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    Petrifying Panda

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    I don't know if I already said this, but I hate how similar the characters in the Classics are along with how every Classic gsme feels like the same damn thing. The reason I love Unleashed HD is because the Werehog plays nothing like Sonic at all so it gives me a unique experience for this franchise. The reason I love Rise of Lyric is because the gameplay is not even close to the traditional fameplay of the franchise. If every game feels the same, why should I bother playing all when even only one will show me what the others will be like. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I'd rather play Sonic 06. I may hate that game unlike the Classics which I just find below average, but at least the characters play differently from each other and with a sprinkle of polish they could be awesome to play as. I've been watching videos of a PC remake called P-06 and despite it not even being finished (The only levels are Sonic's Wave Ocean and Kingdom Valley) all 3 characters playable look like a major improvement in my eyes. You can cancel out of the Spindash, you can even spam it like SA1, the meter limits your use of the gems, the Lightning Shield actually does its job and protects you, the Tornado from the Green Gem has a lot of range, you can stop in Mach Speed sections, you can control your air movement as well, THEY EVEN PUT THE RAINBOW GEM IN!! Tails has a meter for his flight duration, you have more control when flying, he has a reticle for his ring bombs, he even has his SA1 tail attack. Silver becomes the god he should have been. He's faster, his lock on looks improved, his Psycho Shock has more range, Teleport Dash sends you much further, he can hover while carrying objects, SND HE HAS A PSYCHIC BLAST!! What I'm trying to say is I'm just sick and tired of the characters in the Classics being so similar to Sonic. It doesn't help that in some cases (cough Knuckles cough) the differences they do have are a hinderance. There's this one boss in Mania that switches gravity, and my god you have to pray to Arceus that rng will be on your side if you're Knuckles since even in his Super form he can't jump high enough to reach it. I swear, I thought I was going to time over during that fight.
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    youuuu ggguuuuuuyyyyyssss

    youuuu ggguuuuuuyyyyyssss
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    Dr Egg-Gin

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    If rings were highly inflated as a money system, it would probably account for the Chaotix being broke and none of the other characters really concerning themselves with money. The characters who adventure a lot can find a ton of rings, those who don't are generally well paid, and those who don't fit either of those boxes either don't care (like Big or Omega) or are the Chaotix. Say for example 1000 rings was equal to the value of £1; it's all well and good having 200-300 rings laying around in the city, but what good is it if it's the equivalent of finding 20p on the pavement with far less convenience? Edit: It also makes the missions in Heroes hilarious if it was like "Okay, you need to prove your worth as detectives by collecting 50p".
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    After all these years, I’m kinda surprised Pokemon has never had an American comic book.
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    i saw something about a klonoa encore and that's, that's great im ecstatic ill think about it after i get this game released zzz https://store.steampowered.com/app/1156630/A_NIGHTMARES_TRIP/
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    Morning SSMB. September 17th today, that means I'll be celebrating at least three birthdays today; my dad's my sister's, and Yuji Naka's. Need to check the birthday list here and see if anyone I know is also celebrating. And before I forget, my story blog updates at 8am PST. Please enjoy 😊
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The Chaotix have always been the only characters worrying about money, them having to suffer and juggle with real-life responsibilities such as the rent is just part of their shtick so they have a motivation with their business; everyone else usually shrugs it off when Vector being poor gets brought up again because it doesn't matter to them. It only exists in their context, for example Eggman promising to pay them once he conquers the world, but not outside of it because Sonic having to work the night shift is not part of the franchise. It's not something you should try to find logic in too much, just like the two worlds thing which is not them flying from one planet to another but just Sonic Team not wanting to use human characters and locales at the moment.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Then why do the Chaotix need to pay bills? Vector says he needs to pay the electric bill in Heroes.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Finally, Sega has made a good decision about IDW. I don't want to get into an argument for criticizing the Boom Characters again, but yes, they were created for an stupid cartoon with Sonic slapped in it. Before Sonic's image was unified. And frankly they are not relevant anymore.
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    me enjoying all these beautiful wano one piece episodes like:
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    I legitimately saw Boycott The Sun as trending on Twitter and thought the angry mobs were mad at the big fireball in space. lol B-But....yeah. The UK has a newspaper called The Sun and it's pretty much trash.
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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Okay, I'll have to admit I don't like what they've shown about this movie... but @CaptainRobo has inspired me to re-create the design of our blue hedgehog, just for fun. So, here is my reinterpretation of Paramount's Sonic the Hedgehog: ...and his infamous arch-nemesis, doctor...errrmmm... Robotnik? Eggman? Do we even know how he's gonna be called in the movie? Nah, whoever is PLAYED BY JIM CARREY: Hope you like them!
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    The Introduction Topic

