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    Not sorry (Pic)

    Not sorry (Pic)
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    Forget those Gigantomax imposters! How about some REAL Kaiju?
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    Knuckles asleep (again) now complete with the correct colour collar.
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    Regular Gigantamax

    Regular Gigantamax
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    Someone on Restera noticed that another new Pokémon crept its way into the trailer: Some kind of elephant teapot I guess?
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    That's actually great, though??? Like how the fuck do you see "the little whipped cream fairy digivolves into a 3 story tall cake" and not think that is awesome?
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    I'm so grateful that Game Freak cut the national dex so that we could get those quality animations at 0:18 and 0:25.
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    It was at this point that the “P word” became a forbidden word in the Frozen fanbase.
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    Could be, but IIRC the trouble people had accessing game servers when Joker launched was actually the result of him dropping between maintenance periods, and not from too many people trying to play at once. Extremely unlikely. Between how long it's taking them to release 5 challenger packs, and everything Sakurai had to say about DLC in his book I'm all but certain we're only getting one Fighter's Pass. I actually like the idea of more ATs getting promoted into fully-fledged fighters, but that seems like something they'd reserve for a sequel, unfortunately, and it's way too early to be thinking about Smash 6.
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    After like 2 hours of playing I’m still only about halfway to Tawna. Jesus Christ this game is such a slog. I honestly believe anyone that thinks you can win Mario Kart by not properly drifting has never played it. Item luck only applies when players are of similar skill levels.
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    I mentioned this early in the thread, but I guess it bears repeating: CTR is not the only worthwhile entry in the entire genre just because at the time it was new it was somewhat more skill based than MK64. It is not so much better in quality that it is beyond comparison to any game ever made before or since. People have not been standing around looking up to the sky and pleading with God for the past twenty years after CTR originally released because they only had highly lauded games in the Mario Kart and ASR series to play and their life therefore had no meaning. Regardless of whether STOP HAVING FUN tryhards have/had put it on a pedestal that can nearly touch the moon, the overwhelming majority of "people" who bought CTR bought it because they had a Playstation and that was the best kart racer on the platform. It would behoove you to stop treating it as if it was an officially sanctioned E-Sports title (or whatever) beyond reproach and assuming that everyone else treats it the same way. I "advice" you to mind your own damn business. If Pawn had felt the need to say something to KHCast directly for his behavior in this thread beyond what he already said, he would have done so.
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    All right, Jango, stop. While @KHCast was getting a bit heated (and I encourage him to dial it down a bit), that doesn't mean you can attempt to gaslight him over it. If people are unhappy with whatever bullshit is going on with this game, then you're just going to have to accept it. As far as I can see, there's no real personal attack here. You can always step away from the argument if you feel uncomfortable.
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    ... Okay, that's pretty cool. If someone somehow doesn't pit these two against each other, Dynamax them, and have some Godzilla music blaring in the background, I'll be disappointed.
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    Yamper fetches the first ball that you throw at a wild pokemon if the ball doesn't catch it That's so adorable, I can't
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    Sonic Alone as the only playable character. It was a major trend after Sonic '06. It was never wanted or needed for the 2D Sonic games. That's one of the many things SEGA didn't understand, back when Sonic 4 was being made and marketed.
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    The very fact that players have to constantly build up coins which aren't even covered by the Nitro challenges lest they forever miss out on seasonal stuff, on a BS system of coins that got nerfed already as is, as well as completing challenges is indeed a quality seen in F2P material. Don't kid yourself there. You really should expand your horizon if as far as you know, "every competitive game" uses F2P tactics like that. Smash, Mario Kart, ASRT, TSR, UMVC3, other games not made by Activision, etc, don't force that kind of grinding onto players. And locking content behind a 5% player paywall is BS, no matter which way you cut it to try and defend this game in these circumstances. Wrong. There's also the matter that some people are going to be the unfortunate lot still locked out if the 5% mark no matter how hard they try. Especially with not as much access to completing some of the challenges. And others are forced to play constantly if they don't want to lose their space either. Let's not pretend that this all could've gone exceptionally better if Activision and Beenox weren't tackling this with the F2P mind set that's kinda plagued this game when it comes to unlocking content.
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    This whole Pokemon discourse really makes it apparent that adults are extremely reluctant to move from series they may have outgrown. I'm not really into all of the gimmicky stuff the series has been doing either...but I also understand that I am not the target demographic but then I see so many other people on the internet hate this stuff. Its weird.
