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    Yeah, because that particular track is a public domain song called "In the Hall of the Mountain King". They use knock-offs of Live and Learn and Emerald Coast, but can go straight for the prize with this one. It definitely requires some actual love for the series to pull out a reference to AoSTH. Whoever is behind this project is definitely a Sonic fan themselves.
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    I'm not extremely fond of OK KO. It's an okay show, but it never hit the right chords with me for whatever reason. There's a lot of love and care put into this, though. Very cute. A lot of neat references. Plus, it now confirms my secret headcanon that Sonic the Hedgehog and Captain Planet exist in the same universe. They tried to silence me, but I knew the truth.
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    Indigo Rush

    OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

    Whelp, our boy is making an appearance: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2019/07/sonic-tails-crossing-over-into-ok-k-o-lets-be-heroes-cartoon/ And apparently, RCS and Colleen are going to be doing the voices I don't know the first thing about this show lol
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    This was rumored about a week ago, and I posted about this lol. Didn’t get much attention, but hey, it’s real, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes!
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    New cover for Tangle Whisper #4! Drawn by Abigail Starling!
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    Geez, I didn’t know that. Interesting thing about Iizuka that a lot of people don’t acknowledge is just how persistent the man is when he wants something to happen. For example, Shadow the Hedgehog had the vote of no confidence from Sega. Now we could go all day on if Sega was justified in having little faith, why Sega would even allow a title that it didn’t like the prospects of from the start to be approved and published, and so on, but I’ll stick to a very notable example of internal sabotage from Sega trying to get Iizuka to can the project. That example is denying the project needed staff. Shadow the Hedgehog had a completely avoidable skeleton crew, with Sega providing zero employees as options for writing and editing and very few employees as options for designers in areas like level layout. Furthermore, workers were often taken away mid-project and assigned elsewhere with no replacements, further limiting the staffing and sabotaging the game’s consistency. But Iizuka never canned the project, he just took on all the empty roles himself. Frankly, it shows. Producers are not writers, or editors, or level designers, or really any of the myriad positions Iizuka filled along the way. So producers are neither well practiced for nor hired for their skills in non-producer roles. And what happens to be amongst the most glaring faults of Shadow the Hedgehog? Bad writing, incohesive story structure, confusing/tedious level design, and bland graphical design. Really, all but the issues with the controls were the direct result of Iizuka taking on positions he’s not cut out for just to keep the game’s development and his hopes for the game alive. And he knew that he’s not a writer, editor, etc. on at least some level, but still tried filling those positions anyway to save Shadow the Hedgehog from cancellation. This would not be the last case of Sega trying and failing to get Iizuka to can a project. Remember that remake of Nights Into Dreams for the Wii? Sega had and probably still has zero confidence in the future of the Nights IP, and it took years of Iizuka proposing and requesting a Nights followup to even get a remake of the first game approved. This time Iizuka was pretty much left to do his own thing with little interference. But the one interference Sega did contribute is a critically important one: it suddenly mandated that the remake (which was intended and created for the PS2 with maybe a Microsoft-console port down the line) be Wii exclusive without giving the developers any extra time or funding to make the necessary changes to adapt the remake to the Wii. Nevertheless, Iizuka didn’t can the project and instead devoted the rest of the remake’s development to finishing and adapting the title for the Wii as well as possible. The results were at best mediocre, but again, the game turned out as it was largely as a direct result of Iizuka’s measures to stop the cancellation of and preserve the hopes he had for one of his dream projects. And those are just the examples we know about. That’s probably why Sega hasn’t driven him away yet— for better or for worse, he’s way too determined to let anything stop him from at least releasing what he wants to get out. His attitude is that releasing something has a better chance of success than releasing nothing. And yeah, I can see why not everybody likes that attitude, as something can sometimes be worse than nothing for a franchise. But I like it because it comes from a good place of wanting to give ideas he likes and projects he’s dreamed of the opportunity to shine, obstacles be damned. And it’s so hard to find open-minded and not exclusively money-driven attitudes like that in such a risk-averse and capital-first industry as games development. If nothing else, a person with that kind of unusual attitude is incredibly difficult to replace. ——— Admittedly, I am biased. I’ve always had a great admiration for Iizuka. His unwavering tenacity in the face of some awful situations is incredible to me. I also think it’s very brave of him to take on the figurehead role of Sonic post-Naka, even knowing that it entails being blamed for literally everything people dislike about Sonic today and at times having to face some seriously disgusting behavior from people as a result. Meanwhile I am still not over how Sega threw BRB and Stephen Frost under the bus for RoL’s failure when the game’s problems were largely on Sega’s end. To this day Sega still has not taken any responsibility for its mistakes with RoL or Boom in general, nor issued any sort of apology that I know of to the people who were mistreated or harmed as a result of being scapegoated and/or abandoned by Sega. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth that isn’t going away any time soon. But hopefully my biases haven’t clouded my point too much.
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    I was originally thinking August, but then Nintendo released this video. The title for this video was changed. It originally read "Fan-Favorites & New Releases- July" So either July was wrong or they're covering their tracks. The other two games (Marvel and Fire Emblem) are releasing this month. We'll have to wait and see. Part of me wants him to come out this week/next week, and part of me is dreading the thought of splitting my free time between Smash, Dragon Quest Builders and Fire Emblem.
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    Canon Immigrants

