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    Another crude animation, this time with two characters. Gonna experiment with ways to display impact. When I think of how cartoons would showcase pain, I think classic Tom and Jerry did it best in my opinion. Ed Edd n Eddy did it in it's own style which looked comical and impactful too.
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    And here is the excuse he will be using as to why the app is yet again delayed. "Raves and gasps of amazement"...I will be honest, that is the best fiction writing he has ever done...
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    No better way to declare your villainy than to take your mom's maiden name.
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    Yes this is real, you can look it up yourself and try: That image got me laughing so hard!
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    Everything about this sounds so absolutely awful on every conceivable level it's utterly hilarious.
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    ...Yeah, this sounds like everything that I wouldn’t want from a Sonic game. I mean sure, that’s the whole point of the pitch, but I don’t think anyone was asking for a Sonic game that aimed to not be a Sonic game. 3D Sonic games aren’t often criticized for their non-Soniclike aspects for no reason, you know? Add on the fact it would have been developed by a company not really known for anything spectacular and it’s no wonder why nothing came of it. It’s weird how this only now surfaced, though. You’d think something like this would have been discovered years ago.
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    Dee Dude

    It’s Hero time!

    It’s Hero time!
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    I LOVE Green Day, but no.

    I LOVE Green Day, but no.
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    English person: “Right, so we’re all agreed that the vast majority of our nouns should sound at least partially similar to eachother?” French person: “Oui” Italian person: “Sì” Spanish person: “Sí” German person, slamming fist on table: “NEIN!!!”
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    I disagree. That's just what the protagonists in Dragon Quest are referred to as, both in the games and in the fan discussion surrounding them. It's kind of an important word in the series, and even the characters who were given dubiously canon names are usually colloquially referenced as the "hero from X game" (something not made obvious by Smash discussion), which can't be said about "Dragon Warrior." Generic though it may be, "Hero" is the name actual DQ fans are going to recognize and connect with, and if the character isn't being made for them, then who is he for?
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    (tweet) THANK YOU PACMAN

    (tweet) THANK YOU PACMAN
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    Is it still coming soon in 2012?
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    Now I'm just curious what the heck a "Shadow's world" is. Did Shadow inherit Space Colony arc and is now a gardener cultivating a dead wasteland landscape in there? Is Shadow suddenly God who can create his own planet? Is Sonic sucked into Shadow's brain? Did Shadow buy a house on an dark and edgey island and declare himself ruler of the land? Is this a retcon where the whole Space Colony ark backstory is thrown in the garbage and now Shadow's from his own evil dimension? Does every Sonic character have his/ her own dimension in this story? Did Sonic schoolhouse take place in Omo chao's dimension? I know it's probably just the flat surface level concept idea and if the game was ever finished, I doubt they would have called it "Shadow's world" It would have been just Some location that happens to fit with Shadow's personality. But still, the way it's written sounds so funny/ interesting. Not to mention the equally stupid "Sonic's world" is freaking canon. Climax entertainment huh? From Landstalker/ Super Runabout. A Sonic game in that style. Sounds interesting. Alas. We got Sonic rivals instead. And interesting how many of these "Let's make a Sonic game that's utterly Not a Sonic game in tone and atmosphere" ideas were floating around in the mid 2000's. Cultural zeitgeist I guess.
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    Man who could imagine a game where Sonic's running around in dead, lava-filled environments fighting monsters. Oh.
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    That's good. You're in the top 5%.
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    I feel like a redundant zombie at this point when it comes to SSMB. One moment I’m rising from the grave to frequently post here, and another I’m dead silent aside from a few likes. But no matter how active I am on other sites, I could never truly abandon you guys ❤️
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    Big Panda

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Kintobor and Robotnik are two separate families that just so happen to be reverse-spellings of each other. ...no, really. Julian’s dad was a Kintobor, his mother a Robotnik.
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    Good thing it's not trying to be. Not every cartoon is trying to a big sweeping epic. Some are just trying to be fun and make people laugh. Not saying there isn't lore but not every cartoon has to be a long strand telling an intense emotional story. Sometimes they can be a silly show about superpowered kids working in a bodega.
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    I'm so mad that the Infinite theme slaps so much. What a good theme song for such a meh villain.
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    They’re after me, I don’t have much time. But I uncovered something huge today. You ever been to a Disney park and seen Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, and other Disney characters walking around? They’re not the *real* chara- SHIT, THEY FOUND ME!!! *jumps out window*
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    DOOM 64 coming to PC and PS4?

