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    One thing that I loved about Archie was its willingness to adapt characters from pretty much all the Sonic continuities. AoStH, SatAM, Underground, X, even the OVA (though Sega yelled at them for that one and they weren't allowed to use it anymore) all had characters adapted into the comics; And not just in the early days. Ian gave us Segafied versions of AoStH's Breezie and Professor von Schlemmer toward the end of the comic's run as well. Archie was kind of like the ultimate hodge-podge canon, taking bits and pieces from every other version of Sonic and creating something new out of it. IDW so far looks to be a lot more restricted to establishing itself firmly within the games' continuity. It takes place right on the heels of Sonic Forces, and so far has only used Sega characters or its own new original ones. I'd like to see IDW get the freedom to start pulling in characters from other Sonic series, but I really doubt that's gonna happen.
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    Mapping Sonic Earth

    The recent discussion in the headcanon thread made me want to crosspost some of my thoughts on Sonic universe geography from another forum, since it may interest people here. Edited from a group of posts made on Chao Island in November 2018 It is established in the early Sonic games that the ancient civilization which possessed the Chaos Emeralds was located on West Side Island. "[The Legend of West Side Island] They say that a very long time ago, the people of this island used mysterious stones to advance their civilization, and they achieved great prosperity. However, when those people tried to use the stones in the wrong way, their prosperity vanished overnight. After that, they say that the gods sealed the stones away somewhere on the island."- Sonic 2 manual As we know, Angel Island was part of the landmass from which this civilization spread, and it was when the island rose into the air that the ancient civilization vanished. "Sonic, who had been taking a nap, found a small ring washed up on the shore around that same moment. The ring had what appeared to be ancient letters carved into it. As he held this ring, Sonic remembered an old legend he had heard about an island. A long time ago, when this island had still been a part of the continent, people of a great civilization lived there. This civilization had created a society of peace and abundance with the energy of the "Stone of Power". However, one day a sect of wise men attempting to take the energy of the "Stone of Power" for themselves accidentally let the energy run out of control. The civilization collapsed in an instant, and it disappeared from history altogether. After the incident, the gods, descending from the sky, rebuilt the civilization's land as an island and released the "Stone of Power" into the sky…or so they say." - Sonic 3 manual Now Sonic Adventure shows that Angel Island was originally located in what is now the Mystic Ruins. From these facts we can reasonably conclude that the Mystic Ruins are located on West Side Island. Perhaps they are located near the Mystic Cave Zone? This is consistent with Tails living on West Side Island in Sonic 2 and in the Mystic Ruins in Sonic Adventure, and his flashback to the first time he met Sonic showing them in the Mystic Ruins: they are the same location. Now in Sonic Battle Tails is shown living in Emerald Town, a small urban area near the beach, which is depicted as being in easy travel distance from Central City. Emerald Town sounds a lot like a place that might be found in the Emerald Hill Zone, one of the Zones on West Side Island. Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure is another similar area, which we know is within easy travel distance from the Mystic Ruins/West Side Island. These details suggest that Sonic Battle indeed occurs on West Side Island as well. According to the Sonic 1 manual and SEGA Technical Institute documents, South Island, the location of the first game, floats around on the surface of the ocean. As such it cannot be found consistently on a map; it changes location over time. The Floating Island, of course, does the same thing. West Side Island however shouldn't have this problem, and since it has been featured as a location multiple times throughout the series, we should have enough details to map it's location in the Sonic universe. Our first clue is Sonic 3's statement that the island the ancient civilization lived on was once part of the continent. Our second clue is Sonic Battle's depiction of the island as being close to the United Federation's capital, Central City. Now the capital first appears in Sonic Adventure 2 on the far left hand side of the game's stage select map: Here we see the bridge connecting Central City to another urban area on an adjacent landmass. The same landmass encompasses the Echidna ruins where Eggman's pyramid base is located. These pyramids are precisely like the ones in the Sandopolis Zone on Angel Island. From this we can deduce that SA2 also occurs on West Side Island. Also note the Green Hill Zone located on the tiny hexagon beside Prison Island, which obviously represents South Island. The urban area connected to Central City is most likely Emerald Town, the desert is part of the Mystic Ruins (in fact it fits as an extension of Sand Hill), and the landmass Central City is on could be the continent the island separated from. Central City returned in Shadow the Hedgehog. In this game we see a map of the world in GUN's base as they monitor the Black Arms invasion: At first blush we might think that the pair of islands on the east coast of the America looking continent are the islands we're looking for (this excellent fan made map reached a similar conclusion), but not so fast. The map in SA2 is based on real world US locations, with Central City corresponding to San Francisco, Prison Island corresponding with Alcatraz, our putative West Side Island corresponding with the North Bay area, and Angel Island perhaps having some relationship to Angel Island (...!): That would mean West Side Island is on the West coast of the America-shaped continent (fittingly enough). There are land forms on the west coast stretching over what appears to be an inland sea which might be peninsula or might be islands, given the low resolution of the Shadow the Hedgehog map. If they are islands then they're a perfect fit for Central City and West Side Island. Following this line of reasoning, I think we can place most of the locations in Shadow the Hedgehog on or near West Side Island. Death Ruins are most likely located near the Mystic Ruins; Westopolis is stated in game to be near Death Ruins so it is also on West Side Island. Iron Jungle would be in the jungle surrounding the Mystic Ruins. Circus Park could be some where in the proximity of the Casino Night Zone. Cryptic Castle fits right in with the Pumpkin Hill area. Other places like Glyphic Canyon or GUN Fortress might be anywhere though. Sonic Chronicles has a world map featuring the Green Hill Zone, Central City, and the Mystic Ruins as a cluster of islands in the west and Station Square on another island in the east. Since this map is only seen by the player as a means of navigating between zones, I don't think it needs to be interpreted as a literal depiction of Sonic's world the way we do the in-story map seen in the cutscene from Shadow the Hedgehog. It is consistent in depicting Central City's proximity to the Mystic Ruins/West Side Island however. South Island moves from one location to another so the Green Hill Zone's placement