective--TSR was bested by the five-years-and-still-karting Mario Kart 8, which took #11 in the Top 20 and #2 on the Switch charts.) One can only imagine how June's NPD is going to look with Crash Team Racing...will TSR even appear to begin with? (Spoiler: don't count on it.) By the by, it kinda seems as if making Sonic games that are even cheaper in budget / content / presentation and less advertised than before isn't helping sales. Time to give the game series a honest break on the shelf for the next several years? Total War: Three Kingdoms, another Sega game, had a better debut (#3 in general Top 10) than any Sonic game, probably to date; so it's not like you don't have other franchises (active or dormant) to lie back on. You're not rushing out two/three/four Sonic games a year like what was going on in, say, 2009 either.
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    The Hype Train? No, this locomotive is grander.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Thank god, I was starting to get worried he'd been forgotten.
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    With the added costs of the extra 3 months of work I don't think a dump on streaming is being considered as an option.
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    Here' a high quality render of Banjo and Kazooie. If you select "Open Image in New Tab," then you can look at every individual strand of fur as well as the many texture in all their glory.
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