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    That's a wrap on the event for this year! Thanks for everyone who attended and celebrated counting down Sonic's history via song! We're planning the debut of the Celebration Video commemorating the event and everyone who requested songs this Saturday (August 10th) at 5pm EST/10pm BST!
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    Been feeling pretty downtrodden lately. Can't focus, lost my drive. Then I see this video in my YouTube recommendations:
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    Big the Cat is a bad influence for kids because they’ll grow up to think all fat people are stupid.
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    Sonic in SA1 Sonic in Sonic Nex Gen Sonic in Sonic Rush Adventure I'd call those boring, by comparison of the other games at the time.
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    Sonic is actually the most stiff and straightforward in the first Adventure game. He loosens up in the games afterward and carries that cocky attitude pretty consistently up through Unleashed. He's just the type that'll pretty much always do the right thing in the end. That might be boring to some, but It's been how he is since the classics. That part of the character hasn't changed even as they dial the knob up and down on his attitude.
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    https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/mcdonalds-paper-straws-plastic-recyclable-pollution-environment-a9039691.html McFail
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    I suppose, but honestly it's for the better. I think it not being the main point and how he tackles it to be better for him than what Lost World did and I wouldn't say Lost World had a story to tell with him...more like an idea that was barely cooked that was just thrown in onto the main side dish cause why not. But I get what you mean. For all of 10 minutes they had, I think they did it well. How would you have handled this in a way that works, but also doesn't just end up pissing everyone off like in Lost World?
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    Woo boy, what a mess they've painted themselves into to. Honestly, making the next released game something like Team Sonic Racing was a smart move because boy was Forces a conceptual mistake. We quite honestly need something of a low profile and making it a spinoff doubles that. Honestly, they should probably do something between Lost World(Greater Control, adventurous, half and half tone) and Heroes(more than one playable character, semi-distinct stage gimmicks, varied music) for the next mainline game. Something that's self-contained, moderately distinct, and most importantly, as different from Forces as possible.
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