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    Damn, Robotnik looked like that in his youth?
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    News crack, folks! https://blog.activision.com/crash-bandicoot/2019-10/Spooky-Grand-Prix-has-come-to-Crash-Team-Racing-Nitro-Fueled So, things of note: We're finally getting an engine swap. A fifth "driving style" called "Drift" is being made for the game. A new cup called the Lost Cup consisting of Oxide Station, Clockwork Wumpa, Twilight Tour and Prehistoric Playground Items have once again been tweeked Wumpa Time now carries over to all game modes. Doesn't have to be online matchmaking. A sixth class called "Classic" will set your character's stats to their default status The original classes have been renamed to "Turn", Balanced, Acceleration and Speed respectively. IN addition to Tawna, all Nitro Tour characters and content will return to the Pit Stop during this GP as well. Unfortunately, he's not voiced by Le Marche here. That said, thank goodness, Nina is voiced.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I’m working on my lineart samples as we speak! 🤞
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    It's a pretty late status, but I wanted to give a shoutout to the third year anniversary of the SSMB Heroes RP, and everyone who's taken part in it to date. It's been fun RPing with you all, and I can't believe it's managed to get to a third year, that time really shot by quickly. So here's to a happy anniversary, and hopefully many more.
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    The Adventure games are premised on the idea that there is one planet, Earth, where humans and talking animals have coexisted since the beginning of civilization.
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    A Sonic Timeline

    I have no interest in accommodating the retcon in any form. There is only one Sonic, this is the hill I will die on.
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    I'm not a part of it, but I wish @Failinheartsand co a happy 3rd Anniversary to the SSMB Heroes RP! Continue creating stories you guys!
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    You know, it's almost been a year since I joined the RP @Failinhearts runs. Man has it been a blasts so far, and I'm looking forward to being apart of its future. Happy 3rd anniversary SSMB Heroes!
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    Its been 3 years since I started the SSMB Heroes RP project with @Failinhearts and wow time really has flown. I have a lot of memories from it and made a few friends from it. Overall I had a fun time writing stories with everyone. Here's to another couple of years to come!
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    Just to say, this is easy to miss since I'm pretty sure the only place that ever explained it was the Smash Dojo site for Brawl, but the gimmick for this stage, if one chooses to embrace it, is to knock over enemies and then throw them at your opponents. Thrown enemies launch opponents in a straight-line sideways, allowing you to score KOs. It's actually a REALLY great stage to do challenges involving defeating Lv. 9 CPU opponents because while they do seem to have some awareness of the stage gimmick, they prioritise trying to KO you with traditional moves. It's a weird stage, but if you embrace the gimmick it's much more fun than some of the other gimmick stages that are just kinda dull (see, Electroplankton which certainly deserved to get mentioned first on your list).
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    Oh absolutely - I was just suggesting to Splash that in the human-free world he was proposing, the anomalous appearance of a lone human scientist could be easily explained in this manner; at least two official Sonic continuities do in fact use this explanation for Robotnik's appearance on the planet Mobius.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Is this the first time Lamar Wells has done interiors? I rather enjoyed his covers for Archie especially when Gary Martin was inking his art. It's great to see him strut his stuff on the pages and I like what I'm seeing so far. The colors don't really do it for me either, but eh. EDIT: I'm remembering now he did most of the Origins stories for the Archie reboot. Kind of a shame he didn't get to do the main book or Universe. Hernandez was a penciler for the Annual and nobody was complaining then. Quit making a big deal out of people criticizing anything on this book.
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    Super Mario Maker 2’s online multiplayer finally has the option to play with friends! About time, I’d say. You can also use button controls when creating courses in Handheld mode now.
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Oh and by the way, yes; that's the same temple. It's simply overgrown with plant-life in the present to the point that only the top half is visible. This is the full temple. I'm pretty sure Mystic Ruin and Angel Island are one and the same in the past.
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    reminder that upcoming sonic movie could have looked somewhat like this
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Then why does Station Square have a poster of a Mobian model?
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    @Failinhearts As long as we're talking about the RP I've come to know and love, I think I might as well throw my thoughts in as well. I was a little reluctant at first to join, mostly because I'm shy, you know? But I'm the kind of person who always has an idea or few floating around, and I wanted to share them with other people. The RP was a way to work on my writing and storytelling skills. It's certainly been a great 3 years of writing and fleshing out my characters, and seeing other people's stories and their characters, whether it be their take on existing characters or their original creations. Even as I type this, I still have ideas buzzing around that I'd love for you and everyone else on the RP to see. And hopefully that'll be soon!
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    Season 3 of SSMB Heroes Academy! The Skylanders have to triumph over LOG and his crazy challenges! Luckily the rebellious program known as Kyubey has their back and... ...Wait, who's the Sentinel on the bottom left?
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    The split didn't exist is the real answer.
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    Season 2 of SSMB Heroes Academy! Here, the Skylanders had to uncover the secret behind the mysterious Kaede Akamatsu and her friends, and put an end to the malicious reign of Tsumugi Shirogane and her secret control over the multiverse!
