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    Since it's American Independence Day where I live now, it's appropriate I post this. Please rise as the stars of 4Kids sing the National Anthem of The United States of America.
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    *Thinking about Luigi's Mansion 3* Nice.
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    You know I really hate being reminded that I'm nearly 30 and haven't done anything worthwhile every time I wake up.
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    You know I kind of miss the unique animations from the Stadium games prior to Gen 6, mostly because of how much personality they gave them. I'm not a big fan of Golbat but I'm a sucker for its dumb swaying animation like its trying to be Dracula or something. Now? It just flies. That's it. Its not as interesting as its previous 3D models.
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    Sonic Mania - Mirage Saloon (26% complete) Huge progress today! I've been working on it for about 16 hours straight, with a tiny break here and there. Intro is complete. I've added so many instruments. I've tweaked the harmonica as planned, and added a piano like as well as acoustic guitars and trumpets. And a percussion instrument known as a quijad. It makes that kinda rattlesnake sound. Perfect for something western. Mixed up the drums a little bit too from the usual. It's really coming together. I'm using a lot of jazz chords with this one. It's so cool because the original is already very jazzy, innovation is crucial. I'm gonna have to study this song a little more in order to move on. That and I think I'm done for the day. I've accomplished a lot, and I'm very proud. At this rate this song should only take around three weeks maybe less. Assuming my real world schedule isn't too harsh.
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    Wow this is pretty detailed *upon close inspection* TOO MUCH DETAIL TOO MUCH DX
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    Sonic deserves to suffer for his innumerable sins against God.
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    I have no idea who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to fill Marvel vs. Capcom 2's OST with Jazz and only jazz But they were absolutely right and it's amazing
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    Eh, fuck it. I’m buying Super Mario Maker 2. Seeing all of the levels people made as well as the improvements from the first game really peaked my interest. Plus, I needed a new game for my Switch anyways.
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    Can you guess which (in)famous Sonic lines I put through the Google Translate ringer: -No service! -It’s too long! -I’m pretty good! -Come on your big gecko, where are you from? -The weather is not too long! -Where’s the fourth call? -Oh, yes, it happened! -I am just as confident as I am.
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    My next review is here! Toy Story 4!
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    How embarrassing is it to try release someone's private address only to end up getting it wrong?
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    Its literally raining on this parade!
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    I don’t read much Superman, but All Star Superman is legitimately fantastic.
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    https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/hitting-wall-amanda-richardson Welp, Rabbit's shutting down. guess i ain't streaming any shows on motobug anytime soon
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    https://gematsu.com/2019/07/capcom-themed-card-battle-game-teppen-now-available-for-ios-android I'll give it a try, why not. Wonder how characters from more anime-like series like Ace Attorney will look with this art style.
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    Spirits are all well and good, but I would’ve preferred if Event Matches returned (with even some revamped versions of Brawl events).
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    I was okay with the boost formula in Unleashed, but for me, my biggest qualm became more apparent with subsequent games: every level is basically the same thing in a different setting: same spike traps, same balloons, same springs, same grind rails, slightly different level layout. I think Sonic Lost World's gameplay was subpar at best, but I would argue it had more imagination put into it than all the boost games combined. Throughout all the years of 3D Sonic, I know there's a winning formula in there somewhere, but whether a Sonic game ever actually finds it...
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    It's a shame that Disney never did anything with Spectrobes again after Origins on Nintendo Wii. That franchise had some of the most creative monster designs I've seen, with almost every creature being a fusion of relics, folklore and architecture from ancient times (Maya civilization, Aztec empire, Ancient Egypt, etc.) with animals, transports or objects: The games weren't 10/10s (I think 7.0 or 7.5 is enough for them, there's some very unnecessary things and a lack of polish here and there), but the last two were a fun and addictive experience. If Disney uses this series again someday or sells it to another company, I'd like to see it in the hands of a more experienced RPG developer.
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    Astra Lost in Space is getting an anime adaptation and simuldub by FUNimation and I came real close to squealing like a girl when I found out. I'm so pumped!
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    Aww yeah, time for Stranger Things S3
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    Oh hell yes, River City Girls is a thing, it's being made by Wayforward, and it looks dope as hell:
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    A digital deluxe edition of dlc...fucking barf
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    It's always frustrating to see promising projects, fandub or fanfic alike appear to have everything needed to succeed, only for it to kinda fizzle out and nothing ever comes of it. And it's almost always because the people in charge didn't use their time effectively or tried to do too many projects, or they just take so long due to numerous circumstances that everyone involved loses interested and it ends up being a waiting game to see if anything happens, or if it ends up completely forgotten. Do any of you guys have or know of any fandubs or fanfics that you can say ended up just like that?
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    I probably am a rare breed that just can't understand nor like Gon from Hunter X Hunter. He's a walking paradox conundrum that confuses me to no end. His goals and desires are so against each other that it just feels like the world bends towards him so they can somehow work, rather than some sort of inner logic.
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    Random thought: Early Bakugo would be a durian if he were a fruit. It’s prickly, it stinks to high hell, and most people don’t like it unless they’re willing to peel the prickly bits away to get at whatever’s in the center, and even then it’s an acquired taste sort of thing. Also you kinda want to pull a Super Mario Sunshine and kick it like a football.
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    Take a shot every time a new “theory” pops up in the Smash fanbase
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    Please let this theory be true...
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