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    Got my exam results back today, passed everything!
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    Article about "Iceman" Etika is up. For those who didn't know, he used to be one of ours, and in many ways, always will be.
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    I wasn't going to post anything else today but something important had just hit me. Considering that I was laughed at for expressing how those in privileged positions should be kind to others in the past week, and now with Etika gone, it again highlights the importance of mental health. It doesn't take effort to be nice. Anyway, I need to finish a promise I made and then maybe I could help with those trying to raise money in some way. Take care.
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    Friendly reminder that this commercial was a thing: and it aged poorly.
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    tfw everyone starts talking about toy story when you talked about it
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    The timing of that line is pure magic.
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    Guess I was right earlier...that sucks, what’s even more frustrating is the cops before were so close to getting him into a mental health institution, but let him go. Mental health is a serious thing, and unfortunately Etika was someone that really had issues that needed professional attention...it shouldn’t have however taken his death for us as a community to finally say “we need to do something about mental health”, it was obvious he had serious issues.
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    Indigo Rush

    Stay cool, Iceman.

    Stay cool, Iceman.
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    Anime Team Rocket's life story in one picture:
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    Sometimes I forget how funny the Toy Story trilogy was, especially the first one. Moments like Woody having to puppeteer Buzz's arm still cracks me up.
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    So I just discovered there's an obscure Dreamcast game called Zombie Revenge where instead of doing the sensible thing and shoot the zombies you...punch them... WAT
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    As a couple of others have mentioned, Etika was originally TSS family. As The Iceman he used to host a show on SEGASonic Radio called The Cold Hard Facts that ran from 2008 to roughly 2010ish. The one episode I remember fondly was his Project 24 episode. Unfortunately it's the only one I can find. https://media.sonicstadium.org/SEGASonic Radio/Project 24/2009/HOUR 09 -Iceman Etika- The Cold Hard Facts.mp3 YouTube link
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    Well this has ruin my rest of the day. No, wait, make that the rest of this year. RIP Etika.
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    I feel the worst part is that everyone saw what was happening but no one could stop it. It sucks seeing someone just breakdown like that, but can't do anything about it. Anyone going through severe anxiety, please don't be afraid to speak up and get help. No matter what you're going through in your life, just know that you are not alone.
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    Who ever is reading this. If you're depressed or having a hard time. I believe in you and I love you. Please get help if you need it. Don't be afraid to speak out.
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    Rest in peace Etika.

    Rest in peace Etika.
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    Well, I’ve officially graduated from high school. The ceremony for it went by great, even tho I was almost late for it. High school actually turned out pretty great for me. Better than middle school for sure. I’m actually gonna miss it.
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    https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/cartoon-network-blatantly-promotes-gay-lifestyle-to-kids lol the article itself is a hilariously biased negative take on *gasp* normalization of other people, but the comments are where the gold really is here haha
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    Here's a fun depressing fact to make the already depressing When She Loved Me song in TS2 even more depressing - Emily didn't mean to abandon Jessie like she did. She clearly was trying to do what Andy successfully does in TS3 - where she wanted to donate Jessie to a child in need of a toy. That's probably why she did it, to give another child a toy she loved so much, and to let Jessie keep being played with. After all, why else would she have Jessie ride in the car with her like old times, and take her to the same spot they always played? ...and it was almost definitely awful luck that Al stumbled upon Jessie in a charity shop she'd been donated to, and kept her in storage for even longer, causing Jessie's abandonment issues to develop more and more.
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    Waitaminute... I just lit a rocket. ...rockets EXPLO-
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    Men In Black ain't a garbage fire. It was charming at the very least but also devoid of as many laughs as I thought it should have, a predictable twist and odd gaps in logic. Not good, but not unpleasant.
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    Look at that Wooloo. Does that look like the face of mercy to you?
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    The next 3D title will be called "Sonic Drop-Dash"
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    In the theaters for Men in Black!
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    I hate to see it ended up the way it did.
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    Heartbroken. Had to come back here where I first met him. Miss you so much already, Iceman. I'd give anything to hear some Cold Hard Facts right now. 💔
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    ... Yikes

