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    Yeah, my reaction too, seeing NEXT SONIC GAME and ANNIVERSARY TITLE in the same title feelsl ike an immediate slap in the face. I know it's unfair and it can just be the same as Sonic adventure 2, a game doing it's own thing with at most a bonus level as celebration. But BOY, after a decade of Anniversary fanservice games, I don't want to see those 2 phrases next to each other. Man, getting a little tired of the Click bait titles. Everytime there's a "Iizuka says X and Y will be in the next game!!!!" it ends up that it's just a journalist asking for the posibility of that happening and Iizuka shrugging. I think the reason why so many (Including me) keep thinking the next 3d Sonic game should be done soon, and should have been in development for a long time, is because I fear we're all suffering from a refusal to believe Sonic Lost world and Sonic Forces are really the only 2 actual games Sonic team made in a decade. Both feel like a B-Team asset-recycle cashgrab inbetween main releases. Yeah, cute game made by the Sonic Team's interns and whatever third party helped you out there, now where's the REAL game you're working on? What were you working on since 2013's Lost world? Forces? Hahaha, cute. Seriously, where's the real game you're working on? Where's the Sonic Unleashed of this era, hidden in the back while Sonic 06 Forces and Sonic advance 3 Mania are there to keep us silence for a while? Of course it's becoming blatently clear this isn't the case, but I guess a lot of people including me are still desperatly hoping that's the case. It's supposed to be, but that's one of my gripes with it, Sonic team seems to forget it's a setting. I rarely get the feeling that Green Hill zone is South island's beach strip and more that it's just magic aesthetic that keeps showing up because member first game? My problem with Green Hill zone is the lack of respect. If, like what Detective Mike said, they're giving it a plot relevant twist, or it's indeed GENUINLY a setting they're returning too, actual physical South Island, I don't mind. Heck, if the Green hill aesthetics are just used as "Sonic seasoning" to give settings a more Sonic feeling, I'm fine with it too, like Angel island. Got all the Green Hill tropes including checkerboards in the rock formation, but it's subtle about it and the level is it's own identity first. But Forces' wasn't a landscape with some checkerboards and abstract grass as a little extra personality, it was nothing but pure raw concentrated MEMBER GREEN HILL ZONE hammered into my eyelids with the subtetly of an oil tanker in a ballerina contest. Spectacularly out of place with the rest of the game to the point of parody. It's the lack of respect or wit that annoys me more then anything. It feels like desperation rather then an artistic direction or even a genuine setting for Sonic. Same with Shadow's utilization in modern games. I love to see him....When the writers/ game designers have sat down and carefully thought about what he is and why he should be in their game. And not as shiny object to get drooling Adventure fans stumbling in. Heck, are there any genuine Shadow fans left? He's so pointless and lost all the charm and value the character used to have. He seems to be written so only people who hate the character can get some visceral ironic enjoyment out of his appearences. But they don't make him ridiculous enough for That. But hey, as they say, lie often enough and the lie becomes truth. Keep the Sonic characters out of character for enough games and their new improved personalities subplants the old! Too bad all their changes are too inconsistent and the stories they're in too bland and boring for any of this to make an impact. I keep using GHZ and Shadow as the Uber examples, but the games are chuckfull of these thoughtless, witless fanservice crutches. Ruining any joy I may have had in seeing some beloved elements from the past return. There's not a single character, setting or gameplay style I want to see return in fear of how bluntly Sonic Team will completely miss the point in their desperation to find the ultimate "instant money and succes, no effort required" cheat code. It's frustrating, I LOVE that Sonic games are utilizing the past more and more. But they don't build on the past, they remove it's organs and mount it on the wall as a soulless trophy. I suppose the ONLY GAMEPLAY MATTERS part of the fanbase is more tolerant in seeing their games broken down into a series of soulless ingriedients to be shoved in anywhere as long as roll physics are present.But for someone like me treating it as a thrilling adventure series first and a series of physics simulators second, it's draining my desire to stick around faster and faster. Boy, I sure hope Classic Sonic randomly shows up in the next game again.
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    They're looking to be out next year if there's no delays. That might be why they're not bothering with a major release in 2020. Taking time to get used to the new machines.
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    That's because Dynamaxing is lame. When people say they want new stuff, it should be automatically understood they mean new, good stuff.