is non-problematic. Where this game places Station Square is interesting however, as it has it on a separate land mass from the Mystic Ruins, in the Blue Ridge Zone. This could place it on one of the peninsula/islands east of the two Central City and West Side Island are located on. There are a couple other maps in the series we can look at. Here in Sonic Rush we see Cream's house is located on the same landmass as Tails' workshop. Since Tails lives on West Side Island, we can conclude Sonic Rush takes place there. Mirage Road would therefore be located in the Sand Hill desert; Huge Crisis is probably a naval base similar to Prison Island; Night Carnival is another iteration of Casino Night Zone. In Sonic Advance 2 we see that Cream and Vanilla live on this island; based on the above we would conclude that the island in Sonic Advance 2 is West Side Island. We see Eggman's Techno Base on an adjacent landmass; this is probably the Blue Ridge Zone island where Metropolis is located in Sonic Chronicles, and Techno Base and Metropolis are different names for the same location. Leaf Forest appears to be the place where Cream lives; Leaf Storm, the forest near Cream's house in Sonic Rush, is most likely the same area. In the Game Gear version of Sonic 1 we get a decent view of South Island. In that game the Green Hill Zone leads to a place called the Bridge Zone; in Sonic Advance, Neo Green Hill Zone ends with a bridge that leads to the Secret Base Zone. Coincidence? I'd assume that the Secret Base Zone is located somewhere on South Island, like Starlight City. Casino Paradise could be in Spring Yard- or the action might have moved away from South Island after this point, as the background of Casino Paradise shows a river or an ocean. From this we can construct a composite map of the locations in Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, SA, SA2, Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Battle, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Rush. Most of the other early games feature similar locations that we can use to fill in further details. For example Sonic Triple Trouble features the Robotnik Winter Zone, a base built by Eggman in snowy mountains. The Blue Ridge Zone is suitably dominated by ice and snow on the one hand and Eggman's city on the other, so the zones in Triple Trouble (Great Turquoise, Sunset Park, etc) might be located on this island. We could similarly connect the locations seen in Sonic Rivals 2 (Blue Coast, Sunset Forest) with the places we've placed in on Blue Ridge Island. Familiar reoccurring environments like deserts (such as Flying Carpet from Sonic the Fighters) or mountains or forests can be connected to each other by the same token. At present, I've completed such a map for West Side Island and it's surroundings. I'm working on a similar map for locations like Soleanna, Spagonia, Monopole, etc (this is why I've postponed examining maps from 06, Unleashed, Zero Gravity, and Forces, which I hope to dig into at a later date) and may make maps of South Island and Angel Island as well. Location rundown: Sonic 2- Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, Aquatic Ruins, Casino Night, Hill Top, Mystic Cave, Oil Ocean, Metropolis 1 Sonic 4- Splash Hill, Casino Street, Lost Labyrinth, Metropolis/Mad Gear Sonic The Fighters- Canyon Cruise, Flying Carpet, Dynamite Plant, Aurora Icefield, Casino Night Sonic Triple Trouble- Great Turquoise, Sunset Park, Meta Jungila, Robotnik Winter, Tidal Plant, Atomic Destroyer Sonic Adventure- Station Square, Emerald Coast, Tails' Workshop, Windy Valley, Angel Island crashsite, Mystic Ruins, Big's Hut, Lost World, Final Egg, Egg Carrier Sonic Adventure 2- The Capital City, City Escape, Radical Highway, Chao World, Route 101, Route 280, Aquatic Mine, Pumpkin Hill, Sky Rail, Wild Canyon, Dry Lagoon, Prison Island (associated locations acknowledged), Hidden Base, Sand Ocean Sonic Advance 2- Leaf Forest, Hot Crater, Music Plant, Ice Paradise, Techno Base Sonic Battle- Central City, Club Rouge, Night Babylon, Amy's Apartment, Central City Lab, Library, Emerald Town Shadow the Hedgehog- United Federation mainland, Central City, Westopolis, Lethal Highway, Cryptic Castle, Circus Park, Glyphic Canyon, Prison Island, Death Ruins, Lava Shelter, Iron Jungle Sonic Rush- Leaf Storm, Mirage Road, Ocean Palace, Night Carnival, that interstate bridge, Huge Crisis, Altitude Limit, Vanilla's Cottage, Tails' Workshop Sonic Rivals 2- Blue Coast, Sunset Forest, Neon Palace, Frontier Canyon, Mystic Haunt Sonic Chronicles- Central City, Mystic Ruins, Blue Ridge, Station Square, Metropolis 2, Angel Island crashsite
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    I liked Joker. Quite a creepy film
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    That's all? Don't get me wrong, this kind of event was a really cute idea. But it was essentially a 24-hour tease of a single regional form. Seems like they could have done more with it, like tease a legendary/mythical Pokémon without revealing it fully, or shown off more than one new Pokémon/form. Compare this to 30 second trailer to introduce Sirfetch'd, or the few minutes in which we got confirmation of Galarian forms including Weezing, the Zigzagoon family with the first new evolution in years plus all the character details. This was underwhelming. Galarian Ponyta looks alright, I guess. Not my favourite, but I don't dislike it. I hope the regional forms that they've yet to unveil continue to be interesting twists. Galarian Weezing is funny, but as with Exeggutor and Dugtrio... The joke is over pretty quickly. Alola had too many dark types (and dumped them all on the player at the start of the games), and too few overall. It's such a fun concept, they could really do a lot with it. Marowak, Geodude's line and Sandshrew's line are the best so far. But with only 10 regional families in Alola and Galar introducing Gigantamax forms too... I don't expect to be seeing many more now that I think about it.
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    I'm honestly just hoping for the English VAs to be involved this time around. I know it's unlikely due to cost but it is really the one thing I'm looking for at this point. You'd think with how popular MHA is they'd want to invest in things like that for the west but with the first game not really doing well and not even having it there... yeah.
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    Huh, I’m surprised a topic on the game wasn’t made earlier... Better late than never, Ryan? The game is largely the same as the first, albeit with minor gameplay changes, so I can’t say I’m too interested, despite my curiosity. Something that I have found, though, is that Shoot Style Deku, a free DLC from the original game, replaces Izuku Midoriya’s standard moveset, obviously to reflect his new fighting style. And on that note, his original moveset still exists as a separate character, but no name has been given for it yet. Tomura Shigaraki also has a completely new moveset that, surprisingly, takes a lot of influence from a future arc in the manga that very recently finished; a story arc that season 4 of the series can’t cover as it’s too far ahead (but with nothing too drastic of a change from this point in time of the story)! His original moveset is still available as a separate character, though. And just my prediction, but characters like Bakugo and Kirishima will have new moves in their arsenal to reflect some new abilities they’ve learnt. Key visual: Character roster (as of NYCC):
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    Mapping Sonic Earth

