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    I still remember the day when Invader Zim and Fairly Odd Parents premiered at the same time. I remember liking FOP as it was funny enough, but to me IZ was just on another level, everything felt so cinematic in its execution and its humor was so fresh at the time before the internet took said humor a few years later and ran it into the ground. Sorry just watching the first ep again for the first time in forever and getting nostalgic
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    Sonic really likes theming, he lets a pro photographer take these photos for free...wait?
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    How SonAmy might benefit the series

    How many homes does he own?
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    Came across this archived post from June. I know “anonymous 4chan post” isn’t a convincing credential, but haven’t seen it discussed anywhere which led me to believe perhaps not many people have even seen it to dismiss it. If you google “Sonic” “30th Anniversary” “4chan” the link is still there though. Again, I’m aware it’s likely bull. Apologies if I’m breaking any rules. Not intentional.
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    Gonna talk about shadow for a bit, because I think its interesting in this context . That statement explains so many things, like that time shadow IIRC is going through this emotional time , questioning who he is as a person and the only thing ken pnders thought of sonic to say is " You should get laid " . Not to mention the bad love angles that no one cared about, the the actual assault that took place and everything else with scourge, what he did with rouge , ect ect. It might explain why the guy had to be forced by sega to use the character. Shadow is a character, from the outset who for the most part , outside of .... sparce instances does not show anything close to anything that would be a romantic interest in anyone, he might have legitimately not understood the character. He might not be actually be able to comprehend a character who just wants to do non romantic things. Its things like these where I have no issue with the new book wanting to stay far away from that.
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    Penders is not a troll, dont try to downplay the actions of his comments by treating it like he is trolling. It was also well known that he has hang-ups about asexuality before. Its just a little insulting and a bit funny since the man always claims he is progressive when it comes to minorities and different sexualies. This is the same man who was proudly saying he was the first to have a gay character in the comic book (Rotor) and that he was the only one who hired women to work on the book.
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    Ken, that's how trademark abandonment works, not copyright.
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    Talking to people on Twitter is not healthy for him.
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    I wouldn't say I care immensely but they're honestly pretty gross to look at, in the same way I think Sonic having visible lumpy kneecaps and calves is nightmare fuel. Ken's own art happens to capture this uncanny valley vibe just as effectively. His 3D renders of Lara-Su characters are burned into my brain.
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    It is actually. All the elements of Sonic 3&K build hype and stakes. The fire in the first level shows us what we have to deal with. And of course there is this mysterious new character who keeps setting us in traps. Many people consider S3&K among the best story of the franchise even if there are no words, there are vibes, there are events. It's not a light-hearted Green Hill Fest with Sonic cracking jokes or dealing with comical useless villains. Ain't that storytelling?
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