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    A look back at SSMB Heroes Academy over the years! First up, the season that started it all! Season 1: When the Skylanders had to travel across dimensions to look for the Foundation Elements! Little did they know that Sayaka was the final piece!
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    Previous years' Jack o' Lanterns. I'm still thinking about what I'll carve this year.
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    Having gotten a better look at Dark Coco, I'm pleased to announce that she has varying enough differences to warrant a skin. First off, thankfully, she has a different outfit from default Coco. I've noticed that she wears a black Gothic shirt with a skirt. And believe it or not, she has the boots and fishnets......with a bit of a catch. See, she's wearing pants underneath the fishnet stockings, oddly enough. She also has a ribbon instead of a flower on her head. Finally, notably, she seems to have sharp teeth showing by default unlike regular Coco. Her changes making her more dressed appropriately for her age make sense, and her looking somewhat familiar to regular Coco make sense since she is an alternate dimension version of the original. SO, pretty much what I was expecting and hoping for @Jango. We finally got the REAL Evil Coco. XD
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    I just got Issue 21. I continue to remain practically in romantic love with the plot and the scenario my favorite characters in fiction are being put through. On the surface it sounds sick but I really do get a kick out of seeing characters I love suffer so much. The thing that really hits home for me is how scary and claustrophobic the atmosphere HAS to feel for Tails here. The whole time I'm imagining this being me. I'm in a house, zombies are outside and they're the kind that can turn you literally just from a SINGLE touch... and you have to make sure you don't get spotted. Now, imagine coming to the conclusion of "Oh shit... in order for this to work I'm going to need to voluntarily step the fuck outside..." The little panel where he opens the door and takes a peak outside and then hurries himself onto the roof and then nearly has a heart attack when he sees the infected flickies fly over head. I was just saying "Come on, come on~!" alongside him when he was sucking that gunk up. Situations like this really get my heart going. I had to do that thing where I had to make sure my eyes didn't accidently travel to the second page and catch sight of a possible game over for Tails. It's hard to explain. You know that feeling that someone is looking for you in a game of hide and seek and you see home base but you know that if you run for it, you might be spotted... and also, your shoe is untied or your shirt is stuck on a branch or something. The gymnastics your heart does when you're trying to finish something in a dangerous area so you can hurry back inside is something that gets the blood flowing for me. I felt it with Tails here. Also, his portrayal is spot on. A genuinely well-established threat is scaring the poor kid but he still attempts to work himself through it when the going gets tough. It's adorable seeing him jump when he hears a loud crash and QUICKLY click on the mouse to check what's going on outside only to see a Zombot trip over a garbage can. Its amazing he managed to work through that. I felt like I was there. Then, you know, his work gets destroyed and he comes out with literal guns blazing, super pissed but also super distraught. Time will tell as to whether or not it amounted to nothing but the sense of dread coupled with Amy's terrible news on top of that at the end just makes things feel even worse. So much was riding on this and Tails can't even blame the people who caused it to go wrong. On the flip side, you've got the Zeti who are adding an interesting third wheel into the story, it would seem. I'm always fond of multiple groups with their own agendas working against one another. It leads to a nice chaotic salad of multiple interests and ideals clashing to create something hectic. Organized chaos is a very alluring thing to me. I enjoy it quite a bit and I can't wait to see what the Zeti add to this. Aside from that we got some Tangle, Whisper, and Silver doing stuff. Nothing major but it added needed context to the situation. While it would have been more scary had Tails been stuck there alone, with so many of the main cast left uninfected (at least at the time) it probably wouldn't have made much sense. If Tails has to try something similar again he's got no Freedom HQ or house in Central City to do it in now which... yeesh. Also, Sonic only shows up in one panel. So that's neat. So many iconic machines are getting destroyed though. First Omega's body and now the Cyclone. Also, Tails' lab in Central City is gone and apparently, the HQ from Forces got destroyed too (although I'm less sad about that one). Oh shit. What about Omega? Did he get rebuilt in time...? Probably not. Dammit. Augh. I want next issue now! One last thing, thank goodness the comic shop had Cover B. I don't know what they were going for with Cover A but it looks oddly unfinished. It's strange.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It looks like a Bowser base.
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    Uh, no. They are that wrong. They are so wrong to the point that despite balanced characters being stated to have better stats in speed than acell characters, when this is outright false. Because of these false stats, it also makes balanced characters one of the worst tiers in the entire game.
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    https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/02/ps4-crossplay-can-now-support-title-says-sony-10845969/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Looks like Sony finally broke from the controversy.
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    Especially for you @Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice
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    With so much of the Sonic views being "look at this mess" its difficult to get any indication of actual interest in the film.
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    I'm so excited. This is the main thing I was looking forward to: Playing Mario online with friends!
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    Dr. Mechano

    Sonic themed jack o' lanterns

    I love these, especially the one with the classic Eggman Empire emblem. It's like something the Doc himself would decorate his base with on Halloween. Definitely looking forward to what you come up with, and am glad to see you continuing the tradition!
