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    I actually quite like the idea of romance being explored in Sonic and think it could be an interesting exploration of character. Just not for ANY of the reasons listed above.
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    (sorry for the iffy quality; Twitter didn't really take this image well)
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Idk man its kind of rude and uncalled for when someone is happy or excited for you to respond with ''yawn'' as if to make their opinion less valid then yours, you are free to say you don't care or aren't as excited but you can do that without mocking someone'else.
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    https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/08/16/australian-smash-bros-tournament-bans-hero-from-competitive-play Well that didn't take long, now did it? I wonder if this is going to be an isolated case or if Hero ends up getting banned everywhere. Guess Australians don't like some randomness in their competitive Smash, eh? Oh who am I kidding, no competitive Smash player likes randomness. If they did items would be turned on.
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    Sega getting Insomniac games and Rare to make Sonic games at the same time would be ridiculous. Don't even give stuff like this the time of day.
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    Invader Zim was already my favorite Nicktoon back in the day visually, in terms of its art style and production values, but I think Enter the Florpus overall is probably among my favorite things that Nickelodeon has ever produced now. might be the hype talking though as I just watched it but yeah. was a bold move to make it so...colorful, but it worked really well.
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    Yesterday’s day at work was fun. I had to help set up a microphone for a recording session, and in testing it, got all my co-workers singing along with me to I Want It That Way. And there was a piano in the recording studio. Some random employee came in, blasted the intro to Megalovania, and left. Then they came back shortly after and blasted Spider Dance, then left.
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    I don't really think it's a case of things dying per say, but rather SEGA (granted, unintentionally) killing off the good will that Mania garnered for them. Forces was meh, TSR was fun, but overshadowed by CTR (which ironically ended up being screwed), but to me personally, I think the biggest hit is the movie, because that just shot Sonic straight back down into the realm of a joke. In the same vain though, the movie ironically confirms that it's far from dead, because pretty much everybody from all walks of life with some kind of vague understanding of Sonic rose up to take the total piss out of the design, trailer, and movie in general, from hardcore fans, to casuals, to massive YT influences, talk show hosts, and whatever else, so we're in a really awkward situation where the movie has managed to splinter any good will because Paramount and those behind it are seemingly so dumb that they couldn't understand the obvious red flags popping up everywhere, and paid a heavy cost for it, while technically it caused such a massive stir, and major-wide fuck-up, especially so soon after Mania revived a ton of interest in the series that a ton of people came together, more than I've seen in a long time in this fanbase to more or less majority agree that the design sucked ass, and should be fixed.
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    The eye is mostly iris. It would probably look better if it was smaller and there was a sclera (white part). Just something I noticed from my cat, but the iris and sclera do have a dark line separating the two. It may also help if Penders didn't only put a highlight in the pupil. I notice that's a habit of his. Putting some highlight to the iris and sclera can make all the difference. I posted this drawing on my tumblr a bit back. Not the the best... but I tried. There are other things that could be picked at on the pannel. Mostly it doesn't look done. The.. echyd'na? isn't shaded with the cat guy.
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    The fact that they fucked up such a classic character design to such an extent that they've delayed the film to try to fix it kinda nullifies all that passion, though. Also, y'know, none of the rest of the trailer looking very good either. Even if we believe there are passionate people putting genuine effort into the movie, that doesn't preclude them still fucking things up. Passion is not synonymous with quality, you can try hard and with good intentions and still fail.
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    I hate using the internet to look up puzzle solutions in games, but every now and then I’m glad I did because the solution ends up being something I never would have noticed/thought of on my own.
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    As someone who loved Unleashed where Sonic was arguably at his fastest. Am I the only one ironically underwhelmed now by the sense of speed the Boost games provide? Like I'm not saying he needs to move even faster but the insane speed kinda loses any impact when it's his standard speed for most of the runtime. If there's one thing I love the 3D fan games for it's starting down the top of a slope and that "ohh shit here we go" moment where you can feel the pace transitioning into that crazy "out of control" state.
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    Anyone remember Sonic GL? i remember thinking this was the coolest thing ever back in the day and I wanted to play it so bad
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    How SonAmy might benefit the series

    How many homes does he own?
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Now that I think about it, Sand Hill borrowing assets from the Desert level is probably more likely than I previously thought. Supercoolsonic pointed out on Github awhile back when the Beta Windy Valley restoration mod was being worked on that the Chao Race map does reuse (albeit edited) textures from the original Windy Valley. With that in mind Sand Hill could perhaps be reusing the art direction and perhaps even some geometry from Desert. That was probably the intention even if Desert had ended up in the finalized product for all we know.