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    While I'm not an avid player of Kirby, Mario, or Donkey Kong I did just get done playing my very first 3D Mario game since I was a kid who was disgruntled and disappointed by Mario Sunshine. Super Mario Odyssey was that game and it was amazing. It utilized it's very unique take on the locations Mario visited to the absolute fullest. Each world felt like they're own character and the amount of world building the game had when attached to a story as simple as "Bowser has kidnapped Peach because he wants to force her to marry him" is intensely impressive. There's so much new and fresh and well-done about that game that complaining about the inclusion of a Mushroom Kingdom level and calling it lazy would have been ludacris. It also helps that the way they handled the inclusion of the Mushroom Kingdom was brilliant as well. It's the area you unlock after you've already beaten the story. It's basically an extra world, packed full to the brim with stuff to do in a shorter space than most triple A titles have in their entire, endless maps filled with literally nothing. Who cares if Fallout 76 is 4 times the size of Fallout 4 when there's nothing to do in all that space? I don't think the frustration with Green Hill and Chemical Plant comes down to just having a persecution complex because people who like the Adventure games want to see more of that stuff paid attention to. You throw anything in front of us too many times without doing much interesting with it and it'll get stale. It's why I wasn't jazzed to hear that Planet Wisp and Rooftop Run were returning yet again from Team Sonic Racing. I admired what they managed to do with the two extra Spagonia themed levels in that game because turning it into a Haunted Castle and thrusting us way into the sky among some cotton candy colored clouds is actually a significant enough difference to keep the location fresh. However, I still would have preferred they pick a location like Eggmanland or Dragon Road. Wanting other concepts to return is certainly part of why the disappointment is high but it's certainly not rooted in just a desire for the Adventure series and it's concepts. Had they done something like what was proposed within the concept art of Forces by covering Green Hill in barbed wire and making it dark and stormy, I'd have welcomed the stage with open arms. It would have had an actual point then. Showcasing the juxtaposition between how beautiful and lush Green Hill used to be with how dark, dreary, and depressing it was now that Eggman had taken it over would have revitalized my enthusiasm for seeing it appear as far as Forces was concerned. However, when you just throw it in there on loan from Generations and toss some sand in then call it a day it's not going to elicit much of a positive response. The differences between Green Hill and Chemical Plant in Forces versus Generations mostly come about as a result from a comparative lack of detail in some cases and negligible bells and whistles in others. Chemical Plant had small sections where you could make out snow and ice but it wasn't enough to make the feel of the location that much different. This problem probably could have been fixed had there been a more solid story reason for it's inclusion, which would have been easy to do, but like with everything in Forces, these locations just kind of exist. The burning city is just called "City" for some reason and unlock in Sonic Boom, there doesn't seem to be a joke surrounding the fact that it's a nameless town. The only locations with any context are the last 3 locations, Metropolis, Death Egg, and the Eggman Empire Fortress and the only reason those locations have context is because Eggman either owns them or took them over. We don't know anything about Metropolis aside from that and the Death Egg's context is reliant mostly on past games. This game certainly never explains why its dangerous or why it needs to be destroyed. It's just another Eggman base as far as Forces is concerned. I don't find the complaints about Green Hill strange but I also don't opt for getting rid of it either. Clearly it just needs to be utilized better. We've seen Green Hill and pretenders to the Green Hill throne (Windy Hill) come about so often. What emotion is it supposed to elicit from people at this point? You can't be nostalgic for something that won't go the hell away. Find a new spin or twist on it for each game you decide to toss into it and maybe the complaints will die down. Or better yet, surround it in a game that does everything new and creative as to make complaints about the Green Hill imagery negligible. Generally the point of a remake is to account for how much a game has aged. A one-to-one remake of Sonic Adventure probably wouldn't be something they would want to do. However, if they were to try, it probably wouldn't be that hard to streamline the gameplay so that they felt similarly enough to Sonic's usual style of play. Tails is basically Sonic, except he can fly. Knuckles would need only be put in a more linear level rather than an open world one to bring him up to speed. Amy and Gamma basically just need to move a bit faster and that'd be it. Gamma, I honestly think is fine the way he is to be honest. The only real hang up in my opinion is Big but even then if what he did amounted to just a mini-game that functioned properly and was actually fun then that'd be fine as well. He doesn't have that many levels anyway.
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    Etika Appreciation Thread

