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    Anime Team Rocket's life story in one picture:
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    ... Yikes

    ... Yikes
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    El Buzzo is one of the best things in this series bar none
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    Watching all four Toy Story movies one after another would probably be like taking a crash course in CGI Animation.
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    Everybody talkin bout Crash and Toy Story, and I'm just sitting here playing Bayonetta 2 again....
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    Oh, I visualize a Sonic Boom! two-parter that depicts the events of S3&K. There's a major scene where Boom!Knuckles shows off Carnival Night Zone and answers the befuddled doctor's questions. "How did you build this?" "Oh, the usual way. Hard work. Spit and polish." "Who is this carnival even for?" "Rabbits and birds, mainly. But Ricky and his squirrel gang try to sneak in without paying all the time." (a squirrel chitters) "I'm on to you, Ricky!" "These aren't even actual rides! Those bumpers just slam against the wall! That giant barrel just goes up and down!" "Heh, if you're lucky it does." "None of this even makes sense!" "Well, we're trying to expand Angel Island's tourism sector. Carnival Night is a natural complement to the Balloon Festival." "Balloon festival?!" "Held bi-annually, in the arctic Ice Cap Zone! I'd show you, but we're off season right now." "That only raises MORE questions!" S3&K is actually very fun to visualize in Sonic Boom! form. Sonic's pace is relentlessHe wastes no timeWhat is it like in his shoes? Sonic doesn't hesitate.He exhibits no restraint.He takes and he takes and he takesAnd he keeps winning anyway.He changes the game.He plays and he raises the stakes.And if there's a reasonHe seems to thrive when so few surviveThen by Chaos I'm willing to wait for it.I'm willing to wait for it…
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    Between the bugs and the atrocious A.I in hard mode, Nitro-Fuelled has just about burned any good will it had from me.
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    Fucking hell, nearly went into a panic because CTR crashed after the final lap of Roo's Tubes in the Purple Cup. Thought I was about to kiss my save goodbye.
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    Been catching up on the 3DS library with Pokemon Y. gonna enjoy my old pokemon while i still can
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    Pokèmon Black & White Discussion

    Ya know, being one of the more well known NYC residents here at the SSMB, you know I had to make an appearance at the New York event. Here's how it went, there was a massive line that went down about eight city blocks when I got there. The funny part is, I got there at 12:00PM, around three hours before the event officially started. I should've come much earlier. Yet still, thanks to good friends and all the excitement, I had an awesome, memorable time! Check some of the photos! If you want to see more, I have plenty in an album on my facebook, give it a look if you're bored. But yeah, this was definitely the best release event I've ever attended. Now, without further ado, I will begin my journey of Pokemon White! Stay cool, my friends. Shit, hope the pictures aren't too big. -Iceman
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