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    There is such a massive flaw in this that I'm just going to go one by one, because you're generalising it. Firstly - Adventure, Adventure 2, and I suppose you could lump Shadow in as well - the key difference is that the humans and the world were never the focus, and due to limited hardware - weren't able to achieve full human proportions. They had a weird styling that still at least kind of made them fit in within Sonic's style because they couldn't get to full blown human quality, the tech held them back. But more importantly than that - they never played an important role in the series, and didn't steal spotlight from the main cast. The main cast was always there, in the forefront. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, etc were still present, and still the ones exploring with Sonic, personality in-tact. And Tower was a shit villain to begin with. Not only does he come out of nowhere, not only does he literally self-insert into Shadow's already established backstory with Maria, but he just exists to make the whole thing confusing as hell. Tower becomes the G.U.N commander and wants revenge on Shadow because...a G.U.N agent killed Maria in cold blood and somehow it's Shadow's fault for existing, and not G.U.N's fault for having no problems killing a little girl for no particular reason. The reason they barely get away with it is because the humans are never spotlighted, bar Shadow's backstory, the locales, despite being more "realistic" still follow the typical Sonic design and still bring in imaginative elements, making them so fun that you don't notice either way. Archie - Because Ken Penders introduced it and Ken Penders is fucking dumb. The overlanders were a frankly idiotic concept in the Archie comics, and didn't add anything to the mix, bar an explanation of where Eggman and Snively come from. They contributed to a massive war that let Eggman lay siege and that's about it. The overlanders added shit all to the story, and case and point - were phased out when Ian began his run, and were replaced with the game cast's humans, namely - G.U.N. The only member off the top of my head who remained prominent was Hope, who's last big appearance was in Scrambled. But again, they were also stylised, and didn't have a ton of focus placed on them in later years, with the most being having Tower commanding Shadow and Team Dark's operations. When they did get the focus placed on them, it was pretty shit all around, especially in the early years of the comic, where in my opinion - it gave some of the most boring stories of the lot. Unleashed - Unleashed's the one example of humans working right in this series, specifically because of how they were designed. They were designed to be cartoon characters, they all have a stylised design that fits into Sonic's world perfectly and feels like you could have them and Mobians walking around together. More importantly - they have a proper important purpose without stealing focus away from the characters we actually care about - they add cultures and character to the different locales that Sonic has to explore, they add world-building to Sonic's world and flesh it out. They give it a sense of purpose to saving, instead of something like Adventure where they were all bland, weirdly designed, and just had flavour text at best. Leaving us with...Sonic X and 06. Which is where I'd fairly argue the movie slots into. Because all three have one key defining trait - Sonic isn't the focus of them. It's a human, and not only at that - a bland, boring human at that. Sonic X has Chris, an entitled, rich asshole who nearly destroyed two universes because his parents didn't have time for him, despite the fact they constantly make every attempt to be with him. For one - no one was defending Sam Speed either, and you'll find a lot of people who complain about X just as much as this movie, with a lot of people wishing it remained in Sonic's world like in Season 3. But if you really want me to take that point on - Sam Speed is the only one of the humans off the top of my head that feels like they were designed to be a Sonic character. He's literally an over the top egotist that has rocket cars modelled and created so he can keep up a petty rivalry with Sonic. It's so over the top and out there that you work past the fact that he's a human, and focus on him on sole personality. Plus, y'know, it also helps that he isn't actively stealing the spotlight from Sonic, fulfilling a role that other characters have done in the past, and isn't generic as hell. Tom is a generic cop that stumbles upon Sonic. Sam is a completely lunatic that has an ego the size of the moon and makes rocket cars to keep up with fast blue hedgehogs so he can prove he's better than him. If Sam was also stealing the rival slot from Knuckles, Metal Sonic or Shadow, I'd say there'd be a fair amount of people shitting on X even more for replacing them, but given Knuckles and Shadow are still rivals in Sonic X, Sam also doesn't steal a role, or spotlight from anyone, while being a fun side character, that's the major difference. 06 has Elise, an annoying useless character who constantly gets kidnapped and basically forces Sonic away from the story at large to focus on her. Not only is she a human love interest, but she also takes up the companion role that could've been filled by other characters. Tails and Knuckles appear for a bit in the story, and it's only to focus down on Elise and her kidnapping. Elise is the one in danger all the time, Elise is the one who gets "moments" with Sonic, Elise is the one who can unleash the ultimate world-ending terror, for all intents and purposes - Elise is more important than Sonic in the game he's meant to be starring in, because Sonic is only there to save her, throw off a few lines at Eggman, and ultimately create a bond with her. Not only does she steal spotlight from him and his cast, but she's also like Chris that she's a bad character in of itself. But better yet - one of the reasons 06 is cited as awful - is because it feels like Sonic and his cast has just been plopped into a human world that is nothing like the previous games, and could've plausibly taken place in the same world. It's the point they jumped the shark and made the humans so realistic that they stood out like a sore thumb, not helped by having Elise as a main character. I fully believe Tom is following the same route. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the movie comes out and it's different, but from what I've seen, it has all the telltale signs of one of these human characters who become the main character because god forbid we relate with the actual star of the movie. He's the one who manages to revoke Sonic's speed and capture him, he's the one who gets the love interest, he's the one who replaces Sonic's actual cast by becoming his companion during the movie, it's his hometown that ultimately helps Sonic in some way, form, or manner. You ask me what's stopping Tom from being the exception, and I ask the obvious counter question - what exactly stops Tom from being the rule? Because to me, there's a hell of a lot more here that suggests that Tom is going to steal the spotlight than be a good character counterpart to Sonic. But more importantly - KHCast is quite correct when he said this: Being in the human world is not my problem, if done right. You'll find that the majority of my favourite games stick fairly into the Dreamcast to Modern era, and I grew up watching and loving Sonic X as a kid, but that doesn't change the fact that this movie severely looks like it's going to be hollywoodized cynical nonsense, based off of executives following what focus groups want who thought they knew best instead of actually having faith in the product they're trying to represent. But better yet, it's not even just the idea of Tom, or humans, it's the fact that the story is literally forcing the human cast to be a massive prominent feature of the film. I've said it once, I'll say it again - The human cast are billed as helping Sonic in a major way, there's a far, far, far greater number of new human characters in the movie as opposed to literally only Sonic and Eggman being the only Sonic characters. The story is generic "the military want to capture *cartoon/game character*, humans must keep him safe!", which for a Sonic movie is kind of ridiculous. Being in the human world forces all of the creative level design and locales from the games to fall apart because it's all reduced to desert, country, city, basically generic human locales for set-pieces. The human aspect limits the movie and it's creativity, and forces out a massive chunk of Sonic's supporting cast so they can be replaced with boring human characters that no one could give a shit about. That's the stance I've had since the plot synopsis was released, it was the stance I had when we found out Tom would be getting a girlfriend to go along with it all, it was the stance I took as we found out that Sonic and Eggman are literally the only Sonic characters in the whole film, and it's the stance I took when I saw that shit trailer that basically confirmed all of the concerns I've had.
