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    Replicating Uekawa's artsyle in 3D would be a step in the right direction for one. Something I don't think has been attempted since Sonic Adventure.
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    Apparently they'll be addressing things with another patch. Hmmm. Let's see:
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    This is a thought I had recently because of talking about Riders, but I think it'd be cool to put the Babylon Rogues in a platformer. They're thieves and all so I could easily see them going after the Emeralds or even a new Collectible Thing the Heroes Need, and there ya have it, mini boss squad. Or if I dare say so, the main antagonists? (I wouldn't want them to be hired by Eggman either way tho', I like him and all but I think antagonists needing to be involved with him has gotten way past tired...I feel like I've complained about that enough in recent years lol.) In general I'd want to do more fun stuff like that. I like getting new characters, but thinking of new roles or ideas for ones that already exist but are underutilized or abandoned is fun.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Preview pages from the next issue.
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    This, especially. There's not really a 'point' to the Chaotix or background characters like Vanilla the Rabbit, but they're here anyway; and forgotten characters like Mighty and Ray have found a new purpose (playable ones!) despite not having much of a reason to be there, either. It can be done, it's just a matter of 'wanting' to have them there and doing something purposeful with them when they are. It's not like we're asking them to be playable necessarily (not that it's impossible to think of fun ways to play as them, just use your imagination), just more legacy characters to help develop the setting and flesh out Sonic's world. I mean, I'm pretty sure most of y'all hate "Solo-Sonica" to begin with, so the discrimination against these particular "non-canon" characters is sort of confusing to me. And... well, this is a "what I would do" topic, not a cross examination. A "bring back the Freedom Fighters" or "put Sally in the games" topic might be a better sort of thread to discuss the merits of putting these guys in the game canon.
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    Another brief video - this time with James Turner on the game's interpretation of the UK: EDIT: Here's a short tour of the first town, courtesy of the Secret Member's Club in Japan:
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    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Perhaps they're using the multi-region set-up to draw out the length of this particular phase of the anime in order to lengthen their game development cycle and give the next generation more time in development. ...Well, it could happen.
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    I also love how the detractors don't even know really basic things about them(how long ago was Sonic/Sally a thing in the comics?) I don't even really like them that much aside from Bunnie and Nicole but it takes maybe 10 seconds of thought to onboard them on a basic level.
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    Well, i don't know you folks, but i'm convinced.
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    Oh sorry guys I completely misinterpreted what the topic was about. Initially I thought this thread was about what I, myself, would personally want to do with the series, not what I would do that other people want. Me wanting the FFs in the games was totally stupid since there are other people who don't want them, man I feel dumb for thinking about stuff that would make me happy to see, sorry for the mix-up guys also if one more person tells me "there's no point in adding them" (like that's actually gonna convince me the more times you say it?? and what's honestly the point of any of the other suggestions posted in this topic if you're gonna pull the pointless card) I'm gonna lose it lmao
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    I really, really want the series to go for more emphasis on being well animated and giving it an art-style overhaul. There's a lot of great games out there that manage to get down a nice, sleek looking action-cartoon vibe. Stuff like those Ultimate Ninja Storm games or, I suppose, Dragonball FighterZ. Just something that gets rid of the tired look the models have had in the 3D games since Unleashed. I feel like we've been long overdue for a change in that regard and I'd like to see their expressions and bodies, squash, stretch, and exaggerate themselves a bit more. I'd make sure there'd be a heavy focus on that for whatever my next game would be. And none of that text-box shit from Forces that they did in-between the levels.
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    You know with how well regarded the music of Sonic games are, I’m surprised Sega hasn’t attempted a full-on rhythm game for the series, like how Square Enix did for the Final Fantasy games. They could even make it like Vib-Ribbon, and have Sonic go through a course, defeating enemies and collecting rings, to the beat of the music. I’d totally would play it, atleast.