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    broke: listening to pumpkin hill during october woke: listening to mystic mansion during october bespoke: listening to haunted castle during october
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    I haven't really participated in a long time tbh, but happy 3rd anniversary to @Failinhearts and the rest of the RP team
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    Haha, welcome back, Clyde! I know you just came back due to an ancient topic being bumped, but good to see you again anyway.
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    She's on billboards and posters scattered all over Speed Highway.
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    Dr. Mechano

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Well, I think a literal planet swinging by might get some global attention to be fair, even if nobody else went up there to check out what was going on.
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    Can't wait for Pasadena to be added she had amazing voice lines in Crash Tag Team Racing.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Yeah as we all know by now if an idea fails Sega will just abandon it forever. Since they apparently are still working on a tier system for the franchise I wouldn't be surprised if they did a new cartoon but I doubt it'd be Boom related.
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    I can see Koala Kong's face on the balcony in the Carnival track pic
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    So get this: Yesterday I downloaded the old Xbox One version of Minecraft( not Bedrock, the older console version by 4J Studios), since I didn't have my old XBLA account when when that version was current, so no Achievements. So I started a new world and almost immediately spotted a Woodland Mansion. After getting enough iron for armor and a sword, and enough coal for several stacks of torches, I was able to successfully raid the thing. I also brought a bucket of lava as an emergency weapon, though I didn't need it. So I went off into the surrounding woods and dumped the lave, then went mining. A while later, I looked up into the shaft I dug out inside my new house and saw daylight. I assumed it was a render bug. Later when I came back up, well... let's just say I no longer live in what can be called a Woodland Mansion. Thing looks like it got hit by a nuke.
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    He doesn't need to be an alien invader to accomplish this.
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    Nothing about him is out of place. His design fits right in with everyone else. He has the proportions and design elements that are roughly in line with 1930s cartoons, like Sonic himself. Him being human doesn't matter, there were always supposed to be humans in the Sonic universe from the start.
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    Look, I want a third season as much as anyone, but kiiiinda hard for me to trust a random guy whose name is their email.
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    Might be the first year since 2013 that I won't even attempt 24 hour comic day tbh. Might sit out Inktober too. After months of non-stop commissions leading me to the edge of burnout, I really just need to relax and do small stuff for awhile rather than jump into big art-related challenges.
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Pretty sure he’s talking about the weird tweet.
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    Sonic Super Special: Issue 1 - Sonic Vs. Knuckles Battle Royal It’s hitting me hard just how amazing it feels to think about how I’d actually, probably, be at Issue 50 and beyond by now if this comic wasn't so obsessed with putting out special issues every 3 issues or so. Apparently, there’s like 15 of these Sonic Super Special issues too which just floors me a bit. Although, apparently, not all of them are necessary to read. This one is though. It starts with a pretentious monologue about how majestic the floating island is and how even visiting it now, the Freedom Fighters are under a lot of stress. It’s all very flowery but the point is that they’re on their way to the Floating Island because they heard Knuckles completed his quest. However, they also heard the island was under siege so they decide to lend him a hand as a thank you for all he’s done for them. Sweet enough sentiment I suppose. They successfully land on the island… but after trekking for an undisclosed amount of time they don’t come across any danger. When asking why, Vector chimes in with the rest of the Chaotix, perched on a cliff above the Freedom Fighters and exclaiming that the reason there’s no one left to punch is because they used the still unexplained powers of the sword Knuckles got to… take the enemies out? I guess? Did they hold aloft the mighty sword and scream “BY THE POWER OF ACORN!” and became He-Animals? I don’t know how the sword works so Vector saying they used the sword’s power just left me scratching my head a bit. Maybe it works like the basketball in Space Jam. Also, Vector says Knuckles gave them permission to drive them out. Okay then… something's clearly up... Sonic says he KNEW that “Ol’ Pointy Head” can’t be trusted… That’s right. SoNiC tHe HeDgEhOg is calling Knuckles the Echidna… “Ol’ POINTY head”. Anyway, they fight. Bad jokes and forced justification ensues. At this point I desire to continue giving the book the benefit of the doubt and not assume that this is figuratively and literally the laziest way the book has, so far, conjured up an excuse to have a group of characters fight another group of characters to promote and sell their 48 page long special. I probably shouldn’t but I’ll… try. In the immortal words of George Lucas when he presented his rough draft script for the Phantom Menace, “There’s a lot of cheating in there… a lot of “They Fight”...” Vector explains that Knux has randomly decided that he only wishes to hang with his “homeboys” (actual dialogue) and the rest gets beat down. Rotor tries to push for reason by suggesting