    Welcome to SSMB! Enjoy your stay, and all hail the Eggman Empire!
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    Asset reuse, plain and simple. Why completely rebuild a stage from scratch when assets already exist that fit the required need. Taking N Sane's version as a base, and then adding the track/props/whatever else likely took a lot less time and money than doing it all from scratch and a lot of devs do it. Then, since it's normally not viewable without hacking, they don't clean it up because it's out of the player's sight. There's clearly no hindrance to performance, memory, or anything, so there's no real reason to get rid of it when the player won't be able to get to it via normal means, and it isn't costing performance of the game to keep it.
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    Speaking of winning days: holy crap I’ve won three times so far this month, the first two in a row!
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    Dr Egg-Gin

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I too am wondering if "no money" means "rings are used as currency, there's no separate junk like Mobiums or whatever".
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    As cool as Orange Asphalt being in this game may be, I can't help but be baffled as to why they did this. Well, anything that shows that the powers that be have an interest in finally giving the world the Twinsanity remake that it deserves, is fine with me.
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    Man, Kirby 64 is such a pretty game.
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    Nice! (So basically Wednesday morning for me.)
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    In the grim darkness of the future, we have giant war roombas.
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    Whoa, Team Sonic Racing is only $20 on the eShop right now!? I guess this is my cue to finally get it.
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    USUM: Team GO Rocket trailer:
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    Radiant Hero Ike

    [Tweet] Day 16

    [Tweet] Day 16
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Oh they didn't care about any of that. Knuckles is popular and is a boy and a rival character, and a character they weren't using as a story beat. Vector isn't an upfront super popular character Amy is a girl and despite there being overwhelming proof a lot of the sonic fanbase is girls, they still present it as a boy focused brand. So unfortunately sexism wins And Shadow was being used in a poorly planned twist that resulted in nothing. Also Shadow does not do teams now, so decree-ith lord sega form on high. ( Dag now that I mention it , even in the comic shadow and team dark were given different delineations from the resistance itself. ) And They want tails to be a side kick only and with sonic not around they don't want him too independent They don't care about logic, or story cohesiveness . They care about brand image , if that hasn't been demonstrated enough over the past few issues. And will sacrifice ... anything , including potential parts of the audience to achieve that. Which seems...dumb considering that audience is shrinking. But I don't run sega so I can't tell em what to do. All companies are because they say so, for one reason or another. Maybe they just don't think she fits with the current brand, dunno. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Continuation 31)Bunny Rabbot will not show up in the foreseeable future 32)Would love the opportunity to finish his stories. He isn't gonna get hung up because it most likely will not happen. Lets focus on moving forward 33)He feels like the public is aware enough of GUN to not be afraid. 34)Weird Question. But I got out of this . Starline and Eggman are not in a relationship. Ian Flynn says that eggman doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. 35)Starline was making progress. He was getting him back to his old self. Metal Sonic just helped him skip parts of the process. Eggman would have come back, regardless. Metal Sonic is not the key to that narrative. Sonic's compassion vs Shadow's callousness is the point. There's no easy answer to the Sonic vs Shadow thing. He made it intentionally gray , he will touch upon it again in the future. 36)Don't send in fan ideas. Bean and bark basically had no characterization before Ian Flynn used them. And that characterization seems to have stuck. 37)No Sonadow allowed . Ian flynn doesn't even get it. He will let people interpret these two characters arguing over letting someone live as romantically as they see fit. But he doesn't get it. To him he doesn't seem like there are any characters that spring to mind immediately that would would work in a LGBTQ relationship. Ian Flynn is weary of the shipping wars and weary of them being pigeon holed into they dating. He's no avoiding, he's not opposed to it, he's just... tired of relationships Personal opinion: I think Amy/blaze, Vector/Espio work real good. 38)Lost hedgehog tales will reveal things. Like what would have happened with geoffry. When will it come out, who knows. 39)Russian popeye aside. Knuckles eats his spinach. Cream does. Mighty does. Tails Does. Eggman Does, he eats anything. Sonic and Amy do not. Charmy will not eat it with out a fight. Vector does not. Espio Does. Tangles does not eat her spinach. Whisper does not. 40)He does not work too directly with sega. He sends it to IDW editors. And then they send it to sega. The Sega of America people seem fine. He has asked Iizuka , and have gotten interesting answers. And answering those are not on the table, due to reasons. 41)Sonic is X and all previous spin off cartoons are off the comic table. Its dead . 42)SonAmy is up to sega. He has no horse in that race. He's passing the buck. He's tired of shipping. Its expensive. You gotta pay for package. Its a pain. International shipping. is expensive. 43)He has no idea what happened with the megaman comic. 44)No intimidate plans for more tangle and whisper. Don't want them to be a team. Don't want them to be attached eternally. Another miniseries about other characters have been pitched. Fan Reaction plays a big part in these books. 45)Ian Flynn does not think there is an explanation as to why amy have magic trick powers, he wishes there was and he showcase them. 46)Ian Flynn knows things bout the film. He does not know if he should know. He is cautiously optimistic 47)Ian Flynn finds young justice good but frustrating 48)Ian Flynn would like to work ongames 49)Mobian lifespans are comparible to human life span. 50)No intention of ending the previous book. Just happened. 51)Ian Flynn Generally avoids fanfiction on the internet and fan works for legal reasons. 52)He thinks blaze and silver are sibling oriented. I agree 53)Sonic riders happened in the comic universe 54)Classic sonic is weird and it there is no explanation as to what happened in generations in how they got ripped out of their respective universes. And now classic sonic is just an alt past... maybe? 55) Heroes made Knuckles and Chaotix not canon. He feels as though most sonic narratives in terms of continuity don't matter outside of the " adventure " period. 56) The explanation for how a child knows about angel island and little planet is " There are legends " how they spread from one world to another, I don't know. Personal opinion: Seems like angel island is animal planet only these days 57)Sonic isn't flash fast where he has a bunch of speed based powers. He's just...fast. 58)He wants IDW to be more streamlined, action oriented , and high paced. There has been a lot more positive response to character focused stuff. But he is focused on making it feel like its own thing 59)Ian Flynn and ABT are working on something called Drogoon? And its coming out this winter 60)Ian Flynn has not beaten a single game gear sonic game. Ian Flynn may have not beat sonic 2 without using Debug. Never finished TSR's last drifting challenge. That's about it for the interesting questions IMO. There are 40 more , but uh ya'll can go back and look through that yourself. Anywho , have a good one.
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    Weird Official Sonic Art