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    My attempt of drawing a sketchog.
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    Sonic X and 06 are rightly shit on what the hell is your point with those, also the other examples don’t counter Ryan one bit. Being in a human world was not his point of contention. Being Hollywoodized, generic and predictable, cynical, live action, garble that isn’t bringing anything new, cool, or interesting to the video game movie (or movie in general) scene is.
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    Of all the bad takes I've seen, people arguing that we're morally obligated to see the Sonic movie if we said anything bad about design is among the dumbest.
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    Chamomile #117
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    I’ve never read any comic books from the two big superhero publishers (DC and Marvel), but the one aspect of them I’m aware of, and that has always fascinated me, is their take on multiverses. Basically, every single iteration of their properties are regarded as alternate realities from eachother, and even the alternate timelines created in time travel stories. In Marvel’s case, they’re known for numbering their universes. Multiverses have always peaked my interest, and the way DC and especially Marvel tackle them are so extensive. So of course this led me to wonder, what if all the Sonic continuities existed in a multiverse? Which is what led to this complete and utter waste of time. I have combed through Sonic wikis and databases to compile every single iteration of Sonic media into a fully numbered, chronological timeline. And I don’t just mean simple “Game universe, Archie universe, Fleetway universe” way of thinking, this thing includes stuff as obscure as novels, one-off animations, mangas, and so on. Arguably the most obscure thing on this list is a stage show from Australia. And it doesn’t stop there! This thing also has alternate realities introduced within the different continuities, and alternate timeline versios created from time travel. If there’s anything else you think I’ve missed, or think should be counted as its own reality, let me know. Couple more explinations before I finally begin: ARCHIE SONIC MULTIVERSE: in the old continuity of Archie’s Sonic comics, the setting was the “Prime Zone” of a multiverse of its own, which was under the jurisdiction of the Zone Cops. This multiverse was of course destroyed by the Super Genesis Wave. The exact nature of this multiverse following the wave, or whether the Archie Sonic “Multiverse” is even still a thing is unknown. For this list, it is being considered as a “sub-multiverse”. All Archie zones introduced before the Super Genesis Wave are assumed destroyed, excluding the Prime Zone (completely rewritten history) and Blaze’s zone. SHARED UNIVERSES: some of the realities in this multiverse feature elements from franchises outside of Sonic. I consider these as being realities that are shared by other multiverses. For example, the reality where the Mario & Sonic games take place is shared with the Mario multiverse, the Smash Bros universe is shared by multiple other multiverses from Zelda to Pokemon, and so on. This does not include worlds that Sonic has interacted with but otherwise has no presence in (the Archie Mega Man universe, for example, is not part of the multiverse; Sonic has crossed over to there, yes, but no version of Sonic native to that zone exists). Now that all of that is out of the way... ... ZONE 1: One of the earliest, if not THE earliest known zone in the multiverse. Contains the earliest recorded instance of Sonic speeding off to stop Dr. Eggman from acquiring the Chaos Emeralds; the Doctor plans to use their energies to boil the worlds largest egg. Other notable factoids relating to this world include Sonic leading his own rock band. SEEN IN: Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic (1991) ZONE 2: Another early zone first recorded at around the same time as ZONE 1. In this timeline, Sonic was once an ordinary brown hedgehog, and Dr. Robotnik was the kindly scientist Dr. Ovi Kintobor. A lab accident turned Sonic into the blue hero we all know and love, while Kintobor was turned into the dictator we all love to hate. This sets in motion Sonic’s original adventure to stop Robotnik from getting the Chaos Emeralds. SEEN IN: Sonic the Hedgehog US promotional comic (1991) ZONE 3: The first ever iteration of the world seen in the video games. The vast majority of the games from the original Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) take place here, and goes up to, and includes, the events of Sonic 06. The timeline was rendered defunct when the events of 06 were erased by Sonic and Elise. SEEN IN: most games from 1991 up to SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (2006) ZONE 4: In this reality, “Sonic the Hedgehog” is the alter-ego of a hedgehog boy named Nicky from Hedgehog Town. SEEN IN: “Sonic the Hedgehog” (Shogaku Ninensei manga), “Sonic the Hedgehog Book” (1992-1997) ZONE 5: Similar to zones before it, in which Sonic speeds around Mobius defeating Robotnik, with Miles “Tails” Prower by his side. SEEN IN: “The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Year Book” (1992) ZONE 6: The earliest known recorded zone of the “Archie Multiverse”. Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters fight to take back Mobius from Dr. Robotnik. The zone bares many similarities to the original Archie Sonic “Prime Zone” that would follow, but contains many unique features not known to exist in its successor, such as the Freedom Emeralds. SEEN IN: Archie Comics’ “Sonic the Hedgehog (4-issue miniseries)” (1992-1993) ZONE 7: Original version of the “Fleetway” continuity. Sonic and Robotnik’s early history is similar to that of ZONE 2. Sonic would go on to defend Mobius with his Freedom Fighter friends against Robotnik, and other threats. SEEN IN: Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic #1-#67 (1993-1995) ZONE 8: The “Prime” Zone of the Archie Sonic multiverse, which spawned countless other alternate zones. On this alternate planet Earth in the distant future, Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters defend Mobius from two incarnations of Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, and multiple other threats, from Ixis Naugus to Mammoth Mogul. This zone was ultimately rewritten by the Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: Archie Comics’ “Sonic the Hedgehog” #1-#251 (1993-2013) and various spin-offs ZONE 9: A wacky and surreal incarnation of the planet Mobius where Sonic and Tails constantly thwart the schemes of Robotnik and his Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad. SEEN IN: “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” (1993), “Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine” (1993), “Sonic Christmas Blast” (1996) ZONE 10: The initial version of a considerably darker zone in which Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters fight to take Mobius back from the rule of Dr. Robotnik. SEEN IN: “Sonic the Hedgehog” (“SatAM”) episodes “Sonic Boom” to “Blast to the Past: Part 1” (1993-1994) ZONE 11: An alternate timeline version of ZONE 9 in which Sonic was never born, created by himself when he accidentally prevented a meeting between two of his Egyptian ancestors. This was quickly reversed by Tails who introduced the two. SEEN