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    Nintendo's got the right idea on this one.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Except that Flynn never used a "loophole" with that particular mandate. Most of the way Flynn handled to have what is wanted wasn't "he used a loophole to dube the big bad SEGA", it was more often a discussion with them. (TBH, the only type of real loophole that he ever used is using the differences between the text and what was being actually shown… And I think that most of the time, he even got a "well, like that we accept" from SEGA, for instance with how often he managed to draw an half-obscured Classic Eggman). Like how he managed to have Eggman defeat Sonic, or many really bad stuff happening to Sonic (tbh in that sense, I'm pretty sure that the Metal Virus allow a lot of the same). Samewise for Sonic and Megaman being controlled in Worlds Unite. (and no, there is no way that he used a "loophole" for that. It's more that SEGA accepted with some conditions). We had many exampled in the last few years that they can make Sonic loose, suffer setback, etc. I think that the premise is a lot more "Sonic have to win in the end" not "Sonic have to be an all-powerfull invicible hero that is 100% of the time winning".
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    Shantae 5 (Coming 2019)

    What animation is there looks good, so...
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The lawsuit changed everything, they already had mandates with Archie but after the lawsuit they were no longer going to tolerate many many things, which I cant blame Sonic Team for. i dont get it trough Eggman never won in any of the Sonic spin offs, games or shows, Knuckles was mostly the last echidna in the games , these are the standards in the Sonic canon franchise for many many years.
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    Holy fudge! That post credits scene with Far From Home ! They did it! The mad men actually did it!!
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    *non-fans across the net suddenly talking about wanting to get into One Piece now that the art in the next arc lookin kinda pretty* existing one piece fans lookin at toei like how a mom looks at her kids when she's right
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    Me waking up after yesterday's announcement compared to the rest of the internet.
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    Pokemon Masters has a website now
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Huh. Okay then. Guess that fits the jingoism better.
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    Not at first. Part of Sonic's problem is a total lack of any sort of consistency. Even in the Adventure titles, even as much as I love them, it's like playing several different games in one package. There's no one, singular core style that everyone follows like in say, Sonic 3 & Knuckles. This is a problem because that means they have to allocate resources to make sure every style works. Game development doesn't happen in a vacuum, they have a deadline and several different people including executives and investors to answer to. That means less time to the other styles. That means less polish. That means a game that's worse for wear. As crummy as Forces was, if Shadow's gameplay was them starting to ease back into having multiple characters, then that's how I want to do it. Build off of Sonic but give them something, anything to make them unique.
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