    There's a real world explanation for that though- all of the Resistance soldiers are generated from the Avatar-maker. We could also reasonably ask if we were meant to think there were zero reptiles in the entire world-wide Resistance besides Vector and Espio, if we took the pre-generated soldiers as evidence that there were no humans around at the time. There is one detail that makes me think there were refugee GUN forces among the Resistance: they both use similar squad names (Snake Squad, Fox Squad, etc). Of course the writers had the opportunity to explicitly include GUN in Episode Shadow, and chose not to, when Rouge receives information from the Intelligence Division. Intelligence Division of what? Just the Intelligence Division. If she got intel from the Resistance she would have said "Amy".
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    Personally, I think what's pretty bad is the fact they're fundrasing in general. It's a good cause, and especially for the Overwatch one, I'm happy so many donated to it, which hell, even I donated to it because it was such a good cause, but like...it's Activision. I.E, one of the richest companies on the planet. The company that laid off tons of people last year while also claiming they had their most successful financial year ever. The CEO who has a net-worth of like seven billion dollars, and keeps getting extra bonuses and whatever else. All that to say why the hell does Activision need to send out a DLC kart when they could just donate their own money towards this cause. I frankly feel like the charity factor dies down a bit when you're one of the richest companies that exists right now, and yet instead of donating one million out of their own pocket, which let's be honest, for Activision - isn't very much - they make a DLC kart with an iffy as hell exclusivity period to give the proceeds away instead of actually just giving their own money away. I don't see the sense in it.
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    Tangled Jack