    ... Yikes
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    Can’t comment much on the situation because I barely knew the guy, but it’s always depressing to see someone took their own life away. Hope his family is able to recover from it, and may he rest in peace.
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    I stopped following Etika closely a couple months ago but when I heard he went missing and saw his apology video, I was concerned something might have happened to him. I kept checking his sub-reddit for updates every day. To find out he's gone is really upsetting and I can't even begin to think what his family is going through because of this. RIP, Etika. Everyone take care of yourselves, and have a damn good one.
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    Depression is a bitch. You need determination to get through it and perhaps social media really took a toll on him, like he said. I'll spend the rest of the day offline in honour of his memory. I didn't even know Etika, but it's still upsetting to hear of a fellow human ending their own life.
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    Etika has been found deceased by the NYPD. RIP. Though primarily known as the lovable over-the-top streamer, Etika was also staff for this very site under the name Iceman once - and also volunteered as staff at Summer of Sonic. It's an awful end to this story.
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    Just finished Toy Story 3. ...yup, that ending still gets me. I really still don't think we needed Toy Story 4, that ending was literally the perfect conclusion in every single way.
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    Watching all four Toy Story movies one after another would probably be like taking a crash course in CGI Animation.
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    Really happy that they got Randy Newman back for TS4. From Toy Story, to Bug's life, Monster's Inc and even Cars, his music is pretty much what I think about when I think "Pixar" tbh.
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    Does anyone remember the Toy Story bloopers?
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    Good god, I think I love Toy Story 2. Like don't get me wrong, I liked it before, but upon this rewatch, I just loved it beginning to end. It's not only the Toy Story movie I am the most nostalgic for, since I used to watch it non stop on VHS along with Monsters Inc, but it is legitimately just so much fun to watch, has a lot of the best comedy of the series, and a lot of the best set pieces.
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    It's a beautiful day outside Birds are singing, flowers are blooming Perfect day for not getting rid of the Santa hat in my icon
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    Woody: The TV just happened to turn on, and the remote just magically ended up in front of you! Jessie: You calling me a liar?! Woody: I ain't callin' you a truther!
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    And back to our normal routing... Or almost as a bit more and I forget today: Solister's Tune of the Day #82 - Armin van Buuren vs. Shapov - Our Origin - 2018 Well, I know I've been announcing this for a while but I think now Sonic birthday has gone, I don't think this list will stay for too long. When I've started this, I never thought I would ran out of ideas as I've over 800 musics, but I didn't considered that 3 of my main artists represent 40% of all this (The Beatles, Julien-K and Fluke, respectively). I'll give more details whenever I take a serious decision, would be a dream to reach on 100 tracks.
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    What if Toy Story 5 reveals that the person who made Buzz Lightyear knew that toys are alive and that's why every single Buzz Lightyear toy is programmed to literally believe they are a space ranger right to the point of their demo mode forces them to believe it again.
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    Between the bugs and the atrocious A.I in hard mode, Nitro-Fuelled has just about burned any good will it had from me.
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    I am legitimately shocked on the state CTR has released in. Broken online and a literal massive game breaking bug is frankly shocking.
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    So we're up to THREE cancelled Sonic games called Sonic Extreme y'all
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    Been catching up on the 3DS library with Pokemon Y. gonna enjoy my old pokemon while i still can
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    Some companies these days tend to forget the “local” part of localisation. It’s more or less a translation instead. If you’re going to localise a script, write it in a while that it’s natural in the language and country you’re trying to localise it to. Use closely related concepts instead of calling it as it is. Use terms a character is more likely to say. And so on.
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    Man, I hate the cold, it just makes you feel grumpy, run down, and all around shitty for about a week. Not to mention when it's one of those colds where your eyes constantly water and you keep going into coughing fits.
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    You know I've been thinking a lot about it and the power of the internet is something. I'm honestly a nobody living in the middle of nowhere and yet thanks to it I can interact with people from countries away. I guess this makes me more or less a country boy compared to everyone else. I know most of you have realized it but I'm just being appreciative about it right now. I do know the world is a big place and the internet makes its people come closer than we realize.
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    Currently getting references from my figures and my favourite animations to get an idea of how to draw characters. I love drawing cartoons, but I also really want to draw something more human.
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    You know that infamous Crash 2 trailer where he speaks? This one? Yeah, I found out on Reddit that according to Crash's original design document, this is actually canon to his personality.
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