    It looks like water...
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    Absolutely wholesome tweet about Sakurai, Kirby and his parents
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I got you, so questions that are not interesting or weird in a way in which I don't want to bother with i'm not including 1) book takes about 1-2 weeks to write 2) Bean and some other obscure characters he thinks can't be used. He has not checked, but he suspects that they now fall under the classic umbrella 3)Not sure if tangle and whisper can bigger merch , but ask sega 4) The metal virus would have been different in Archie. Nor was it a fleshed out idea 5)Ian Flynn thinks that Vector should have been the leader of the resistance because knuckles is a recluse he's not a people person or a leader. Vector has experience commanding people and being an effective leader. 6) Ian Flynn says that the idea of the comics being reflective of canon is a fine line to walk. Some characters are more tightly regulated than others. Specifically uses the example that he is free-er to use sonic and eggman and interpret them weird than shadow and germil . He tries to be true to those characteristics. He doesn't like to say the comics are canon in any capacity because the games take precedence and if the games changes something, he has to change it which will render his previous work untrue. He tries to be true to the game characters while putting what he think's would be a fun spin on them. As much as he can. 7)He hadn't thought about adding LGBTQ+ characters in the megaman book because most of the robot masters in classic megaman are presented as children. And didn't want them in any type of serious relationships. Iceman being interested in roll is is some cute kiddie stuff. Also most classic megaman robot masters aren't supposed to be sapient. The reploids in X are much easier to conceptualize relationships + them being older. He may have been able to add LGBTQ human characters. Maybe it would have been able to do it if it went on. He has knows not what capcom would have thought about it 8 ) Someone asked about things that would happen in a Sonic x Starfox crossover. Says it would depend on who would be approved. First thing gag he can think of is the starfox characters going " where are your pants " and the sonic characters going " why are you wearing so many clothes " . Slippy and Tails would hang out. Sonic and Fox would get on alright, but he already has a " sonic " and his name is falco and fox might not wish to deal with two of em. 9) Sonic megadrive overdrive seems lost to time, but not never... just don't hold your breath. 10) The splash damage ability of the zombots is something he wishes to address later, stay tuned. 11) The other zeti are not gone or off limits . He shrugged . He doesn't know . He thought they would be , he doesn't know what's going on. 12) Other characters can't use other looks from other series. No boom amy outfit as a one off thing. 13)Folks were wondering why did they say the M.E was hidden, then almost immediately they find it and you can literally see it. Sega had notes and changed that story and how sonic works around halfway through which I suspected. Personal Note: I suspect the Angel Island can't travel through dimensions as people may have suspected. 14) Does not think that the criticism of issue 14 is wrong. Weird discourse came out of it about shadow's personality he likes.They joke about shadow and the sonic characters in general having inconsistent characters. He wishes he could do something he had back in archie, but they don't want his character to be like that. So that's not where he is. 15)Will sonic actually deal with the notion that he kinda messed up the planet due to eggman leaving: Keep reading 16) Sonic does pay taxes because there is no such thing as money on sonic's world according to sega. 17)Sticks got turned down appearing in the book , twice. Ian does not think she's off limits forever though. He doesn't know what the issue is. 18) Ian Flynn hates robo-relationships. No i'm joking, uh his continuity's kept getting thrown away everytime he shipped a robot with someone. He wanted espio and nicole to be athing, people liked shard and nicole more. So he rolled with it 19)Where they left off in the old series, Sally and Nicole were not in love , YET. They had planted the seeds but uh, book died. 20)You are never gonna see buddy in the book. You cant define him enough and people got attached to their own buddy, just isn't worth messing with it. They exist somewhere in the world though. 21)Ian Flynn doesn't know when the arms comic is coming out. He wrote it, that's all he does. 22) NeoMetal Sonic could turn super because he framed it like mecha sonic turning super and they didn't mind. Doesn't know if he should have left it there, or go full on master overlord. Nicole being overclocked only worked because it wasn't a " super " form. They joke about it, it was a loop hole. 23) he hasn't been given any information on infinte. He assume that inifnite's age is 15-20 ish like most sonic characters. Aside from being the leader, he has no idea what relation he has to jackal squad. 