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    Another crude animation, this time with two characters. Gonna experiment with ways to display impact. When I think of how cartoons would showcase pain, I think classic Tom and Jerry did it best in my opinion. Ed Edd n Eddy did it in it's own style which looked comical and impactful too.
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    And here is the excuse he will be using as to why the app is yet again delayed. "Raves and gasps of amazement"...I will be honest, that is the best fiction writing he has ever done...
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    No better way to declare your villainy than to take your mom's maiden name.
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    Yes this is real, you can look it up yourself and try: That image got me laughing so hard!
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    Everything about this sounds so absolutely awful on every conceivable level it's utterly hilarious.
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    ...Yeah, this sounds like everything that I wouldn’t want from a Sonic game. I mean sure, that’s the whole point of the pitch, but I don’t think anyone was asking for a Sonic game that aimed to not be a Sonic game. 3D Sonic games aren’t often criticized for their non-Soniclike aspects for no reason, you know? Add on the fact it would have been developed by a company not really known for anything spectacular and it’s no wonder why nothing came of it. It’s weird how this only now surfaced, though. You’d think something like this would have been discovered years ago.
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    Dee Dude

    It’s Hero time!

    It’s Hero time!
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    I LOVE Green Day, but no.

    I LOVE Green Day, but no.
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    English person: “Right, so we’re all agreed that the vast majority of our nouns should sound at least partially similar to eachother?” French person: “Oui” Italian person: “Sì” Spanish person: “Sí” German person, slamming fist on table: “NEIN!!!”
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    I disagree. That's just what the protagonists in Dragon Quest are referred to as, both in the games and in the fan discussion surrounding them. It's kind of an important word in the series, and even the characters who were given dubiously canon names are usually colloquially referenced as the "hero from X game" (something not made obvious by Smash discussion), which can't be said about "Dragon Warrior." Generic though it may be, "Hero" is the name actual DQ fans are going to recognize and connect with, and if the character isn't being made for them, then who is he for?
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    (tweet) THANK YOU PACMAN

    (tweet) THANK YOU PACMAN
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    Is it still coming soon in 2012?
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    Those weren't gasps of amazement, Kenders. They were gasps of horror.
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    Now I'm just curious what the heck a "Shadow's world" is. Did Shadow inherit Space Colony arc and is now a gardener cultivating a dead wasteland landscape in there? Is Shadow suddenly God who can create his own planet? Is Sonic sucked into Shadow's brain? Did Shadow buy a house on an dark and edgey island and declare himself ruler of the land? Is this a retcon where the whole Space Colony ark backstory is thrown in the garbage and now Shadow's from his own evil dimension? Does every Sonic character have his/ her own dimension in this story? Did Sonic schoolhouse take place in Omo chao's dimension? I know it's probably just the flat surface level concept idea and if the game was ever finished, I doubt they would have called it "Shadow's world" It would have been just Some location that happens to fit with Shadow's personality. But still, the way it's written sounds so funny/ interesting. Not to mention the equally stupid "Sonic's world" is freaking canon. Climax entertainment huh? From Landstalker/ Super Runabout. A Sonic game in that style. Sounds interesting. Alas. We got Sonic rivals instead. And interesting how many of these "Let's make a Sonic game that's utterly Not a Sonic game in tone and atmosphere" ideas were floating around in the mid 2000's. Cultural zeitgeist I guess.
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    Seems like it this would've been the canon version of Sonic.EXE. If I were in charge of this, I personally would've done a mechanic where Sonic can jump between Sonic's World and Shadow's World in the same level similar to Sonic CD and an Ordinary Sonic Hack. Other than that, I feel Shadow the Hedgehog did enough to fulfill using Shadow to bring a more edgy and scary side to Sonic. So that makes this seem a tad redundant, especally when ShTH also has gloomy landscapes and demonic enemies. And of course, this was the time we all started complain how Sonic was becoming too serious and Shadow focused, so this game wouldn't have helped at all. And there's no need to worry about making Shadow's lore consistent when we have Blaze and Eggman Nega's two backstories.
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    Man who could imagine a game where Sonic's running around in dead, lava-filled environments fighting monsters. Oh.
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    It was also confirmed that Version 4.0 will be coming out soon, most likely the same day Hero is supposed to come. I wonder what else they’ll add besides Hero’s data and the fighter adjustments. Maybe Home Run Contest will make an return? Probably not, but I’m still hoping for it.
