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    At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I really appreciate this community and everyone's company. I may not know most of you super well, but having been acquainted with you guys for a while - some of you for over ten years - I really am glad I met everyone here.
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    SA1 Art Director is back!

    It's possible, but if we're following patterns laid out by Mania then I think the more likely scenario is a brand new 3D game that's heavily inspired by Sonic Adventure and its art style/themes, much like Mania was for Sonic 2D games. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised (although I'd be pleased) if there was an attempt at remaking/remastering Sonic Adventure, as it's the 20th anniversary of the International release of the game.
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    SA1 Art Director is back!

    As I mentioned in the status, Nishiyama is not the SA1 art director. That was Hoshino-san, who has been at SEGA for years. Nishiyama coming back doesn't make an SA1 remake anymore likely than Hoshino being there, or even Iizuka being there (given he directed SA1). If the set of remixes being released were all SA1 remixes, you'd have a point - but they aren't. As it stands, it's more likely these are for a small remix album or something, much like how the Mania Adventures remixes saw a release on Jun Senoue's The Works III. The remix doesn't even sound like it'd fit in the Station Square hub... it's its own thing.
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    Big Panda

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    Unpopular opinion, I love Extreme Gear and would want them to be more prominent in the series. I'd love it if they became a kind of power up like the Rocket Shoes from Sonic Chaos. As an aside I loved the skateboard power up from Generations. Either that or maybe some kind of special stage gimmick like the Sonic Advance 1 ones. Or even just as transportation for some characters utilize to get around quicker on. There's so many different designs with the Board, Bike, Skates, Air Ride, Yacht and Wheel types that there'd be a type and unique design that can be fitting for anyone. A few examples of designs I really like. I don't know, I just love the things and think they're super neat. Also, look how cool Eggman looks riding his E-Rider:
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    That was fucking pathetic.
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    Ikr? Post sources when you're talking about these things, people. It's not hard. TCRF mentions unused files referring to Chaos Control. That's about it. It implies that at some point they intended to add Chaos Control in some form, but the sound effects and graphical effects are unused. It could be nothing more than different effects for the boost. The problem with unused data like this is nothing is certain, and people jump to conclusions.
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    SA1 Art Director is back!

    Sad but true
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    Their seems to be a group of people that either like to trick others into reacting to an absurd statement and then criticize them for doing it or say something dumb and then claim it was a joke when called out. This irks me as, (Being Autistic) detecting jokes is actually harder and we tend to take things literally. Then you get some clown going "Huh huh huh, idiot." Which alienates an already heavily alienated group of people. But I feel like I'm seeing more people not care about mental health these days..... Just my two pence...
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    What moral limits does Sonic have?

    I mean, I prefer to think Knuckles is less violent in later appearances because he went through character development, rather than saying "oh, he was always mostly benign, he just accidentally helped Eggman almost murder Sonic two or three times".
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    Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart (48% complete) I know it's been a while since I've made an update. Most of the work I've been doing has been adding more sounds and polishing up what I already have. I found a wah-wah bass like dubstep, and some bells for later on in the song. I look forward to getting the guitar track on this. I've got about a week and a half or so before my guitarist is ready, I have no doubt that I can at least send over a foundation for the whole track and then go back and fix everything up. That part is almost done. I'm on the final chorus now with the instrumental. I also finished writing the new lyrics and am ready to see what my singer thinks. I still have to go out and record the rest as well, as I only have the first verse of the vocals down at the moment. But things are heating up, that's for sure
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    What moral limits does Sonic have?

    They're weird magical demon monsters, they can poof away when beaten without that being death. And they're not "gone for good", they've very clearly come back in TSR and IDW Sonic (which, even though it's separate from the games, has been aligned so closely with them that I doubt Sega would let them be used if they were meant to be dead). Even Lost World doesn't assume they're dead, at the end Eggman says he'll get a new conch and reenslave them.
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    What moral limits does Sonic have?