they talk it out but reasonable talks don’t sell 48 pages of a Sonic Super Special. Sonic says it’s too late but Sally suggests that they just take them out with minimal force while she and Antoine are casually beating the shit out of Espio. Charmy is understandably insulted by being talked down to as though subduing them is some sort of minimal task that they can just… DO! Then uh… something really, really confusing happens. I don’t know what… Rotor fires a sticky substance at Vector that gets him stuck to a tree (and makes the obvious stick-around pun that we all laugh at until blood pours from our noses because it’s just so funny) and then… I guess this somehow subdues ALL the Chaotix??? We don’t SEE them get attached to the sticky substance. We just see the appendages of the other Chaotix members poking out of what looks like a gray fight cloud while one of them exclaims that “WE’LL BE BACK! WITH KNUCKLES… AND BLACKJACK! AND HOOKERS!” So… apparently they lost or were subdued… SOMEHOW?! I have NO CLUE what I’m looking at here. This might seriously be the most confusing panel in this comic’s history up to this point. I don’t know what’s going on. Isn’t the job of the artist to better simulate what’s happening? Comics are a visual medium so it’s fair of me to expect the visual aspect be up to snuff. Even if the art is terrible, which it kind of is here, I could at least appreciate sequencing that makes sense. Vector’s stuck in the substance… then the very next panel the Chaotix are in a fight cloud with … each other? And they’re claiming that they’ll be back? So apparently they’re leaving or being left behind here? I checked the next page to see if it was better clarified and it isn’t. The Freedom Fighters are in a new location wondering what the fuck that fight was about… so… Like, they’re not fighting the other Freedom Fighters in that cloud. That’s Vector’s tail, Mighty’s shoe, and Espio’s arm so… … Sigh. I wish I could give this set of panels a Razzie Award for being the Worst fucking thing ever. By the way, it’s not just the paneling. I want to reiterate that this art is hard to look at. They all look like they’re made of water or something. Look at Tails, his head is about to explode. Look at Dulcy and her weird trumpet mouth. Seriously, look at Tails’ eye. His eye! What is it doing? Is it trying to escape? Did he have a stroke? I know there’s a style that’s being attempted here but being stylistic doesn’t excuse things looking bad. Anyway, they decide that there’s been a communication failure here since Sally is unable to think of a reason as to why Knuckles would just send his cronies at them. They can’t leave without the sword though so they head back. The Chaotix are chillaxing wondering what the nerve of the Freedom Fighters is, this time with Knuckles with them all of a sudden, and with him suggesting that it’s not Sally’s fault but Sonic’s…? At the moment, they’re still being vague about what’s going on. The Chaotix definitely attacked first and said that Knuckles was the one who gave the okay to boot them out. I’m waiting to see what’s going to make the dialogue suddenly make sense here. Either way, the Freedom Fighters come back and they resume fighting. Ohhhh~! I get it. They’re all fakes. So they’re all fighting pointlessly. I suppose that’s to be expected. Again, it’s just an excuse to have them fight. I can appreciate that if it’s a good one of course. I’ll also admit that Tails threatening them because they “took too long to return the sword” is adorable. Anyway, the Fake Freedom Fighters continue to say things that are untrue and make no sense. Fake Tails, in particular, says that if they were going to return the sword than why did they keep it for over a month… and the response from the Chaotix is that Knuckles only just found it. Then they just leave. Knuckles and his group are understandably confused by their words and their actions. That’s when Archimedes decides to poof onto Knuckles’ shoulder, like he often does, to deliver the… well, to just tell Knuckles what’s going on… but oh no! The Freedom Fighters are back! They fight! The only ones who don’t are Archimedes who, instead of saying what he needs to say, poofs off, and Sally who just says it’s hopeless to try and stop them. Now… I have to admit… from this point on… I have NO CLUE, what the fuck is happening. I really gotta be honest. Following the art of this issue is an extreme chore. I can’t even tell where one panel begins and another ends. Like, this “fight” starts as a sequence of panels with two characters talking at each other and firing off really bad quips and jokes. Sonic and Knuckles lay into each other a bit before they sit and pant in exhaustion. Sally and Archimedes decide they need to stop this and… she grabs him in a way that looks like it’s hurting him for some reason and then Mighty gets kicked by Bunnie and then the Freedom Fighters … and then the uh…? I dunno. I guess they’re running away? And then Charmy and Dulcy are fighting but then Charmy gets told by Archimedes to lead Dulcy to Sally. Charmy does that and then the two of them shoot fire at each other… I think… I’m not entirely sure. The last two pages were a splash of confusing positions and dialogue bubbles spewing words so interchangeable I don’t even remember who was saying what. Can someone tell me what’s happening here? Now, Archimedes says this should work so long as everyone does as they’re told which would imply they’re all in on it despite the dialogue making it seem like not everyone is. The Freedom Fighters and Archemedes might know what’s up but the Chaotix are totally acting like they’re in the dark… Well, anyway, an explosion happens and it looks like everything’s been blowed up. We then cut to Mammoth Mogul and the Destructix, I mean the Fearsome Foursome. Mammoth Mogul monologues about how awesome this is and how, with this, the world will be his! Sgt. Simian asks if they’re getting too ahead of themselves to which Mogul has a hilariously over-the-top, embarrassing, childish reaction. After he says this shit he goes ON. “I’ve been planning and scheming since before you were born-!” He says before running