    One thing I like about Tangle is that they designed her around a mobility gimmick first. I can't stop thinking about ways the main games could use her or a character like her that could swing and toss enemies around. Combine it with Sonic's natural ball physics and you'd have a character that could be a pretty significant addition. Use her tail to swing from grapple point to grapple point or swing around trees and poles to gain speed on the ground. One problem is trying to figure out what types of things she can grapple onto and how she would react to them. I want her to be able to use her gimmick fairly often but I don't want the level design to lean too hard on grapple points the Sonic can't use. I want to sort of camouflage them depending on the stage as branches, poles, or whatever, but it also has to be pretty clear what you could hook onto and what you can't. Whisper is a little less exciting because wisp gimmicks have been in the games before, but I like the idea of a character that can change their secondary action freely depending on the wisp they have equipped. You could have a hover, a glide, an air dash and more potentially all on the same character which would be insane for speedrunning. You could balance this out by making them cosumable and the order they can be used in fixed, so Whisper players will have to consider their loadout a little going into a stage. That wouldn't be as fun as being able to break levels freely, but you dont want her to be too easy. I just like the idea behind a character that can "freestyle" to go along with the fixed gimmicks of earlier sonic characters. This is mainly mechanics focused but you can talk about introducing them in the lore too I guess. I just didn't see the point in that with Whisper's backstory still being a mystery in the comics.
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    Yeah, that was an interesting episode It even switched to the original animation style at one point Also, this happened...
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    Wait, what? As in Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School? Out of all the things I expected in a crossover with a modern day CN show, I sure as hell didn't expect that.
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    It is an understandable mistake, albeit still fallacious, to assume that just because Sonic 1 is the first time we see Sonic and Dr. Robotnik that it must also have been the first time the characters ever met as well. But in reality, many shows, movies, and games begin with the status quo, rather than with an introduction. Both AoSTH and SatAM's pilot episodes are a good example of this. That said, many other media properties outright don't even bother with a "how they met" story. And I doubt that Sega even thought that far ahead when they were making Sonic 1. That doesn't mean that the movie won't be taking some inspiration from Sonic 1. It is always possible they could be re-purposing elements of Sonic 1 to work as as a first encounter story. But if that is what they're planning, then they're going to have to take many creative liberties in order to make it work.
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    I wouldn't mind some kind of objective based mission system in an open area like a hub world or something akin to Lego Dimensions as Roger mentioned. It could be a good way to implement non-Sonic characters without making them playable if they escort or assist you. But I would rather it be something to break up the pace, as opposed to being something that the entire game is built around and more importantly the game would need to be designed in a way to facilitate them so that they're interesting and fun to do. Without that kind of foresight it will just feel like an arbitrary attachment. And preferably the implementation of the other characters would need to be more meaningful than just about every instance of the 3D games have given us of this concept.
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    It doesn't matter, as the manual says, they crossed paths multiple times before.
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    Really cool to see this crossover happen! It was leaked roughly half a year ago now. Haha! Looking forward to finally watching it.
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    The writers are clearly huge Sonic fans. They've made several references over the last couple seasons. Also technically none of their crossovers save for Crossover Nexus were with Cartoon Network properties. Captain Planet aired on TBS and Ghoul School was Hannah Barbera.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Dang it, stop making such a bold predictions. Now when everything will be much simpler, I'll be super disappointed.
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    That Adventure Pose always confused me
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    OK KO loves crossovers for some reason Does this mean TKO and Shadow will finally meet?
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    This is a show I don't watch near as much as I should. It's so good but I keep forgetting when it's on. I'm totally catching this one though. Toby Jones confirmed on Twitter that Sonic and Tails will be voiced by Roger and Colleen BTW.
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    Oh, I know that. Like I said, I already got to the end of Gold Tier days ago. That's sort of why I called Tawna's paint job "fabled", since I haven't been able to find it elsewhere.
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    To me the concept isn’t that different than point A to B, it just allows for larger environments. When using an objective based structure you are still moving towards your goal, in as straight as a line as you want (or as deviating a line as you want). Sonic’s moveset isn't so handicapping that it couldn’t be tailored for a new style. Tighter turns allowing for u-turns, and a camera system made for larger maps and different types of mobility. Mario or Banjo levels would not be suitable though. Sonic needs more space to move, and precision jumps require larger platforms than an average character. Speed and small platforms do not go well together. “Open” Sonic levels have been far too small in the past for a collectathon to be viable. A game like Shadow of the Colossus (different genre but still) used large open spaces between areas, with literally nothing to do but look at visuals. Similar to that I like the idea that open space in a Sonic level is not wasted space when speed is its own reward. Level architecture does not have to be located close together when a 6 second boost covers most space and feels good. Movement in wide open space, with slopes and verticality for variety. In short I think it’s the level design that would need to change a lot, not necessarily the moveset.
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    Trailer track mentioned a new trailer in November.
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    Another example of what Sonic would look like as a collectehon could be his Lego Dimensions world. Altough that was more "do missions" rather then the collecting in and on itself. Not sure if that's actuall a Good thing for Sonic tough, much as I liked Lego Dimensions stage. It's just not in Sonic's DNA. That said, Sonic Forces is an example of the other extreme, when you only have brainless racing and action with near nothing when it comes to the slower style platforming. I'm seeing more and more people wishing for a more open 3d Sonic game, so it seems there's more and more interest in this direction. And I'd be all for a Knuckles/ Amy starring spin off where they can be more experimental with the gameplay while sidestepping the trappings of what a Sonic game should be. They can use a little attention and focus anyway.
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    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Well, it's not really news at this point that Trump is racist. And while this is the first time he attacked a congressman on that basis, it's not the first time he's gone after a congressman in such a way either. And if the GOP wasn't going to stand up for McCain after Trump spent months smearing him on Twitter after he died, they certainly aren't going to stand up for Democrat congressmen with an occasional chilly reception even in their own party. Beyond "Oh, what's he done this week," I think we're well beyond the point of people at large being used to it.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic Remake Ideas