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    No, the examples you posted were "look at someone getting out of bed", which is dumb. She's not naked, it's not a shower scene, they just... show a tiny bit of skin. Big whoop. Everything else was "there could be a panty shot here!", when there isn't. You're literally making up scenarios to be upset at to justify being upset. Kunio-Kun is a beat-em-up series that came before SoR. It's like saying Mario's riffing on Sonic. Streets of Rage 2's pantyshots weren't even in the international versions, and this isn't a Japanese made game! You're looking for sexualisation where there really isn't any here. At most the girls are just conventionally pretty, and even then that's not wholly in-line with the game's premise given you're playing as delinquents. This isn't Shantae, where every girl is a stick with boobs and no variation, or has that gaudy as hell "magic outfit". It's just a game starring schoolgirls. It's like if I say Taiga Aisaka in my avatar/signature is sexualised on the basis of her wearing a school uniform. Senran Kagura, this ain't.
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    I've got Metal Gear Rising, and I've been playing that. This is both the coolest and the dumbest thing I have ever played, and I am loving it.
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    Well, if the guys at Disneyland can't react to "Andy's coming", something has to.
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    I was focusing more on the storytelling aspect. Making branch outcomes for example doesn't mean the gameplay has to change very much. Nor is that going to change because fans want SEGA to find more things for Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow etc. to do or be about as opposed to just throwing them into a game to be Sonic's cheer squad. Sonic's platforming aspect doesn't need to be removed. Just tweaked here and there. The problem is, SEGA doesn't hone in and expand upon on the things that actually worked. Like, the chao, as well the fact there were non-platforming titles for Sonic, that were received well enough by fans and critics that SEGA.... never did anything with. Sonic historically does fairly well as a fighting game character, and his racing games have also sold fairly well. So there's no reason I see why he has to stay exclusively a platformer. Nintendo did SEGA a favor by helping people further associate Sonic with other genres through the help of Smash. Why not take advantage of that and use it as an opportunity? At this point, a fighting game would probably require far less of a budget than a platformer.
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    Also, I'm an absolutely huge fan of the original CTR on PS1. I played the fuck out of it as a kid. But this idea that Mario Kart 8 has less depth or whatever is complete nonsense. It's an absolutely fantastic game, brimming with content and personality. It's drifting system isn't as fleshed out as CTR, but the speed-running potential for it is still high. Especially in 200CC. It's not some dumb game aimed squarely at five year olds. In fact, I'd say that the drifting in both TSR and Mario Kart can feel smoother at times. The controls certainly feel a bit archaic going back to it, and there's not really any way you could improve them.
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    Oh yes, because one firsthand experience of you supposedly not having to try means anything. If we're using personal experience, literally anyone who raced in the Mario Kart 8 SSMB tournament could tell you the exact opposite. Now, for my 2 cents on this game being "hardcore". Lol, Naughty Dog said its biggest influence was DIDDY KONG RACING. It's no more intended to be the Melee of Kart Racers than Melee was intended to be the, well, Melee of Smash Bros. It was, by far, Naughty Dog's most easy game developed because it was intended to be a party game just like its contemporaries.
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    It’s the return of “snaking”. I’d say expect broken shoulder buttons as opposed to control sticks this time though. Also hands if you play obsessively.
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    If I were to be critical for a bit, I would say that the gameplay does rely a bit too much on drift boosting for profit
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    Too bad the “3D games” are filled with at least 60% 2D sections so that statement is already a fucking lie. And even then it’s still a bore fest where we keep going back to the roots that have lost it’s nostalgic appeal its attempts have become apathetic, Eggman lost his antagonist credibility and everyone else’s independence has went down the drain on for the sole reason of putting Sonic on a higher pedestal because apparently the title character can only have importance if everyone around is are reduced to incapable yes men kissing his ass 24/7. I don’t care what IGN, Game Grumps or anyone else says: the “3D” games got worse since Colors, Solo Sonic is the worst thing that’s happen to the series and I want to play as other characters in an actual 3D game (I’d be ok with a full 2D game as long as they don’t heavily rely on classic pandering, give me a new experience) because Sonic by himself is so fucking boring to me.
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    If anyone's interested in the leak being discussed and doesn't want to go hunting for it:
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    Maybe the aesthetics of the city/town its in will differ between versions, like Opelucid City.
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    "We've decided to cut out several Pokémon for, among other reasons, balancing concerns. In unrelated news, here's an ubermove that does a shitton of damage and also sets up Stealth Rock."
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    I like the gigantamax being a thing you actually have to work for instead of being an easy kill mode to mow through the rest of the game like a lot of these gimmicks tend to be
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    There is nothing wrong with other characters appearing, like, for real? Must we do this? But it's obvious that, since Tails and Knuckles are main characters, they need to have priority, I would also add Amy to the team because yeah, I want her to be in Mania 2/Next Classic. And I'm gonna repeat myself that Tails needs to be his own person, a Genius, and not a Sonic follower or a Sonic-like hero, but a hero of his own, it's really better that way. In Classic games obviously all players have similar gameplay, but IF he were playable again in a 3D game, he should have a different gameplay to fit his evolution, puzzle gameplay that takes advantage of his skills like flight and interacting with machines, use his creations like Mecha Tails or T-Pup from Tails Adventure, the Tornado, the Submarine, etc. in fact I would love another Tails focused game.