24 ) don't think he will return to the slowburn style of story telling for sonic. He feels like a lot of Archie stories probably could have been much shorter. And upset that he wanted to do stuff and then book ended. Wants to approach IDW with a more fast pace action focused comic. 25)you will find out why whisper has the whisps she has, in the spin off book 26)If sega ever wanted him to write a game, he would love to. He probably wouldn't have the creative influence that he does with comic, he thinks. 27)Not gonna spoil anything for season 2 ( the question was about super sonic ) . Whisper likes poundcake. Tangle likes strawberries apparently? There was a question about a shadow arc, he didn't answer. 28)He doesn't feel like the retcon is much of a retcon with the two worlds thing. It was just never illustrated well. He doesn't know what the chaos emeralds are in terms of where they are from. They just hop from reality to reality , that's what he things. 29)Ian Flynn has read some of the star-wars extended universe. Didn't really of the new extended universe. 30)Jackal Squad is dead. Ripperoonie. Doesn't know if shadow killed them or just beat up some much they couldn't do anything. He doesn't know. The impression he got is that shadow killed them and why infinite has such an issue with shadow. They are off limits. Personal note: Which would explain the " I'm not weak thing " because he felt like he was too weak to save or avenge his friends. This is not communicated well in any media including these characters at all. Ok Got to go be an adult for a bit. Will come back and finish later. Reminder this isn't all the questions a couple have been skipped due to them just not being that interesting. i'm at 48 minutes 13 seconds. Will come back to finish later
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Late but uh, ruby eclipse said a thing on twitter about a thing. Which may lend some credence to the sega mandate situation
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    New graphic novel listing.
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    I'm bumping this thread because today, on Twitter, Tobyfox posted this song with an image of Kris in a city Also after that, he felt the need to note that the city is extremely small A teaser for the upcoming Deltarune 2nd part?
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    Disliking Sonic games is a valid position but more and more I find myself questioning the worth of general critical acclaim over what I personally want out of games. There are a lot of critically acclaimed games I don't care for at all and vice versa. At what point do we acknowledge that it's possible for public opinion to be wrong or unreasonable about something? It wasn't that long ago that "Sonic was never good" was a growing sentiment. Sonic games and games in general are simply more interesting to me when they aren't catering to the whims of a narrow minded fanbase or trying to fit quotas of an overbearing publisher. Sonic has never been completely free of this type of influence, but seeing the artistic drive get scared out of the series by discourse and backlash that's so poorly articulated and conveyed that It's functionally useless as advice is frustrating. Ambition and self indulgence just make for far more interesting games than consistency and brand awareness. Sonic games that "aren't hated" imo embody concepts that are more poisonous to the series growth than what came before in the long term, but none of this is acknowledged because the mainstream don't make fun of the games anymore and I guess that's the end goal for a lot of the fandom now
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    New sketches from: Evan Stanley: And ABT!
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    RI cover for Tangle Whisper 3!
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    The game industry's desire that the backlash would eventually go away doesn't seem to be working. I'd like to give EA a special round of applause though. I hope they feel a sense of "pride and accomplishment" for doing the most to help us reach this point. If this actually does lead anywhere, I want them to know that they shouldn't think of this as regulation. Just call it "Surprise Legislation".
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Hope they do these bios for all characters
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    Was browsing eBay and I spotted a retailer incentive variant for issue 13 that I don’t remember seeing anywhere before https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323899933512
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    Petrifying Panda