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    That's good. You're in the top 5%.
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    I feel like a redundant zombie at this point when it comes to SSMB. One moment I’m rising from the grave to frequently post here, and another I’m dead silent aside from a few likes. But no matter how active I am on other sites, I could never truly abandon you guys ❤️
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    Big Panda

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Kintobor and Robotnik are two separate families that just so happen to be reverse-spellings of each other. ...no, really. Julian’s dad was a Kintobor, his mother a Robotnik.
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    Good thing it's not trying to be. Not every cartoon is trying to a big sweeping epic. Some are just trying to be fun and make people laugh. Not saying there isn't lore but not every cartoon has to be a long strand telling an intense emotional story. Sometimes they can be a silly show about superpowered kids working in a bodega.
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    I've never asked why they would keep Eggman alive. I know it's a morality thing and I'm cool with it. Having a character in the story present a differing side to the argument makes for an interesting discussion but I do appreciate that they don't lean too hard on either side as well. It's never really been a problem for me. It's more important that I understand why Batman, as a character, keeps the Joker alive, rather than the comic justifying it to the reader why he absolutely should. That makes it less of a character thing and more just the book trying to defend itself which I'd argue it doesn't have to do so long as the characters are being who they are and making decisions they would want to make.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Man, some of you are never going to enjoy this series if you're so hung up on how you want the characters to act. You're better off just writing your own fanfiction than constantly nitpicking every time characterization doesn't perfectly align up with what you want it to be. Like...why does Tails have to ALWAYS be the tech guy? Is Amy not allowed to do it, if it doesn't contract anything? I railed on Shadow last issue not because he was being an arrogant idiot, but because being an arrogant idiot was detrimental to the story itself, but him being like that in general isn't itself a bad thing.
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    I'm so mad that the Infinite theme slaps so much. What a good theme song for such a meh villain.
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    the prospect of seeing sonic in what I assume is hand-drawn, 2d animation, brings a warm feeling the fact that it looks colourful and light hearted is a bonus for me. not long to go now!
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    DOOM 64 coming to PC and PS4?

    Maybe Switch, too, because we only initially saw stuff for the Switch port of 1, 2 and 3 before QUakeCon
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    Okay, what’s going on? The Nintendo US page’s cover shows no indication of the game requiring a download yet the UK one does? https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch/Spyro-Reignited-Trilogy-1576500.html
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    Seeing Fast & Furious Hobbs & Shaw on Thursday
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    https://cytu.be/r/Motobug Motobug will be streaming tomorrow's Smash stream!
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    ...Can you port 2 and 3 pls?

    ...Can you port 2 and 3 pls?
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    I like how everyone in the early 2010s collectively decided to move away from the wild toxic internet culture, only for the late 2010s to take a backflip straight back into the wild toxic internet culture but worse what exactly did we achieve here
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    They're not going to mention that in that post. I imagine that Sakurai will show that stuff off tomorrow We don't have an exact time, so it could be tomorrow in North America depending on the timing
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    You know, I'm style little annoyed by calling him "Hero". That's too vague of the word, describing half of Smash's roster. If Erdrick really couldn't be official face and treat the rest like Koopalings, they should go with "Dragon Warrior". Even if you don't know that first games were called that in USA, it's still gives you a idea of connection to Dragon Quest. I mean, I'm pretty sure DreamWorks doesn't own that tittle.
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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind completed. Far as the anime adaptations go...this might have moved up to being my favorite.
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    Probably the old Square Spirits (Chocobo and Geno), some 4 Dragon Quest ones (I'm guessing Slime hat, DQ 1 Hero, DQ V Hero and maybe Jade from DQ XI or a Munchie hat), Home Run Contest and my out-of-leftfield guess is Music DLC packs
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    Well 1270397/20 is 63519, so I think you're safe (I'm at 1559 out of 110000 on Xbox, almost within the top 1%, so if I don't get the kart I'm gonna be pissed). Looking around yeah, it seems the kart will be handed out tomorrow. GP items are still in the Pit Stop, which is nice because I can get Motorsport Liz, the only one I'm missing.