    I don't think it is. A premise as cool as "Dr. Eggman finally took over the world" is flexible enough and versatile enough that it could be tried again and be accepted. Especially since what Forces did left so little impact. There were flashes and hints of what could have been sprinkled in here and there but none of it really had to time to fully develop into something good. We must be sure to replace Infinite with Batman's Scarecrow or Spider-Man's Mysterio so we can have some REAL fun with mind-fuckery illusions this time.
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    He gave him a mouth, so it's invalid. Clearly SEGA copyrighted Australian/British accents.
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    The thing I love about rings is that they're so much fun to collect and make a lovely sound when you grab them. Being tossed into a section or a room full of rings is like pure bliss. However, one of the greatest things about them is that you can ignore them if you want too. You only ever need one ring in order to stay alive and that's great. It's a good feeling when the stuff you have to collect is largely optional. It keeps the challenge focused on the objective of making it through the level and gives the player the option to impose that challenge on themselves, should they so desire. Obviously, there are games out there that are designed to have the collectables be the ultimate objective and in those cases, doing so would probably be a lot of fun. Sonic, my man, blazes through that shit. It's his greatest strength and sometimes even his greatest curse but it's what he do. That said, I'm not opposed to the idea of implementing more things to collect and more interesting ways at finding neat little trinkets. Stuff like that would do well to flesh out a well designed level and especially a well designed hub world should those ever make a return. It'd probably feel a lot like a mini-Sonic stage in and of itself and do well to distract anyone worried about going through one just to find the entrance to a stage. Like how Odyssey just dropped several dump trucks full of moons in each level.
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    New chapter got leaked early, and we find out what Moro's third wish was.
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    Sonic is Allergic to Collectathons