    You can hardly say Sonic killed the D6 when we've been shown they're still alive. It's no different from Mario dumping Bowser in lava; that would kill an ordinary person, sure, but we're not dealing with an ordinary person. Sonic's pretty much a "live and let live" kind of guy; he usually only goes as far as is necessary to stop someone from fucking up other people's lives. If it's some mindless or inherently-evil monster he might have to take it down permanently but if it's any kind of "person" they'll get a chance to repent and stop being a dick.
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    A big find that was recently unveiled, someone who bought a PS3 debug console found a early debug build of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on said console. The build, still named "Title Fight" is dated about roughly 11 months before the official release of the game, and a good way before the official announcement of the game in early 2012. PSASBR is infamous for having a lot of design changes and content cut before we eventually got the final release of the game, meaning a lot of the beta builds of the game showcase many interesting changes from the original version of the game. In the uncovered build, there was many things found that reveals how far in development certain aspects were, how long certain things were planned, what was in the pipeline at certain points of development, and more. We don't know the full extent of things as of yet, as Beta64 got a peak at a lot of the stuff, but not all, and someone called Kuriatsu who found the debug PS3, and the build is doing her own extensive look through the files. Because of this, it's worth looking at both, and keeping up with the series of videos that will come out, showcasing more and more stuff about the early version of the game. The biggest question I'm sure on everyone's mind is which cut characters does the build reveal? Well, that's interesting, because it reveals in no short order that Dr. Nefarious, Buzz (from the quiz game), Blasto, a dog guard from Sly Cooper, two characters from Warhawk, as well as a Chimera was planned for the initial set of characters. On top of that, Snake was apparently planned until it was decided that Raiden was the better choice due to Revengearance releasing that next year. There's also a character from LocoRoco, although this is a placeholder for Good Cole, who found himself in a unfinished state at this point. Many more icons were found in the game files of the debug that are too many to count. It's also possible that these character icons are there for the "game changers", so it's up in the air. The files also make reference to characters who weren't in the build yet, such as Sir Dan, one of Fat Princess' minions, Nariko, and most importantly - Zeus (who was the final DLC character in the end). There's also a host of different gameplay changes, with more hazards that you could use to kill enemies, instead of having to rely on supers all the time, stage transitions were planned to be manual by defeating a "game changer" character, who would then drop an item and allow you to transition the stage, and use said transition hazard against your opponents. The title screen was vastly different, and honestly, was better, showing off your stats, and giving you a constant feed to show what your friends was doing online, and what they'd accomplished in-game. There's really too much to describe here, so I'll post the videos and let them speak for themselves. Highly recommend giving them a look, as it's one of the most interesting early versions of a game found in a long time. There's also 13 segments to the full overview of the debug build, so I'll be posting them as they release. Beta 64's video: Kuriatsu's Title Fight Investigations Ep 1 (the person who found the debug build in the first place):
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    Looks close enough to be real. Arms looks identical to the teaser image.:
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    Dr. Eggman's Good Deeds

    I guess you could count the time Eggman spent as Mr. Tinker in the early issues of the IDW comics. For those who haven't read them, the comics take place after Sonic Forces. Eggman vanished, but was found in a small village (issue 4), completely missing his memory. He would likely have stayed that way if he hadn't been subjected to a little "therapy"... Sonic says it himself. He isn't faking the amnesia for an ulterior motive.
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Okay. Do you maybe want to explain the relevance of this to the discussion at hand, instead of making a dozen more vague posts?
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    Throw it! I believe in you!

    Throw it! I believe in you!
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    Despite Forces itself, the PC port turned out very good compared to previous Sonic PC games, and I just found out that it was developed by Hardlight which was responsible for the Steam version of Valkyria Chronicles. Hope they stick around for future Sonic games.
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    ok but what about sonic's oral limits
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    Out of all the things I didn't think I'd hear today, I certainly didn't expect cut dialogue from Nicktoons Attack of the Toybots where Danny Phantom calls XJ9 cute, and wants to save her because of it.
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    What moral limits does Sonic have?