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    I got 42,184, which I think is in the 5% area for PS4 for the Champion Kart (Total players is 1270397). Can anyone confirm? I heard it wouldn't be handed out til tomorrow so idk if I'm in the top 5 or not.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I don't blame ya for not remembering a character that died within 2-3 pages of being introduced, plus she was more of an old cat lady back then, and then re-coined to be directly related to Rosie. It's the Ant thing I find more juicy. Yeah they don't really give it any thought until after #50. Speaking of which. Hey-Yo! Welcome to Endgame! You know it's right around the corner because they had to call in a doctor. (eh I jumped the gun by 2 issues but can't resist making that joke)
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Looks like Julayla, Sally's mentor. She was the old lady that died of in the "In Your Face" special. Secondly, and I might be wrong, but I think the kid isn't Sally, but Antoine? Ant's marked by a bulky turtleneck like that in SatAM's Past to the Past. It just strikes me that kid Sally has more of a sleeve-less princess jasmine get up, and that coat doesn't' jive. Just bringing it up because I remember reading this scene back in the day and thinking "Oh! this a traumatizing event that reframes his cowardly demeanor in the present." (edit: heh *Past* to the Past you know what typo you can stay).
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I feel like an argument that should be made by shadow in future if they want to salvage this is " Well he helped us" and would be a shadow move that retains being a dick , and isn't holier than thou is " Well he's helped us in the past " " If you need to regularly rely on someone who actively wants to enslave the entire planet to save you. You need to rethink how you are doing things " I think that lets both characters " be right " so they can drop this as sort of contention point and maybe use it as means to expand on the world at large. Maybe people start heeding shadow's advice and start trying to develop their means of " not relying on eggman to unfuck the situation " . We know gun exists , but that would be a weird way to introduce a animal planet version of " GUN". Like " Ok maybe we don't need to bust caps in to every criminal but like yo sonic this follow your rainbow shit, like yo this is a problem. Yo we need to actively take steps to solve this rather than retroactive resistance starting "
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    The echidnas went extinct because they were too busy building carnivals instead of farms.
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #43: The Dream Zone This is a neat cover. It’s got a nice flare for the dramatic and the coloring is appropriately hazy for the sake of emulating what happens in this issue. No real complaints here. This one is pretty solid. Let’s begin. Awwww snap! Look who’s walking through! It’s Dr. Quack. He’s coming through with a lollipop in hand. Is it for his patient? No, it’s for him! He’s going to town on that sucker! Oh wow. Watch as he goes up to Sally and proclaims that she was his favorite baby to deliver. Oh, so cooool. He’s called Dr. Quack because he’s a duck and duck’s quack. Also, though, a Quack doctor or “Quackery” is an actual term to describe someone who is a “fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill”. In other words, a charlatan. I know Dr. Quack shows up in the issues of Archie I’ve read and currently own so there’s been no shocking reveal that he’s actually a shitty doctor who doesn’t know what he’s doing. How unfortunate. Anyway, for those wondering why I was sounding so weird at the start of this explanation on him, it’s because Dr. Quack’s intro here is also extremely strange. He struts in like he’s the cock of the walk. That lab coat might as well be a black leather jacket, the way he comes in. When he enters the medical bay where the crystallization king is, the first thing he says to Sally is “Princess Sally! Who loves ya, baby!” When Sally responds by saying his name, he says “You better believe it kid! Ever since the day I delivered you… you’ve always been a favorite of mine!” as though the fact that he delivered her or that she, as the princess, also just happens to be a favorite of his is at all relevant to what he’s there for. It’s just strange. I don’t know if I’m okay with this, Dr. Quack. Anyway, he bolted past Sonic and Tails on his way into the medical bay and because of that they decided to follow him inside. Sonic is surprised to see that Rotor is there too since he heard that the situation with the king was now being classified as a medical problem. Dr. Quack responds by turning to Sonic and going “ARE YOU THE DOCTOR HERE OR AM I?” Quack doctors hate it when you ask questions. The king is now sat in a chair inside of a fancy looking