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    Gonna cover the Freedom Fighters as game material since that still seems to be a talking point and lightly touch on GUN while I'm at it: The Freedom Fighters themselves aren't really an issue(if anything, it's more what people associate regarding them that's the common detraction). Focusing on the New252 more than anything due to being a smorgasboard for this situation, they really can be (and pretty much were) just a group of people Sonic helped during his many battles against Eggman, inspiring them to take action and reclaim the Kingdom they lived in. They were likewise being distinguished as their own group that sometimes crosses paths with and receives aid from Sonic, Tails, and Amy when they happen to pass through or be available. Individually, the reboot simply brought most of them back to their comic/bible roots and therefore were "remodeled" to fit in with Sonic rather than the other way around. This is most notable in the case of Bunnie and Rotor, who mainly emphasized their disability/shame turned ability/convenience and gung-ho interest in fixing things. Sally and Nicole being the obvious exceptions for a variety of reasons and Antoine was a comfortable in-between. Thus, the Freedom Fighters are capable of fighting evil and saving the day, but generally do it through their own way and offbeat methods.In the context of the games themselves, that basically means they'd just be a thing that could pop up in a game and then not need to "stick around" because they are generally in one place, but the SEGA cast aren't. As for GUN themselves, the whole "Corrupt military with a conspiracy" thing was mostly a backstory thing and is otherwise resolved by the end of the Shadow's Game. Commander Tower himself was mainly characterized by the personal grudge he had against Shadow than any overt shadiness, which didn't apply to the rest of the government after SA2. And he got over that after getting finally an understanding of what was going on with him, with the strong implication that he continues moving on to ensure a better handle for things that his ironic position would suggest--something the Encyclopedia straight up ran with. If anything, the gray area at this point is limited to their employ of people like Rouge, Shadow, and loosely Omega as perhaps a lingering testament to their willingness to get the job done. That said, I can still go along with Mike's previous mention of most diverse memberships and means as a way of emphasizing their revitalization.
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    Well a bit of a warning or heads up or whatever but Hasbro/ DHX just had yet another massive leak. This time, nothing was spared. Scripts, reversions to scripts, cut episode ideas, animatics, flash objects, notes, messages between crew, music, ect. dating back to even pre season 1... wow. I don't think it really maters as far as spoilers go because, well, this is the final week of the show but hey. Personally, I'm sort interested to see what bit of production facts come from this. Have only seen a few things pop up over my usual channels but even from that a lot of choices made have been given a bit more context (for better and for worse). Also... I swear to Moon these things have been happening each October for the last 3 years now...
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    DOOM Eternal is fucking cool.
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    Joker is honestly the best comic book movie in years because you can actually talk about it with people for more than five minutes.
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    I kind of wish the story for Colors DS was the story the Wii version had. Literally only because it's the one with all the characters in it.
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    The Blizzard controversy continues with a mass employee protest
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    Can you just stay out of discussions about them then if you literally have no perspective to offer
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    Hey gang how we doin'. Feels like I'm never around to hang out with my SSMB homies these days, but make no mistake this is my internet forum home and I love you all.
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    Alucard can't appear it Wii Fit Studio because he has no reflection
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    We finally got a dub trailer for One Piece Stampede After the long hiatus of dubbed episodes its just nice to hear these voices again personally
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    Spoiler for Dreamworks’ Abominable:
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    Out of school for the week and Addams Family is about to play nearby... ...Why the hell not? Movie time.
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    For more context, as an extra way to stick it to Blizzard and Activision, protestors turned Mei (the only Chinese character in OW) into a freedom for Hong Kong symbol by placing her into certain HK themed outfits.
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    Says quite a bit that even staff within are heavily protesting. Quite soundly too. Whatever happens, it's gonna top 2018 in hijinks. Unless Activision-Blizzard do a 180, and considering their love of money over ethics, I don't see that happening.
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    F O R T N I T E 2

    F O R T N I T E 2
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    Stay at Home Ultima

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Tangle Whisper 3 previews too:
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    I get the feeling this will be an attempt at getting a few hunderd $ out of some mundane behind the scenes information
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    I mean, even his current style is more dynamic and interesting than any of the 3D renders.
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    a demo just got released for mario & sonic at the olympic games tokyo 2020 on the japanese eshop. if you have a JP nintendo account, you can download it on any region console.
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    The irony of being an adult is that I can buy all the Sonic shit I wanted as a kid but I can't enjoy it with the literal exact same vigor and excitement a kid would. Still can be rather childish but it's definitely not the same.
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    Not quite an art thread update, but here's a couple sketches from an attempt at a late 24 hour comic challenge: Yeah, I was only able to get 10 and a half pages done before the limit was up. It's a shame, but eh, stuff you can't predict can come up sometimes... I do intend on finishing this comic. Basically, a half-dragon princess villain and her kind cockroach witch minion intend on reclaiming a kingdom in a fairy-tale/fantasy/classic literature inspired world.
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    Boy oh boy. Blizzcon 2019 is gonna be something special.