    Whether you loved or hated him, you can't deny that Etika, AKA Iceman, was a part of us. He was a funny and excellent streamer who was taken from us way too soon. May he rest in piece. Joycon Boyz for life.
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    First off....Great post! I share a lot of your feelings, particularly the bolded. I actually had to laugh out loud when I read it...but then 5 seconds later felt terrible haha. The timing of announcing an anniversary game after the previous game was an anniversary game...and the last good game before that was an anniversary game....just seems like a lot of thought isn't being given to marketing here. I think the reason a lot of us feel that way, outside of any evidence, is that Sonic Generations showed what this modern Sonic Team could do when focused and funded. Sure it didn't win any awards but it was clearly the best Sonic game in over a decade, arguably the best 3D Sonic title to date...and I'm aware that's not saying a whole lot but the game was THE love letter to Sonic fans before Mania. The level design, the soundtrack... brilliant stuff. It and Colors were like a defibrillator to the state of the series at the time, which a lot of fans too soon seem to forget. Obvious quality and love. (Hey, no one @me about Colors ok?! It was a solidly made game, and the public and media agreed which means something in the videogame market). Its seems unconscionable that that same team cannot produce something near that level again after doing it twice in a row, and this is forgetting Unleashed which while only half a good game, did get notable praise for its better half. And really, it IS unconscionable. These games may be difficult, but they're not rocket science.... and ST have already proven they could do it. So there are only three plausible conclusions to take from this IMO: 1) Sonic Team is not actually Sonic Team anymore: This one we know is true based on information that has surfaced in the last few years. Much of Generations staff left for Nintendo after that game, so it makes sense that the braintrust for the next project may not produce something of similar quality. 2)Sonic Team is burned out: This has been rumored to be the case since 2006 actually. Many people have said that the series has been something of a zombie since Yuji Naka left (even before that) and many long timer staffers want to be working on other things. Iizuka has actually admitted this himself, with the Nights series. So this may be a factor and why it seems impossible that we can't get that one title that is the 3D equivalent of Mania in terms of quality. It is no coincidence that Mania happened only after a group of extremely passionate and very capable fans took on the job. (And that's not intended as a slight to ST, who are not some talentless group). 3)There actually was a game in the works: Again, I do kind of think this based on many things I've read since 2013 but its not provable at the moment. I think we are living in a reality (haha) where some combination of all 3 has happened. So why do I have any optimism for this series at all? Why haven't I just left? Well, I definitely have downgraded my fanhood quite a bit in recent years. In the past I would support Sonic with my dollars in most ways I could and keep daily tabs on the series upcoming projects for any news. Since Forces release a lot of steam has left that wagon for me. The one and only thing that serves as my lifeblood as a fan right now, is the simple fact that Mania itself exists, and that team who created it exists and wants to work more ( I'm assuming), and that SEGA has clearly noticed what Mania accomplished for them. This means that all is not lost and there is the potential that the next project can see improvement based on what was just learned in the last big outing...Mania and Forces. One was outstanding, the other mediocre. Lots of immediate lessons to learn about what to do and what not to... and lessons spaced so closely together, you just can't miss the point there.
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    Panda Claus