Cell Regenerator chamber. He looks exactly like a green version of The Thing from Fantastic Four. Only part of his face is squirrely now. They reiterate that his cells are crystalizing most likely from something that he was exposed to while in the Zone of Silence and that their priority is to keep it from spreading faster. Le Quack suggested sending the king BACK in to see if the process would reverse but Sally has noped that one down because getting him out was hard enough the first time. Who knows how much harder it could be if they went in with safety precautions and supervision like she said they did numerous times before? Sonic asks if the king is aware of what’s happening to him. The doc says he dunno. Then they pull the lever and a bunch of lights go off. Everyone wears sunglasses as the king gets zapped. Sonic asks repeatedly if they’re sure the doc is “on the level” and he keeps getting admonished for it. First by Sally and then by Rotor. Sonic really doesn’t trust this doctor. I wonder if it’s because he’s called Dr. Quack. Rotor counters Sonic by saying that he’s amazed by his lack of faith in modern medicine. As he speaks, suddenly we’re taken, jarringly, into the past where little kid Sonic is arguing with little kid Sally. The weird yellow filter was, I guess, supposed to be the hint but to me it looked more like camera footage with a wide angle lens. It’s not though. Sonic and Sally’s head are just really fucking huge. Aww. Look at the angular gremlin children. To be fair, they’re a lot better drawn in the next panel. The huge heads of the first two panels just threw me off. Anyway, they’re interrupted when a very nice, dapper looking gentleman cloaked in shadow asks to see King Acorn. Why it’s Warlord Julian, our dearest friend. The king has got a reception ready for Julian’s new appointment to Minister of Science. Oh hooray~! The king has also approved Julian’s plans for dismantling the military (lolwut?) and that he can begin implementation at once. OH HOORAY~! Julian’s on board with that. He’s even got his fingers crossed behind his back for some reason. So the king tells Julian that the transition is important and he’s got the okay to proceed immediately. He’s apparently the only one up to the task. Then he leaves and immediately Julian turns to Snively, who has hair, and tells him to ready the troops on his signal. Oh dear. You know, I’m starting to think Julian might be a bad dude. So that’s what happens. These far superior and cooler looking robot dudes then the ones from present day start attacking everything. Little Sally and Sonic are concerned and, who I assume is, Sally’s mom tells them to head to Rosie. Rosie is a character I’m aware of too. In one of the few episodes of SatAM, that I actually saw, I remember there was a two parter where they went to the past and changed things in a way that saw this Rosie character being spared from Robotization. It’s a faint memory but I do, in fact, remember it. We cut to the next scene where the king is SHOCKED, nay STUNNED, that Sinestro has betrayed the Green Lantern Corp. He looked like such a trusting dude too! He demands to know what the meaning of this is, presumably having just gotten done sucking down on tea while reminiscing about how Julian was his most awesome and trusted advisor. With a hefty double chin that looks like melted ice-cream, Julian pronounces that this shit is all under his command. Mobotropolis is now Robotropolis. King Acorn tells Julian to stop because he’ll never succeed. So... King Acorn is surrounded by robots under Julian’s command. King Acorn: SURRENDER! Julian: … No. King Acorn: Oh. Okay. I guess I thought I’d just give that a shot. Julian tells the king that he’s no longer Julian. The mofo called Julian is nomo. From this day forward he shall be known as MOJO JOJO! I mean, Robotnik! Robotnik is what he’s changed his name to. Odd. For some reason that feels like a bit of a strange leap. Also, it’s interesting how in this comic, Julian is his real name and Robotnik was a given name. It’s like the Robotnik and Eggman situation of the games only, in the games, Robotnik is still Robotnik. Eggman is just a nickname. However, the fact that Robotnik isn’t a family name in this book is interesting. How did the Gerald Robotnik thing get handled then? I guess I’ll wait and see. It might just be something as simple as Julian being his first name and Robotnik being his last. Or maybe Kintobor is his last name and Robotnik is just him switching it around. Then, that would make it Gerald Kintobor and Maria Kintobor and that’s just strange. I’m thinking too much about it. We end this part of the issue with the funniest scene yet. Robotnik tells the king that he’s going to banish him to the Zone of Silence. Sally’s mom overhears this up above with her daughter right next to her. She turns to Sally and goes, “Oh my!” Brilliant. We cut back to the present where the wholly