    I mean, it kind of goes without saying that Blaze in 06 and Blaze in Rush are basically two different characters who just happen to share the same name
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    What moral limits does Sonic have?

    And her response is literally "lol I dunno"
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    I still personally think Star Wars works better as shows than movies.
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    I’m genuinely surprised The Entertainer are stocking the LEGO Overwatch sets.
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    SA1 Art Director is back!

    If Sonic Team were to implement the boost gameplay in a theoretical SA1 remake, I will nuke them from orbit using the Eclipse Cannon Whilst I would very much like a remake of SA1, it's very unlikely to happen and there's no evidence to support a remake being in the works. I think a brand new 3D Sonic game with designs heavily inspired by Sonic Adventure would be more interesting. I hesistate to use the name "Sonic Adventure 3" but something needs to change because the recent 3D games (Forces, SLW & RoL etc) have been so disappointing. I'd also be down for a Sonic Adventure Mania styled game. Take the best stages from Adventure & SA2 and add brand new levels.
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    I still think that an Adventure saga celebration a la Mania for classics would be way better than a SA1 remake. Because you'd have old stuff remade and brand new stuff, which also fits Sega's trend.
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    I wonder if we can expect whatever SEGA's next Sonic game is to be revealed at SXSW next year. At the last one they announced that they've begun development on a game so I feel like by the next one they'd be ready to reveal it. But apparently it's not gonna be out till 2021 so idk
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    Dr. Mechano

    What moral limits does Sonic have?