    Sonic is fast. Often very fast. Sometimes the level design can apply that speed to different directions, and gimmicks like springs and ramps can launch him wherever the designer pleases, but Sonic's own abilities are very forward-focused and always have been. That's why his level design and objectives have always trended towards linearity, relatively speaking. On the other hand, a good collectathon platformer character should move well in all directions; the genre is designed around exploring areas freely and completing various challenges. That's why most collectathon platformer characters are pretty well rounded in their movement, and why Knuckles was the one doing the treasure hunting rather than Sonic. If you wanted to put Sonic himself in a collectathon you'd have to radically rethink how he moves...which is not something I'm against, but I feel it'd be hard to square the things that make Sonic uniquely fun and interesting with that kind of gameplay. Without radical changes the closest I could imagine is something like ShtH or some of SA2's missions, where you've got (mostly) linear levels that let you warp back to the start if you miss something. That's pretty far from typical collectathon gameplay though, and I wouldn't say it was fun enough in either game to justify making it the focus of a new game.
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    I'm not quite sure if I can articulate just how I feel about collectibles as they have been in Sonic games, but I feel that they work best when you don't actively have to go out of your way for them. That's not to say they should be just lying right in the middle of the level instead - far from it. I just feel that as it stands now, they work better when they come as a natural result of being better at a level. A lot of the time, the best examples of this are simply finding an alternate (often better) route through the level and finding a little medal along the way. But a lot of the time, that isn't the case. They tend to be so far out of the way that nothing about discovering or looking for them feels like natural level design, and there's usually no reason to seek them out after that fact because they'll be a small cache of rings at best and a literal dead end at worst. It doesn't help that the collectibles themselves have no further value once already collected, either - at least Special Stage rings gave you enough of a boon to trigger Super Sonic then and there, and that there was more of them in the game than you needed to get all the Chaos Emeralds. I feel like this makes the most sense when you compare them to the green stars in Mario Galaxy 2 - which aren't really integrated into the level design so much as shoved on barely reachable but as of yet unexploited level geometry as an afterthought, like they were just looking to give their level testers more work to do. As for why they haven't dabbled in a more open collectathon, that's pretty simple - Sonic is pretty much designed only to handle well in one direction at a time, and arguably always has been. Sonic Team knows this. Maybe somewhere in there, there's a statement on how ST uses overly linear level design as a crutch, or how they need to rely on springs and boost pads to forcibly change direction, or how there literally has never been a camera system that functions well enough to be able to focus on objects outside your peripheral vision without compromising your ability to jump at the same time. What can be said with certainty is that they would need to greatly rethink and rework the way Sonic interacts with a 3D environment for a Banjo-esque collectathon to even function well, let alone thrive. It's funny that you'd mention Meteor Herd specifically, because the way the level is built, it actually functions better as a point-to-point objective (climbing from the bottom of the level to the ARK high up above) than a series of three random collectibles. One of the main reasons it takes so goddamn long to complete is how long it takes to gain height vs simply being able to fall or drilldive all the way back down to the bottom, to the point that you're essentially repeating the same stretch of level multiple times to scout for emerald shards. Say what you will about emerald hunting as a whole, but it really works to the playstyle's benefit when the level design is mostly lateral - at least that way you can full on sprint through a level until your radar gets a ping.
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    He varies between British and Australian. Here he's just an American dude dryly reading his lines.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Huh. That's funny. Him who? Wait, they seriously re-explained all that in each issue? Um, essentially. I think another retroactive factor is how the Chaos Emeralds hypothetically aren't as powerful individually since there are a fuckton of them. Yeeeah...Enerjak is kind of a glorifed dunce. Somewhat understandably so, given what he's capable of from a writing standpoint, but this was one of the two main problems with Dimitri's version. Also I thought they were knocked out? That's goofy as shit, dawg. What?! Oh my goodness.... So I guess the climax with Knuxerjak wasn't just him channeling who he really is in his frustration.🙄 And there it is. What an anticlimax. "How great it is that"...didn't he send Archimedes? But yeah, the Brotherhood of Guardians have, like, mystical powers and shit due to their connection to the Emerald and what not, so I don't know why he didn't just leave that vague. And oh shit, he IS awake! Gramercy me... Yeeaah...let's just say the Knuckles's version of Enerjak was a level or more of badass. As for Dimitri's version? Uh...stay tuned for another year or so. I'm assuming this is hear because of the one that didn't show up, non?
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    Heh, yeah. Hadn't noticed so I went ahead and updated the thread title and added the release date.
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    If all of that's true, I can't help but feel sorry for the guy. As much as I love Sonic Heroes, it ain't worth almost dying over. I also couldn't imagine putting in so much work to pump out a game as universally hated and widely ignored as Shadow the Hedgehog. The very idea of that happening to me would crush any spirit I had left. I want the behind the scenes info even more now.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    You know what would make my day ?
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    Yeah, it'd be nice of there was another online mode that was more similar to For Glory, without the GSP. I feel like, since it's there, I care more about raising that number than actually improving and winning (as in when I lose the number goes down). And Elite Smash isn't even really fun. I remember using Ness' up special too close to the stage and I just fell to my death. And of course, even though my opponent did nothing to make that happen, he crouch spammed. Blech. It was cool at first that I was able to get in there as 6 different characters but in all honesty it isn't worth it. Oh, speaking of GSP, I've noticed they put me up against people with about 500,000 more points than me recently, especially as Snake. It's a bit irritating.
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    Smash rant incoming. Gonna put it in spoilers
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    Canon Immigrants