necessary character of Geoffrey St. John shows back up claiming that he’s awesome because he figured that if he found Sonic, he’d find Sally. Sally is really happy to see Geoffrey though. She gets out of her seat and zips over to him with a hug, right in front of Sonic. This causes the blue hedgehog to gag and Sally comments that he might be getting sick. Now I’m enjoying this because I like seeing Sonic get dunked on. However, knowing what I know now about Geoffrey and Penders’ intention with the character, it’s hard not to get a little skeeved out looking at this. I mean, look at this. There’s nothing really all that wrong with this on its own but then you think back to when Penders more recently made mention of how Sally and Geoffrey totally banged each other and… it’s really gross. I just can’t separate myself from the fact that he’s depicted as being so much older than her and they’re all kissy wissy, huggy wuggy with one another like this. I didn’t care at all about Geoffrey until it was revealed he was a villain working for Ixis Naugus during Ian’s run. All of a sudden he shot up to being one of my favorites and it was during a time when I was still unaware of his origin or connection to Sally. I knew he was created by Penders but I didn’t know the extent of his devotion to this goddamn skunk. Sonic’s reaction is extraordinarily appropriate. The scene gets even stranger when Dr. Quack shows up once again. They’re running with the joke that Sonic’s “not well” because of how much he’s talking about Geoffrey’s foul air and his gagging. Dr. Quack asks how his patient is doing (oh yeah, this arguing was happening right in front of the still crystalized king…) and Sally responds that something is happening but she doesn’t know what. Wow. What a line. Even weirder, Dr. Quack responds by bragging about how she doesn’t know because she didn’t go to med school. He then proceeds to give really bad examples of all the other doctors he studied with. First he mentions Casey, I’m guessing a reference to Ben Casey which was an american medical drama that ran on ABC from 1961 to 1966. Then he mentions Welby, most likely a reference to Marcus Welby, M.D which was another ABC medical drama that aired from 1969 to 1976. Then finally he mentions, the master, VON FRANKENSTEIN HIMSELF. Okay. So he’s studied with two television drama medical doctors and the guy who created one of the most famous horror movie monsters in existence. He says that with all his medical knowledge and the world’s most advanced technology he should be able to… GUESS what the matter is. Sonic, rightfully, mocks this by sarcastically slapping the sides of his face to do the Home Alone shocked expression and shouts “Really? What a shocker!” I’m actually on Sonic’s side here. Everyone in this room is off the deep end. Of course, Sally tries to explain to Sonic, again, that Dr. Quack is awesome at his job and Geoffrey teases Sonic about not having respect for medical practices. I don’t get what all this focus on the same subject of Dr. Quack being so fucking good at being a doctor is supposed to amount to. He hasn’t actually done anything throughout this entire issue. All this dude has done is brag about how awesome he is and then zap the king using a device that Rotor created, once, before fucking off. Maybe he’s about to prove to us why all this repetitive praise is necessary though. Dr. Quack says “Enough of this!” and starts to look the king over. Using his advanced medical knowledge he comes to the conclusion that the king is in a daze or stupor. Inside the king’s eye, the flashback continues, thank God. Robotnik has the king in his grasp, or rather, his robots do. He explains that he wishes to save the world from chaos by making things orderly. To do this, he invented the Roboticizer. It’s a device that’ll turn everyone into robots that obey only Robotnik’s commands. It’s the perfect way to see to it that his plans come to fruition. When the king calls him monstrous, Robotnik replies by saying that’s only his point of view. From Robotnik’s point of view, the king is the enemy and he must be eliminated for the good of all. That’s good. I like this angle of Robotnik truly viewing what he’s doing as being for the good of all. Of course, the book is making no bones about the fact that he’s being incredibly selfish as well. He opens the portal to the Zone of Silence and tells the king to say hi to its inventor Ixis and the former warlord, Kodos. I recall Kodos being mentioned before as the one who headed up Robotnik’s stuff before Robotnik did, in a sense. Interesting how the Acorn Kingdom only seemed to have two humans there and both of them betrayed them all. The king declares that he WILL get Robotnik for this as he’s being thrust into the zone. Back in the real world, the king screams out like a crazy man and everyone is concerned. The doctor, for the first time in the issue, decides to do