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    RI cover for Tangle Whisper 3!
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    A new animation. This time it's a clean one but lacking a background. I...think the hair shakes a little too much. I didn't want the hair to be like a statue but I might've gone overboard with this sample.
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    Hey look, Angry Joe is getting political 'Bout what I expected.
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    Wonderworld Ultima

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    She's doing lineart for issue 22 and 23.
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    Right, they expected it to be bad, based on the things that were supposed to convince them it was good. And, I should note, it was bad.
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    The game industry's desire that the backlash would eventually go away doesn't seem to be working. I'd like to give EA a special round of applause though. I hope they feel a sense of "pride and accomplishment" for doing the most to help us reach this point. If this actually does lead anywhere, I want them to know that they shouldn't think of this as regulation. Just call it "Surprise Legislation".
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    Man I wish I knew what the Dreamcast was in its prime so I could've gotten one.
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    I just wanted to come back to this real quick to point out a few things. Point one: they already do that in multiple regions. Point two: some publishers (most notably Activision off the top of my head) patch in premium economies of this nature post launch, specifically to hook in people who might not have bought the game at all because of them. And while I'm pretty sure digital storefronts are updated with the new disclaimers, I've yet to hear of physical editions of games being recalled for misleading ratings. Which is kind of fucking irritating to be perfectly honest, thinking back to how quickly the industry was pressured into acting on Hot Coffee - a dummied out feature that wasn't even accessible without modifying your game files - or how often games here in Australia have been censored if not outright denied sale for the most absurd and childish of reasons.
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    I finally got around to watching that banned Sun and Moon episode. I am just...so baffled at how this episode wasn’t simply edited despite how ridiculously easy it would have been to do. Obviously, OLM could have gone in and recoloured Ash’s face. As for the scenes where his face actually gets painted: Remove this five second shot from the montage where the girls are putting his disguise together. Cut this shot at the end of the montage that’s on screen for barely a second. Finally, have OLM redraw Lillie’s hands to remove the brush and pallet (she stays in that same pose in the whole shot, making it very easy). I know it seems like I’m getting worked up over a filler episode, but the total lacking of logic here is just...HHHNNNNNG.
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    Been thinking of other creative possibilities to use animation for, once I've mastered it. Like maybe a Super Smash Bros - What If, in which characters that aren't playable (Or haven't been yet.) will display what I think their Final Smash could be if they were. I already have a pretty cool idea for Shadow, (No it's not a copy of Sonic's.) Metal Sonic, Hatsune Miku, Laharl and Neptune.
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    Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart (13% complete) A great portion of the last day or so has been simply sound searching. I've still got a few adjustments to make here and there but I would like to hear if I can find a guitarist before I make too many more adjustments. I've finally passed the intro and I'm on the very beginning of the lyrical backdrop. It's a very slow process, but soon enough I'll be to a point where I can just adjust everything at once and keep the ball rolling. It'll be much easier once all the pieces are in place. I've still gotta play with a couple settings with the bass I'm working on, like before the lyrics start I want to bend it, just the way the guitar is bent in the original before the first lyrics. All it takes is math to make that happen, and that's quite the strongpoint of mine. Keepin' this gravy train rollin'!
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    Deers are nicer than people.

    Deers are nicer than people.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Oh look, a Bidoof!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    New sketches from: Evan Stanley: And ABT!
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    Big Panda

    <tweet> I afraid

    <tweet> I afraid
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    for anyone who may happen to need this right this second
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    you think you're not productive? i just listened to one song for an hour.
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    Supah Berry

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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That's Wii U game pad......and even that's a failure of course because Tails and Fails are hand in hand when it comes to games. Meanwhile here in the comics I'm sure the next issue which I believe is him, Tangle, and Whisper...I'm sure it'll be much better.
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    I would say obviously not. Just look at rolling on the ground and spin-dash. Ever since the boost was introduced, he conviniently forgot those abilities ever existed.
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    Many star War fans who bashed Lucas back in the day deeply regret it nowadays since they realised that it led to him not wanting anything to do with the IP and selling it off to Disney who pretty much turned it into "Marvel no.2" Sometimes "Criticism" can just be toxic whining that damages an IP
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm sure it's fine. It's not like Sonic will make deal with Mephiles to make 06 erase itself from happening, but in turn he and Amy never married, she just hanged around as, IDK, crazy fangirl or something and due to reality shift none of us will remember how it really went...what?
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    Loot boxes are designed to rope in whales who throw away cash with no concern and gambling addicts who cannot control themselves from spending. And although companies will never admit it, they’re aimed at kids too, who have no concept of currency. Loot boxes are designed to take people’s money. To excuse that behaviour is ridiculous, especially now that the practice has become incredibly predatory, with no forewarnings to the fact that a game has them. I am all for their ban. Gaming publishers are getting too carried away with their money maker, to the detriment of their consumers and their products, and are willing to defend it to the death, considering they make more money than sales these days. These games aren’t hiding that they’re gambling mechanics, and need to be regulated. At the very least, put a warning on the age rating label to dissuade the easily influenced.
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    Colors addressed some of the problems the series was dealing with, but it didn't fix all of them, and introduced some of its own. The fans didn't "get rid" of Dimps, the fans have no real control over what companies Sega gets to make Sonic games, and the fact that other developers fall into similar design traps doesn't absolve Dimps of their bad work. And Sonic 4? Sonic 4 is trash. It was, from its inception, meant to be nothing more than a cheap nostalgia grab, which then got pushed as a "true" sequel to the Genesis games, with barely any more effort put in to actually try to raise it to that level. If you want to support games like these, that's your choice. I don't. And I'm not going to be shamed for not pretending to like them, as if that has more of an impact than the actual developers' work on the series.
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    I work in government too and I still think the ones doing the exploiting should have the sharp end of a stick shoved up where the sun don't shine in terms of loot box regulation. They've brought it on themselves.
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    Ehhh. Another issue is that the time travel on display in ATiT contradicts the KH standard of time travel. Then again so does Merlin’s, so what do I know.
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