IN: AoStH episode “Robotnik’s Pyramid Scheme” (1993) ZONE 12: Sonic goes on various adventures with Tails to battle Robotnik. SEEN IN: “Sonic the Hedgehog” series by Virgin Books (1993-???) ZONE 13: Sonic goes on various adventures with Tails to battle Robotnik. SEEN IN: “Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Game Book” series by Penguin Books (1993-???) ZONE 14: Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters battle Robotnik. SEEN IN: “Sonic the Hedgehog” series by Troll Associates and Golden Books ZONE 15: Sonic goes on various adventures with Tails to battle Robotnik. SEEN IN: “Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Game Book” series by Ladybird Books (1993-???) ZONE 16: The later version of ZONE 10, with a slightly altered history brought about by a trip to the past by Sonic and Sally. The most noteworthy difference in this timeline is that the Freedom Fighters’ nanny Rosie was never roboticized ten years prior. SEEN IN: “Sonic the Hedgehog” (“SatAM”) episodes “Blast to the Past: Part 2” to “Doomsday” (1994) ZONE 17: Known as “Anti Mobius” and later known as “Moebius”, the first recorded alternate zone in the Archie Sonic multiverse. In this zone, the Freedom Fighters are a group of hooligans who cause trouble. Presumed destroyed by the Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: various Archie Sonic issues from 1994-2011 ZONE 18: Sonic and Tails go on adventures, sometimes accompanied by Amy Rose to battle Robotnik. Notable adventures include discovering an ancient echidna city. SEEN IN: Sirène’s “Sonic Adventures: Dans Les Griffes De Robotnik” and “Sonic & Knuckles” (1994) ZONE 19: Sonic goes on adventures with Tails, Knuckles and Princess Sally. SEEN IN: “Sonic the Hedgehog Play-a-Sound” by Publications International (1995) ZONE 20: Part of the Archie Sonic multiverse. An alternate future timeline of ZONE 8 in which Sonic and the Freedom Fighters were all partially roboticized by Robo-Robotnik SEEN IN: Archie StH#19 ZONE 21-1018: Hundreds of nameless alternate zones in the Archie Sonic multiverse, all seen in StH#19. All likely destroyed by the Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: Archie Sonic the Hedgehog #19 (1995) *the numbering comes from the name of the story in which these zones appeared “Night of 1000 Sonics”. Assuming ZONE 8, ZONE 17 and ZONE 20 are part of this 1000, we can assume 997 new zones were represented in this story ZONE 1019: Part of the Archie Sonic multiverse. Another possible future timeline of ZONE 8 in which Robotnik roboticized himself during his final battle against Sonic and uploaded himself to a satellite. After a chance encounter with his past (ZONE 😎 counterpart, Robo-Robotnik was inspired to strike back, obliterating his enemies, before moving to ZONE 8 to take the place of his counterpart. Likely destroyed by Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: Archie’s “Sonic in Your Face” (1995) and other Archie Sonic titles ZONE 1020: Alternate timeline of the “Fleetway” zone, in which Mobius is ruled over by the Brotherhood of Metallix, in a world they created by preventing Dr. Kintobor’s transformation into Robotnik. SEEN IN: StC#67-#72 ZONE 1021: The second version of the “Fleetway” continuity in which the changes of ZONE 1020 are reverted. The timeline is back to normal, with a slight change in that it was Sonic himself who caused Kintobor’s transformation in order for history to be corrected. SEEN IN: StC#72-#185 (1995-2000) ZONE 1022: Sonic and his friends live on Planet Freedom. Dr. Eggman creates the “Hyper Metal Sonic” and pits it against Sonic. SEEN IN: “Sonic the Hedgehog” (OVA) (1996) ZONE 1023: An alternate reality where Sonic exists as a fictional video game character. The Sonic from ZONE 8 ended up reaching out to this reality and sought the help of two children. SEEN IN: Archie’s Sonic Live (1996) ZONE 1024: A reality where Eggman once dressed up as Sonic and caused havoc in the nearby city, in an attempt to ruin his good name. SEEN IN: “Man of the Year” (or “Sonic the Animation”) (1997) ZONE 1025: A zone where one of Sonic’s adventures led him and his friends to Sydney, Australia. SEEN IN: “Sonic Live in Sydney” stage show (1997) ZONE 1026: Part of the Archie multiverse, known as the “Discovery Zone”. A black and white noir-type Mobius. Likely destroyed by Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: StH#52 ZONE 1027: Another universe where Sonic is a fictional entity and the first of several realities shared by other multiverses. This world is inhabited by several superheroes of Image Comics. SEEN IN: Archie’s Sonic Super Special #7 ZONE 1028: Yet another zone where Sonic is fictional, and one shared by other multiverses. The characters of Archie Comics reside in this zone (Archie, Betty, Veronica, etc.) Magical manifestations of Sonic and Knuckles have been conjured from Sonic the Hedgehog comic books by Sabrina Spellman on two occasions, and the Mobius Prime version of Sonic himself was brought here on another. SEEN IN: Archie & Friends: A Halloween Tale (1998), Sabrina the Teenage Witch #28 and Sonic Super Special #10 (1999), Archie’s Weird Mysteries special (2000) ZONE 1029: Part of the Archie Multiverse, and known as the “Lunar Zone”, inhabitants from Mobius Prime live in a world similar to the Sailor Moon franchise. Likely destroyed by Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: Archie’s Sonic Super Special #8 ZONE 1030: Believed to be part of the Archie Multiverse, where Sonic is a prince with two siblings, who work to take Mobius back from Dr. Robotnik and find their mother, Queen Aleena. SEEN IN: Sonic Underground (1999), Sonic Super Special #10 (1999) ZONE 1031: A parallel zone to “Fleetway” Mobius, where Sonic rules over Mobius as an evil king. SEEN IN: StC#168 (1999) ZONE 1032: A parallel version of the Sonic Underground Mobius based on ancient Rome. SEEN IN: Sonic Underground episode “When in Rome” (1999) ZONE 1033: A parallel version of the Sonic Underground Mobius where Sonic and his siblings are selfish rulers. SEEN IN: Sonic Underground episode “Six is a Crowd” (1999) ZONE 1034: Part of the Archie Multiverse, where Sonic and friends are Sentei warriors. Likely destroyed by Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: Sonic Super Special #12 (2000) ZONE 1035: Part of the Archie Multiverse, where Sonic and friends are giant, Godzilla-like monsters. Likely destroyed by Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: Sonic Super Special #12 (2000) ZONE 1036: Part of the Archie Multiverse. A version of Mobius dedicated to law and order. Likely destroyed by Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: Sonic Super Special #14 (2001) ZONE 1037: Part of the Archie Multiverse. A version of Mobius based on “Sin City”. Likely destroyed by the Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: Sonic Super Special #15 (2001) ZONE 1038: A rewritten version of Archie’s original Mobius Prime brought about by Chaos Knuckles’ time distortion. A reality bearing many similarities to ZONE 1022 (the “OVA” zone). SEEN IN: StH#101 (2001) ZONE 1039: Another rewritten version of Archie’s original Mobius Prime brought about by the same time distortion. In this reality, Knuckles is engaged to Princess Sally. SEEN IN: StH#101 (2001) ZONE 1040: Another rewritten version of Archie’s original Mobius Prime brought about by the same time distortion. Sonic and Sally are seen cornered by Robotnik’s forces on a cliff in this zone. SEEN IN: StH#101 (2001) ZONE 1041: Another rewritten version of Archie’s original Mobius Prime brought about by the same time distortion. In this timeline, Sally died during the events of the “Endgame” saga. SEEN IN: StH#101 (2001) ZONE 1042: Another rewritten version of Archie’s original Mobius Prime brought about by the same time distortion. A time travelling Knuckles destroys the comet that originally caused the Floating Island to float, creating a timeline where the echidnas were fully caught up in Robotnik’s tyranny. SEEN IN: StH#101 (2001) ZONE 1043: An alternate future version of Archie’s Mobius Prime, where Sonic was blasted into space and returned 1000 years later to join the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. Likely destroyed by the Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: StH#103-#104 (2001) ZONE 1044: An alternate future version