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    I am so close to getting a Torterra in Pokemon Go. That's all I need in life.
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    Man, this still gives me chills
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    My vacation/work week is almost over. As much as the fresh air, lack of smog and better food have been a nice change of pace, I'm starting to miss home, so it's good it hasn't prolonged for too much.
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    I just realized, as of Monday, I've been here a decade 😧
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    Enter the Florpus was a good movie.
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    How SonAmy might benefit the series

    How do you know for certain? Maybe Amy would find out being an a relationship with Sonic isn't all it was cracked out to be and not to fall for silly crushes anymore. Anyway, not every character has to be constantly happy or fulfilled. So what. You could make any stupid change to satisfy any fringe group's wants. Doesn't mean it's a good thing for anyone in the long run. Sonic isn't a perfect hero in any perspective. That's part of his character. Sonic explicitly doesn't like commitments as they slow him down. Not exactly sure why you want to change that. Sonic is a nomad and doesn't like to be tied down to any one location. All these "benefits" aren't even beneficial to Sonic. The characters don't age. We'd never see their kids as they'll never grow up as far as we're concerned. How? Nobody playing a Sonic game is interested in watching a relationship. Actually he wouldn't give a toss. Sonic only saves the world because he feels like it and it is just a pastime to him. He's not a professional superhero and a lineage of planet protectors really isn't something he would be interested in watching over. No they don't. Amy glomps Sonic because she has a crush on him like how she has since day one. Amy in her current portrayal is about as mature as a toddler, so I doubt Sonic is really going to be taking much wisdom from her. Sonic is a free spirit and impulsively goes from situation to situation and I don't know why you want to change that so much. Sonic is how he is, and if you don't like it, too bad. Just admit you don't like Sonic's personality and move on rather than trying to warp it into what you want. This isn't 2002 Archie. Actually I doubt at her age that being in a relationship would be doing that much good for her.
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    Even as a Sonamy fan, (just look at my sig and art) I can't tell if you are joking 1. It would make Amy the happiest she's ever been. - It was established that Amy is already happy enough with just chasing Sonic, she's also 12, not a 40 year old single woman wanting for the guy to pop the question. 2. It would make SonAmy fans' days. - Making something ;''canon'' to make shippers happy is a really really silly reason to make it canon. By that logic Voltron should have made Klance canon to make the fans happy but anyone knowing how much of a mess and harassment that fanabse caused and how much the ship itself doesn't make sense if it become ''canon''. 3. It would remove Sonic's debatable "shyness", making him 100% hero. .....what does being shy have to do with making you less of a hero? 4. Sonic would have a roof over his head. but Sonic doesn't want to sit in once place 5. It would benefit their world, as since they'll likely have their own kids, they'd probably inherit some of their heroic traits, thus, new heroes would be born. - Let's leave that to the fandom, the writers and artist shall we? 6. Story-wise, it could take the games in an interesting direction. - Not really it could also alienate and its not like Sonic Team already has to many characters they underused when they should. 7. Sonic would feel proud if he helped bless the world with a new hero or more in the long run. - Sonic doesn't have to do that by bringing a child into the world. training Tails or any other kid to be a hero would make him feel proud. Regardless of the bloodline. 8. Sonic Team teases it to no end. - Its the teasing part that makes it interesting 9. It would make for some interesting character development for both hedgehogs, something I'm sure we all miss, right? For example, Sonic could realise that running from every situation/problem/dilemma doesn't always make them go away, and that you need to deal with them properly. - You can do too without showing a relationship ? 10. Amy might lose her short tempered side, since she'd have Sonic as her partner. - If Amy loses part of her character just based on a romantic partner it would be really bad writing and development for her,