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    Not enough characters for people. Let's make YOU playable. What are your running and parkour skills?
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    That’s like, basic shit the game should be able to tell you though. Like F2P games will tell you very clearly if you’re in a certain tier in the leaderboards, you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to do the calculations yourself.
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    Shantae's character design on the whole is pretty naff (really, anything that Bozon touches has the samey "everyone's gotta be a boob stick" thing) but... this? Really? They're just delinquent schoolgirls with bats and knuckledusters. That's fucking rad! They're not even remotely sexualised, unless school attire is in of itself sexualised to you in which case... well uh, I have some questions to ask. Just because other games sexualise characters in this kind of attire doesn't make it some kind of terrible no-go, that's like if I said sweaters are banned because of the virgin killer sweater fad. They're not even a strict proper uniform in the case of Kyoko's DRIVE-ass bomber jacket!
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    I don’t think there is hard evidence of low budget development apart from their low set RRP (£34.99). Most stores sold it when it came out new for £24.99, and GAME even flogged it for a tenner under another deal in the first week of sales. I think the priorities of this game (compared to Crash) were quite different, and undoubtedly Activision had more money to throw at Beenox despite CTR being released on a budget RRP to the same value. STR is still a highly polished game IMO, and I agree that yes, the 9 tracks from the first game could well have been a creative decision for inclusion - but that doesn’t negate the effort put in to spruce those tracks up. They are visually gorgeous and look great compared to their last gen brethren. But undoubtedly it was a time saver on development time. Whilst changes were made, the tracks weren’t modified enough to fit the new gameplay style and just don’t really work compared to the 12 new creations IMO. The Transformed track especially is the blandest of the lot because the most interesting element of it has been completely removed. Saying that, having played CTR for 2 weeks straight and going back to TSR. My god. Apart from the 60FPS I can’t believe how clean and bland most of these levels are. The visual polish, cues and extra touches in the very recreation on a Crash track makes this game feel so lifeless in comparison. Beenox added so many distinct little Easter eggs and visual gags (that I am still finding) hidden in every track. And Sumo went and added Sonic and Shadow Balloons. But going back to the budget price TSR was sold at - this is why a lot of TSR’s shortcomings are almost excusable - the jpeg cutscenes in story mode, only 12 new tracks overall, 15 characters unlocked from the start, no DLC or long term support beyond its release means its been made as budget title and for good reason. This is a crying shame because it deserves the long term content commitment and treatment that CTR is currently receiving. I feel that whilst SUMO handled certain elements of their game better than Crash by including everything “in game” and having a much more satisfactory way of unlocking things via the POD - there just wasn’t any interesting content to unlock itself. We had all characters from the get go and it was only Car Parts and Mods (half of which are recycled) that are rewarded? First big mistake. No extra characters? Not even skins?? Customisation is also pinned as one of this game’s bigs features and AGAIN CTR blows this out of the water. Not only are there 1000’s of combinations you can make between karts and characters in the game but the entire system is also more user friendly and accessible. TSR also had no optional way to play the specific missions or challenges other than on a few select tracks in adventure mode. This bummed me out so much. Why was there not a single player option to mix and match these challenges on every track? Also, Why is Mirror Mode not available (to my knowledge) on single player races to select - even that was a feature in Transformed. I think the worst offender is the “unlockable reward” of the worst 3 tracks (and old tracks to boot) in the franchise for beating story mode. Amazing. Basically, A lot more could have been done. But it wasn’t. The value and longevity a player gets from TSR fits the bill we paid sadly, and it sucks because the newer content was amazing. I played and finished and really enjoyed my time with TSR over the first week I had it. Once adventure mode was done though... so was I (apart from local co-op with mates). CTR is still keeping me going beyond finishing its single player adventure mode. There are double the amount of characters AND tracks and these are unlocked through additional challenges or through an in game store. The Grand Prix events act as free DLC and incentivise play through missions and challenges and skilled player will unlock content even faster. These limited time events give more incentive for me to play. I really wish TSR had this level of backing because the game does deserve it. It’s also really weird that Crash is a faster racing game than TSR, and by quite a stretch. Apologies if this turned into a comparison post. But considering both games released under supposed budget prices I felt this was relevant.
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    I will always stan Phoenix Wright. Say what you want, we don't have any lawyers in Smash. Capcom's library of memorable characters and franchises is second only to Nintendo-- if even that. I wouldn't mind if the next game got turned into NvC. This would absolutely infuriate some people, but I'd be down with him too. And not just because Dragalia Lost has been monopolizing my phone's battery for the past 6 months.