    I could probably draft a story and field some moveset ideas for any given Sonic character. I just think it's irritating when I want to focus on one but people just ask about the others. I sympathize with being starved for content: Tikal Blaze are some of my favorite characters. It's just not something I want to talk about every topic. It's fun to me to discuss how to implement individual characters but the brakes always come out at "what about ___" or some classic fan mumbling about how they cant do anything right, so why bother talking about anything at all? The answer to the character juggling "problem" isn't just obvious to me: there's actually multiple ways they could have easily delt with it by now IMHO. They're just not seriously interested in dealing with it, so it's not that interesting of a discussion to have for me anymore. But on the other hand the topic I presented clearly isn't enticing to people when the series isn't even doing it's current characters justice. There are characters older than tangle and whisper that might warrent more focus as far as making fans happy and I get that. Thats why I just let yall have it. It's hard to discuss these things as long as the series is still kind of aimless amd lackluster.
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    Canon Immigrants

    There aren't that many Sonic heroes. You just have to accept that not all of them have to be in every game.
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    Canon Immigrants

    I'm not gonna argue the characters actually should be added to the games but I think they're quite possibly the first comic characters to feel like they'd actually fit in the games, both in general design and in their abilities.
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    Canon Immigrants

    Personally, I don't really believe in this "room" thingy, to be frank. Whisper and Tangle occupy their own niche, and are complementary to the existing cast, and could be added pretty easily, according that they are usefull to the game. And TBH, it's not like every characters have to be here all the time. We already have a kinda rotating cast, with character that doesn't appear all the time. For instance, I would see more Tangle in stuff that works like "Advance" (simple ludologist side-games with a simple-yet-nice-story), while Whisper would work better in heavy story games. Which wouldn't make "room for them", as you are talking about removing secondary villain to add new protagonists. The number of character doesn't really work like Pokemon PC boxes 😛 It's not "we can't have more than 42 characters". It would be like saying that Cream wasn't in Forces to make enough place for Infinite. To make "room" for them (depending of if we believe in the "too many character" hard vision), it would be more removing character that would occupy the same niche than them that would be more logical.
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    Canon Immigrants

    Well the Avatar did have a grappling hook but it was a real shitty one with pretty limited use. The wispons were the much bigger focus. Plus it was an actual grappling hook device, not a natural physical ability like Tangle's, so Tangle using her tail gives off a much stronger impression than "here's a gadget any asshole can strap on and use".
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    Canon Immigrants