his mouth about his brilliant plan. Apparently, his last encounter with the Chaotix wasn’t a retreat but a tactical withdrawal done to ascertain what their powers were so he could take advantage of what he observed. He says that he didn’t even have them or him use the full extent of his abilities and that’s he’s way awesomer than Army monkey man is giving him credit for! Like dude… calm the fuck down. He barely said anything worth getting this upset about. Like holy shit. Eggman is less easily triggered than you my man. I believe I’ve said this before but I’m shocked at how lame and bad Mammoth Mogul was in these early issues. He’s so awful. It’s shocking considering how cool he is later on. Anyway, he’s still not done. That one harmless line gave his thin-skinned mammoth hide a bad case of mouth diarrhea and he spends the next PAGE AND A HALF explaining his entire plan. Basically, he used his magical hocus pocus to make Rotor and Knuckles think that they got distress signals from the opposing sides of their little scuffle when they didn’t and then had the Foursome disguise themselves as members on both sides. Simian played Bunnie and Mighty. Lynx played Espio and Sally. Flying Frog played Sonic and Vector. And Predator Hawk, as the only one who could fly, played both Charmy and Tails. Now, the comic shows the speech bubble finishing this spew of exposition coming out of Mogul’s mouth as well as someone from the side proclaiming that his plan was a good one, thus making it clear that Mammoth Mogul really was just explaining all of this to Sgt. Simian despite the man clearly already knowing it all because he just took part in the plan. This is an incredibly, shockingly lazy way to get this information out of him. Like, what the fuck is this writing? That isn’t even going into the logistics behind this plan not fully making a ton of sense. He straight up says in his monologue that alone they were easy to deal with but together they could pose a problem to his plan… so OBVIOUSLY the best way to solve the dilemma is to send out a fake distress signal to the Freedom Fighters and literally BRING them to the island! At this point, I wasn't aware of the twist that was going to happen at the end of the issue but even taking that into account, it still doesn't help his case. Regardless of what his plan was, bringing the Freedom Fighters to the island was a stupid thing to do considering he only needed Knuckles and the Chaotix to bare witness to what was happening for it to work. The voice claiming that Mogul’s plan was good was Sonic. He bursts in with the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix, TOGETHER, just like Mogul was worried about, and are ready to take him out. So another case of really, really bad paneling happens again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen comic paneling this weird and incompetent before. Take a look at this. I've never seen anything quite like this before. I’m going to do my best to try and explain what’s happening here. In the first panel one of the villains off to the side asks how they survived. Sonic swerves answering that question and says they’ve got business with them. The Foursome attack in the second panel… then get their butts kicked somehow in the first panel…? It’s hard to tell which panel is supposed to come first because the Fearsome Foursome get defeated in the first panel but are charging AT the heroes and getting ready to fight in the second one. As such, it looks fucking weird as shit. Like, if you put a panel break in between the part of the first panel where the Foursome get beaten it would create a third panel that when read in a sequence would make it obvious what the sequence of events was supposed to be. Panel 1 would be Sonic and the others showing up. Panel 2 would be the Foursome attacking. And panel 3 would be them immediately eating shit. That’s not what this is though. Instead, the scene of them getting their butts kicked is happening in the SAME panel that’s supposed to show off the heroes and the Chaotix showing up WHILE Sonic is saying a line that one of the Foursome responds to, somehow, despite being beaten IN the panel where he’s talking to them. It’s so fucking stupid. I still can’t believe this is real. How do you fuck up paneling THIS badly. Look at this! I almost don’t want to finish the issue now. I kind of just want to spend the rest of this talking about just this one collection of panels. I’ve NEVER, ever seen anything so confusing and badly structured. I almost wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it probably isn’t even supposed to be a separate panel because of how Predator Hawk is cut off in the one panel where Simian says “Have at you” and the rest of his body is shown in the first panel. I was ready to say it might have been a mistake but nope. It’s not because Simian is in BOTH panels. He’s in the first one getting his butt kicked and in the second one where he leads the charge in order to get his butt kicked… So even when I try and make sense of it, it just makes less sense. I’m going to be seeing these panels in my sleep. I’m reissuing the Razzie Award to this one. Like the actual Razzies, I may have given it to something that doesn’t deserve it just because it was the most popular option at the time and not necessarily the actual worst thing I could give it to. They’re a lot like the Oscars in that sense. A total shit show that cares more about what’s popular than what’s actually good or bad. I know I should be more upset that the Foursome got beat in a single panel but I don’t care. I honestly feel that the structure of the comic being so ass is far more egregious. Anyway, we continue on and… the benefit of the doubt I was ready to give this issue as an excuse to watch them fight has evaporated. Not only was the fight pointless but it was drawn like scribble scrabble and the paneling made no sense. Now this explanation of Mogul’s horrendously bad plan and Sally’s upcoming explanation of how they worked around it is honestly, for the first time, making me legitimately angry. I think I actually hate this. Like a lot. Sally explains that she and Archimedes knew