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    Tangle and Whisper in the Games

    I could probably draft a story and field some moveset ideas for any given Sonic character. I just think it's irritating when I want to focus on one but people just ask about the others. I sympathize with being starved for content: Tikal Blaze are some of my favorite characters. It's just not something I want to talk about every topic. It's fun to me to discuss how to implement individual characters but the brakes always come out at "what about ___" or some classic fan mumbling about how they cant do anything right, so why bother talking about anything at all? The answer to the character juggling "problem" isn't just obvious to me: there's actually multiple ways they could have easily delt with it by now IMHO. They're just not seriously interested in dealing with it, so it's not that interesting of a discussion to have for me anymore. But on the other hand the topic I presented clearly isn't enticing to people when the series isn't even doing it's current characters justice. There are characters older than tangle and whisper that might warrent more focus as far as making fans happy and I get that. Thats why I just let yall have it. It's hard to discuss these things as long as the series is still kind of aimless amd lackluster.
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    Just watched the first two episodes of Dr. Stone and it's the shiznit.
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    Why was Shenmue 3 kickstarted again? It always felt weird to me.
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    Tangle and Whisper in the Games

    Actually, the AoStH and the SatAM casts are owned by SEGA, if I heard right. The Archie original stuff(minus at least Null Mind and Cortez) are indeed swampy due to the writer contracts issue and some other complication that apparently arose with it ending, but the cartoon stuff still being out for IDW for the forseeable future is explicitly due to SEGA themselves.
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    Issue 3 is here btw: https://m.tapas.io/episode/1460794
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    Tangle and Whisper in the Games

    I don't mind opening up the floor to the archie characters since Tangle and Whisper aren't much of a discussion on their. Even if you think they don't "fit", maybe talk about how you'd fix that problem instead, yeah? Bunnie is kind of the same as Tangle where back when I used to fanfiction movesets together I wanted to focus on some sort of grapple ability, but the thing about robotic limbs is that you can do a lot more. Go full DMC5 and give her a few different types of limbs to use.
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    Tangle and Whisper in the Games

    Character backstories can be revamped to suit the needs of the Sega canon. In fact, Ian did a pretty decent job of doing this with the rebooted Archie. For example Sonic isn't a childhood friend of Sally's anymore and just met her at some point during one of his adventures. The only reason people don't want the freedom fighters in the games is because of bias against non-game characters that permeated in the fanbase for years before IDW came along and magically changed all that due to vindicating the fans clamoring for all of Archie to be thrown out despite Ian's best efforts. Also... Just like how Shadow, Jet, and Johnny clash with Metal Sonic's role as Sonic's rival, right? To contribute to the topic at hand, I don't know about Whisper but I think characters like Tangle and Bunnie would be great fits for the Sega games gameplay-wise. I think Tangle's natural abilities could even lend itself pretty well to the Genesis games' one-button-only design by having her tail extend to a nearby tree, pole, etc. in mid-air, and you can swing on them as long as you hold down the button. Sort of like a grappling hook I guess. There's more you can do with her in a 3D space though with more buttons at your disposal, and that goes for Bunnie too who can do a ton with her unique robotic abilities. The Bunnie in Sonic 1 hack by E-122-Psi is one of my favorite characters hacks to play so I'd probably build off of that, especially her long-range and hovering techniques.
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    Tangle and Whisper in the Games

    I've been imagining "Sonic, but with a grappling hook" making for incredibly fun gameplay for years now, so I'd love to see Tangle (or a character with a similar ability) in a game designed to really explore that kind of motion. I've actually even spent time thinking up how I'd make an entirely original game based on that kind of gameplay; some of my ideas might be too ambitious or not really well suited to a Sonic game specifically, but here's the gist of what's been rolling around in my head. I'd have two buttons for using her tail/grappling hook/whatever ability. The first auto-targets enemies and interactable objects like the homing attack, meant for use at higher speeds and for following the paths the designers deliberately lay out. The second would be manually aimed using the right stick (I picture the camera zooming in to an over-the-shoulder view once you start aiming, though I'm not sure if that'd be too disorienting, or annoying when you're just trying to look around rather than aim) and could attach to most surfaces for more organic, off-the-beaten-path travel. In either case you'd end up in the same state on a successful hit. Hold the button to continue hanging on and swing freely like a pendulum, release the button to, well, release. Press the attack button (or maybe just jump) to zip to your target. This works as her version of the homing attack when attached to an enemy. If instead you're attached to a wall, you've got a few options; keep holding the grapple button to wall cling (from which you could jump, drop, maybe start a wall run), release it while zipping to just let physics take over, or hold the run/parkour button to immediately go into a wall run (as long as your angle isn't too perpendicular to the wall). I've also thought about an ability to sort of "flex" your tail/grapple/whatever and fling yourself kind of like how the capturable poles and forks in Mario Odyssey work. Whisper...I'm far less interested in. She's basically just the Avatar from Forces but she can use any wisp instead of being locked into one. I think if I was going to try to make it work I'd tie each wisp to a specific ability rather than having different movesets to switch between; more Zero than Mega Man X. The wisps have a pretty eclectic set of powers so I'm not really sure how to turn them into a single coherent moveset though...but speaking of Mega Man, now I'm imagining her using spike like MM10's wheel cutter, turning her wispon into some kind of plasma-bladed push lawn mower as she runs and using it to zip straight up walls. e: or like the Inkling's roller. Splatoon might be a decent thing to look to for inspiration, since it's interestingly platform-y while also being gun-focused.
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    Umm....so what was the direction of the series prior to 2008? SA1, SA2, heroes, shadow, and 06 are all very different from each other across the board with gameplay that got progressively worse and less focused each entry, culminating in the 2006 disaster. I would say 2008-2011 if any time in the 21st century, is the only time sonic has had a somewhat clear direction. The "boost" games built off of the foundation unleashed laid and was essentially maximized by generations, with further refinement each game.
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