of Archie’s Mobius Prime, often referred to as “Dark Mobius”. Knuckles goes crazy with power and rules the world as Dark Enerjak. The only ones opposing him are the Dark Freedom Fighters, led by his own estranged daughter, “Juni-Ca”. SEEN IN: StH#106-#109 (2002), SU#25-#28 (2011) ZONE 1045: Sonic and his friends are transported across time and space from their home world to planet Earth. Possibly part of the Archie Multiverse. SEEN IN: Sonic X (2003-2005), Archie’s Sonic X (2005-2008) ZONE 1046: The universe of the “Dash & Spin” manga. SEEN IN: Dash & Spin: Super Fast Sonic (2003) ZONE 1047: Part of the Archie Sonic Multiverse, based on “Spy vs Spy”. SEEN IN: StH#127 (2003) ZONE 1048: The unaltered version of “Light Mobius”, a possible future version of Archie’s Mobius Prime. SEEN IN: StH#131-#144 (2003-2004) ZONE 1049: A reality shared by other multiverses, where Sonic coexists with characters from other SEGA video games. SEEN IN: SEGA Superstars (2004), SEGA Superstars Tennis (2008), All-Stars Racing series (2010-2012) ZONE 1050: A zone in the Archie Multiverse based on Spider-Man. Likely destroyed by Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: StH#149 (2005) ZONE 1051: A world similar to that of Sonic X. SEEN IN: Sonic X novel series by Grosset and Dunlap (2005) ZONE 1052: A world similar to that of Sonic X. SEEN IN: Sonic X for Leapster (2005) ZONE 1053: Blaze the Cat’s dimension, which exists parallel to the game version of Sonic’s world. SEEN IN: Sonic Rush (2005; mentioned), Sonic Rush Adventure (2007) ZONE 1054-1379: All 326 possible level paths from the Shadow the Hedgehog game. SEEN IN: Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) ZONE 1380: The altered version of “Light Mobius”, a possible future version of Archie’s Mobius Prime. SEEN IN: StH#166-#167 (2006), SU#5-#8 (2009) ZONE 1381: The second and current version of the world seen in the video games. The events of “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (2006)” do not happen in this timeline. SEEN IN: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) (1991) to present ZONE 1382: A zone based on the 1,001 Arabian Knights, visited by the game version of Sonic. SEEN IN: Sonic and the Secret Rings (2007) ZONE 1383: The Archie Multiverse version of the above Arabian Knights-based zone, visited by the Mobius Prime version of Sonic. SEEN IN: Sonic and the Secret Rings Target Exclusive Digital Comic (2007) ZONE 1384: The Archie Multiverse version of Blaze’s zone, parallel to Archie’s Mobius Prime and later its post-SGW counterpart. SEEN IN: StH#180 (2007) ZONE 1385: A zone shared by the Mario multiverse, where characters from both the Mario and Sonic series coexist and compete together in the Olympic Games. SEEN IN: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series (2007-2016) ZONE 1386: Another shared zone where Sonic coexists with characters from various Nintendo properties, and others. SEEN IN: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2007), Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U (2014) ZONE 1387: An Archie Sonic reality often referred to as being “In Another Time, In Another Place”. SEEN IN: various points from StH#191-#242 (2008-2012) ZONE 1388: A world where several mangas based on the video games take place. SEEN IN: Sonic World Adventure manga (Dengeki Nintendo DS; 2008) et el. ZONE 1389: An unseen version of Archie’s Mobius Prime in which the Solaris incident occurred. Like its game counterpart, it was erased from history by Sonic and Elise. SEEN IN: N/A (referred to in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia; 2012) ZONE 1390: An alternate version of the timeline leading from Archie’s Mobius Prime to the future of Silver the Hedgehog. It was likely altered as a result of Silver’s first trip to the past. SEEN IN: N/A (likely existed before StH#195; 2008) ZONE 1391: A zone based on the legend of King Arthur. Visited by the game version of Sonic. SEEN IN: Sonic and the Black Knight (2009) ZONE 1392: The Archie Multiverse version of the Arthurian zone. Visited by either the Mobius Prime, or ATAP version of Sonic. SEEN IN: StH#197 (2009) ZONE 1393: Another version of the Arthurian zone, visited by the Sonic of the “Dengeki Nintendo DS” mangas. SEEN IN: Sonic and the Black Knight (Dengeki Nintendo DS; 2009) ZONE 1394: Another version of Silver’s timeline from the Archie Multiverse, leading from the time of “Light Mobius”. SEEN IN: N/A (likely existed between StH#195 and SU#5; 2008-2009) ZONE 1395: Where the mobile phone version of Sonic Unleashed took place. SEEN IN: Sonic Unleashed (mobile; 2009) ZONE 1396: Yet another version of Silver’s timeline in the Archie Multiverse, before Silver took part in the liberation of the Walrus Herd. SEEN IN: StH#215 (2010) ZONE 1397: An odd zone where Sonic and friends exist in a simplistic doodle-like landscape. SEEN IN: Sonic Freehand (2010) ZONE 1398: A short-lived version of Archie’s Mobius Prime rewritten by the first Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: StH#226-#229 (2011) ZONE 1399: Where the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations takes place. In this version, Sonic arrives at his surprise party before anyone else has turned up, and the time distortion adventure is wrapped up before the party even begins. SEEN IN: Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS version; 2011) ZONE 1400: The games “classic” dimension, created after the events of Sonic Generations. SEEN IN: Sonic Generations (2012), Sonic Mania (2017), Sonic Forces (2017), Sonic Mania Adventures (2018) ZONE 1401: The final known version of Silver’s timeline in the Archie Multiverse. Destroyed by the Super Genesis Wave. SEEN IN: StH#235 (2012) ZONE 1402: A shared zone where Sonic is a fictional entity, but has a digital manifestation within Game Central Station. SEEN IN: Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph (2012) ZONE 1403: Another rewritten version of Archie’s Mobius Prime created by the second Genesis Wave. Its disrupted reversal marked the end of the original Archie Sonic Multiverse. SEEN IN: Worlds Collide saga (2013) ZONE 1404: The second incarnation of the Archie Sonic “Prime Zone”, created after the destruction of the original Archie Multiverse by the Super Genesis Wave. The events of “Worlds Unite” takes place in this version. SEEN IN: StH#252-Worlds Unite (2013-2015) and various spin-offs ZONE 1405: The first iteration of the Sonic Boom universe. SEEN IN: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (2014) ZONE 1406: The second and main iteration of the Sonic Boom universe. SEEN IN: Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (2014), Sonic Boom TV series (2014-2017), Archie’s Sonic Boom (2014-2015), Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice ZONE 1407: The alternate Sonic Boom reality where Knuckles is the leader of the team. SEEN IN: Sonic Boom episode “Two Good to be True” (2015) ZONE 1408: The version of the second Archie Sonic Prime Zone where the events of Worlds Unite were erased. SEEN IN: StH#276-#290 (2015-2016) and spin-offs ZONE 1409: Where Sonic Channel’s “Sonic Comic” takes place. SEEN IN: Sonic Comic (2016) ZONE 1410: Shared with the LEGO Multiverse, a version of Sonic’s world made out of LEGO bricks. SEEN IN: LEGO Dimensions (2016) ZONE 1411: The universe of the Sonic books by Penguin Young Publishers. SEEN IN: Sonic and the Tales of Deception (2018) and others ZONE 1412: The zone where “Ready Player One” took place. SEEN IN: “Ready Player One” (2018) ZONE 1413: The universe where Sonic Mania Adventures took place. SEEN IN: Sonic Mania Adventures (2018) ZONE 1414: The continuity of the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. SEEN IN: IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog #1-present (2018-present) ZONE 1415: The universe of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive. SEEN IN: Team Sonic Racing Overdrive (2019) ZONE 1416: The universe of Cartoon Networks OK KO!, in which Sonic and Tails appeared. SEEN IN: OK KO episode “Let’s Meet Sonic the Hedgehog” (2019) UNNUMBERED: Cosmic Interstate connecting the zones of the old Archie Sonic Multiverse, and the No Zone, which denotes everything outside said zones. Both were destroyed by the Super Genesis Wave.
  7. 2 points
    the official toejam and earl twitter actually posted this
  8. 2 points