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Figured it but yep, IDW Sonic isn't going anywhere, and the enthusiasm is well deserved IMO.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I mean...literally right after Starline left:
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    Picked up the Mega Drive Mini, can't wait to finally play Wily Wars!
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    Previous years' Jack o' Lanterns. I'm still thinking about what I'll carve this year.
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    Sonic Headcanons

    I've always imagined Eggman had some superhuman capability but I never really thought about why. It's something he surprises everyone including himself with when he's worked up about something(like when he's running away from Sonic in Death Egg Zone lmao). The robotnik family line inexplicably being really strong is funny, I like that idea.
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    As much as I'd champion a remake of Sonic Adventure, I really doubt it'll happen.
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    Dr. Mechano

    Sonic Headcanons

    With a second controller, Maria is playable in Shadow the Hedgehog. She has a slap attack when playable, and is capable of destroying huge crates with her bare hands. Eggman, meanwhile, has been seen punching down walls in Lost World and even sending cars flying with his fists in Riders. He also shrugs off being sucked into the Eggmobile's propeller in Mania like it's no big deal. Ergo, my Sonic headcanon is that the Robotniks just have superhuman strength for some reason. Maybe Gerald's experiments have something to do with this.
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    Pokémon Sword & Shield (Available Now)

    yea one does not have a tail. im assuming a male and female version. Male may be no tail?
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    I love Sonic Adventure