    Yeah, generally when there's a discrepancy in the original script and the localization, the original version should be considered canon. Original script never mentions torture, so I think we're to assume that no torture occurred.
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    Morning SSMB! The only Sonic song cut from Ultimate, plus our only Sonic Rush representation
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    That is entirely makes all the sense. Most of Luigi's courage comes from Mario being with him or Mario being in trouble.
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    I know people are using Halloween avatars, but I couldn't resist to try this. I may back to Tails sometime.
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    Ah, the last few episodes that I totally watched just now and now several weeks ago when they leaked. "Ending of the End" Ok, was Grogar/Discord thing always a plan? It's so random and nonsensical. Admittedly they they did nothing to build up Grogar through whole season. Also, are we going to completely ignore that Tirek already has power to suck powers from other and in fact already had Discord power? Either way, it's really average finale. Evil Trinity were cute working off each other, even if they didn't felt like proper 'final boss'. Windigos were a nice touch and ultimately I feel like "racism" plot was handled fine enough. I actually really liked Young Six and rest of the students bringing everyone together. It's good to see that this last seasons gimmick pays off. On the other hoof it hits all the annoying cliches. Twilight doubting herself, everyone being useless (oh, Pillars. We hardly knew you) and the whole Discords thing (btw, I always hated his terrible comedian thing). And on top of that there is hardly anything new in this story. So all of it sums up to finale that is competent, but forgettable, which is sad thing to say about end of the whole show. "Final Lesson" .....well I feel it's appropriate ending, that would touch me if I was as into the show as during early seasons. Making coronation a disaster feels like a really dumb final plot, only to twist it into somewhat melancholic last bonding before big change. Also this slightly redeems episode with Scootaloo parents when I said we should have story about friends separating. ... of course it also diminishes last CMC episode. Why waste time showing us age-up CMC when we'll see that anyway? And that leads me to future part and MAIN THING that bugs me about this episode: Future Six designs suck. Wrinkles under everyone eyes? You couldn't come up with anything better? AJ isn't old, she just didn't slept in a month. Congratulation on showing growing up as something appealing show. Hey, remember that last time we seen Twilight Velvet? She was grandma to Flurry Heart, but still looked better than very fit and presumably childless Rainbow. Couldn'one them gain weight or something? Just saying, I don't see toyline based on them. And IDK, Twlight looks kinda silly being this similar to Celestia. Shipping Time! - Pinkie and Cheese. Kinda shameless appealing to fans, they never showed actual romancing interest in each other, but we had long time skip, why not. - Fluttershy and Dicord. Ok, that is perfectly understandable and earned. After all, she loves animals...I'm sorry. - Rarity and Spike....NOT. Huh. I see logic behind this, but considering how much fan-pandering this all is, I'm surprised a little. - Lyra and Bon Bon. It was shown in a back ground, looks sweet, LGBT and all that, perfect. - Applejack and Rainbow.... yeah, I'm going to 'boo' this one. They were close friends, but they never felt remotely like a couple. At least no more than Rainbow/Fluttershy, Rainbow/Pinkie. No, MLP just really wanted to join Pride Parade, because every "progressive" show these days must have gay character by law. And every time this happens I have mixed feelings. One hands: yes, we must be progressive, tolerant and stuff, I'm not gay, but I'm 100% behind it. Other: Are you genuinely caring for The Cause, or just pandering? Just saying, everyone goes for marketable lesbians over male gays and that makes me think guy with a chart ordered it, not the passionate writer with understanding for characters. And this shipping has very strong "chart" stench behind it. Final Thoughts When I look at my playlist I see almost every song from seasons 1-2 and then maybe five from other seasons combined (Equestria Girls not included). So yeah, I'm not remotely as much into FIM as I used to. I think season 6 or 7 is when 'average' or even 'meh' became more common than 'good'. I stuck around for three reasons. 1 I'm a dumb complesionist. Don't be like me kids, it's what big corporations want. 2 Fandom. For better or worse, fans accomplished some great things and I wanted to keep being up-to-date. I wish Sonic fans made half as much great songs (unless I'm missing something and if so, youtube algorithm is a garbage). 3 Sonic is my favorite franchise of all time because it's large, but comprehensive, filled with characters colorful in personality and design, with stories of fun and adventure, but capable of trying to be serious. Nintendo franchises don't have those large fantastic casts. Marvel/DC comics can't keep consistent personalities, every new Robin is a stranger to me. Most cartoons end to fast before they create a large living world to actually immerse yourself. And with all that said, MLP FIM is the closest thing to copy that feat. From Spike, Princesses, CMC, Big Mac, Zecora, big and small villains, down to all the wonderful background characters, Equestria feels like a magical place with it's own personality. Every episode seemed to introduce someone worth remembering. And of course none of that would matter if Main Six weren't so damn likeable. If you look on superhero teams, usually some Wolverine really overshadows Cyclops. But this six is wonderfully varied, in designs, personalities, quirks and that what made this show so damn special. I might got bored of the stories, but those characters will always stay close to my heart. (Also, Sunset Shimmer. She's the best. I'm going to listen to "Let it Rain" again right now. Sunset forever).