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    New remixes by Tee Lopes

    That's because Adventure 2's soundtrack was balls. *dodges projectiles*
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    Well, I got laid off my job.
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    Oh, this was your thread?
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    If I was in charge, and say in a perfect universe where I had access to infinite money, infinite resources, projects could take as long as they want in development etc. Basically, a dream scenario where every game developed turns out to be fantastic, and every decision I make is wonderful, and Sega pays me enough money to build a mansion out of gold and a swimming pool filled with cocaine and prostitutes. In terms of development, I would set up several teams. One team dedicated to modern 3D games, one team for 2D platformers, one team for racing games, one team for remakes, compliations and re-releases of every Sonic game ever made, and HD remasters, one team for quality micro-transaction free mobile games. Probably other teams as well. 2D games: I would want a steady stream of 2D games being made. I wouldn't want them to be quasi-remakes like Sonic Mania. They also wouldn't neccesarily be pixel games, they could use modern 3d sprites. Really, I just want Sonic to continue making 2D adventures, like when he was when we had handheld devices. I would let them continute to use the Classic aesthetic, but would get rid of the limitations of Classic and Modern. Basically, Mighty and Ray can show up in Modern, all the Modern characters can turn up in the Classic games. 3D games: I would use a multi-tier plan for this. First game would be a Sonic only Adventure style game. I would want a brand new engine, and in the process, would want the developers to spend months, or over a year, however long it takes, fine tuning Sonic's movement, what they did with Mario for Mario 64. Get Sonic's controls and abilities as perfect and precise as possible, then make a game which caters to those abilities. The plot would also serve as a soft reboot of the franchise, with a time gap from Sonic Forces, and (in my fan fiction mind), would see an event that would see Sonic, Dr Eggman, the Chaos Emeralds, several side characters, and all of Angel Island flung into a tear into an alternate dimension. Sonic would get back to Mobius at the beginning of the game, with 1-2 years having passed in his absence. The game's plot would see a unique villian, while setting up an overarching plot of Sonic trying to get back Tails and other characters who were absorbed in the rift. Knuckles not having Angel Island and Sonic being absent would see him being turned into a superhero celebrity, filling in the void Sonic left. Amy would of moved on from Sonic, and while still having a crush on Sonic, would be far less forward. She would be a mayor of a town. Stuff like that for other characters, everyone has a new redesign. The time gap would allow for some minor characters to be reintroduced into the plot, like Ray and Mighty now being members of the Chaotix, I'd start introducing certain characters from other universes like Sticks, that fashion girl I've fogotten the name of, Mina cameos on billboards as a hot new pop artist. The next game would be Sonic Adventure 3, although maybe not named that. Multiple characters, Tangle and Whisper introduced and both playable. Plot would see both Dr Eggman return and a brain washed Tails, which would see drama. Aside from Sonic, other characters would have ongoing plots established with them, Whisper's mysterious backstory teased, Tangle being a new hero, Knuckles quest to find Angel Island, Shadow is being stalked by an unknown party, another time traveler established that Silver does not know about, Blaze's conflict about protecting her realm and how connected she is with Sonic's realm, etc. I don't want to turn Sonic into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I do want sub-plots to run between games, keep things moving forward, have teases for future villians. Don't make it feel static and keep the status quo. After Adventure 3, I'd effectively have 2 types of Sonic games. One type where it stars Sonic, and while it may have other playable characters, he is the focus, and other Adventure style Avenger games, where Sonic and a bunch of main characters must team up against a big monster threat, maybe with a unique sub title. Other characters would start receiving games, a Shadow game with Rouge and Omega playable, with some darker story telling. (No swearing or guns though, maybe more characters with big titties.) Silver and Blaze get their own game with Silver finally saving the future, but as a consequence, must stay in Sonic's timeline forever. Knuckles and the Chaotix team up in the search for Angel Island. Tails gets a sequel to Tails Adventure. As for spin-offs, I'd make a Team Sonic Racing 2, just with a bigger budget and an emphasis on longetivity. Do alot what Crash Team Racing did but without the microtransactions. Then after that, revive Sonic Riders, keep the 2 racing franchises going, TSR focused on family friendly multiplayer, Sonic Riders more on cool and skill based racing. Keep Mario and Sonic going, just with alot more money and love put into it. I'd make a Sonic party game line, although not a sequel to Shuffle. I'd want a sequel to Sonic the Fighters by the guys who made Dragon Ball FighterZ. Mobile games that don't suck and aren't free 2 play microtransaction hellholes.
