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    It's not that I think Iizuka is doing a stellar job, but I legitimately cannot think of a single person to replace him, especially since finding people who are passionate about Sonic is a difficult endeavor. He seems to care a lot about the series - if anything I get the impression that his input is the only remaining heart Sonic has these days. He helped get Sonic Mania made, after all. I think Sega's management (or lack thereof) probably deserves way more flak because I really wonder just how much creative control he's able to exercise when Sega is able to greenlight horeshit such as Sonic Boom and the Paramount film. Look man Sonic Mania is in my top 3 favorite games in the series but let's count our lucky stars that he was able to get away with just one game under his call and not be driven out the way Sega drove away Naka. Mania was a passion project and sequels should only happen when the people involved really want to make it.
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    Almost every time Sega has handed Sonic off to someone else the results are about as good as what ST can put out if not worse. Sonic Mania is the exception but even the things I heard about that game's dev through the grapevine werent pleasant. Sega's management is fucked up. It's been an open secret for years. A lot of artists who have worked with them have said this outright. That needs to be fixed before anything else. It needed to be fixed back in the 90s before they chased Naka out the first time. Let alone the increasing pile of industry vets they've chased away since. It's still going on. Remember the Mania DRM incident and how Taxman openly expressed his disagreement? They need to be uprooted.
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    No. I think they should replace Takashi Iizuka and Sonic Team and replace them with a new untalented team.
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    Wait, so I’m hearing it that Sega’s seems to be repelling people and that Iizuka is the among the few sticking around? That’s something new to me (then again, given the industry, maybe not). But it explains a lot that I’ve been unaware of.
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    I’d rather that than dilute a game with nonsense. Give me short 3D acts, or 2D acts that center around a platforming gimmick, anything except something that feels like a chore to play before I get to the next good part. We’ve agreed that management is the problem. Now I’ll say that whoever is on design team that thinks filler material is a good response to management needs to be replaced too.
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    >Thor 4 in the works okay, that's n- >TAIKA WAITITI WILL RETURN TO DIRECT
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    The amount of scapegoating in the opening post is sad, and it's pretty symbolic to the current state of the series. Nobody knows what's going on, so they pick the most public face and demonize him. Iizuka is probably one of the few people left who actually gives a shit about the series despite popular belief that he doesn't. He actively engages people and constantly talks about what's happening in the series. There's no other figure who even tries to do that anymore. His hands are tied. He probably wants to make better games, but Sega are the ones who dictate the series and have final say and what is done. And in case it wasn't obvious, Sega have realized that they don't have to make good games because Sonic is such a household name that any product with his name or face will attract attention. Combine that with Sega commissioning Sonic Team to make a new game every 2-3 years under shitty work conditions, then you can see why the series is in the state its in. Its hilariously similar to what's happening with Pokemon right now and for similar reasons.
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    Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Remake announced!
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    Well, at least Hans Zimmer's score on the Lion King 2019 is good. Yeah, its the same stuff but spruced up and added bits. Like a 'Sonic Generations Modern' version.
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    In all honesty, there's a much simpler way to go about this. Make it so that Shadow can use Chaos Control and Chaos Spears without the Emerald, but they're much weaker by comparison to a Chaos Emerald boosted version. Like say for example Shadow can Chaos Control himself for short distances without Chaos Control, but can teleport greater distance and pull others with him when he's boosted. Same principle for his Spears: bursts of energy that are small for regular, but bigger ones (maybe controllable and omnidirectional?) with greater power when boosted by an Emerald. Of course maybe you could make it so that he can do the stronger version without the Emerald as well, but it should be portrayed as really tiring, completely draining him of his power and leaving him essentially defenseless for a while or potentially fatal if he uses it when he's already exhausted or just in general without an Emerald. Granted you'd have to make sure there's something to counterbalance this so it doesn't seem too overpowered.
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