    I mean yeah.

    I mean yeah.
  9. 2 points

    Shantae 5 (Coming 2019)

    I don't really mind too much the break in flow that the dancing causes when the games are Metroidvanias that encourage taking your time and exploring. In that case, I think the transformations being relatively slow is a good way to encourage you to think your options through. So I kind of like how HGH handled it. But... the problem is HGH is a much more linear game with a lot more frantic moments than, say, Risky's Revenge. So the slow paced transformations don't mesh well with the actual game. I don't have a problem with the idea of streamlining the transformations to be smoother in order to have the best of both worlds. But I do feel that, even though I 100% agree that Pirate's Curse is the best game in the series to the detriment of the other titles, it hasn't made the core gameplay of the series any less engaging for me and that I do see the logic behind the design philosophy. Just that I don't necessarily agree with the execution as it pertains to the games in question.
  10. 2 points
    It amuses me that Tumblr's stupid-ass purge didn't actually fix the bot problem.
  11. 2 points
    So, found this clear description of the plot synopsis. This seem to be coming from an Israeli theater site. It’s seem that the runtime for this film will be 2 hours long which is 120 minutes. Source: https://www.yesplanet.co.il/films/sonic-the-hedgehog/3350s2r (Text in Hebrew)
  12. 2 points
    Already, two major issues with this - firstly - the animation being the standard style sucks. Zombie Island has one of the best art-styles in the whole series, and I wish they would've replicated it's hand-drawn, and darkly shaded style as opposed to this. Secondly - the zombies weren't the villains in Zombie Island, the major twist was that they were victims of the actual villains that were trying to warn the Scooby gang so they don't end up sharing their fate, and at the end of Zombie Island, their souls were freed, destroying the zombies. It makes no sense for them to be back, nor for them to be attacking the gang.
  13. 2 points
    It sounds like a nostalgic cash grab at the moment. I'm a bit confused as to whether this is a new Zombie Island that just inexplicably has similarities to Moonscar Island from the original, or if they forgot that Zombie Island was in a BAYOU, not a tropical area.
  14. 2 points
    Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic X, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06 Sonic Unleashed & the Archie comic book all say hi. So, when do you guys think we'll get the next trailer for the film? Paramount's other big family movie, Dora, releases August 6th. Could be a possibility. Or do you think that is too soon, given the redesign?
  15. 2 points

    Shantae 5 (Coming 2019)