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Not to worry, the episode eventually gets adapted into a comic down the road. Boy are you in for a treat.
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    While the character thing may have not much sway. While yes there are differences in character preference. That generally doesn't have too much effect on folks buying things unless the perception of them is literally toxic. The game play thing is important and may have turned people off of a great many sonic games for the last few years. Part of the reason I think mania is successful because its A thing. Its like 1 thing done really well.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I hope we are going to see some concept art of Mimic! it was really cool to see Starline's development in his character design and I am curious of Mimic went trough the same thing
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    no sonic sub demographic is big enough to support a whole line of products. Everyone acts like cutting the series into chunks is a solution to a problem that doesn't seriously exist. Hardcore sonic fans are picky and have preferences but purist fans of any franchise are bound to be picky and dramatic and thus worth ignoring. In reality there's usually a pretty big overlap in people that like 2D and 3D Sonic games. They might have preferences, but it makes more sense to cast the net as wide as possible than to try and split your audience in two. It's funny because 2D Sonic and 3D Sonic would complete eachother for me if elements were combined into a greater whole. A focus physics, dense level design and great game feel that the players are driven to go through by characters and worlds that are deeper than "bald fat man takes over island, repeat 4 more times" . The more you chop up the franchise to cater to specific tastes the more fans will demand that from you, like the poster above that suggests that the Adventure games should have their own universe because he doesn't like the jokes Sonic makes in the new ones. This seems unrealistic now, but what is the Classic Dimension in the first place but a knee-jerk response to hardcore fans not liking change?
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    Exactly what they forgot to do with Forces resulting in such an imbalanced and undercooked mess. On topic though, I'm kind of at an impasse. I actually like the separation in the regard that I feel the two distinct aesthetic styles lend themselves a lot better to different experiences (for the record I enjoy the whimsical yet contrasting industrial flair of the classics for more light hearted but still weighty scenarios while I prefer the adventure style for the more serious and character driven stories with the modern mishmash not really doing much for me). On the flip side though, I feel like so much depth has been thrown out by this constant back alley surgical extractions of a lot of the elements that really made Sonic pop for me in the 2000s. SEGA and Sonic Teams history of treating a hangnail as a problem that could only be solved by amputating the whole arm and shoulder instead of trimming the nail and polishing up with a high attention to detail manicure though has always made it difficult to reconcile the franchise's butchered body.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Idk man its kind of rude and uncalled for when someone is happy or excited for you to respond with ''yawn'' as if to make their opinion less valid then yours, you are free to say you don't care or aren't as excited but you can do that without mocking someone'else.
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    Tangled Jack

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I know you don't care for these comics. Okay? I think it's clear at this point. It's just literally my opinion that I'm excited... so yeah... yawn.
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    Mythological beings are an important part of Sonic, they represent mystery and something bigger and mythical than the main character. Something beyond their understanding of the world that they have to understand and overcome. Think Chaos, Ifrit or Dark Gaia too. And on the lighter side we have Chip and Tikal, and Lumina.
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    1) Because before the Mega and Gems collections, nobody ever saw this other artwork. 2) Is it that different? The Santa suit is cutesy, but look at Sonic's face and smirk. It's the exact same. And if silly costumes count as crossing a line...
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