that something was off. I feel like all of them had to know though… like… even if they thought it was them they had to know something was wrong. Sally says that in order to counteract the plan the two of them hatched a scheme. Literally, within the own words of the comic, Sally says “Using powers you probably didn’t even know Archimedes has, he covertly contacted Charmy to begin phase one.” Now… I feel as though Archimedes has, to some extent, showcased flashes of this ability before though I’m sure it was during instants where he just did it and it was never explained. I’m guessing this is the first actual explanation of it and even then it’s not REALLY an explanation. I feel confident in saying that because at the bottom of this panel, I shit you not, there’s an actual note from one of the folks who worked on the comic saying that they’re GUESSING it MAY BE telepathy…? He calls himself J “Not Minding My Own Business” Gabrie here but I disagree with that sentiment. If something’s not clearly defined and explained, questioning what it is makes sense. Do not mind your own business here. Ask and find out what the fuck is going on because if YOU don’t know, despite working on the fucking book, how am I supposed to know? It gets even more confusing because… Sally says Archimedes contacted Charmy to begin phase 1, which I can only assume was the part where he lured Dulcy towards them, and then says that she then began phase 2 by creating a diversion to distract them. This diversion is, I guess, the part where Dulcy fired her fire breath out and… SOMETHING happened? This is the second panel where they show what happened with Dulcy’s fire breath and I still have no clue what I’m looking at or what’s going on. Please, someone tell me, what the hell is happening in this picture because it just looks like she’s roasting them to me. Are my eyes broken? Sonic explains that what happened is that Archimedes teleported them away while it looked like they were covered in flames… I don’t see how that’s being illustrated by this panel though… like maybe the open space at Sonic’s bottom half here is supposed to insinuate that he’s teleporting away but he’s already engulfed in flames. He should be a charred rack of turkey regardless right? Then Sonic says (with a coloring mistake where his flesh colored arm is now green, making him look deathly ill) that they then hid and waited to find out what Mogul’s plan was by… I guess waiting to see if he would, again, for no reason, just SAY what his plan was to someone who already knew what it was. Lucky for them, Mogul did just that. Sonic’s explanation continues and he explains how all the clues that they were fakes piled up due to Mogul not doing his homework. First, the fake Mighty said that the powers of the NEARBY Archimedes helped him escape but apparently Archimedes has to actually TOUCH you to help you escape which… hold the phone. You mean Archimedes touched EVERYONE in that blast Dulcy fired at them to teleport them away from being turned into burnt toast… how? I didn’t see them all huddled together in a hand holding circle when that happened. Don’t try to act like this guy has clearly defined powers all of a sudden. Second, he disguised their soldiers but didn’t disguise their powers. An example of their powers being used incorrectly is the fake Bunnie holding up a rock with the hand that’s not mechanical. Bunnie says she only has super strength in the arm that’s roboticized. This might just be one of those things I’ve never noticed and has never come up until now so fair enough. It makes technical sense. Third, Knuckles says that while the fake Sonic was quick, he wasn’t as fast as the real Sonic. Again, fair enough. Fourth, only four of each team attacked them at a time even though both teams have more than four members. This is because the Fearsome Foursome is a Foursome. Fifth, and perhaps the biggest point, Sonic says that Mighty would never attack him without trying to talk first or at least say “Hi”. Antoine does what I just did and calls Mogul a fool. I’m inclined to agree. His plan had so many holes in it, the paper it was written on could double as swiss cheese. Mammoth Mogul literally says the line “No lower life forms out think ME and live!” and then attacks them. Then Mighty calls Antoine a “French Fry” and says that he should keep his mouth shut next time… to which I have to respond with another “What?!” He was going to attack you anyway. Why are you blaming Antoine for this? So anyway, they try to attack Mogul but he’s too powerful so they can’t get close. Even though he’s not at the peak of his power, the Sword of Acorn that he stole is amplifying it. So Archimedes just takes out a Chaos Emerald and it floats up to Mogul’s staff that had another chaos emerald in it. The two of them get attracted together and he gets seemingly vaporized out of existence. Well that was easy. Problem solved instantly in the span of two panels. Everyone than acts very oddly okay with the fact that they might have just nonchalantly vaporized a dude to atoms. I always get skeeved out whenever two emeralds are close thanks to how whacked out they got in Sonic X. Anyway, Knuckles bows before Sally Acorn with the sword in hand (so weird) and makes good on his promise. Sally, then grabs the sword and with Knuckles still bowing (so fucking weird) she decides to knight him so that whenever he’s off the island he’s recognized as Sir Knuckles to the Acorn Kingdom (this is soooo fucking weird you guys…!). Then Sonic carries him for a piggy back ride in a panel that comes out of nowhere and immediately cuts to a different scene when it’s done. They leave and Sally tries to get started on using the sword to search for the crown of Acorns when Rosy steps in and tells Sally to come with her. Sally follows her and they find the king…? He’s well…! But how…? But wait! We’re not done yet. It’s time for the twist~! Mammoth Mogul shows up again under the pale moonlight and monologues about how EVERYTHING was an orchestrated set-up. From how inept he was at his shitty plan to his quick and unsatisfying destruction. For you see, he planned all that from the very beginning