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    Wow. This film has given the world a lot of ugliness, but that thing I might not even have realized was Sonic if not told. And it might be my costume this year.
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    Honestly the end of this week has been a massive pain for me. Getting laid off, still suffering my hybrid ear infection/possible jaw problem, trying to figure out if I can afford certain subscriptions or not, and I've now been running into dizzyness and lightheadedness, and exhaustion.
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    making chicken dinner for the rest of my family, hopefully nothing explodes
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    I fucking hate nasal congestion. I've had it all weekend. No matter what I do, from medicine to home remedies, I can't get it under control. I can't breathe well, and when I can't FUCKING breathe, I can't FUCKING SLEEP. It makes me want to cut my nose off just so that I can breathe easier, it's that fucking unbearable.
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    Been watching the Sun & Moon show pretty much all day today, I'm on episode 27 now. There's something about this that I just love. I've always loved the show in general but the funny expressions and Ash's more childlike innocence is just really great, hehe.
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    Well, end of the line. After 8 years (I personally started following this show in 2011), I watched the final few episodes last night and… wow. I have a bit to say here. I’m going to try and keep things as condensed as possible but with this probably being my final real thought post on the show, there’s a lot of ground to cover so apologies in advance. Also, this shouldn’t need to be said but of course now that this is all out there I’m going to be throwing spoilers left and right so be warned. I’m going to be splitting this one up in sections so grab a nice cup of tea or something and let’s get to it. The Finale I’m going to be frank here, I was actually pretty worried about this one. It’s no real secret that the show’s track record with finales has been shaky over its later half. There are often a number of issues I take with even the, overall, good ones so seeing that this was going to be the penultimate of the show… yeah, there was a lot riding on this. First off, Grogar being Discord was something that honestly did catch me a bit off guard but I’m not entirely sure how to feel about it tbh. Looking back, his eye brows should’ve been a giveaway but they really didn’t hint all that much towards that being a possibility throughout the season like they normally do with these sort of reveals. But anyway, this opens up a lot of questions. While it was a neat surprise, you gotta question Discord’s mentality with all this. You leave three villains basically unmonitored for what has to be weeks and you don’t expect the worst? Discord’s cause for wanting to prove to Twilight that she could handle the worst is just but that was still a terrible plan on his part. Like, you’re going to introduce them to a deus ex machina McGuffin, the likes of which would make the gd alicorn amulet blush, that can literally take away magic and disperse it between them and he didn’t think that could at all backfire massively? Now, I’ve been an advocate of reformed Discord for a while now. His antics are often hilarious and, for the most part, him being reformed but still not fully giving a shit about how he interacts with others and uses his powers has been an interesting ride. Though here he was just flat out given the stupid ball. Personally, I don’t think that this was a great way to end his character even though he did get a standout moment in that cave. Actually, if it wasn’t for that moment I’d be a lot more miffed about this. Though, speaking of being miffed, let’s go back to that bell because holy shit talk about seeing a problem form in real time. It’s like the very moment the villains spill its true power, all the times the princesses got shafted just flashed before my eyes. I mean the writers just couldn’t help themselves this one last time could they? Princesses get nerfed again and I’m just stuck wondering why the writing team literally has it out for them at this point lol. But hey, in what must be a standout moment in the entire show for me, they actually get a chance to hold their own against the 3 villains for a bit. It’s mostly off screen and it’s implied that they couldn’t keep it up (even with the OP Twilight 2.0 that is Starlight backing them up) but hey, better that than nothing I guess. Plus I’ll give bonus points for the writers not doing the whole cheap “kill off one or both of them to help give the main character a boost of fighting spirit” bs that some (myself included for a bit) were theorizing would happen. Gotta count your blessings folks. Also, the bell was a lazy plot device, even with the buildup. I wish they had went with something a bit cleverer for the last big hurdle of the show. What makes that last point all the more negative is that they really did have a good idea going with the whole “turn the different pony species on one another” idea. They even brought back the windigos and everything! I have no idea why that wasn’t used more as the driving force of conflict. Not only does it expertly pull in past continuity and drive home what really is the biggest enemy to friendship, but it’s also timely af. Though, I will say that the way it was handled was still good (especially with bringing in the student six to solve it) so I’d count this as more of a missed opportunity than anything. Now, as for the main three villains, gotta say they played their parts verily well in the episode. The dynamic the three had in certain scenes was great to watch. Though, with that being said, I feel like key traits of theirs were lost overall in the team up. I believe the biggest offender of this was Chrysallis who really had the most to be mad about. She’s been in the show since season 2 and really does have a beef to pick with each main part of the cast. Though here she had to share screen time with