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    Long time no see! Loading...
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    Yeap, I'm too am surprised it's relatively cheap. At least for now. My guess is that Activision will rise the price of all this stuff every so often. But we'll have to wait and see. As we draw close to the end of the month, a new GP arrives, the most anticipated perhaps: The Spyro and Friends GP, and oh man I am very excited. Can't wait to see the Spyro references they'll use for the legendary skins. I can already picture stuff like "Dr. (Shemp) Papu-Papu" or "Gnorc Zem". Coco using a hood like Bianca's would be neat too. "Sgt.(Byrd) Penta" anyone? Also, can't wait to see the track. I wonder if they'll pick a single level and make the track based on it (Stone Hill? Magic Crafters?) or create a track with elements from all the trilogy.
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    Y'know, thinking about it - Batman Arkham Knight was about the villains of Gotham being manipulated in the power struggle left over from Joker's death, and setting up a massive crime wave designed to wear out Batman. Honestly, it surprises me we didn't get Hush as a main villain for this series instead of the shitty side-quest resolution he got.
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    Interesting - I still seem to accumulating Nitro... so I presume the GP hasn’t ended then? Apparently there’s still over a day to go according to the schedule too, not to mention I’m getting double Wumpa coins for a 4th day in a row as well. Huh. Well regardless, this works for me - some extra grinding to get in before Spyro starts with a Pit Stop ‘deal’ for 20,999 Wumpa coins.
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    normally I'm not a fan of simplifying logos that we've gotten used to but this is one of those rare times that I think its an improvement:
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I mean, I don't agree that this story is nothing so I don't consider that a fact. There's very little to be worried about on my end. I'm thoroughly enjoying this arc and so far my only concern is how they'll be able to top this once it's done. I don't think the general personality of Shadow here has been executed poorly. I feel this specific instance of it could have been handled better but it's nothing that deals with tweaking his personality, just the manner in which he saw fit to take care of things in this singular issue. If that's the execution you're talking about, then I agree. I'm only acknowledging the concern that he could fold too much into that personality that the reason for him thinking and acting the way he does is lost and he ends up being just an asshole rather than a guy with a harsher perspective. That's why I brought up TSR. He's got so little agency in that game that characters who aren't there, Espio and Charmy, do more to contribute to the plot than him somehow, despite Shadow's face being all over that game's marketing. Though, as I stated, I'm not worried about that as far as this book goes. To me the issue here is a very tiny one and only deals with better clarification rather than any heavy change. Forces Shadow was good. I suppose the thing about Shadow, as far as I'm concerned, is that while I DO like him, he's not in my top 10 or anything and as such I'm more open to his personality being tweaked a bit to make him stand out more for me. I vastly prefer his IDW portrayal but, at the same time, I'm not put off by his portrayal in something like Forces or 06. That's kind of the magic that comes with having a tempered relationship with a character. That said, I do still feel the games need to do something to make him not just feel like another Vegeta. Like he talks a bit gruffer but he's just another friend who has trouble admitting he's a friend despite being completely on the hero's side and having no real conflict with the way he handles things. I like the concept of Team Dark. The whole group of darker aligned heroes who have harsher methods and harsher ideals that can lead to inner conflict is an interesting thing. Not to say I think the IDW portrayal is perfect either. I don't mind the arrogance but there are bits where it feels a bit too much. "Cowards run. I win" is like... what?
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    I'm a big fan of Kojima, but he can be very self-indulgent when not reigned in, so I'm being a bit cautious about this one. It looks fucking weird, which could be a good thing, but I do find the whole thing baffling.
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    In other news, I have found this video on Sonic Team’s sort of development cycles since the late 90s. Should be interesting to watch.
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    I've always felt fond towards the fossa
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    Why is this even still being fielded as a "suggestion" when there hasn't been a Sonic game that focused on more than 3 characters in over 10 years Half of you don't even think about the games when you talk. You're just posting the same essays from 2009
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