something helpful by telling them that he’s most likely combing through his memories in an attempt to regain his former self. The more he experiences these nightmares, the worse it gets. His plan? He’s got a device called the Dream Catcher that when used will send someone from the outside world into what’s called the Dream Zone. Sure, I’ll buy it. The doctor also says that if anything goes wrong, the person he sends might not awaken. He asks for volunteers and Sonic, Sally, Tails, and Geoffrey all do so without hesitation, which is nice. Geoffrey even offers to flip for it. Sonic ultimately wins the coin flip and lays down to get hooked up and sent into the king’s mind. The doctor then produces a waiver for Sonic to sign that gets the hospital out of any responsibility should anything go wrong. Sally snaps at the doctor for this and the doctor immediately backtracks on it, saying that he was just trying to inject some medical humor to lighten the tension. Yes, I understand. Immediately after stating that if something goes wrong they’ll never wake up again it’s important to make a joke that doubles down on that notion that you’re in danger of being stuck in a coma for the rest of your life to lighten the tension. You’re a quack. Sonic is hooked up to the device and transported into the King’s dream. The king is here and he’s looking like his normal self. He recognizes Sonic as Sir Charles’ nephew (this is so weird still) and tries to contemplate how to get out. Sonic tries to explain something to him but the king ignores it. However, before he can try again, Kodos shows up, out of nowhere, and starts swinging an axe at the king for no reason. Sonic contemplates whether or not to help him because he knows it’s just a memory being played out in the king’s head. Once he decides to go through with it, he gets zapped in the butt and stopped. By who? By another familiar face I recall from my more current knowledge of the comics, a giant panda God monster thing called Feist. Kodos decides it’s best they table their disagreement for now… the disagreement that HE brought up out of nowhere, mind you. Instead, he turns to Feist and, again, for no reason, says he’s gonna kill him. It doesn’t go well. I just saw a dude get obliterated with eye beams. Awesome. The king thinks he’s about to get obliterated too but Sonic speaks up again, trying his best to tell the king that this isn’t real. He’s just trapped in a dream of what already happened (which means Kodos really did get eye beamed out of existence. Holy shit.) He says this in a much more confusing way at first which prompts the king to ask him to run it by him again. When Sonic explains that the king has already been rescued and is resting on an operating table, the king gets viciously angry at Sonic and almost looks like he’s about to punch him, the way it’s drawn. Sonic asks the king to, again, let him continue. For some reason, the king is unable to let Sonic speak. I guess, being a king, he’s got a rather huge ego and his regal nature makes it so that he can’t just immediately accept when he’s wrong about something. That’s actually more interesting than the typical nice king, I suppose. He’s not a complete asshole of course. Once he does start to listen, Sonic explains to him everything that’s gone down since he’s been stuck in this zone. Robotnik has gone about establishing his new world order. He's roboticized so many of the kingdom’s residents. A select group of people escaped to the Great Forest and set up a resistance to help fight against Robotnik but, of course, they haven’t succeeded. Sonic says that they need the king back to offer his wisdom and experience. Somehow, I doubt that. He does mention that Sally wants her father back, which is true. As the King comes around to admitting that Sonic is right, Sonic vanishes and wakes up back in the medical bay. The Quack doctor asks Rotor what the machine says and Rotor says that the crystallization has stopped. He’s still mostly crystal but the process itself will not be continuing. So that’s good. One obstacle down. Geoffrey even manages to throw Sonic a slight compliment. Tails approaches Sonic with a really gross looking long neck and asks if he’s fine. Sonic delivers a cheesy final line that I will not be repeating here and the issue ends. The majority of this issue was actually really good. The flashback was easily the best parts of it and the final confrontation with King Acorn in the Dream Zone was done pretty good as well. The only real hiccups were all the weird things happening at the start of the issue with Dr. Quack. The set-up for why he’s there and what he’s there to do takes too long and is written in a strange manner. Thankfully, once the issue gets going, it actually does become something worth your time. I do always have a nice affinity for dark origin stories. Thumbs up. Can’t wait to see what’s ne-oh shit. I know what’s next. Oh no.