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Dude, the Sonic Twitter just referenced Archie Sonic (see Tails) Fiona’s a confirmed gemini
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Not gonna lie, these constant delays are actually starting to really piss me off. And it's not just the delays themselves, it's also the complete lack of transparency regarding release dates in the first place. Boy I thought it was bad when Archie was pulling this shit before they canceled the comic, but at the very least they had the (really, really stupid) excuse that they were putting everything they could into Riverdale. With IDW, this just comes off as sheer ineptitude, and it makes me seriously question whether or not partnering with IDW was a wise move to begin with.
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    The specific issue is that they were building for more powerful consoles, then SEGA shifted development to the Wii U as part of their three-game exclusive deal going on with Nintendo at the time, and the engine being used for Boom (I think it was Unreal?) had next to no documentation or compatibility with being port to the Wii U. They spent a huge deal of time just trying to get the game to run on the Wii U at all, so if anything major got cut it was likely due to that timesink (although content gets cut from in-development games all the time and it's important to not get too attached to stuff that doesn't show up in the final game - it's often for a good reason or ended up changing into some other content as development progressed).
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    Let's change the subject a bit then. Did you noticed that there's a chicken hidden somewhere in every level? Some are easy to spot, like Tiger Temple where you can see it chasing a little tiger like Pura in one of those bridges. In Crash Cove the chicken is stranded on a box surrounded by sharks in the water. In Papu's Pyramid, it's being cooked by the tribesmen near the finish line on the left. I wonder if spoting all chickens unlocks something... There's also a classic, and fairly rust, Super Mario Bros. green pipe in Papu's Pyramid before the last turn on the left. It's next to a red mushroom with white dots too.
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    It doesn’t matter if the stage being pushed is Green Hill Zone, City Escape or Windmill Isle. The issue is simple: fans are sick of seeing the same damn thing over and over again. This is basically what would happen if your favorite holiday was celebrated every day of the year: it stops being unique and it degrades to your average Thursday. This is not something I hold to Sonic exclusively. One of the major complaints I’ve seen from plenty of fans who grew up on Gen 1 Pokemon is that they’re tired of Game Freak’s constantly reminding people how awesome Kanto is that they ran with Pokemon XY. So you can't blame nostalgia for why people are bored of seeing the stage. The series can’t keep partying like it’s 1991. It needs to actually move forward because every game produced by ST have been saying ‘we’re returning to the roots’ since Colors. Thank god the comics haven’t succumbed to this state of nostalgic stagnation. Also, many Adventure fans would like to see elements from that era(actual 3D, multiple playable characters, etc) not only return but fixed the problems the games had before so they're an non-issue. You can't just say "it didn't age well" as a reason to keep the series in a creative rut.
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    If they brought back the classic style, but with new locations, then I'd be up for that. So far they haven't shown an interest in doing much of that, though. The classic shouts in the new games feel so arbirtary when the games aren't interested in their depth, themes etc. It should be the reverse where they try to embody these ideas in new ways that still fit the series. Like, levels like Final Egg, Grand Metropolis and Planet Wisp FEEL like they carry the spirit of the series without reading like a rehash. That's all I want.
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    This isn't wrong exactly, but even early in the series we were getting GHZ lookalikes like Emerald Hill and Palmtree Panic. They're not as blatant as straight up reusing GHZ, but they're very clearly riffing on the original. It's something that needs to be balanced. Sonic Team's gone too far lately, overusing and cheaply exploiting GHZ as a recognizable location, but it isn't a bad thing for a series to build up consistent aesthetics and recurring locations. Sometimes people seem to be in a rush to throw out anything that's been brought back to the series and that's just overcompensating for Sonic Team's mistakes.
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    Except it wouldn't because the entire point of the popular vote electing presidents is that every vote would actually have a say in a damn election and every state would actually fucking matter. It's not about a state being fucking big or small, it's about giving the person that got more votes from Americans the presidency and not having 3-4 states decide everything. I'm fucking tired of this outdated system of electoral votes. Land mass doesn't vote. People do.
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    Even after Iizuka's involvement with Mania and Classic reappearing in Forces? There's any number of possible reasons why there isn't any Mania content in TSR, I don't see any reason to jump to thinking it's some kind of grudge on Iizuka's part or whatever. Personally I'd guess it's just because they've decided to define Classic and Modern as separate things and TSR is a Modern Sonic game focused on Modern Sonic things. Sumo slipping in a few Classic Sonics as easter eggs doesn't have to be anything more than that.
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    Indigo Rush

