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    Knuckles asleep (again) now complete with the correct colour collar.
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    I like the gigantamax being a thing you actually have to work for instead of being an easy kill mode to mow through the rest of the game like a lot of these gimmicks tend to be
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    Art of Yamper and new Pokémon: Gym leaders:
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    It’s because you’re missing part of the song!
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    All that character development in the Sonic Adventure game only to be unraveled. It's sad that the only form of media you get to see characters like Tails and Knuckles at their greatest potential is in comics and/or fanmade projects.
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    Sonic. I like the design of his car the best.
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    Chamomile #116
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    Well this sure brings back memories. man the gameplay itself might've been uh, not that good, but damn, I still love Zero Gravity in its entirety for everything else. The art style, the story, the music, worldbuilding etc. It's so good.
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    Why Are GHZ and CPZ Staples Now?

    Because Sega has plan to get rich! You don't get it.
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    I would like to remind everyone of a post made by @Chris back in September: It seems this warning badly needs reinforcement because people are still saying stupid stuff that seems designed to just shut down and disparage the opinions of others. It's needs to stop. This is your final warning. Strikes will be handed out quickly and readily for anything that's disparaging of others for their opinions, their enthusiasm for Forces, or whatever. We've tolerated a lot of junk so far, but that stops now. To be clear, the problems don't just come from "anti-Forces" people. There have been plenty of issues coming from members with different opinions on Forces - positive, neutral, etc. Bashing people who don't like Forces isn't remotely acceptable either. No matter what your opinions are about the game, you have to act like a decent human being and not overreact over others who disagree and resort to rudeness, disparagement, attacks, demeaning and unhelpful "jokes", acting like the "peanut gallery" commenting on the low quality of discussion while not making it any better yourself, or any other behavior which obviously does more harm than good. You may think it's only slightly rude or that you were joking, but frankly, it doesn't matter. We won't tolerate it anymore. Please, just try to take a step back...it's just a video game.
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