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    It’s my birthday tomorrow, and my father gave me his gift early. It’s a heckuva gift! So big, I don’t know where I could possibly keep it~~
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    My daily outfit swap drawing event has started! DAY 1 Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail) dressed up as Shinra Kusakabe (Fire Force)!
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    It should go without saying, but please do not use the SSMB PM service as a recruiting tool for long-term members to commit terrorist attacks against Sega HQ because of the Sonic movie.
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    <Not sure why, SSMB didn't published this status> Closing up this huge project, Solo - A Star Wars Story Review was just published: «topic» Thank you everyone for the support. Going to recheck all episodes looking for typos/inconsistencies and maybe consider writing a review for each trilogy as well the franchise in a whole.
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    Potentially pretty massive Smash Ultimate DLC Spoiler.
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    My profile needs a MASSIVE revamp. Looks like I know what to do for the next few hours.
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    Pretty cool fact I found meanwhile I write Solo's Review: Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) is the only actor who is in every Star Wars movie, from I-III, Solo and Rogue One, IV-VI as well VII-IX. In all movies he plays C-3PO except for Solo which he does just a cameo.
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    Today I learned about Joshua and the Promised Land It......good God, just why?
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    I don't think we'll get a trailer until October, but I think we'll see the redesign before then via merchandising.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Is that any of that relevant to the current arc though? Why does he need a unique purpose in an arc that's not particularly about him to begin with? This is what I was getting at when I said this arc is an ensemble arc that focuses on many different characters, with obviously Sonic being at the center. So I'm like...I don't really need to know what Shadow's most inner and deeper motivations are in that case, because they're not what the arc is about...
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    Honestly, I'm taking this with one big ol thing of sodium chloride.
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    Huh, really? Didn't think they listed new characters until they were ready to drop, or if they have pages they just give a vague window of when they were going to drop like "Summer" or "Fall." I don't really check the eShop pages for updates though.
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    Huh, so that's interesting then. This all just might be a mix up. Though then again, says a lot how odd most of these DLC choices have been for this to be gaining so much traction so quickly.
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    Um, you said that already. And it's not like characters like Tails, Yoshi, and Bowser Jr. don't toe the line anyway.
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    Nakaruru pls

    Nakaruru pls
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    people aka those neckbeard males are gonna be so mad at the rep.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    God. The idea of trying to sort out which locations are on which world gives me a headache. I wonder if Ian can call in and get a confirmation on anything like that. I mean, he wouldn't have to if they did the extremely easy, obvious, and far smarter thing of just having it be set on one world where both humans and animal-people coexisted but why do that when you can make people angry and the job of a story-teller harder with unnecessary nonsense?
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    They really should be called Squirtle glasses instead of Kamina glasses.
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    Man, it's nearly been a full year since Mega Man 11 released...
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm saying it's silly because we shouldn't have to conjure up theories for a concept so utterly unnecessary to begin with. Your theory does explain the existence of Angel Island and Knuckles Clan so it's fine enough I suppose.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    This is a totally agreeable statement. 100 Cheers.
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    I probably shouldn't put this topic back at the top of the page, or even bother contributing since being an Amy fan seems to invalidate my opinion, but here goes anyway. To address the OP, the last thing I want is seeing Sonic and Amy actually get together. Where to even start with explaining it though. While sure I could talk about how Amy brings out Sonic's more awkward side (she is the only female character, and character in general who does this which makes her relationship valuable from a character setting) hat isn't really the thing that I worry about losing. One of the things about Amy for me when looking at the Sonic 4 is that after Tails became the sidekick with Sonic 3 and after, Amy took over the role of the tagalong. In this role, her crush on Sonic drives her to partake and do the best she can. Just partaking in an adventure with Sonic is enough to keep her happy, but as he tagalong, she has to work harder than the Tails or knuckles to justify her presence. Yes it risks being a generic position (just like being the girl does) but being the tagalong also promotes character growth and development. What does she have to do to keep up? What does she have to do to be accepted as more than a tagalong? How can she keep up with her hero with the abilities at her disposal? How can she contribute to the group on a whole? These are all questions that can be addressed and are fueled by her crush on Sonic and her enjoyment of the excitement that experiences by chasing after him. If she was legitimately with him in a housewife kind of way she would lose all of that and become a flat character. it's also part of why I dislike her hammer as it doesn't develop her in a way that lets her keep up or add something that Sonic himself doesn't already do better without giving her Knuckles+ level strength in a series about speed and movement. Sure you could argue that as Sonic's acknowledged instead of self proclaimed girlfriend that she would still follow him on his adventures to prove to herself and everyone that she deserves it, but she already has his attention then and doesn't have anything to strive for or really need to act. It strips her of her agency by taking away her goal and that I feel is a disservice to a status quo story. To try and be more concise, I prefer Amy chasing Sonic as the "tagalong" as it keeps her motivated, but also in a position where she is part of the group but has to constantly strive to be better and prove she has a reason to be there. It keeps her character dynamic and also justifies her try everything approach which is supported by her constant energy and optimism. And narratively, just being there she can offer emotional support to Tails and Knuckles in those instances when Sonic just leaves them behind or humiliates them. Making Amy and Sonic an official couple destroys that agency which is part of what I enjoy about her character. She's a genki girl, and taking away that energy is what I feel would happen if you made SonAmy official. I'll pass on that thank you.
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    Off to my grandma's house for a barbeque!
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    I think the best thing for a Zelda adaptation would be a 12-24 episode Netflix series. I really hope the Mario movie doesn't lead to Hollywood getting it.
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    Canon Immigrants