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    I'm not sure what you're saying here. Alright, I'm about to flip a table. There's a significant difference between a compilation pack with a small game and an entire 12 Zone campaign with new features, Jango. I'm getting tired of the assumption that the rehashing of levels is something that Iizuka-san wanted but Whitehead and company didn't want; it's discouraging to know that a majority of people haven't considered that Sonic Mania would never have been as fully-featured if every Zone was original. While that might be considered the ideal situation to the more hardcore of Sonic fans, that is certainly not what the team had in mind; this was never stated, and and I'd love it if people dropped that presupposition. Quite frankly, you should respect Iizuka-san for putting up with a seemingly endless barrage of mindless cries for Sonic Adventure 3 and the vitriol for supporting the decision to use familiar locations and iconography from when the series was at it's most popular as if he's a nasty villain trying to sabotage the franchise, as opposed to waiting for him to cater to whatever concept you've canonized as the "right" direction for the series as most Sonic fanboys tend to do. There's biting the hand that feeds you, then there's disrespect. Do you want to pin blame on someone? Stop turning one single person into a bogey-man and take the time and effort to research on who's working in what area of each game, and you might come to find that it's not as black-and-white as blaming the person at the top of the pyramid; and even Iizuka-san has to answer to someone, but no one seems to think beyond Sonic Team when it comes to these thought experiments. His ambiguity of Mania's success has less to do regarding his faith in the concept or the team, and moreso on whether or not there was a demand for such a product, and because Sega had never hired a bunch of fans to make a game before to this extent. Of course he'd be a little nervous, especially after outsourcing things to Big Red Button. It's a miracle that Mania got the greenlight after Sonic Boom. Lastly, I'm not sure why you're bringing Sonic Forces into the discussion as if it's helping your point, which from my current comprehension seems to boil down to "I hate Iizuka because he doesn't make what I want," so pardon me if I'm having a difficult time seeing your perspective. I'm not going to participate in the shaming and disrespect of one man when he's not responsible for everything that's gone wrong with the franchise, as if his positive influence and consistency behind the brand hasn't been part and parcel to it's return to a generally positive critical acclaim since 2010, even after Boom happened. I don't care for Colors, for example, but I can't deny the influence it's had in bringing the Sonic brand into a better place regarding it's perception by the general public. And so this continues with games like Mania, where only pockets of biased Sonic fanboys with an axe to grind care that many of the levels are based off of places they've been before. Game design is a complicated, misunderstood and difficult industry to participate in, and after befriending people in the industry and listening to their stories and frustrations, I'll never complain about the way these things turn out, the way people like you do, ever again, because it's a complicated galaxy of people from different backgrounds, opinions, talents coming together to create a product that may never turn out the way they envisioned. Most Sonic fans have no idea what Sonic Mania's development process was like, even when we have a smorgasbord of interviews and accounts from people in the community to give us intel on the matter.
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    Get out my head mate! That's exactly how I feel about the series right now too.
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    Like most fans I've grown tired after getting so many titles heavy on nostalgia pandering and would prefer a fully 3D game with 100% new content. However, at this stage I would grudgingly accept more pandering if Sonic Team (or CS2) can finally make a great 3D game. More than anything I just want a game that I can enjoy replaying over and over, because none of the 3D titles since Sonic Adventure 2 (colours being the exception and that was mainly 2.5D-so probably doesn't even count) gives me enough enjoyment to want to come back to them over and over. That's nearly 20 years without a full 3D Sonic game that I genuinely enjoy replaying, which is incredibly disappointing being a fan of this franchise. Even with Mania's success and Forces poor reception, I don't have any confidence that Sonic Team can improve the quality of their games even if they're having to continue making them on a small budget-which is the impression I get with SLW & Forces feeling like cheap games. I'd like to think Mania/Mania Plus success has made a big enough impression on SEGA that they'd want to significantly improve the quality of 3D gameplay going forward. At the very least 2d gameplay from Sonic Team should be a lot better now that Team Mania showed them how it should be done. As for what we might get in 2021? Dunno, maybe we'll get two games like we did in 2017. Not saying it'll be Mania 2 & Gens 2, but I can see SEGA liking the idea of releasing two games-both with cheap budgets (we know Mania was relatively cheap being a 32-bit pixel game and Forces felt cheap-as-fuck). I'd also be happy with just one game even if it's a remake of Sonic Adventure (which I very much doubt it'll be) as long as it's good. Well, one thing we do know for certain is that the next Sonic game will include the drop-dash
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    I’m so happy Fiona is finally going to find that missing Chaos Emerald.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Huh. I'll give you the graphic novels, since only a few of those would've had legal issues. Oh yeah. Though at least those are a case of them doing some extra tuneups or whatever. That's what I assume is gonna end up happening.
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    Hell yeah. The whole package.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic Fire and ice: delayed Sonic Forces: delayed Sonic Movie: guess What's with Fastest Thing Alive being so slow these days?
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    With Elise and everything?
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    No comic this month, wonderful news.
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    Issue is delayed again.
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    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    Honestly watching an LP of Lost World including the Zelda DLC if they did a game in the style of the Zelda DLC's overworld it might work pretty well.
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    Oh, I visualize a Sonic Boom! two-parter that depicts the events of S3&K. There's a major scene where Boom!Knuckles shows off Carnival Night Zone and answers the befuddled doctor's questions. "How did you build this?" "Oh, the usual way. Hard work. Spit and polish." "Who is this carnival even for?" "Rabbits and birds, mainly. But Ricky and his squirrel gang try to sneak in without paying all the time." (a squirrel chitters) "I'm on to you, Ricky!" "These aren't even actual rides! Those bumpers just slam against the wall! That giant barrel just goes up and down!" "Heh, if you're lucky it does." "None of this even makes sense!" "Well, we're trying to expand Angel Island's tourism sector. Carnival Night is a natural complement to the Balloon Festival." "Balloon festival?!" "Held bi-annually, in the arctic Ice Cap Zone! I'd show you, but we're off season right now." "That only raises MORE questions!" S3&K is actually very fun to visualize in Sonic Boom! form. Sonic's pace is relentlessHe wastes no timeWhat is it like in his shoes? Sonic doesn't hesitate.He exhibits no restraint.He takes and he takes and he takesAnd he keeps winning anyway.He changes the game.He plays and he raises the stakes.And if there's a reasonHe seems to thrive when so few surviveThen by Chaos I'm willing to wait for it.I'm willing to wait for it…
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    "Next Main Game is 30th Anniversary Title" My interest in this is literally negative right now. Lol.
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    Wrong. Green Hill Zone is more along the lines of World 1-1, which is not used nearly as much as Mario considering it can only be referenced via level layout (usually the first screen). Mushroom Kingdom is a general setting, not a level aesthetic.
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    I'm not personally bothered by the Pit Stop because I don't care about the CNK characters, but I do find it staggering how key unlocks are locked behind a dreadful microtransaction type system. It's doubly baffling because there are loads of challenges that do basically fuck all. The Gems could have each unlocked a character (like the original) but at the moment they do nothing but unlock Turbo Track. The CTR and Relic challenges in the CNK courses could have unlocked the characters too, but they do absolutely nothing. Why did they even make them? I cannot comprehend how this decision was made. I'm almost convinced they wanted to put microtransactions in and chickened out.
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    Project Sonic 30th