    Didn't know that , I'm betting Bethesda or id have delayed this as it would've completely dwarfed the announcement of the other 3 games.
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    DOOM 64 coming to PC and PS4?

    Maybe Switch, too, because we only initially saw stuff for the Switch port of 1, 2 and 3 before QUakeCon
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    Here are my guesses for the 4 Fighter Spirits: I chose the Famicom artwork for Erdrick and Solo because the series is more popular in Japan so I'd expect them to use those
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    I would make a comment about how hilarious it is that he can't even bother to keep his lies believable, but if you're going to lie to people who already know you're prone to it, you may as well pretend that things went the way you wanted rather than the way they actually did.
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    Seeing Fast & Furious Hobbs & Shaw on Thursday
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    ...Can you port 2 and 3 pls?

    ...Can you port 2 and 3 pls?
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    I like how everyone in the early 2010s collectively decided to move away from the wild toxic internet culture, only for the late 2010s to take a backflip straight back into the wild toxic internet culture but worse what exactly did we achieve here
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    They're not going to mention that in that post. I imagine that Sakurai will show that stuff off tomorrow We don't have an exact time, so it could be tomorrow in North America depending on the timing
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    You know, I'm style little annoyed by calling him "Hero". That's too vague of the word, describing half of Smash's roster. If Erdrick really couldn't be official face and treat the rest like Koopalings, they should go with "Dragon Warrior". Even if you don't know that first games were called that in USA, it's still gives you a idea of connection to Dragon Quest. I mean, I'm pretty sure DreamWorks doesn't own that tittle.
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    No. He didn't have any of what I described there. He's also got that shitty tuff of gray hair on his head that makes him look like an old man. If Tails is gonna be a main villain he needs to look adorable dammit.
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    If it's a game where everything's not like Sonic than I'd like for Tails to be the main villain. He needs a monocle and to be carrying around a glass of brandy wherever he goes, fighting against the forces of good, the great Hero Dr. Egg-Hero. As for this game though, would it have been dark and lava filled like 06 or would it have been dark and lava filled like the Ifrit fight in the Rivals games? I literally have two questions.
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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind completed. Far as the anime adaptations go...this might have moved up to being my favorite.
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    I'm expecting music from the 4 playable Heroes' games, but I'm hoping for this too
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    Probably the old Square Spirits (Chocobo and Geno), some 4 Dragon Quest ones (I'm guessing Slime hat, DQ 1 Hero, DQ V Hero and maybe Jade from DQ XI or a Munchie hat), Home Run Contest and my out-of-leftfield guess is Music DLC packs
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    There's like, literally nothing to say currently unless there's the rare occasion where merch like those tops get leaked, and even then that's not worth much more than just a "Haha yeah, those do look kinda bad."
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    Well 1270397/20 is 63519, so I think you're safe (I'm at 1559 out of 110000 on Xbox, almost within the top 1%, so if I don't get the kart I'm gonna be pissed). Looking around yeah, it seems the kart will be handed out tomorrow. GP items are still in the Pit Stop, which is nice because I can get Motorsport Liz, the only one I'm missing.
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    What...? I... I guess I'll see that when it comes up but... I'm getting increasingly more surprised by how much Knuckles is willing to lay out the welcome mat when it comes to his island. I guess it's just another one of those things that exists by virtue of the book being really old and not in line with what eventually gets established about him later on. Fucking what? I actually have the encyclopedia. I haven't read it yet because I do want to keep what I find out about some of this old stuff largely a surprise but at the same time, because I've read from 150 and beyond, I know where this all leads and as such I don't care too much about spoilers. Although, it seems I was right about one of the things I said from the looks of this. His name was Kintobor... but he didn't switch it around. It was his mom's maiden name. That's actually far more absurd. Holy shit dude.
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    I got 42,184, which I think is in the 5% area for PS4 for the Champion Kart (Total players is 1270397). Can anyone confirm? I heard it wouldn't be handed out til tomorrow so idk if I'm in the top 5 or not.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I don't blame ya for not remembering a character that died within 2-3 pages of being introduced, plus she was more of an old cat lady back then, and then re-coined to be directly related to Rosie. It's the Ant thing I find more juicy. Yeah they don't really give it any thought until after #50. Speaking of which. Hey-Yo! Welcome to Endgame! You know it's right around the corner because they had to call in a doctor. (eh I jumped the gun by 2 issues but can't resist making that joke)