    I love Sonic Adventure
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    Guys, we're getting a Zelda 64 sequel Looks way creepier than the first one
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    next monday im releasing a weird, cute visual novel on steam and itch.io and perhaps you might like it??
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    Eggman wasn't the first outsider to discover Angel Island: Gerald was. Why did the world at large think Angel Island was just a legend in the present day despite Gerald Robotnik knowing about it 50 years ago? Same reason all of Gerald's other discoveries were unknown to the general public.
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    A Hat in Time is out on Switch today, fuck yes. I’ve been purposely holding off on replaying it for this >:)
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    Game Night is tonight with Smash Ultimate and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe being played! Let me know if you wanna play so I can add you to the organisation PM!
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    So, they still not ready to show Sonic's redesign yet? Weird. BTW, here is another picture.: Pictures were taken at IgroVir which is a video game convention in Russia. Original Source
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    An unexpected announcement, My Hero One's Justice seems to have done well enough in order to gain a sequel. Releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2020, My Hero One's Justice 2 will be going past where the original game left after the All for One saga, and seems to be tackling My Hero Academia's biggest arc to date - the Overhaul saga. This likely means we'll be seeing the Hero Licensing arc, Bakugo VS Deku Round 2, and the rest of Season 3 squeezed in, similar to how the original game handled the UA Sports Festival, and Stain. In terms of new characters, it looks like the original roster is being retained, plus a ton more are being added. From the trailer alone, we've got... Returning: Deku Bakugo Todoroki Uraraka Tsuyu Kirishima Endeavour (DLC in the original) Yorarashi (DLC in the original) Dabi Iida Kaminari Tokoyami Jiro Yaoyorozu Shigaraki Toga All for One All Might Gran Torino New: Lemillion Overhaul Suneater Nejire-Chan Ashido Mineta Not confirmed to be returning as of yet: Muscular, Eraserhead, and Stain. But it's heavily likely all of the first game's cast is making a return, so it's only a matter of time til they're announced I believe. I really hope they improve a lot of the game this time around since it looked like the first game did good enough to warrant a sequel. MHA is one of the best manga/anime going at the minute, and it deserves better than the relatively budget experience the first game provided. The basis was there for a good brawler arena game, but held back a lot of flaws. I hope they improve the combat, do an English dub this time around (why the hell did the original not have this?), and improve story mode beyond just manga panels styled cutscenes. Here's hoping we see more improvements as more footage releases. Speaking of which, we've also got a 15 minute clip of gameplay:
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    Russian promo. Releases February 20th over there’s.
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    I tuned in to the last 40ish minutes and seeing the two Pokemon cuddling was worth it
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    New topic submitted!

    New topic submitted!
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    Pokémon Sword & Shield (Available Now)

    Some screenshots from the stream are popping up on my Tumblr dash: This blog I've been following has been posting updates I'm wondering if it'll be a pre-evolution for a Galarian Ponyta or if it's meant to be smaller than the regular one. They seem to be doing more with the regional forms like adding exclusive evolutions to the lines, like with Obstagoon and Sirfetch'd, so I wouldn't exclude it. I'm really liking this design so I can't wait to see them talk about it officially (and forget to talk about Impidimp again)
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    Hey, SSMB? AH YEW OKEH?I I know I am, because I just finished drawing Terry Bogard. And I added him into my Smash Bros. art piece.
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    The original Japanese story, yeah:
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    I'd personally like Toru to join the roster because......why the hell not?!?!
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    Hmm. Okay... I reveal you today Super Mario Sunshine Adventure 2. Available only for Sega Gamecube and Nintendo Dreamcast!
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    Been watching several reviews of Joker and how interesting it is. It sounds like the perfect movie to shine a light on society and say "Stop being a dick." The "critics" hysteria has been very telling. It's like they've been hoping for a mass tragedy with the amount of pushing they've given to their dumb narrative. It bothers me to even type that, but how else can I understand such extreme overreaction? I think it's important to discuss and understand stuff like mental health and this movie opens doors to those discussions. Meanwhile, the "critics" want everyone in a perpetual state of fear and will insult and smear anyone that dares think for themselves.
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    At the very least, it's nice to see them including all of the original's roster. Plus, it looks like there's gonna be a lot of slots for new characters. I could see them adding a few more Pro Heroes to the mix, along with Overhaul's goons from his arc. Right now, I really wanna see them present some more customization options. Give us full costumes for the characters instead of a set of customization parts. Off the top of my head, you could have their casual wear outfits, Deku and co's disguises from their attempt rescue of Bakugo, the UA Cheerleader outfits from the Sports Festival arc, their training outfits. Hell, give All Might all of his costumes from the golden age, silver age and so on. The original was fine, but I really want more. Also, gonna call it, there's gonna be a bonus arc based on the School Festival where Deku has to go up against Gentle Criminal. I could see him being one of the fighters.
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    Looking cool, Joker! ...you should know what i mean
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    In fiction, magic has a way or hiding itself until it's convenient. All Sonic Adventure did was flesh out the cityscapes and human structures that have been lurking In the background since it's inception. I personally never had a problem accepting that Sonic's world was still filled with possibility. There's still plenty of things about our world we haven't found or don't understand. I can always see the appeal of a rural, uncharted fantasy world but that was never Sonic.
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    Apparently Kevin Conroy confirmed he's not doing the voice of Batman in the yet-to-be offically announced new Batman game (by WB Montreal). I'd imagine there's a good chance Roger Craig Smith will play Batman again like he did in Origins.
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    The Mega-Drive Mini should be delivered tomorrow, hopefully.
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    >JANUARY 2020 You sure about that...?
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    Dude you didn't post the best part.
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    But I love the implication that Espio formed the detective agency himself only to have this random schmo completely take over his business and eventually become his boss. I have to think at one point they voted on who should be the leader and Vector got Charmy to take his side by offering him candy or something. Like I can't imagine Vector and Espio's relationship being any other way, this is too perfect.
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    Another one: I'd undo the retcon that struck Knuckles Chaotix from canon. I'm fine with them being detectives now. But Knuckles Chaotix was, is, and will always be the first appearance of the Chaotix as a group. Ergo the Chaotix are friends and allies of Knuckles, Mighty is part of their crew, and Charmy absolutely knows who Eggman is in Sonic Heroes.
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    Mapping Sonic Earth

