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    Thank you Yo-Kai Watch subs for making me realize that the word Tomodachi means friend in Japanese. So that means that one 3DS game is called Friend Life. That there's some wholesome shit.
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    The Last Jedi is way better than any of the prequels and spin-offs. I don't understand the appeal of those outside of nostalgia.
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    I’m gonna be honest here. The boycott happening in r/teenagers in Reddit right now is just too far.
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    *motivation is waning while working on a commission* *thinks about how crappy my current retail job continues to get and how I wanna break free from it sooner rather than later and how I'll need backup savings if I do that*
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    Man, that was another big walk I just took.
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    I mean, it's not even a question. Sonic's friends shouldn't be defenseless without him. Exactly how capable they are should vary depending on who you focus on, but none of them should be outright helpless.
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    My hope for Cream's future

    "I wonder if there has ever been a character in the series who is, get this, a rabbit and a robot. then ehs can fight eggman and doesn't afraid of anything"
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    My hope for Cream's future

    He tried already. It failed Sonic Advance 2 & 3, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Battle, Shadow the Hedgehog, SEGA Heroes... Charmy and Marine have cried before. Charmy has also recently been turned into a robot by Eggman Tails was kidnapped in the 8-bit version of Sonic 2 and Amy was kidnapped in Sonic CD Oh, I see. You just want Bunnie Rabbot in the Main Series.
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    Overall? I would say that it's been largely fine as far as reception goes. People have complaints about Amy (always) but that hasn't stopped her from being the most popular female character in the franchise. Rouge is generally well-liked even if there's a sub-group of people who find the "come hither" angle a bit daunting. To each their own on that one. Blaze, I never hear a bad word about. Cream is pretty much adored on one end and considered largely irrelevant and easily ignored on the other. Not much in terms of hate. Wave... hmm. I.. think she's hated. Most don't seem to really love her but, then again, her personality is purposefully more on the abrasive side so that might be partly intentional. For the ones that matter, I think we're largely okay. As for the less important females we have: Sticks, who feels like she's gotten a bit of a mixed reception. I'm not too sure. I see a lot of love for her at times but I also recall a lot of people saying they found her annoying. Then again, most of that was during the lead up to Sonic Boom the TV show and what they could make of her during previews. Mostly, when Sticks is mentioned in passing, I don't see TOO strong a resistance against her but not a ton chomping at the bit to see her return either. Marine is largely hated but she also hasn't had a single appearance worthy of note since 2007's Sonic Rush Adventure; a game that "coincidentally" also happens to be the game she debuted in. Fancy that. A few side appearances in the Archie comics where someone as niche as Breezy and Honey can be given a beefy role is faint consideration. There's also the costumes of her in the Olympics, her one sticker in Brawl, and her background appearance in one of the Sonic Channel comics. What a character. Vanilla is Cream's mom. She's interesting because she's a mom. The series has a severe lack of those. In fact, she's literally the only one. I've never heard a bad word said about her and to be honest I'm not sure there even IS a reason to hate her. Elise is garbo. Almost everyone hates her and, in my opinion, for good reason. Never do this again, SEGA. Or Sonic Team. Whoever's fault it is. Shade is a character so out of the way and so forgotten that I literally couldn't remember her name for the first two minutes after remembering to talk about her. She's unnecessary and makes Knuckles' unique "Last of the Echidnas" thing a no-go. Can't say I found her all that interesting either. There's the occasional ask for her return, once in a blue moon, but I feel like the majority largely don't care. Zeena is pretty bad. She has some good reactions to the characters she's supposed to bounce off of but her general personality isn't enough to be interesting on its own. She's just the girl of the Deadly Six and that's it. Granted, her traits aren't supposed to be endearing. She's a villain after all. However, that's not an excuse for being so basic. No one seems to like her. Merlina is a character who often gets praised for being a well-done twist villain with an extremely unique motivation to boot. I don't think she's hated at all. Sharha is also a character who doesn't seem to be hated. Her vague past with Erazor and the way she interacts with Sonic makes her a little charming and slightly interesting. Although, more could have been done to push it a bit further. The Female Avatar character in Forces is Sonic's buddy. She's like the 4th little buddy Sonic's got, right after Cream, Charmy, and the Male Avatar but right before KO. She's good because she's little buddy material. We all want to be little buddy material. Fuck Julie Su. I'm done.
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    What I think's best for Tails

    But the thread's premise is asinine, though. Tails is to Sonic what Luigi is to Mario in that he's an iconic video game sidekick. Even to this day that's what he's known for. You have to know on some level that "school" isn't an appropriate fix for an iconic sidekick character from a fast-paced action platformer. Sega would get even more flak for that weird "school" idea than just having him be a wimp. The only thing I got out of this thread is that you understand the characters about as well as someone who doesn't play Sonic games at all.
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