and he’s got the REAL sword of acorns. Then he laughs maniacally while we’re shown a visible rip in his pants that’s showing off his underwear. Thank. God. You seriously almost had me thinking this was the second worst issue right behind Sonic Live but a lot can be done for a book’s quality by sticking the landing like this! Does this reveal make up for all the frustrating shit that happened? Only slightly. Mogul being an idiot was a very disappointing thing for the character knowing what I do know about him down the line and even with this reveal he’s still coming off like a clown. I’m not entirely sure why he didn’t just switch the two swords and leave. Maybe he wanted an excuse to make it seem like they had done away with him for good and thus pretending he died was necessary. I could see that being the case but then, why risk bringing the Freedom Fighters to the island when this could be accomplished by just facing the Chaotix? Oh right. We need a 48 page special where "They fight". Gotcha. Unfortunately, my main problems with the issue stem from everything else about it. The art and paneling of this issue was seriously, probably, the worst it’s ever been in my opinion. I straight up had to strain my eyes to try and tell what was going on… and still couldn’t succeed in a number of cases. This is an example of the art being what breaks down the quality of the book. The story itself was rather annoying but thanks to the ending reveal, it’s actually landed itself in the “okay” department. The fact that he was being a driveling idiot on purpose does lighten the load a lot and does help to mask the sales trap of making the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix fight but it’s sadly not enough to save or excuse the horrendous nature of the book in all its other areas. It’s a shame. Sonic Super Special: Issue 1 - The Map Antoine is alone in a room, reminiscing about his father while overlooking a bunch of graphs. Most of which seem meaningless except for one specific map. He’s unaware of where it could lead to most likely because it’s incomplete. Bunnie shows up and asks Antoine what he’s doing here. Antoine tells her to fuck off and she goes away. Anyway, he continues contemplating things about this map. He wonders why it was so important that it had to be hidden in the hilt of his sword and whether or not the second half, that he doesn’t seem to have, will provide the answers. I’d imagine it would, otherwise it’d be a pretty awful map. Either that or it’s a map of a place that doesn’t exist anymore. Antoine even brings up that the landscape has changed because time has passed them by and this shit is extremely old. He also mentions that he will apologize to Bunnie later. Hm. Before we continue, I have to stress this… the fake exaggerated French accent is at a full 11/10 here and it’s beyond cartoonish. The amount of times Antoine begins a word with “Z” or outright says “Ze” is parody levels of stupid. Holy fuck. At the same time, in Robotropolis, Snively is searching through a shit ton of papers, looking for something that will take down Uncle Julian once and for all. He really wants to usurp him, so much so that he’s willing to talk about how much he wants to do so out-loud. This would make more sense as a thought bubble instead of a speech bubble. Just sayin. Anyway, he finds the second half of the map… in Robotnik’s lair. Interesting. He reads it and it says the “Budding Circle”. Snively doesn’t know what that is and he looks it up, instantly finding out why it was abandoned. Apparently nothing is safe when the Krudzu are involved. I didn’t know what that was either or why they were connected until I read the next page. However, right off the bat, I gotta say this already is a much more intriguing mystery than whatever the fuck is going on with the Crown of Acorn. Anyway, Antoine is also monologuing about his findings, wearing a black sweater and camouflage pants. He explains that the Budding Circle was an area that existed in Mobotropolis, which means it was paved over when Robotnik created Robotropolis. Antoine explains that it was the Krudzu, organic, but somehow metallic, plants that ate up the land. Robotnik then tried to use them against the Freedom Fighters but they found that water was their weakness and stopped them. This was all stuff that apparently happened way back in Issue 1. I own a reprinted copy of Issue 1 I got from free comic book day and even I couldn’t tell you the plot of it. I have no clue. I vaguely remember Tails being upset that he tried to help the Freedom Fighters by bringing them a plant… I think. I also remember Robotnik flying through the air like Team Rocket while going “Mmmm… gravy.” like he was Homer Simpson. At least I think he said gravy… This has been nothing but a constant stream of exposition so far. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that because it’s actually been rather interesting and the mystery being presented here feels kind of natural. It’s just… being expected to read so much text in Antoine’s horrid, intentionally misspelled word salad is tough. Antoine decides he needs to do this himself because… telling Sally would be the same as giving an incomplete report and his father said that’s a no-no. I don’t buy that but sure. At the same time (talk about coincidences, Jesus) Snively is using his own privately programmed Egg-Robos to dig around the southside of Robotropolis. This part of the city is apparently just one big trash and sewage heap. Snively hopes to find some Krudzu seeds in the remains of the Budding Circle and send them Robotnik’s way. Snively is extremely riled up and angry here. He really believes this is his big chance and he desperately doesn’t want Robotnik to find out about it. He’s scared just by the thought of him finding out that he has his own personally programmed Egg-Robos that call him Master Snively. Antoine arrives from the sewer and sees this all going down by the way. He spots the second half of the map and overhears Snively’s desire for the Krudzu seeds. Antoine, in a bout of really impressive intuition, first contemplates that it would be odd for his father to have a map