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    Chamomile #119
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    Here are ideas I have: 1. The Grand Prix Nitro Bar only shows how much Nitro you need to get to the other side of the bar instead of how much you need to unlock the next available thing. I think going forward, the bar should have numbers under each unlockable to allow people to plan when and how long they'll play to try and unlock stuff. 2. I think the Pit Shop needs a redesign. Instead of just having 8 options on one page, each type of unlockable should get their own page: Special Sets/Packs Kart Sets Skins Paint Jobs Wheels Decals Stickers Special Sales Grand Prix Exclusives You can also sort items by price, new/old, Grand Prix Bonuses, etc. You can tag items so that when shop resets, items you tag won't be lost in the rotation (or get rid of the rotation entirely). There would be sales that lower the price for certain items on specific days, weeks, months, or seasons. For example, Sundays could be a discount for Special Sets and during the summer, players can get a discount on the Summer style items like Beach Coco & Lifesaver N. Trance See 1 or 2 items on a Set that interest you but don't feel like buying the entire Set? Now you can! Plus, the next time you want the other items, you can buy the Set for a discount or still buy them individually If you have all of the items for a specific section of the shop, it will have a "Sold Out" message instead of several that say "Empty". 3. I think there be a Garage/Collection option that allows you to look at all of the items you've collected and save presets of characters & cars you've put together. Want to race as one of the Nitro Squad with their Motorsport Skin, Sticker, & Paintjob? You can save a set for that. Also, you can look at your Friends' Garages to see what they're rocking. 4. Didn't make it into the Top 5 percent in the Grand Prix? That's ok. As a complimentary prize, we'll convert all the Nitro you've earned into Wumpa Coins. Let me see here... how does 1 Nitro = 100 Wumpa Coins sound? Speaking of which, there should be a calculator that tells players how many Trophies/Nitro they need to be in the top 5 Percent. 5. Instead of just daily & weekend bonuses, what if you can unlock Bonuses for doing other things? Just beat Oxide in Adventure Mode? Here's a Wumpa Coin Bonus for you. Beat him again at 100%? Here's a bigger bonus for you. Did you just unlock all the skins for a Characters or Decals for a Car? Here's a Bonus for ya. 6. Finally, instead of Daily & Weekend Bonuses being stuck to a timer, it should be tied to Coupons that are used during a certain number of races/battles played in. If you're online, and a race gets canceled, your coupons get refunded.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I mean sure but that didn't exactly stop him in Sonic Heroes, did it
  47. 1 point
    Things like "use every weapon as N. Gin", "play online with 2 friends as Team Bandicoot or Team Cortex", "take Cortex Castle's shortcut in every lap and win", "block missiles with TNT or beakers 5 times" could shake things up. I wouldn't scrap the quick challenges they have right now, they're fine IMO. I also like the easy challenges like "break X crates", "collect X wumpa fruits", "do X trick jumps as X character" or the "play X Cup". I would mostly change how the challenges work tho': make them all achievable both offline and online, rise the ammount of Nitro Points you get from every challenge and give a bonus for completing every challenge in a chain and for completing a tier. Also, tone down the "X% bonus for using X character, decal, paintjob, kart". Make it a daily thing instead. Like, if you play as Crash (any skin) on the day he's a bonus character, you get a little bonus. I read a very cool idea on Reddit a few weeks ago: hide a "wumpa whip" in every track. If you find it and collect it, it would double your Nitro Points earnings in that race. As for the online mode as a whole, heck, there's sooooo much to improve. Add cups, give an option to invite random player to private lobbies (like GTA 5 does), add an option to invite friends to matchmaking lobbies too, make the 30 seconds start after the 3rd racer finishes the race, not the 1st. The layout could also be improved miles, it's so barebones right now.
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    Honestly, if they were going for references for references' sake, like I very much believe they'd go the route of referencing memes, or recent titles, as those are what would resonate most with kids who's watching this with Sonic. Maybe some classic stuff with Mania... ...but going to the extent that the animators/creators of this show are doing goes beyond that level. You don't just make references to Chaotix, AoStH, and a random issue of Archie Sonic (which only would've been widely available in one country no less), or hell - go to the effort of literally frame by frame recreating the intros of the original games, right down to the exact letter of animation that is present in that promo. I'm sorry, but it's extremely obvious that these references are being made by a group of people who actually know about the series, and enjoy it to a high degree, to go so far as to go beyond the games and extend the references to additional media like AoStH or Archie. What I'd consider a "pandering reference towards some kids" is placing Sanic into Forces via a t-shirt. I don't consider adding things that are actually smart references that require additional knowledge of the series to get as "pandering". If you didn't know about the Death Egg arc in Archie, it'll look like a generic Sonic comic cover. If you do, it shows how much research the creators placed into making this episode. Like using that same line of logic, you could basically use that as a black mark against Mania as well. "They're just pandering to Classic fans by putting Nack, Bean and Bark into the game via cameos". There's a pretty conclusion line of difference between pandering references for no reason, and placing in smart additional details that are designed as pure fan-service for fans of the series. The same way you can tell from the beginning that Mania is developed by a set of passionate fans who are in love with this series and want to do it justice, you can tell that the creators of KO are big Sonic fans and also want to do it justice as well.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm really starting to regret the whole Mr Tinker arc now. The series was never going to come down on the side of killing Eggman, and he was always going to go back to being evil eventually, but now we'll never stop hearing about it.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    "For the annual issue, we though to make big story about Sonic Vs Eggman". That is enough to hype you up? That's the plot of issue 175, 200, 225, and probably would do all the next anniversaries, ignoring crossovers.
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