    I make two Sonic Fan Project and... I'm really excited to show to all Sonic Fans for first project i work in for 5 years now and i hope is gonna be ready for the 06/21/2021 私は2つのSonic Fan Projectを作成しています... 私はすべてのSonic Fansに見せることに本当に興奮しています 最初のプロジェクトのために私は今5年間働いています、そして私は私が06/21/2021の準備ができていることを願っています
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    Those famous Sonic dates, etched in stone amd known by everyone, of August 15th and November 7th.
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    I don't want Classic Sonic in the next game either tbh, or the Avatar (outside of spin-offs), because honestly the modern canon characters deserve it more. Let's be realistic. And I'm also sick of classic nostalgia, where is the Adventure/Dreamcast nostalgia? SA1 is 20 years old, in 2021 SA2 will have its big anniversary too, I really want… not SA3, but another Adventure game, or an "Adventure Mania" type of game, with some old zones from those 2 games plus brand new ones. Otherwise just give me a new game, and I really hope there is a new gameplay because I'm sick of the boost one. So 3 BIG NO by me: - More Classic nostalgia - More Classic/Modern crossovers - More boost gameplay Just don't give me more of the same like with Forces, give me SOMETHING NEW, please SEGA. Experiment something, you did it with the Wisps and it worked, it can work again. I really wouldn't mind a new type of power-ups though, or another Mania as well, but as a side project, not the next big one, classic gameplay is really welcome to me but I also want more Modern titles. The split is fine, considering the 2 gameplays don't mesh well with each other, exclusive casts is also an incentive to make the 2 worlds different from one another.
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    The Classic and Modern split is dumb, because Sonic Team breaks it anyway. I feel like they have it backwards. I don't want Classic Sonic in the next mainline 3D Sonic game, but I'd love him (And Ray, Mighty, Nack etc) in games like Team Sonic Racing or Mario & Sonic.
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    Blue Blood