    Yeah, Cream, Wave, Marine for sure. That reminds me...put Marine in more shit.
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    Canon Immigrants

    OR, I know that sound crazy but Sticks stick with me, Sonic games have larger cast then it knows what to do with and it will take miracle for Amy, Blaze and Rouge to play bigger role inthe same main tittle. If they 'll need a extra chick, they'll resurrect Cream or Wave. It makes more sense that mixing withing with comics.
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    Honestly, Andrea sort of mumbled that line so much that I didn't even hear it the first time. Though now that you point it out, well... *knowing slightly where the show is going due to the few leaks I did see* ... stay tuned on that front.
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    *when a domain name i thought was always safe due to obscurity is taken right when i finally decide to grab it and the only reason i never snatched it up years ago was because i was always perpetually too broke to start buying domains* listen universe i have money /now,/ cut me some slack it just took awhile
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    Sonic Fan J

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I may be an Amy fan and wouldn't mind an Amy centric arc, but that isn't really my problem here. I've miscommunicated it it seems, so if you'll allow me to more concise. My problem with Amy is her use and an upcoming payoff issue for her. When Sonic got infected she was there for the that and was her normal self. Now she is worn down from the long draw out battle and losses with the zombot crisis. In two months we'll be seeing her have a big battle likely serving as the climax of her arc during this story. We have a beginning and we have an end. The problem is the middle isn't there and it just rubs me the wrong way and is why I hope in an issue where she is sharing screen time with Cream and the Chaotix that there'll be some room for flashbacks to fill in the middle. I doubt it though as the IDW books are not dense enough to pull that off. I expect to be disappointed which is a shame but it is what it is. But, if I look at this from the perspective of Sonic, I still don't like because his reaction to this major change in Amy as it kind of goes against my expectations of Sonic. Sonic is supposed to get angry and take action when he sees an injustice, and there are few greater injustices than seeing an optimistic person reduced to stressed out and desperate due to a world ending plague being unleashed on it. But there isn't any anger on Sonic's part, and while that is fine, the lack of anger isn't explored when it should be. After all, this whole mess is his fault for sparing Eggman, so a lot of his anger should be aimed inward creating character conflict like @Shadowlax has been demanding. Instead, Shadow could be removed entirely from the IDW run so far and nothing of any real interest would be lost to me. For all of my complaints about detailed and dense story telling, no less how Amy has been handled this arc, at least no one has been as useless and unnecessary as Shadow. And frankly that sucks. I miss introspective I'll do this myself Shadow because he knows the dangers and his abilities. Egocentric my pride before the world Shadow is a waste of space in my opinion which plain sucks. Had Shadow been more introspective as he was at one point in this franchise, his engagements with Sonic would have been rich dialogue and philosophical battles instead of shoving matches which would have brought a heck of a lot more weight to the proceedings. At that point, seeing Shadow fall to the zombots and Amy being worn down, Sonic just might have had one of those rare switch flip moments of his were his good humor disappears and he's all business. It would have been a moment of great character study and to see one of Sonic's rare personality facets that has almost always only ever been implied in rare character data. Of course, this is the problem with a licensed book when SEGA is in the midst of trying to simplify the brand image into a static picture. Anyway, much as I am entertained by Amy and wouldn't mind an Amy centric arc, my problem is a lot more complex than how she alone has been handled this arc. Pacing, use of Shadow, not knowing if plot is more important than character or vice versa, lack of a sense of adventure and discovery, my general disdain for zombie stories and apocalyptic settings, and on and on. I used Amy as my example for two primary reasons. One, she is one of my favorites so if someone ( @Dr. Detective Mike in this case with the original post) could point out the good I was missing for what I found to be incomplete storytelling, it would be an easy way for me to latch on. Two, because she is one of my favorites it's a lot easier for me to talk about things that are bugging me using her as a basis. I didn't expect to get an Amy debate going though really, I should know better. But, Omega saved this issue for me so I'm still enjoying myself and hoping the story and use of the characters will do something I enjoy more sooner rather than later. Speaking of Amy, the whole drop her crush thing always gets under my skin. Amy as I know her wouldn't even be in the story at all if she didn't have her crush. Chasing after Sonic and the adventures she had as a result is what allowed her to grow into the character she is. If she didn't have it she wouldn't partake in his adventures or likely even care about someone who can more than take care of themselves, giving her no reason to exist. As an Amy fan I'll glad take a few bad flanderizations of her crush if it means I will still get her going forward at all. I'd rather have good writing than bad (SA2 is still probably my favorite game with her in it and one of the few times Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy actually feel like they are on an adventure together), but I'll always take bad over none at all. Sure that makes me a bad fan, but if you give someone enough chances they might do something good. If you take something away, it's just gone, and that isn't what I want. I've actually suggested on plenty of occasions in the past this would be a great place to drop in the FFs if they were ever brought into the IDW books. Heck, the fallout from the zombot arc is almost perfect for them.
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    Canon Immigrants