    I've been imagining "Sonic, but with a grappling hook" making for incredibly fun gameplay for years now, so I'd love to see Tangle (or a character with a similar ability) in a game designed to really explore that kind of motion. I've actually even spent time thinking up how I'd make an entirely original game based on that kind of gameplay; some of my ideas might be too ambitious or not really well suited to a Sonic game specifically, but here's the gist of what's been rolling around in my head. I'd have two buttons for using her tail/grappling hook/whatever ability. The first auto-targets enemies and interactable objects like the homing attack, meant for use at higher speeds and for following the paths the designers deliberately lay out. The second would be manually aimed using the right stick (I picture the camera zooming in to an over-the-shoulder view once you start aiming, though I'm not sure if that'd be too disorienting, or annoying when you're just trying to look around rather than aim) and could attach to most surfaces for more organic, off-the-beaten-path travel. In either case you'd end up in the same state on a successful hit. Hold the button to continue hanging on and swing freely like a pendulum, release the button to, well, release. Press the attack button (or maybe just jump) to zip to your target. This works as her version of the homing attack when attached to an enemy. If instead you're attached to a wall, you've got a few options; keep holding the grapple button to wall cling (from which you could jump, drop, maybe start a wall run), release it while zipping to just let physics take over, or hold the run/parkour button to immediately go into a wall run (as long as your angle isn't too perpendicular to the wall). I've also thought about an ability to sort of "flex" your tail/grapple/whatever and fling yourself kind of like how the capturable poles and forks in Mario Odyssey work. Whisper...I'm far less interested in. She's basically just the Avatar from Forces but she can use any wisp instead of being locked into one. I think if I was going to try to make it work I'd tie each wisp to a specific ability rather than having different movesets to switch between; more Zero than Mega Man X. The wisps have a pretty eclectic set of powers so I'm not really sure how to turn them into a single coherent moveset though...but speaking of Mega Man, now I'm imagining her using spike like MM10's wheel cutter, turning her wispon into some kind of plasma-bladed push lawn mower as she runs and using it to zip straight up walls. e: or like the Inkling's roller. Splatoon might be a decent thing to look to for inspiration, since it's interestingly platform-y while also being gun-focused.
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    This game seems like a surprisingly smart move. Pokemon has always gone out of its way to design distinctive and appealing characters who largely just sit around in their challenge rooms all day doing nothing, and only get more leverage in the anime if at all. Finally exploiting the popularity of human characters rather than just Pokemon was pretty canny on GameFreak's part. Because the accumulation of mechanical gimmicks is making the mainline games steadily more bloated with archaic minutiae, some of which they're designing new systems to improve upon? The big problem with Mega Evolution is that it's a single-gen gimmick that wasn't designed like one; crafting Mega Evolutions as distinct new Pokemon was a serious mistake if they didn't intend it to be a fixture (and it was already soft-dropped in Gen VII). People give Dynamax flak for being boring, but mechanically it's built as a synthesis of Mega Evolution and Z-moves, and flavoured as being region-specific so it won't carry the same long-term expectations.
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    It made more sense when Tails was just a tinker-er. Not a genius, just really good with mechanics. Oh nevermind, whenever the writers remember, he still is just an eager kid hero who only happens to be smart with machines.
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    I've been watching a lot of AoStH recently, and got me to realize that I actually like Tails as a character for once! Don't get me wrong I understand his importance in the franchise's history and all, but something about him in the post Adventure games (as well as most of Sonic X) just never clicked with me. I think that mostly has to do with the "kid-genius" trope that's really all modern Tails is about anymore. With AoStH (and SatAM for that matter) Tails is an eager, good-hearted kid who genuinely wants to be like his hero and do good for others; not gloat about "building a dishwasher with toothpicks" or whatever he said in Lost World. Also his AoStH voice is nothing short of adorable! But yeah, AoStH of all things reminded me that I could warm-up to a long-time character lol.
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    I'd like to see a Sonic R level. Tropical resort would be cool, but you'd probably have to find a way to nerf the tech characters from breaking that level... and while I would puke at any mention of Classic Sonic, I would love a second skin for Sonic Tails ect with their R character models. That would be fun.
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    I'm glad Team Sonic Racing is a console game that's also not a mainline game or something worth taking too seriously regardless. And here's why!: (I must've spent 30 minutes writing this in the Upcoming Games section, so I'm gonna make other people read it. You'll read it and you'll like it!)
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    If ThE DIreCtOrs THiNk SoNic'S TeeTH aRe ThE OnLy PrOblEM Edit: It has taken me all this time to realize he also fucked up Sonic's shoes. If you told me Ken was the concept artist on this movie, I'd believe you.
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    I really like how this is just "sums of money" rather than "large sums of money." Like, sure, I can believe this because all it means is someone sent him a DM once offering to buy Lara-Su for 10 bucks and a ham sandwich.
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