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    ....I was going to answer each of your points, but half of the time my answer was "What? You're joking right?" I mean, roof? Potential kids? Really? UNO: Sonic games aren't about romance. Ship teasing is to satisfy fans who like that sort of thing, with little interruption to those who don't. Fanfics are for that. DOS: Amy dream of becoming Sonic girlfriend is core to her character. It's her main dream, drive in life. Changing that in series that plans to go forever on pretty much stable status quo is not a great idea. It would require good writers, giving it a lot of focus, knowing how to handle her in the future, ow wait UNO! I wish there were more stories about boy and a girl who are already couple, rather than tiresome 'will-they-won't-they' , but Sonic/Amy aren't right couple for that TRES You know how many heros out there are in kinda-sorta relationship? Pretty much every comic hero, Mario, Link, DK, Spyro, Crash, Sly Cooper, Jak and way more. Guys like Kirby, Pit, Samus, Ratchet, Megaman don't have one (maaaybe weak teases). Sonic/Amy relation is very unique and emphasizes unique traits of both characters (Sonic's need to be free, Amy's passion etc). Why ruin it? Only good reason to canonize SonAmy is "because Amy's characterization in some games was very creepy", but frankly tying knot over that gives strange message. Just write her better in the future Sega (if they did got together, I'm sure terrible writers would know how to ruin her in a new way. Just look at Lost World/Forces Tails.) Personally I believe SonAmy can only happen 1) In fan work/What-If scenario specially design to explore this posibility 2) In comic/cartoon/sub-series that actually plans to have changing status quo, ideally that plans to end one day.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Is Omelette really even a character to SEGA? In fac, isn't there a character in some spinoff that technically isn't in the game despite the visual cues? @Tangled Jack Oh yeah, I forgot to say I'm sorry. I was rushing at the time and honestly didn't know what to say that lax or looking back SkulkBane didn't already, so all I could think of to get the point across was an unsure yawn. Probably should've came back sooner to expand/clarify on that, but that's hindsight for you. Oh, so would that another anti-Snively to go with Starline? Oh, so a rival for the title.
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    my xbone just turned itself on, i'm scared you guys
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    Enter The Florpus is definitely my favorite Nick revival special. The climax alone was something that need to be seen. This being on Netflix definitely gave this room to breathe I think. And I just found out Tyson Heese helped out with the animation for the namesake scene animation WHAT
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    Ion Fury (Formally, Ion Maiden) is that spiritual successor many Duke Nukem 3D fans were waiting since they got disappointed with Duke Nukem Forever. Developed by Voidpoint and distributed by 3D Realms (The same responsible for the 90's counterpart), Ion Fury was developed in the very same engine Duke Nukem 3D kicked ass back in 1994. The game is out today, August 14th on Steam and GOG.COM as well for Switch, PS4 and XONE. The game was in Early Access until some time ago and is finished and now released. The original name was called Ion Maiden but due to lawsuits, it was changed to Ion Fury. It actually a sequel to Bombshell, however that one has nothing to do with Duke3D. Here we control Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison (Not Duke, sorry) and we need to save the day in a very basic plot (As I know so far, not looking for Spoilers). However though, Jon St. John, Duke voice actor as well some familiar Sonic faces, does the villain main voice. The game received very well reviews with a Metascore of 81%, 10/10 on Steam and varies around 9 in website reviews. Screenshots: Well, I actually wasn't that hyped for this game but now I'm a bit excited for it. Going to see if I can manage some money to get it.
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    So weird living in a world where Shadow the Hedgehog is rated E10 and A Hat In Time for Switch is rated T for teen.
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    There's also a Huge diffrence between the more physical and slapsticky humor from 90's Sonic and the more "clever dialogue" self aware humor of post Colors Sonic. So even when I agree Sonic should have comedy, I can still massively disagree on which brand of comedy.
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    The Sonic canon

    Yes it is, compared to how things used to be. The general idea back in the day was that all the games took place on ONE world; the classic games, the modern games, the games featuring humans, the games not featuring humans. But now it's all messed up and stupid beyond belief. Take a game like Sonic Adventure and try to have it make sense when taking the current approach to the Sonic universe into account. It features the modern versions of the characters but you have characters making references to things that happened in the classic games ("Knuckles, don't tell me you let Eggman trick you AGAIN?"). The game features humans, but also features Angel Island, a location from the classic games which did not feature any humans except Eggman. So, which dimension and which planet does the game take place in? See, it's confusing and stupid.
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    My next review is here! This time, on Ninjago: Day of the Departed!
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    Teaser site up: https://hmkd.sega.com/ People on Resetera are talking about a trademark SEGA made called Humankind, so its probably that. https://www.wipo.int/branddb/en/showData.jsp?ID=USTM.79263620 So, not JSR. JSR 3 isn't completely out of the question. It topped the SEGA Ages poll last year and plenty of series from the poll have been returning. Probably not AAA, though. At the very least a remaster of Future should happen...