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    Why Are GHZ and CPZ Staples Now?

    What do you mean now? For Green Hill at least, it was never Not a staple zone. You've got Green Hill OG, Green Hill GG, Green Hills GG2, Emerald Hill which is the same despite toning down the checkerboard pattern, Green Grove Zone 3DBlast, the overworld in Sonic Jam, and Green Hill in Sonic Pocket Adventure. Then you have Green Hill SA2, Seaside Hill aping off its looks, Sunset Hill doing the same even having the music, Forest Falls in Rivals aping the looks again, Sega All-Stars Tennis bringing back Green Hill again... There has Never been a time where Green Hill wasn't the go to iconic stage for this series.
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    Why Are GHZ and CPZ Staples Now?

    First zone of the first game and first non-GHZ-alike of the most popular game. Early enough in the games that everyone who's played them has seen them, easy enough that everyone who's seen them has fond memories of speeding through them.
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    If there's one thing I've learned these past few years, it's that my most likely cause of death will be working myself to death.
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    I made an easy guide for getting her -
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    They also revealed the following version exclusives: Speaking of exclusives, here's where the gym is: And here's some more art: EDIT: Trainers in their competitive kits:
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    I wonder if Cranky Kong is a potential character for a theoretical 2nd fighters pass or a Smash 6. I know he had a large following for awhile.
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    The Deadly Six will stay...

    Egh, see, Zavok is just the definition of mixed messages. In a group within a story of a game of mixed messages. You're right that he is the leader of the group--he is calm & focused, yet cruel & brutal. And interdependently he definitely feels like he was meant to be the big focus of the group with the possibility of being the first one conceived, with the others being there to help flesh him out. Yet still, he is more in line with the typical villain/monster of the week than the other's resemblance to the Classic villains bar Metal or the Babylon Rogues. What lends credence to any or all of these is how he's the one with the most screentime and the one driving much of the plot forward. After all, the Zeti's conditions for serving Eggman and motivation for threatening Sonic's World is primarily conveyed through him. Additionally, he has his own separate battle theme and the second closest thing to a backstory. Even his design is distinct from that of the other Zeti, who are kinda nonstandard to begin with). Not to mention that he keeps showing up as a vaguely notable feature, usually on his own merits. As such, he has gotten numerous character bios, with new information being revealed each time. However, most of these appearances are in spinoffs as a minor boss and/or playable character, with little to nothing is done with these extra tidbits. Bizarrely enough, most of these have little to do with his role as a major recurring villain and tend to portray him as being less threatening & more approachable for lack of a better word. Meanwhile, the bulk of the others are lucky to get an occasional appearance--Zazz is the most consistent in that regard, with Master Zik getting acknowledged once or twice. Collectively speaking, the Deadly Six as a group has only fully returned in Sonic Runners and Archie's Worlds Unite. And that's without getting into how his introduction and integration into the series was handled both in his debut and since.
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    Sonic. I like the design of his car the best.
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    Chamomile #116
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    Eh, we already go his face into Smash. So no need. Let the modders handle the rest.
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    Taking Shadow out of the context he's normally viewed in is not only creative and amusing but can add nuance to the character. Characters need to be multifaceted or else they're just bland. I like Shadow but I don't just like him for the cool serious power fantasy stuff.
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    Y'know, I felt something similar when listening to that old theme, but it's only recently that I realized why - and it involves a bit of basic music theory. The reason the end of the song seems particularly unsettling is that it ends on a suspended chord. When you play a chord, you typically play the first, third, and fifth notes of the scale of that chord (e.g. a C chord has you playing the notes C, E and G). However, a suspended chord changes the middle note being played; either the second note or the fourth note (going back to the C chord, a C suspended chord can be played as C, D and G or C, F and G). What this does is create a dissonance in the music that you would normally resolve by playing the same chord but with the middle note either pulled up or pulled down to the third note (e.g. going from C/F/G to C/E/G). But what makes the level complete theme sound depressing or 'off' is that the suspended chord isn't resolved. The song ends without any resolution, which loses that innate feeling of satisfaction that the listener expects from hearing the dissonance be resolved (this isn't to say the song is bad for making the listener feel unsatisfied; that's just as valid a feeling to leave them with as any feeling the composer wishes to express when writing a song). I can't say for certain whether Masato Nakamura intended for the song to end on what can be perceived as a depressing note, but I like the idea that he might have been trying to musically convey the feeling of "you've gotten through this level, but the journey's far from over" by having the song be as unresolved as your progress in the game. It's worth considering, if nothing else.
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    It's because you've succeeded at playing a Sonic game.
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