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Looks like Julayla, Sally's mentor. She was the old lady that died of in the "In Your Face" special. Secondly, and I might be wrong, but I think the kid isn't Sally, but Antoine? Ant's marked by a bulky turtleneck like that in SatAM's Past to the Past. It just strikes me that kid Sally has more of a sleeve-less princess jasmine get up, and that coat doesn't' jive. Just bringing it up because I remember reading this scene back in the day and thinking "Oh! this a traumatizing event that reframes his cowardly demeanor in the present." (edit: heh *Past* to the Past you know what typo you can stay).
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I feel like an argument that should be made by shadow in future if they want to salvage this is " Well he helped us" and would be a shadow move that retains being a dick , and isn't holier than thou is " Well he's helped us in the past " " If you need to regularly rely on someone who actively wants to enslave the entire planet to save you. You need to rethink how you are doing things " I think that lets both characters " be right " so they can drop this as sort of contention point and maybe use it as means to expand on the world at large. Maybe people start heeding shadow's advice and start trying to develop their means of " not relying on eggman to unfuck the situation " . We know gun exists , but that would be a weird way to introduce a animal planet version of " GUN". Like " Ok maybe we don't need to bust caps in to every criminal but like yo sonic this follow your rainbow shit, like yo this is a problem. Yo we need to actively take steps to solve this rather than retroactive resistance starting "
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    The echidnas went extinct because they were too busy building carnivals instead of farms.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I mean sure but that didn't exactly stop him in Sonic Heroes, did it
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    Things like "use every weapon as N. Gin", "play online with 2 friends as Team Bandicoot or Team Cortex", "take Cortex Castle's shortcut in every lap and win", "block missiles with TNT or beakers 5 times" could shake things up. I wouldn't scrap the quick challenges they have right now, they're fine IMO. I also like the easy challenges like "break X crates", "collect X wumpa fruits", "do X trick jumps as X character" or the "play X Cup". I would mostly change how the challenges work tho': make them all achievable both offline and online, rise the ammount of Nitro Points you get from every challenge and give a bonus for completing every challenge in a chain and for completing a tier. Also, tone down the "X% bonus for using X character, decal, paintjob, kart". Make it a daily thing instead. Like, if you play as Crash (any skin) on the day he's a bonus character, you get a little bonus. I read a very cool idea on Reddit a few weeks ago: hide a "wumpa whip" in every track. If you find it and collect it, it would double your Nitro Points earnings in that race. As for the online mode as a whole, heck, there's sooooo much to improve. Add cups, give an option to invite random player to private lobbies (like GTA 5 does), add an option to invite friends to matchmaking lobbies too, make the 30 seconds start after the 3rd racer finishes the race, not the 1st. The layout could also be improved miles, it's so barebones right now.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm really starting to regret the whole Mr Tinker arc now. The series was never going to come down on the side of killing Eggman, and he was always going to go back to being evil eventually, but now we'll never stop hearing about it.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Mmmh, I kinda disagree with that Sonic wasn't shaked ? He seemed felling pretty guilty, and it's not because he have brushed it off (for the second time, actually) that he mean that he reached a conclusion. He seemed to have been pretty affected by Shadow words, and it looked more like a way to reassure himself to go back to action (because a city was in danger) and not a definitive conclusion to the "I didn't do the bad thing". It's pretty visible to me that the last part of this substory ("Should Shadow have killed Eggman") is still missing a conclusion, because it really didn't look like that Sonic was sure that he did the right thing. For me it's quite the opposite : after that he isn't sure at all, and maybe later something will show that Sonic was "right" to do what he did or that they'll go further to the "even if the right thing have dire consequences, it can be the right thing") It's kinda like how Sonic acted when he was contamined : he said that "I will be fine I already have dealt with that kind of things before", and the next issues actually showed that he wasn't 100% sure of himself after that (with this very issue showing that he is really starting to have problem keeping with the need to constantly run)
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    Blue Blood

    Pokémon Sword & Shield

    I keep hearing Alcremie pronounced as "Al-creamy". It's "Al-cremmy", as in "crème brûlée" and "crème de la crème", right? It's name is a play on "alchemy".
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    Badnik Zero

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I’m glad you liked Sonic Quest. This was easily my favorite miniseries during the days of Archie doing miniseries. I feel as though Archie hits a good story stride around 36-50, including the miniseries and early Knuckles series. Everything for this period feels a bit more focused. Later even the simplest of continuity gets all confusing. I'm a fan of Manny Galan, the artist for this arc. He’s going to do several regular issues and the Knuckles series as well. His characters seem more alive in motion than the other artists. You’re right, his characters do seem a bit more stretched or slim, but he seems to give them personality in expression. Nice review! (Also yeah we never see Carl fucking Condor again lmao)
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