    It's an honestly fascinating problem that WayForward developed a deliberate thematically one-off gameplay gimmick for Pirate's Curse, but they made it too well and it accidentally plays better than the main series. I don't think they can possibly make "Shantae is a pirate now" the premise of the whole series without betraying what came before, but it's going to be very interesting to see what they can take forward. For example, if the dances become instantaneous, are they really still dances?
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    Good evening SSMB. Been away for a while cooling my jets as I was definitely letting everything everywhere get under my skin and probably took too much of that out on some people here. Apologies if you were one of the ones that had to deal with me during that little spat of mine. Anyway, a two week vacation and time off from writing has left me feeling a bit recharged so I'm kind of back. I say kind of as I still have things I want to focus on that will be eating up my time as I end up returning to work and having next to none to speak of. But I will be kind of in and out more regularly again just trying to keep up with everything goin on around here. Speaking of things going on around here I see one of my Amy threads got some attention again which is kind of weird, so what else did I miss while I was gone? Moving on as I wait for an answer to that question, have a piece of art to share again, and it's Sonic themed And here we are. This was an all-nighter (or all-dayer since nights are my days) that I ended up getting to bed late to finish. I don't really recall what my original intention was with it anymore, but I felt it makes for a great avatar and so now it is. I'll have it up over in my art thread soon enough but I hope everyone enjoys. Now I just have to figure out what topics to jump into.
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    I hate how most of the sides of the Pokemon fanbase is either considering each other "bootlicking apologists" or "ungrateful harassing incels". There's NO middle ground. I'm on the rare side of "not too pleased with recent outings". Like, if you want to support GF, that's fine. Do what you love. It's that I shouldn't be shamed and being made to feel like I owe the company my money. No. Until GF, in my eyes, shapens up, I'm not going to spend my money on their recent outings. This is more than the Dexit stuff. I've been feeling this way since Gen 7.
  18. 2 points
    Sorry, but no. Apologies are useless unless action is taken to make sure improvement is made, and by that token, I'm not giving them brownie points for fixing a problem that they created and that shouldn't have existed in the first place.
  19. 2 points
    "We were with you!" seems like a hollow gesture when fans, non-fans, the creators of Sonic and other big names were saying that it's a bad design long before the trailer dropped, but they actively ignored everyone. Never forget Patrick Casey's condescending "Everybody relax"
  20. 1 point
    Thinking back to the DS, I kinda like how it was the GBA 2 in a sense in that it was mostly 2D in terms of games but had just enough 3D power to embellish most of its 2D games with limited 3D in some fashion. Gens 4 and 5 of Pokemon did that pretty well for example.
  21. 1 point
    Blue Blood

    Shantae 5 (Coming 2019)

    Dancing is such a pivotal part of Shantae's character, but it's a scrappy mechanic right now. They could definitely add some very basic attack combos that weave together hair-whipping and dancing. Functionally no different from what already exists (unless they wanted to deepen the combat gameplay), but different animations to add character.
  22. 1 point
    I never understood why Nintendo didn't bring more GBA games to 3DS aside from the Ambassador Program. Yes, they're emulations. Yes, they lack the typical VC features because of it. But so what? They were GBA games on the 3DS, and they worked. I would have guzzled that shit up.
  23. 1 point
    CTR NF is getting a patch that deals with loading issues and overabundance of clocks and warp orbs. Nice to see Beenox pay attention to feedback, even though it takes longer than most would like.
  24. 1 point
    got me one of these on amazon and my wrist feels so much better during long drawing sessions. heck I may just get a 2nd one. bout to look like im morphing into my cyborg desk everytime I sit down to draw ...eventually I'll just get a computer chair with arm rests tho. basically these are just glorified arm rests that jut out of the desk itself
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  26. 1 point
    We're 7 months out it won't have a runtime yet.
  27. 1 point
    How the hell is this even unsolved? Everything about Zombie Island was wrapped up in a bow. The zombies were the victims of the cat-people's brutal attack, innocent bystanders were being lured to the island by Lena to fuel their immortal abilities, and the zombies in the end were peaceful, and were laid to rest. Screw nostalgia pandering, this is literally one of the movies I loved and watched over and over again as a child, and still quite enjoy it to this day, and I think this looks like the biggest cash-in load of crap yet. Also, gotta love how they didn't acknowledge the fact that the original Zombie Island took place when everyone was an adult, and had long since stopped taking mysteries. Fred and Daphne were making a paranormal TV show, Velma ran a book store, and Shaggy and Scooby were working airport security. Yet this is taking place during their career, very clearly in the classic era.
  28. 1 point
    I agree with what you are saying , the human's work best when they are complimentary characters not stealing the focus or having more focus than then. Every instance of this is generally bad, and I would even argue that a lot of the good humans are kind of stilted in weird. They have gotten better as years gone by, but this film making the decision odd. But I guess what's even odder is peoples continued desire to feel like they need a supporting human cast in the first place. Even Ian flynn has messed this up , worlds unite was uh...yeah. Its this human's not named eggman getting forefront attention is this weird idea that never works out but just keeps popping up in sonic media. From sonic's concept art to now. Just can't escape Tom seems like to me a character who is supposed to relate to adults seeing this film and sonic is supposed to relate to the children. Which seems backwards. One because sonic and casts's entire appeal especially now is the " radical teen characters who seem older and cool who are supposed to relate to children " so to have him be a weird grimlin baby with some surrogate human " father " figure welcoming him into the world seems strange. This is what I have gathered from the trailers though. But two, it seems like a very strange lack of faith in anything an adult male human appealing to adults where there are films being sold right now on nostalgia to adults that do not have that. Not only does it seem contradictory to what sonic's appeal is for some of his demographics, it seems to be ignorant of the film industry at large. Yet trying to get a piece of the pie
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    Camp Camp is a seriously underrated gem.
  30. 1 point
    Very extensive list. Sonic Chronicles should count as a separate universe. It’s set in the near future and doesn’t touch the main timeline. Also it’ll never be finished.
  31. 1 point

    Shantae 5 (Coming 2019)