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    Yeah, considering Tyson 'liked' that tweet (and he's pretty much unofficially confirmed to be on the redesign team), I'd say that's a not-so cryptic hint that we're seeing something within the month, I'd wager. I don't expect it to 'save' the movie or anything, but I look forward to seeing what they've come up with.
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    So, Freedom Fighters as a concept in the games? Assuming we aren't really rebooting much of anything, you could just count them among the other general Mobians trying to clean up Eggman's leftovers post-Forces. I get that the game implies that much of the world was freed up, but.... look the man did conquer the world, so you can very easily write in some cities or provinces that they missed. So, the Freedom Fighters would be a more 'specialized' team (or series of teams) doing their part to help "free" the rest of the planet that Sonic and the gang might have overlooked. No reason why one of those teams couldn't be based off of or be references to the SatAM/Archie Freedom Fighters. Bonus points if another team is based off of some Sonic the Comic characters, too. Maybe have a game or two where Sonic and Tails bump into those guys, helps 'em out, takes down an Eggman Empire recursion and the game ends with him declining an offer to join and continuing on their own path. Donezo!
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    There are plenty of people out there saying that the entire trailer is bad even if there was nothing wrong with Sonic's design, with the film looking like a very generic, uninspired load of Hollywood action rubbish. Drawn out and poorly written jokes, cliché scenes and Jim Carrey playing the role of Jim Carrey. Sonic's design being so unbelievably bad has only distracted people from looking at the rest of the trailer.
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    ...They'd be friends with Sonic who sometimes helps him fight Eggman? It's not hard for me to imagine how they'd fit into the games. Put them as they are minus the "fighting for freedom" bent, childhood connections, and romance. It'd be like introducing any other new character. The lack of imagination in this topic surrounding these characters in particular is weird to me. Either people try to act like there's no logical reason to have them or they have to think of entirely new roles that don't make them remotely the same characters as before. I am literally in my corner going marge_thinks_potatoes_are_neat.jpg, why do people take issue with that
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    Quite simply they just don't fit. Sneaky gorilla tactics are useless in world where best strategy is boosting into giant robot and seeing it explode. We don't do romance. Coward with a sword and fat walrus are quaint next to Ninja, Pyrokinetic and even little girl with OP chao. So what they add? More background characters for Forces games? Gee, we need that. Unless franchise bend itself over to become more FF-friendly, they just don't add anything. Trying to do something beyond glorified cameo could be actually detrimental for them. In comparison Sticks have easier job to enter, since her whole thing is comedy. Just give her any job where she spits random comedy (like finding her in stages) and Boom, job done. And everyone talks about reboot, so here's my though: Soft Reboot. I always respected Marvel over DC, because they don't reboot every 5 minutes. You can clean up the embarrassing mess of the past, but then you make new mistakes and circle continues, or maybe you go to old continuity. Waste of time. Marvel Ultimate or DC 52 proved that reboot is a novelty and then someone messes up again. And most importantly Sonic can do just fine with small cleaning. Nothing is fundamentally broken. Just hire good writer, get your story straight and make a game that focus on that and just doesn't talk on awkward past like Black Doom. Look at Crash Racing game. They "Soft Rebooted" with Trilogy, but then added Crunch and bunch of other guys to Racing game. And it was better for it. Star Fox Zero felt it's so pure it couldn't have even Krystal and did people cheered? Nah, they mostly rolled they eyes on another retreat. And just think how Flynn takes all the past elements and makes them work. We hate Black Doom, but we love Eclipse. And if we reboot, there probably won't be Battle DX, who knows when Rouges come back? Real Life doesn't have Reboot button. Don't throw throw away the past. Face it. Fix it. Build upon it. Or at very least, let it be. It's a past, it can't hurt you.
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    Either a trailer is dropping within the day or we're getting hyped about someones lunch plans.
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    You know what, I'd like to think I'd hold myself back from this, but I probably would do whatever I could to make sure the Chaotix were in every game too. Mostly like how they were in Shadow the Hedgehog, where they're not with the main cast, but are doing something important in the background, completely independent from the rest of them. I love those guys.
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    A fair point, I will say though that those are definitely characters that had an edge by being variants on existing Mario concepts (Goombas, sentient stars etc). The more fantastically original creations of the RPGs, Cackletta and Fawful being prime examples, definitely have a... something I can't quite put my finger on that makes them distinctly seperate to me (and I assume you get what I mean too by that last comment).
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    6.5 -7 " Its aiight "
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