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    To start the World Championships 2019, a battle specific trailer for Sword/Shield was shown that reveals some new abilities, items, more info on Dynamax/Gigantmax, and the new battling UI. New Abilities: Neutralizing Gas & Mirror Armor New Items: Room Service & Eject Pack s Dynamaxing & Max Moves Remixed Mechanics: Battle Stadium
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    Tangled Jack

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I know you don't care for these comics. Okay? I think it's clear at this point. It's just literally my opinion that I'm excited... so yeah... yawn.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    "Did you eat the last Eggo?!" Yawn?
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    If "Jim Eggman" throws back his head angrily screaming "HEDGEHOOOOOOOGGG!" at any point, I'll be happy lol
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Don't over-hype yourself. For starters #20 isn't exactly anniversary issue. That tittle belongs to #25. Secondly, this isn't 'a long anticipated duel between old rivals'. Shadow is mind-controlled and has army, Sonic is sick and has Omega/Rouge. This will be much more chaotic. Thirdly, we all know Flynn won't allow clear winner. Sonic will probably trick stupid zombot into doing something that will break the fight (best case scenario Shadow will somehow regain free will long enough for other to incarcerate him. I expect something more like IDW #6 or fighting Roboticized Masters in Megaman Crossovers rather than Metal Vs Shard from SU #50 or "Total Eclipse" (granted that last one gave us half-assed conclusion too).
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    Maybe, he was referring to this? There was an green suit guy who was seen driving an Green Volvo SUV with minor damages spotted on set in Downtown Vancouver last year. That could be possibly Sonic behind the wheel. I don’t know. It’s feel weird seeing him driving an normal car. There was also an fake SFPD car parked next to possibly some set vehicles.:
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    Wow, I hope that supposed test screener is legit, because it sounds AWESOME!
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    Panda Claus

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Vaguely Archie Sonic-related news: Ian and co are doing another Cosmo miniseries.
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    "And there's a whole scene dedicated to SA2." Blatantly gonna be getting chased by Eggman's truck through San Fran.
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    Somebody had attended an test screening of the movie at an local mall somewhere in California. However, he is not allowed to give away spoilers because he could get in trouble if he give any away. Here is the link to his reaction on the movie. https://www.reddit.com/r/SonicTheMovie/comments/cqq7rd/saw_the_movie_a_while_back/
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    I would also argue that sonic's peak in popularity was in the 90's rather than the early 2000's..
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    There are plenty of correct ways to state how the series is seen less favorably in the public eye rather than to wrongly pair it with a real disorder. Failure to choose your words more carefully in the future will result in harsher actions.
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    Eh, I mean it’s something that’s pretty difficult to pin down. Like with every fandom, it actively fluctuates depending on what the actual franchise is doing. Only a few fandoms like Star Wars or something are immune to droughts like that. It’s why you see things like the Kid Icarus or F-Zero fandom lay dormant for a while but reawakened over the past year with Ultimate. At the end of the day, fandoms need content to keep active. This applies to Sonic. Simply put, we had more content coming out of the franchise a decade ago. As opposed to now where the last main game is going on 2 years at this point and didn’t really leave much of an impression outside the community. Not to mention the last game, at all, didn’t make much of a splash even in its small genre. The most we have currently and coming up are the comics (which honestly never have drawn up much attention outside its usual circle), the crossover special, a new entry in the Olympic series (stopped caring about these since London imo), and the movie which... well, no one really wants to talk about. Basically, I think we’re just neck deep in a rest period. A decade ago, we never really had such intervals. There was always a big new game somewhere on the horizon back then.
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    Mania saw a big resurgance in activity, even from non Sonic fans, but the series couldn't keep the momentum. There's also the very real problem that people are growing out of Sonic (real life gets in the way) and there are not enough new generation to replace them. I mean, a lot of people on this forum must be in their thirties.
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    Sanky's dying. The series keeps burning through goodwill, and its few successes aren't enough to make up for it. It's only natural that people drift away from the fanbase and fewer new faces join up.
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    I don't want to lose my job but I do want to get more attention on twitter so have a cryptic nothing.
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    RIP Russi Taylor (1944-2019)

    She was a very talented voice over artist with a huge roster and this is a great loss for animation. Disney won't be the same for me without her.
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    Really? She dies and your first thought is “who’s going to replace her?” Show a bit of class. ... I’ve always loved Russi, not just for her vocal work, but for her overall demeanour and personality. Whenever I saw her being interviewed, I loved hearing her soft and gentle voice, it always made me want to give her a big hug. As many of you probably know, Russi was married to former Mickey Mouse voice actor Wayne Allwine until his passing in 2009. So now Ms Taylor is with her husband again. Rest in piece, Russi, you wonderful lady.
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