that lead to those seeds but then, immediately after, reconsiders what he’s doing and outright says that he NEEDS to tell the others. Then he slips on some pipes and falls to the ground. Whoops. Luckily, it was still behind the trash pile so Snively only heard him fall. Didn’t see it. But that’s still bad enough because he sends his hovering Egg-Robos and their giant, fuck-off, laser cannon hands to weed him out! Is this the end of Antoi-no it’s not. But you know. It could have been. Antoine runs for the manhole cover he came out and just barely makes it inside before they all blow the shit out of the ground. It really kicks ass. Antoine is incredible in this story. Plus, he’s constantly wearing the same expression on his face. Just this really monstrous, angry scowl. He’s just constantly pissed. He runs from the Egg Robos, getting blasted at, trying to run away so he can warn the others. He takes out a power ring and it gives him enough power to slash one of the robots in half. He manages to escape and runs into Uncle Chuck so that he can inform him of what’s been going on. Chuck tells him that the other Freedom Fighters have been worried about him and they sent Sonic and Bunnie to check out the seismic activity that’s been going on at the Southside of Robotropolis. Antoine says “Oh shit. That ain’t good. I shouldn’t have done this myself. No I must leave to continue doing this myself.” Uncle Chuck is about to say that he can’t just let Antoine do that but Antoine’s all like “Nope. Fuck you. This is my badass solo story, not yours.” Antoine shows up and sees Sonic, Bunnie, and Rotor trying to fend off the Egg-Robos and they’re having an intensely hard time. Antoine throws Sonic the power ring and he has a slightly easier time but it’s not enough. Antoine joins the fight and they start to become a bit low on power… but then the Swat-Bots start to arrive and the Freedom Fighters decide they’re done, so they retreat. The Swat-Bots thankfully aren’t following them because they actually came for Snively. Robotnik’s mad because he heard that there are combat robots more powerful than his. And it’s true. The battle with the Egg-Robo’s looked fierce. It was awesome. Why is this secondary story so much more epic and cooler than the one that’s the main story of the issue? It’s so much more badass and infinitely better written and honestly, better drawn in a lot of ways as well. It’s not perfectly drawn, of course, but even in that screenshot of chaos I can actually tell what’s going on. At this point I decided to check and see who wrote what… Okay, so “The Map” was written by Tom Rolston and the main story about the Freedom Fighters fighting the Chaotix was written by Kent Taylor and Ken Penders. Sigh. Yeah, I guess that explains it. Still though, I was shocked. The quality of the story just jumped astronomically and it really caught me off guard. This is awesome. Robotnik chokes Snively while demanding to know what happened. Snively explains that he was indeed looking for a special destructive plant (he doesn’t say why, obviously) and then says that the accursed Freedom Fighters showed up and wrecked his plans. Robotnik says they will pay, instantly believing them. Also, Snively says the Egg Robos were just digging robots. It’s amazing what you can accomplish so long as you properly lie to your boss. We end on Antoine being grateful that Robotnik got a call in from Uncle Chuck as it was the doctor’s ego being challenged when he heard the news of “better robots” that allowed the Freedom Fighters to escape. Antoine, however, is upset that he didn’t get to see what’s on the other end of the map. Maybe someday. So yeah. That was an infinitely better story than the one I started off with. This might have saved the entire issue from being relegated to the Archie Boneyard for me. Hopefully, now I can concentrate on the numbered issues again but who can say? There’s always a new special or some shit right around the corner. It’s always some business man stomping up to the writer’s desk saying “If I told you once, I’ve told you a thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand times-!”
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Nah, this isn't anything like the final delay in 2017. Archie had already lost the license but were lying to their consumers for months. A week or two because IDW is missing deadlines is hardly anything like what Archie fans had to deal with.
  48. 1 point
    Nah, it should be: "BYLETH HOES MAD!"
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    I think the financial concerns regarding a Blaze spinoff are solid but most of the reasons to shut the idea down come from a lack of imagination more than anything else. "Blaze isn't that different from Sonic." She can be if you lean into what makes the character and the games featuring her distinct. "Her world is the same as Sonic's world." We didn't see much of it at all. We basically know nothing about It could be. "Eggman Nega is just eggman!" Yeah, but you can come up with a new villain that's more of a direct foil to Eggman if you want. I'm not saying I or others in this thread have million dollar ace in the hole ideas, but surely this is a more productive direction for the thread to go in than trying to shut down the discussion altogether or trying to put shine on your favorite character instead, yeah? Surely we can think about this beyond the level of "Does this have the right to even exist?" or imagining it in the lamest possible way.
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    My idea of a Sonic RPG

    The freedom fighters don't belong in the games. A character creation system, especially one about modifying templates based on existing characters, is only going to encourage people to create terrible recolors and the like. It's bad enough as it is; we don't need a game encouraging it. And that's basically all there is to this idea; you want to see the freedom fighters in a game, and you want to show off your fan character. It barely qualifies as an idea at all; there's nothing about the mechanics of the game, or a story, etc.
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