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    Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.
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    Reminder that Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 is premiering tomorrow at 7pm GMT/2pm EST!
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    Okay, so people are getting the Champion Kart and decal from last GP despite not finishing within the top 5% and also got the decal from this GP. How long untill they realise it was their mistake and take it away from these people? Now that would be the ultimate douchebaggery. I hope they see this was 100% their fault and don't take it from people who are enjoying it.
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    Yeah...what are we working towards if we make the top 5% this time? The right to keep it afterwards? Also, I like how the tournament shows I did some challenges before it started but doesn't add the Nitro from it...
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    https://serebii.net/swordshield/galarpokedex.shtml Apparently Mew will be in the Galar Pokedex. When was that shown/confirmed?
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    He's right to a certain degree. Sometimes even when companies take constructive criticism, audiences are happy with it but then just completely ignore it once a problem is fixed, as if there's nothing to worry about anymore. I usually don't agree with Carry a lot. I think the guy is a great comedian, and I think he's an incredible artist, but whenever he makes an argument or a claim it's usually biased, anecdotal, or very centered around his ego to the point where he thinks he knows what he's talking about, but really he doesn't. Seperating the art from the artist, I don't really agree with what Carry says as a person. I think he'll be a great Robotnik. Although I agree with him to a certain degree here (he's talking about art this time), if the design for Sonic, something that millions of people are diminishing, is changed (and looks better) I think audiences will recognize it, enjoy not only what they did, but also everything else being shown like its humor and action (because now people won't focus solely on how Sonic looks) and more people will want to see this film.
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    Apparently on ResetEra we'll be getting a whole bunch of Sonic CD alpha stuff soon.
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    It's called "Tawna Pink" apparently.
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    every day i think about how the 8 bit and handheld games were shafted entirely from generations because “nobody would remember them” even with that in mind, you’d be giving them a glimpse, just like how some people in the world haven’t played the likes of unleashed or s3k before basically making new fans of those games, in a similar fashion to how smash introduces people to new games outside of the crossover they’re all in but i guess that’s just too good of a thing and those games are just doomed to being seemingly irrelevant to this day
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    That would be because it was Zephyr.
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