    Came back to this after getting to fool with Windy Valley Act 3 for a bit. I take it back, he can roll on the terrain to an extant. He uncurls over the taller ones due to the sharper edges in the collision and he will not really jump as you put it but he does sometimes launch right off of them. He has a habit of uncurling or flying off of the edges of curved surfaces. So yeah, you're right about it being more of a collision problem. That's not to say he won't cooperate from time to time. He does the same uncurl/launching bullshit in STG00 (stage 0) but he does stay attached to the terrain when it feels like it. The test stage has these classic half pipes: This hints at the possibility that Sonic could stay curled upon touching the ground in early builds. Holding the Spin Dash/X button after release probably kept him curled up like how holding down on the D-pad does in the MD classics. There's this loop that's impossible to completely run through. I can get Sonic to run up the curve half way with enough speed before he falls off. He can go further with a Spin Dash before flying off the sides. Since it curves into the slope physics area I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be in ball form on the loop. The layouts of the test stages and original Windy Valley suggests there was another feature of the old rolling physics that didn't carry over into later revisions. Heavy disagree. I didn't find the third act's spiral section that unclear. If that version was still in the final the dev's could have maybe made it more obvious with proper camera angles but it's...not nearly as much of a problem compared to unclear paths in other games for instance. ...I feel like we should've talked about this somewhere else.
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    Just avoided missing it my time, but hope it's been(/was) a happy birthday 🎂
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    According to Youtube Sonic Underground vids have more views than SATam vids It's just that SATam fans are extremely vocal
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    It was my friend's birthday and I commissioned a buddy of mine to draw this
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    Damn good. Which is telling, because I’m not particularly fond of them otherwise. And considering they were only in Worlds Unite, which I fucking hate, that’s a massive compliment. For starters, they actually live up to their name—Master Zik makes Megaman almost execute himself by forcing him to point a charged Buster Shot at his head. And the six of them could have wiped out the entire combined force of Heroes of Sega and Capcom cast in one fell swoop were it not for the fact that they were on their home turf. I’d go so far as to say they were the few good things about Worlds Unite.
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    Sonic Monopoly

