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    Sonic OK Ko is fucking WEIRD but I'll take it.
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    Alas, Kingdom Hearts 3's hype. I knew him well before his tragic demise.
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    The great David Wise, ladies and gents.
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    latest news reminds me that i really should get back to watching OK KO to begin with. it's a pretty fun show with occasionally really good action setpieces. kinda surprised the sonic series had enough clout at CN to get a CN crossover to begin with though, especially with how boom was thrown under the bus with airtimes. even given OK KO takes some heavily identifiable cues from sonic. (there's an goofy old cat that's a background character, who literally wears a yellow variant of sonic's shoes. i think he also has one or two of tails' tails as well)
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    Huh, OK K.O crossover, huh? neat.
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    That's right Alfred, the batcave. It's a big hole in the ground with a big car in it that's all black, remember?!
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    Best case Phoenix Wright has ever had to solve.
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    That Cats trailer made it easier for me to accept the Sonic movie design and premise... I-I think this trailer took something from me.
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    Lost media that you absolutely are begging to get rediscovered? I really want to see an episode of 1973 Doraemon anime.
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    Vic "well Trump and Clinton got away with it" Mignogna Vic "that could be anyone's dick" Mignogna Vic "she's a 1000 year-old dragon so it's okay" Mignogna Vic "sorry for getting caught" Mignogna Vic "well I did it but she shouldn't have talked" Mignogna Vic "but everyone else was doing her it" Mignogna Vic "twincest is wincest" Mignogna Vic "cheating on my wife is part of my faith" Mignogna Vic "suing the accusers didn't work for Bill Cosby, but I'm white" Mignogna Vic "high schools have the most bachelorettes" Mignogna Vic "it's not grooming if I say I didn't know" Mignogna Vic "I didn't make out with the kid in a sexual way" Mignogna
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    My dad never pre-orders anything unless he REALLY likes it. and he just pre-ordered Alita on Blu-Ray. Hell yes.
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    I swear Mask of the Phantasm is the one Batman movie that always manages to depress the hell out of me by the end of it.
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    One of my favorite fandubbers attempted the new One Piece intro and I can die happy now
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    I immediately notice here how much it looks like Knuckles is running away with sheer horror from the other characters. Actually none of the characters look very happy to be there, really. 10/10 implications, Penders. Keep running, Knuckles.
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    On track to finish off Gold Tier before the grand prix ends, currently at 33,000.
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    This is actual gold.

    This is actual gold.
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    The death count was 33 last I checked. Was it really arson? That's horrible.
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    I'm sure we can all relate.

    I'm sure we can all relate.
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    Absolutely devestaed by the kyoani news
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    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-49027178 I'm devastated by this. KyoAni is one of the greatest animation studios and has produced some of my favorite anime of all time such as Clannad and Nichijou - and now some of the people who helped shape my interests and personal creativity are dead. My heart goes out to them and their families.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    REMINDER: 6 days now remain to get requests in for Sonic Musical Spectacular 4! Use your requests to get a SSMB badge, and a place in this year's celebration video!
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    Indigo Rush

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    Dee Dude

    In theaters for Spider Man!

    In theaters for Spider Man!
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    >Thor 4 in the works okay, that's n- >TAIKA WAITITI WILL RETURN TO DIRECT
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    Surprise Mechanics

    Surprise Mechanics
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    I watched Spirited Away, and I’m very very happy that I did. There’s a magical quality to it, and how I enjoy it so~! I really enjoyed it so much!
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    SGB is doing a Sonic Colors LP. I wonder how many times over it they'll reference the sudden turning against the game people have been doing, somewhat akin to the adventure series turn (Though not as severe a reception turn). I believe it was briefly mentioned in the Unleashed LP, and in the comment section quite a bit. Now it's gonna be full throttle if the early comments aren't already a little preview. Though some are silly what with "Ruined the series" comments which as someone who doesn't like Colors much at all would call BS on.
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    shadow the hedgehog breaks into your house and forces you to play basketball if you want to see your family again asmr
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    All wallets, proceed on your way to oblivion.
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    runners revival giving me flashbacks to 2015
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    It amuses me that Tumblr's stupid-ass purge didn't actually fix the bot problem.
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    City Escape is peak Sonic game design 🤔
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    Just finished my 100% speedrun in Half-Genie Hero and got the platinum trophy! All that's left is Pirate Queen's Quest and Friends to the End and I will have completed the Shantae series for the first time.
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    Good evening SSMB. Been away for a while cooling my jets as I was definitely letting everything everywhere get under my skin and probably took too much of that out on some people here. Apologies if you were one of the ones that had to deal with me during that little spat of mine. Anyway, a two week vacation and time off from writing has left me feeling a bit recharged so I'm kind of back. I say kind of as I still have things I want to focus on that will be eating up my time as I end up returning to work and having next to none to speak of. But I will be kind of in and out more regularly again just trying to keep up with everything goin on around here. Speaking of things going on around here I see one of my Amy threads got some attention again which is kind of weird, so what else did I miss while I was gone? Moving on as I wait for an answer to that question, have a piece of art to share again, and it's Sonic themed And here we are. This was an all-nighter (or all-dayer since nights are my days) that I ended up getting to bed late to finish. I don't really recall what my original intention was with it anymore, but I felt it makes for a great avatar and so now it is. I'll have it up over in my art thread soon enough but I hope everyone enjoys. Now I just have to figure out what topics to jump into.
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    Playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team. I love the fact that you go from fighting Pidgeys and Wurmples to fighting fucking Zapdos (still as first evolutions) in the span of three to four hours.
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    I was watching Pokemon reruns with my little cousin. It was the Sinnoh arc. Then they got to the episode which introduced Tobias, and bad flashbacks of pure rage emerged.
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    Good God, why is it that Shantae gets fired as a Guardian Genie in every single game
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    Finished watching Spongebob's Birthday Blowout, it's fifty times better than Truth or Square, it's got fun animation, fun jokes, a lot of injokes about Spongebob's history, including finally showing Mindy (from the Spongebob movie) for the first time in 15 years, and it ends with a thank you message to Stephen Hillenberg. Feels like a proper celebration instead of a bullshit ratings trap.
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    Just beat Shantae and the Pirate's Curse! And I did it with no damage from all of the bosses, including Pirate Master's True Form!
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    I hope Nintendo keeps the 3DS system transfer tool going for years to come, if only because I keep undecidedly switching between my New 3DS and New 3DS XL every few months, and one day I really am gonna need to choose which one will be the "final resting place" of all my downloadable 3DS/DSi titles and other data once the transfer service shuts down, probably along with the 3DS eshop and any other online 3DS stuff
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    me: I love Fire Emblem my friend: [commissions me to draw a Fire Emblem character in their default outfit] me, drawing that character: I hate Fire Emblem
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    Deep thoughts from Big:

    Deep thoughts from Big:
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    Blaze is like komorikiri's Sonic. Calm, patient and missing in action feelsbadman.
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