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    It's officially my birthday right now. And what's the biggest present I got this year? A computer that's not actual dogshit! (Seriously tho, my computer had a Celron processor, 2 GB RAM, Intel 3000 integrated graphics, a tiny-ass screen, and the worst shade of purple ever. That's disgusting.)
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    I do really think Sonic is yet to peak. The classic games are really just a preview imo for the potential real best Sonic game, a raw physics based game, with all the subtleties of the classics with the additional freedom of a Z-axis.
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    Sorry to say this, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it appears we at Motobug will have to unfortunately cancel this year's celebration video as we're all really busy with life and unable to work on it solidly. That said, @Strickerx5 and I are currently discussing badge distribution, and there will be the usual finale post to this year's event at some point over the weekend. Sam & Max will also still be airing tonight at 10pm BST/5pm EST. Massive apologies again for the last minute announcement, and I hope you understand.
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    https://board.sonicstadium.org/profile/7129-ryannumber1gamer/?status=962976&type=status I'm proud of this and all it took was three hours
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    Your Vest Friend

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Knowing our luck, it'd still be delayed by then.
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    It's surreal looking at old statuses and noticing how many prominent members aren't around anymore
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    https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/08/09/gwyneth-paltrow-didnt-know-samuel-l-jackson-was-in-the-mcu I take it Paltrow is one of those actors who never watch their own movies? XD
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    This isn’t about hating Sonic, people also to want play as other characters and stuff like Olympics and TSR isn’t gonna cut it The problem of go play another game series is that Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Shadow, etc aren’t showing up in non-Sega games where I can play as them so that suggestion is a load of crap. Sonic is the main character but that doesn’t stop me and others for wanting to play as other characters in an big budget 3D game so I’ll keep asking whenever I get the chance and I don’t need your approval.
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    My hope for Cream's future

    "I wonder if there has ever been a character in the series who is, get this, a rabbit and a robot. then ehs can fight eggman and doesn't afraid of anything"
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    I don't… think that microtransactions ruin the game, not for me at least because I won't spend any more real money on the game, but they sure are annoying and ugly to see.
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