    So, I've been on a bit of a Shantae series binge leading up to 5's release, since this is the first time I've ever played and finished the games, bar a abandoned halfway run of Pirate's Curse. With that said - I just now finished a 100% speedrun of Half-Genie Hero, which concludes the run, bar Pirate Queen's Curse and Friends to the End. That said, while I'll leave my thoughts on the games I finished 100% to a later post, I did want to basically give a rundown of what I personally want for Shantae 5. -Total rehaul of transformations is easily my biggest want. Pirate's Curse had the right idea with Risky's gear, allowing you to use it as extensions of Shantae's moveset at any point and without any pause is easily it's strongest aspect. The game starts out as your pretty standard affair and gets really wild as you keep getting more and more gear, where by the end-point of the game, you have this wonderfully kinetic and always flowing platformer that heavily rewards using the gear to keep your momentum going, much like a Sonic game. Words do not describe how much fun it was using all of the gear on a speedrun Pirate Mode playthrough because of how well everything flowed together. If we can't get Risky's gear back, what I would love is if transformations were revamped so that Shantae could instantly transform into them at the press of a button and keep flow going. For example, if you could press X mid-air to transform into Harpie form, get an additional triple jump from using the form, and then use something like Monkey Bullet with another button command to keep your speed going horizontally, or something like that. I might be missing the point of the transformations, I understand, but honestly, I find that many people vastly prefer how Pirate's Curse handled expanding Shantae's abilities and I absolutely agree. It gets really tedious to have to keep landing to swap out transformations when PC made it so much easier, and fun to mix and match abilities. -Keep all of Half-Genie Hero's user-friendly features - easily the biggest positive HGH has over PC IMO. I loved so many of the things added to make life easier. The Warp Dance makes it so much easier to backtrack, the save pop-up for going between every area, just general stuff like that. It took the user-friendly aspect of Pirate's Curse that I loved where it laid out every item in a given island, and made it easy to know if you're missing something. That said - -Please go back to Pirate Curse's collectables. I don't care if it's heart squids, or heart holders, or whatever, but just make it a simple and concise 2-3 collectables overall instead of the total bloated mess that was Half-Genie Hero's collectables. -Keep the art-style of HGH and keep improving it. I love the pixel-art of Pirate's Curse, but Half-Genie Hero's presentation is far and wide the best of the whole series, and frankly a standard I would be putting on 2D games from now on. It is absolutely fantastic. -Goes without saying - a killer soundtrack. Pirate's Curse OST was already rocking, and then Half-Genie Hero just bumped up to eleven, it may just be one of my most favourite game OSTs of all time. Please keep the trend going for Shantae 5. That's about it for what I want at least, based off having played Risky's Revenge, Pirate's Curse, and HGH.
  32. 1 point
    Im not into the yugioh scene at all, but wow, fuck this Caveira guy, what a absolute piece of shit waste of space, and fuck YouTube for once again allowing a innocent youtuber to get his channel taken down for literally no reason cause their automated system is trash. All while the bad guy got no direct penalties(aside from his channel getting taken down, not cause YouTube mind you, but his gf.) To say this guys a bully is a massive understatement. He’s straight up toxic. Why is it whenever I hear about the Brazilian gaming scene, it’s usually negative just horrible stuff like this?:/
  33. 1 point
    Chaos's Forces model is not actually in the game's files--all of his scenes are pre-rendered.
  34. 1 point
    Huh, just saw the bootleg Pokémon people have been buzzing about and yet all I’m thinking is “please be from the guys behind Hummer Team.” They’re amongst the few people who do bootlegs really really well and I admit I’m kinda sad they don’t make new games these days. Wouldn’t be the first time they beat a Nintendo franchise at something either— they did a Mario themed fighting game a few years before Super Smash Bros, and despite it being for the NES (not a great console for 2D fighting games at all), it’s actually competent and attempts some innovation with graphics to get past the NES’s limitations (albeit imperfectly, as the game is very flickery).
  35. 1 point
    Playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team. I love the fact that you go from fighting Pidgeys and Wurmples to fighting fucking Zapdos (still as first evolutions) in the span of three to four hours.
  36. 1 point
    *Track of the Day - Papu's Pyramid Daily Star - Neo Cortex* *Daily Challenges only feature Dingo Canyon* *Cortex is in one challenge, Komodo Joe is in two* I think today is a little bit confused.
  37. 1 point
    Greetings from TF Con! Got the toy I waited a decade to get!
  38. 1 point
    I noticed Shadow Mewtwo's finisher the first time, but I got distracted by the fast moving car in that one battle. Speaking of which, thanks to @Perkilator, here are some comparsions
  39. 1 point

    Canon Immigrants

    I could probably draft a story and field some moveset ideas for any given Sonic character. I just think it's irritating when I want to focus on one but people just ask about the others. I sympathize with being starved for content: Tikal Blaze are some of my favorite characters. It's just not something I want to talk about every topic. It's fun to me to discuss how to implement individual characters but the brakes always come out at "what about ___" or some classic fan mumbling about how they cant do anything right, so why bother talking about anything at all? The answer to the character juggling "problem" isn't just obvious to me: there's actually multiple ways they could have easily delt with it by now IMHO. They're just not seriously interested in dealing with it, so it's not that interesting of a discussion to have for me anymore. But on the other hand the topic I presented clearly isn't enticing to people when the series isn't even doing it's current characters justice. There are characters older than tangle and whisper that might warrent more focus as far as making fans happy and I get that. Thats why I just let yall have it. It's hard to discuss these things as long as the series is still kind of aimless amd lackluster.
  40. 1 point
    Why do you think that once the design is fixed, everything is fixed? This movie purely lacks any Sonic soul, anything that can even remotely ground it in a sense that it is not out of place with the rest of the franchise. That’s like getting someone into Half-Life by telling them to play Portal, they are not the same thing at all. No amount of making Sonic look pleasing to the eye will change the fact that the movie is boring, and disconnected from it’s source material. It lacks a Sonic soul, let alone any soul. Do not assume a design change will fix all of our problems. Everything that makes this film bad runs to it’s very core.
  41. 1 point
    I'd need to feel betrayed by them in order to have an avenue open to "forgive" them for this. Whether the new design looks good or not, it's not going to change the fact that I didn't want a live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie in the first place.
  42. 1 point

    Canon Immigrants

    Character backstories can be revamped to suit the needs of the Sega canon. In fact, Ian did a pretty decent job of doing this with the rebooted Archie. For example Sonic isn't a childhood friend of Sally's anymore and just met her at some point during one of his adventures. The only reason people don't want the freedom fighters in the games is because of bias against non-game characters that permeated in the fanbase for years before IDW came along and magically changed all that due to vindicating the fans clamoring for all of Archie to be thrown out despite Ian's best efforts. Also... Just like how Shadow, Jet, and Johnny clash with Metal Sonic's role as Sonic's rival, right? To contribute to the topic at hand, I don't know about Whisper but I think characters like Tangle and Bunnie would be great fits for the Sega games gameplay-wise. I think Tangle's natural abilities could even lend itself pretty well to the Genesis games' one-button-only design by having her tail extend to a nearby tree, pole, etc. in mid-air, and you can swing on them as long as you hold down the button. Sort of like a grappling hook I guess. There's more you can do with her in a 3D space though with more buttons at your disposal, and that goes for Bunnie too who can do a ton with her unique robotic abilities. The Bunnie in Sonic 1 hack by E-122-Psi is one of my favorite characters hacks to play so I'd probably build off of that, especially her long-range and hovering techniques.
  43. 1 point

    Canon Immigrants

    I'm not gonna argue the characters actually should be added to the games but I think they're quite possibly the first comic characters to feel like they'd actually fit in the games, both in general design and in their abilities.
  44. 1 point

    Canon Immigrants

    I think the difference is IDW goes out of its way to be more in-line with the game universe, whereas Archie only really delved into that for the straight-up tie-in stories and to a lesser extent towards the end of the run. Like, I see your point, but I do wonder if the marketing and how the IDW comics are constructed in relation to the games (even if it's still not exactly a "comics = canon to games" situation) have changed the viewpoint here.
  45. 1 point

    Canon Immigrants

    Personally, I don't really believe in this "room" thingy, to be frank. Whisper and Tangle occupy their own niche, and are complementary to the existing cast, and could be added pretty easily, according that they are usefull to the game. And TBH, it's not like every characters have to be here all the time. We already have a kinda rotating cast, with character that doesn't appear all the time. For instance, I would see more Tangle in stuff that works like "Advance" (simple ludologist side-games with a simple-yet-nice-story), while Whisper would work better in heavy story games. Which wouldn't make "room for them", as you are talking about removing secondary villain to add new protagonists. The number of character doesn't really work like Pokemon PC boxes 😛 It's not "we can't have more than 42 characters". It would be like saying that Cream wasn't in Forces to make enough place for Infinite. To make "room" for them (depending of if we believe in the "too many character" hard vision), it would be more removing character that would occupy the same niche than them that would be more logical.
  46. 1 point

    Why Are GHZ and CPZ Staples Now?