    Yet both South Island and West Side Island have thriving cities just like Station Square and Central City, namely Stalight Zone and Chemical Plant Zone. I didn't exposit clearly about this in the op, but did talk about this on another forum: My main motive for locating Emerald Town on West Side Island is that Tails lives there. Locations with "Emerald" in their name being relatively close together is a bonus. There is precedent for this kind of sudden travel and backtracking in Sonic games though. For example in SA2 Sonic escapes from Prison Island and makes his way back to Central City, then chases the President on Route 101, after which Hero story skips ahead to when they reach Hidden Base without showing all the traveling they had to do to reach the desert (although we see in the Dark story stage Sky Rail that the heroes indeed traveled through the Pumpkin Hill/Wild Canyon area). Similarly Sonic Mania has Sonic being catapulted from a desert over the horizon to Oil Ocean. I agree that this is problematic and have thought about ways to adjust the map so the Station Square landmass is between Tails' Workshop and the mainland. Rearranging the Sonic Advance 2 locations to fit this model would be time consuming though. What makes South Island and West Side Island animal based? It can't be the presence of the small animals Eggman imprisons in robots, because those guys also inhabit the locations Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Rush take place in, which are also human populated (GUN controlled Huge Crisis in Rush's case). It can't be the presence of Tails on West Side Island since Amy lived alongside humans in Station Square and Central City and there's no reason to suppose Tails wasn't doing the same in Sonic 2. It can't be Sonic visiting any of these locations since he's no less an outsider than Eggman.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I’m working on my lineart samples as we speak! 🤞
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    Dr. Mechano

    Sonic themed jack o' lanterns

    I love these, especially the one with the classic Eggman Empire emblem. It's like something the Doc himself would decorate his base with on Halloween. Definitely looking forward to what you come up with, and am glad to see you continuing the tradition!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm guessing it's not adults sending in crayon drawings in the fan letter sections.
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    I don't think that would change anything. They have been trying to seperate shadow from his backstory kinda for years. And they are kind of still doing it now . I legit wouldn't be surprised if there was a 3d sonic type reboot shadow is more focused on aliens than anything else. I don't think removing it fixes the problem, the problem is they don't like sa2 shadow. There would just be more stuff they come up with later to effectively do the same thing shadow's game was trying to do On topic This and The concept of silver from the future? Its something they have largely seemed to have abandoned anyway... so fuck it. Just make him blazes friend , from blazes world and be done with it Why would sega do that at all, is the question you should ask yourself
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    I can tolerate "the classic games are a different dimension" thing when it's elaborated to mean that the events of Sonic Generations altered the timeline and split it off due to paradox, but I wish they didn't have a rule of making some characters exclusive to Classic or Modern Sonic. Beyond that: Shadow the Hedgebhog. So many of its additions to the backstory in SA2 make so little sense that I wish they'd just amputate it. It's not exactly something Sega seems willing to revisit anyway, but as they haven't revisited SA2's version of the events either, I consider Shadow the Hedgehog to still be causing damage.
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    Don't ask for a source. You should know just from reading that post that none of those characters are in this game.
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