    Speed Highway is far too nice of a level to be saddled as being the shitty purple ones. Make that shit Crisis City or something.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Her goal is literally centered on one character and nothing else; if you like that part of Amy, but many people found her extremely boring and one note because of it. That's why she gets more hate than others. Nobody likes seeing one-dimensional characters in a series that at least tries to make them come off as nuanced. Even in Sonic Adventure, Amy's focus isn't even on Sonic but helping someone else. amy's best moments are almost always when she' allowed to do something besides fawn over Sonic and nothing else. Which is why people don't like how Adventure 2 downplayed her.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I appreciate the sentiment. You're very kind. However, I've been doing a bit of reflecting on my thoughts while at work (because work is mostly boring) and I think I'm coming more to terms with it. I can handle negativity. I just think what my issue was is that because I wasn't able to understand why it was so heavy I was fretting over whether there was something wrong with my approach to the book. As someone who wants to write and draw comics as well, if I'm enjoying something that other people aren't does that mean I like things that people hate? Would I be able to tell a gripping story if that were true? I sometimes get lost in the unfortunate rabbit hole of thinking way too hard about stuff like that. I'm in a position where other people's opinions mean a lot to me. Sometimes far more than my own. I just need to be more secure in what I personally think and feel. Forcing myself to try and jive with an opposite point of view just brings grief. Thank you though.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think your problem is that you want an Amy centric story, but this really isn't an Amy centric arc. It's the same problem people are having with what happened with Shadow. Sure, Amy is a main character but she's not one of the central characters of this arc. She just happens to be apart of a larger ensemble that shares the spotlight with many other main characters. Sonic is the only real central character of this arc, as it's his perspective we focus on in any given issue, and any other character's perspectives tend to shift depending on if he's present or not. Sonic is generally out trying to save people, so he's really not interacting with Amy much so there's no real reason for her to be the focus. It's the same thing with Shadow, the emotional connection of him being turned into a zombot was not the focus of the issue, just the fact that he turned and adding the conflict at hand. The focus of this arc isn't on any individual character, it's on how the characters can collectively deal with this situation with Sonic at the center of it, since he's the heroic main character who's trying to solve it. So it's better to look at this as an ensemble piece, rather than any arc focusing on a specific main character(s)
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sure. I suppose the other reason I'm not engaging as much with the thread is because there's a part of me that's a little saddened by the disconnect in our opinions. I'm finally getting the Sonic comic I've always wanted but the thread as a whole seems to not like it so the excitement I have to talk about it is a bit tempered. Which is a shame. I wish I could just come on here and gush about something that's bringing me joy from the series. Like, fucking finally, SOMETHING is bringing me consistent joy from this series. Again though, not mad. Definitely a bit sad but not angry.
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    Random prediction: -Theatrical Trailer in October with Addams Family -Final Trailer in January -Super Bowl spot the week leading up to release
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    Unfortunately, I think you are right. Definitely won't get anything tomorrow anyways. Paramount is set to drop another Terminator trailer instead. Probably in November with that firefighter movie Paramount put on Sonic's original release date.
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    Sonic Headcanons

    The events of Sonic '06 cracked the space-time continuum. The events of Sonic Generations shattered it completely, and resulted in the separation of Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, and the separation of Sonic's World and the Human World. As a result, history and each characters' memories is a mess, hence why certain characters behave differently from how they should, like Shadow for instance.
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    I don't believe in objectivity when it comes to games anymore so I've stopped calling my pleasures guilty. Anything that clicks with me as much as the Adventure games did and still do is worth standing by. The Adventure games are just much more interesting experiences with ideas that resonate with me and that's all that really matters.
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    when I made the comment about sonic's popularity in the 90's, it wasn't just about the fans, it was about the general public. he was more recognisable than mickey mouse during that time. everyone knew who he was. the problems began to surface around '94 in terms of games. I remember reading reviews in magazines that claimed that the formula had gotten stale. this was in regards to 'sonic & knuckles' and 'knuckles chaotix'. I also remember reading comments on fan forums in the early 2000's from people not liking 'sonic adventure 2 battle', and longing for the days of the 2d gameplay. this is probably why the advance series was created. the cartoons were, and still are, always able to remain popular and bring in new fans. I think if all else fails, this is where the focus should be. I can only speak for the uk, but in terms of 'edge', 'adventures of sonic the hedgehog' was always much more popular than 'sat:am'. that should tell us something.. comedy has been part of the brand for a long time now. it wouldn't make sense to abandon that.
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    SatAm "Sea3on" Project

    Hey all, Sea3on artist here! Skimming through this thread, I thought I’d try to clear a couple things up—and I apologize if any of this has already been stated ^^ To preface, I’m not intending to invalidate any of the criticism or feelings you guys have for this project (I even share plenty of it), but I have seen a bit of misinformation going around (not necessarily here) that I thought I could address. To start, I believe the Patreon animation was made back when the team first attempted this project years ago, so it truly isn’t especially representative of how the proper animation will look. Nope, the team does not have SEGA’s permission to create the project. That said, attempts to contact them have been made, and SEGA haven’t outright said “no”, so take that as you will. However, DHX (who own DiC) seem pretty cool with it. The team are looking to hire professional animators, but not necessarily a professional studio as a whole. The latter is a much taller order, and the team are well-aware. If the Patreon does not generate the required backing, team members are prepared to produce (at least) the first episode out of their own pockets. I think that’s about all I have to say...? If anyone has any specific questions, I could probably try and direct them to the people in charge of all this. Thanks for reading!
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