    They've been in two of the three main games that have come out since Generations.
  47. 1 point
    I think I've said this before, but the original game wasn't some ultra skilled racer that was as hard as something like Dark Souls (a good modern cultural comparison). As Tornado said above, almost everyone who played it interpreted it as a fun, mascot based racer. Now the game definitely has a lot of depth, and there were things you could do in it which you just couldn't do in contemporary karting games, and perhaps even modern karting games too, but the vast majority of people who played it didn't know about these things. Only people who beat Oxide's ghosts had to master the game's mechanics. It's why you saw so many people playing the remake in previews who didn't powerslide through the laps. It wasn't because they 'sucked', it was because a lot of people who played the original saw it as a mascot racer and didn't even know about the powerslide mechanic. You could easily beat the Adventure mode on normal without powersliding. And hell, even I, someone who beat all of Oxide's ghosts in the original, didn't know about the illegal shortcuts, 'ultimate sacred fire' or 'saffi fire'. I didn't even think of names for the game's techniques, I just thought of it as a power slide mechanic. I really do think the game's legacy has been perverted over the years as a single minded hard as nails game, because while the Oxide ghosts were certainly like that, the rest of the game was honestly pretty easy and accessible (except Tropy and the Adventure bosses). Exactly because it was a karting game. I get the impression this legacy has been passed on because of speedruns of the tracks and the notorious Oxide ghosts. I also get the impression that a lot of people who spread this misinformation never played the game when it came out, quite frankly.
  48. 1 point
    Sonic Jam. Everything from the music to the overall aesthetics make me super nostalgic, and the Sonic’s World mini-game was a genius way of incorporating all the bonus features. It was also through this game that I first learned about a shit-ton of old games that I had no idea existed. I first played the game in 2002, and before then, the only games I knew about (from before Adventure) were the original trilogy, Spinball, Mean Bean Machine, Sonic 3D, and Sonic R. I’d never heard of this “Game Gear” with its range of Sonic titles, or Sonic CD, and I finally learned where the Chaotix originated from! I also love Mega Collection, which has great music and aesthetics of its own, and the fact that it properly introduced me to Archie Sonic. Finally, since this thread’s title is “favourite Sonic compilation”, I may as well give a shoutout to the literal Sonic Compilation I played Sonic 2 and Mean Bean Machine for the first time through this collection.
  49. 1 point

    Pokémon Sword & Shield (Available Now)

    Ok, a couple of things here because I've been seeing this come up a lot and I quite simply don't understand it. For starters, Dynamaxing is quite literally them just enlarging the models. That is it on the animation side. The pokemon themselves don't get any new animations, nothing is done to their base model, they're just... bigger. The only things that really seem to change are their movesets and even that seems to be generalized to a huge degree from the footage shown. Beyond the new special move effects which GF has shown, time and time again, are never really specific to a pokemon and are reused to match other similar moves, models, ect... this is not a reason for excluding previous gen pokemon. Second, why on earth does every single pokemon have to be set up for the camp feature? That's certainly not how mega evolutions were set up. Not every pokemon has one of those so I fail to see why these new features absolutely have to be functional with every other pokemon too. It'd be a nice to have, but I doubt anyone is asking for that. It certainly shouldn't have been the bar set for excluding Pokemon. And as far as the overworld goes. Yeah, just no. Each of the previous gen pokemon have walking (and running) animations already tied to them. They've already done the work here. With the footage I've seen, that's all these models are using when seen in the fields. If GF wanted, they could easily have all of these things obtainable in there but, hell, that isn't even how the games functioned in other generations so I have no idea what on earth makes these games so special. Also, real talk here, this "inevitable" pokemon limit isn't something GF should be facing yet. Nor, imo, is something they should be even close to running into for a long while now. For starters, the entire tech argument is completely bs to me. Again, they already did most of this on the gd 240p 3DS... how on earth can the Switch not handle a hundred or so more? It also isn't like Nintendo's going to up their hardware game anytime soon so GF should have a long while before they even begin to start worrying about the polygon count in these things (plenty of time for upkeep basically). There are... a lot of methods they could use to stop such a thing from ever happening. One example would be to limit the pokemon that you can simply find in the overworld as to not crowd it and keep the newer ones at the forefront of the experience. Hell, they're already employing a lot of methods themselves. Reusing assets, keeping the animations low quality (even though Battle Revolution is still running circles around their efforts on the gd Wii 13 years ago but hey), not including older gen pokemon in new, non-vital, gameplay mechanics (see mega evolutions), balancing being what it is and always has been (unimportant), ect. The only real reason GF is cutting pokemon here seems to fall purely on the fact that both them and the Pokemon Company don't want to actually invest that much effort into them anymore. Why don't they just delay the game? Because Pokemon is a fucking giant franchise with a schedule that seems to revolve around these games just existing (quality or no). Why don't they just get more resources on hand? Because GF probably doesn't want to invest more into this when it's been shown that they can get away with less. Plus, with Go seemingly starting to be where TPC is looking going forward, they might not want to keep relying heavily on the franchise. Why don't they just add in the Pokemon post launch? Because they're probably going to be well on their way into the next disappointing titles at that point. Quite frankly, this all just screams of complacency from Nintendo, TPC, and GF imo. Here's one of their biggest products in a multi-billion dollar franchise, getting corners cut on its biggest feature.
  50. 1 point
    I know this is my own tweet but... This is the biggest issue for me. EVERYTHING in this trailer, could be taken out, put into it's own movie and be an original item. Everything is so generic it feels like it was reject scraps from another movie or franchise. Nothing about this movie says 'This is my identity'. There was one exception. The post credit sequence they used in the trailer, that was the most interesting part of the trailer when they showed mushroom Hill and they still messed up how it should look. It's so generic that I can't think of much else to say on it. I'm at a loss at why some people here think it has it's own identity because everything looked like it came from a catalogue of generic action movie.
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