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    Yeah, yeah! Birthday! Yaayy~!! I get the feeling that I’m not quite the youngest member anymore, haha.
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    It’s my birthday tomorrow, and my father gave me his gift early. It’s a heckuva gift! So big, I don’t know where I could possibly keep it~~
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    My daily outfit swap drawing event has started! DAY 1 Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail) dressed up as Shinra Kusakabe (Fire Force)!
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    It should go without saying, but please do not use the SSMB PM service as a recruiting tool for long-term members to commit terrorist attacks against Sega HQ because of the Sonic movie.
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    <Not sure why, SSMB didn't published this status> Closing up this huge project, Solo - A Star Wars Story Review was just published: «topic» Thank you everyone for the support. Going to recheck all episodes looking for typos/inconsistencies and maybe consider writing a review for each trilogy as well the franchise in a whole.
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    Potentially pretty massive Smash Ultimate DLC Spoiler.
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    My profile needs a MASSIVE revamp. Looks like I know what to do for the next few hours.
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    Pretty cool fact I found meanwhile I write Solo's Review: Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) is the only actor who is in every Star Wars movie, from I-III, Solo and Rogue One, IV-VI as well VII-IX. In all movies he plays C-3PO except for Solo which he does just a cameo.
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    Today I learned about Joshua and the Promised Land It......good God, just why?
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    The new "Hoes mad" reaction

    The new "Hoes mad" reaction
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    Nakaruru pls

    Nakaruru pls
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    people aka those neckbeard males are gonna be so mad at the rep.
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    They really should be called Squirtle glasses instead of Kamina glasses.
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    Man, it's nearly been a full year since Mega Man 11 released...
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    Off to my grandma's house for a barbeque!
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    I think the best thing for a Zelda adaptation would be a 12-24 episode Netflix series. I really hope the Mario movie doesn't lead to Hollywood getting it.
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    *when a domain name i thought was always safe due to obscurity is taken right when i finally decide to grab it and the only reason i never snatched it up years ago was because i was always perpetually too broke to start buying domains* listen universe i have money /now,/ cut me some slack it just took awhile
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    if sonic games go to the right why does his art always face the left
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    Just avoided missing it my time, but hope it's been(/was) a happy birthday 🎂
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    It was my friend's birthday and I commissioned a buddy of mine to draw this
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