    College Essay.

    Those services churn out low-quality, cookie-cutter essays that will likely get flagged for plagiarism and get you booted off your course if you're caught. Don't waste your money and throw away your chances.
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    it just sounds Penders is betting all of his luck on Sega and the other people who worked on thise issue not to care enough to make a hassle about it, Which is fair Sonic Team has no issues turning a blind eye on Sonc Zines but I wonder if he secertly settled with Butler over a price or hoping Butler wont care.
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    It shouldn't, but he's Ken Penders; concepts of "should" and "should not" don't apply to him, because he's a smart businessman!
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    I miss getting a new game every couple years. I guess more development time is better, but Forces lessens my optimism about that helping much.
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    It'd basically help further tie Blaze and Silver in, as well as make Eggman's plan feel a little more appropriate.
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    Adventure 2 and STH '06 were both new games with new levels and new characters; and the fact that they were anniversary titles was a defining moment of their marketing and development (to the detriment of the latter, of course). Just because it's an anniversary title doesn't mean it's another Generations; especially in the time since Generations itself Sonic Team haven't really done shit anyway.
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    Man I just want Crash. I feel like he's the only one left that SHOULD be there. I imagine it would be easier to get him in than Banjo as well
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    Even assuming that Ken owned everything else - story, characters, art - then I would imagine he'd have to redraw the SEGA characters with his own distinct designs and different names à la K'Nox (or just scrub out any text that actually gives their names, black out the characters into shadows, etc.). Alternatively, if he put the whole thing out for free, there might be an argument that it wasn't a commercial use of the property and thus falls under fair use, like fanart. It would depend, basically. With that said, given Ken's estimated publication date for his "remaster": Then the answer is that we'll never find out.
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    Yeeeah, if that's the case he'd have to redraw it from scratch- not only are the characters he DOESN'T own very prominently featured, but he also doesn't own the artwork that was used in the story. It belongs to Steve Butler. And frankly, he's been 'working' towards getting multiple things released for years now, and every one of those endeavors has turned up zilch. Him announcing this is just another in the long list of frankly pathetic attempts to appear as though he's hard at work on something or the other, when come Comic-Con he's still not going to have anything of substance to show for his efforts. This isn't even the first time he's mentioned something like this- he's mentioned including a version of 'The Die Is Cast' with a revised ending for a few years now. So yeah, until we see something? It's all empty words.
  44. 1 point

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    Mark Cerny is making far more at PlayStation than he ever would at SEGA. Man’s making the PS5. He’d never go back.
  45. 1 point

    New Moderators

    It's that time again! Due to recent departures, we have been looking for a few new moderators to add to our team. Please join me in welcoming @Blacklightning, @Pawn and @Strickerx5!
  46. 1 point

    New Moderators

    @Blacklightning @Strickerx5 @Pawn Hey, welcome to the team lads! Also don't listen to Kiah. I don't do anything even remotely shenanigansish, ever.
  47. 1 point
    Badnik Mechanic

    New Moderators

    Good news Tara, you're no longer in charge of the sandwiches. Bad news Pawn, You're now in charge of the sandwiches.
  48. 1 point

    New Moderators

    Welcome to the team. Remember, you're here forever.
  49. 1 point

    New Moderators

  50. 1 point

    Pokèmon Black & White Discussion

    Ya know, being one of the more well known NYC residents here at the SSMB, you know I had to make an appearance at the New York event. Here's how it went, there was a massive line that went down about eight city blocks when I got there. The funny part is, I got there at 12:00PM, around three hours before the event officially started. I should've come much earlier. Yet still, thanks to good friends and all the excitement, I had an awesome, memorable time! Check some of the photos! If you want to see more, I have plenty in an album on my facebook, give it a look if you're bored. But yeah, this was definitely the best release event I've ever attended. Now, without further ado, I will begin my journey of Pokemon White! Stay cool, my friends. Shit, hope the pictures aren't too big. -Iceman
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