the other two and it left so many opportunities on the table. Also, as a side note, I have to say that I’ve kind of done a 180 on Cozy over the last year. Before, I had originally found her to be a unique villain. While I still think that the overall role she played in season 8 was indeed interesting and a general fresh take for the show, seeing her character go on beyond that point has been rather tiresome to me. I believe it really is the fact that she has no backstory unlike the other two that really did her in for me. She’s just a mad, psychopathic child with nothing more going for her. Her “friendship” with the other two isn’t even great as she tried to double cross them here. I remember a theory people had a bit back that she would actually be revealed as Chrysallis which, imo, would’ve been the better route to take in the lead up to this (and in season 8 really with that mean six episode now that I think about it). Now, she had no reason to be evil and just ended up feeling sort of tacked on to the other two simply due to her being one of the last few “villains” left in the show. While I’m on them, I’ll also bring up how their defeat was handled. Obvious princess bias aside, I’m sort of meh on it all. Like I get how people can take issue with Discord getting off scott free for leading them to that point, stone really being a low key dark thing to end on when you really think about it (especially for Cozy), and there definitely being better ways to have handled it but honestly… I just can’t bring myself to care too much. They got the classic cartoon villain punishment for now. While I’m hoping more is done with them in the comics (mainly with Chrysallis), I could take it or leave it tbh. Which brings me to my final thought for this, the mane six. Honestly, I greatly enjoyed how this seemingly wasn’t actually told in the perspective of Twi fixing everything but really in the perspective of the group. When most of the characters are in a certain place, those scenes take place there. We don’t follow up with Twilight until her friends get there which is huge. Not only does it add suspense to whether Twilight has a plan or not, but it also gives the five a chance to actually be the heroes of Equestria themselves. It all made for a much more balanced ratio of screen time than most of the other two parters had. So I’ve rambled on here but where does this all leave me… Overall, I think I can say I was satisfied to sum it up. There were definitely some issues I had with it (like with just about every two-parter) but for the most part, it was strong where it mattered and was a worthy last big blow out for the show. Though of course, in a surprising twist, we got one more actual episode following it. Epilogue The final episode… you know, thinking about that alone got me a bit but after watching it… yeah, I got a bit choked up I’ll admit. That final song and ending on a shot of the book man… really did make it feel like the end of an era. Liked how they turned the coronation on its head a bit. Lead to some good laughs from me but yet still managed to feel meaningful in the end all the same. Also appreciated them acknowledging the hurt actual moves and change can bring on their own. It’s an important morale to end on really. As for the time jump aspect… I don’t really know what to say about all of… THAT. I will say that it was nice to see that the other 5 had gone on to do great for themselves and that Spike basically became the stud he dreamed about back in season 1 lol. As for Twi… pff Look, I’m trying to be a bit more sentimental in this part but wow, Celestia 2.0 install complete. I honestly can’t believe they went there with her, right down to using the same body model too lol. I mean, it works I guess. The new ruler of Equestria should realistically look the part after all this time. Hell, the growth spurt she got after her ascension to alicorn status probably should’ve been the giveaway way back when for me. Though, then they went and made her act exactly like Celestia too. Shit had been hinted at throughout the season but it was still a real bruh moment. Even went as far as to give Twi her own Twilight 3.0. New, improved! Able to read a thousand books per minute and can cut down an entire two-parter’s worth of life morals into a single flashback! Complete with a shiny mane, light motif cutie mark, and wifi XD But in all seriousness, I think this was an, overall, solid way to end her character. It’s been clear for years now that the show was moving away from her bookworm antics and while I still prefer early seasons Twi, this was a proper end to the character that these writers were building. So yeah, overall… a pretty sweet ass episode to end one sweet ass show. … And Luna basically came back from the moon to only having to work for what was probably less than a decade, and now has an eternity of retirement ahead of her. I kept telling y’all Some of you doubted But in the end the same story was told to you again and again The Moon always wins. It’s too late to repent! THE BOIS OF THE NIGHT WILL NOT BE LOST Another time for the people in the back Luna. Season 9 and the Show overall What can I honestly say about season 9 at this point? I think by the post made by both me and others on here over the past few months, I don’t think it’s that surprising for me to say that this wasn’t as strong of a season to end on as we all would’ve liked. There were some definite stand out episodes but, then again, that can be said about every season. There are only a handful of episodes that I can actually say I would recommend to someone wanting to jump into the show. Due to which, while I can’t say it’s my personal weakest season of the bunch, I don’t think it’s anywhere near the top either. It hit things home where it counted, but overall, eh ngl, it was more of a chore to watch certain episodes this time around. Which brings me to my final thoughts on the show in general. It’s honestly been one hell of a ride. While I could probably go on here (like I really already have with this post), I think it’d just be better to leave the retread where it is, across this entire thread (and the massive original from back in the day). I’ve shared most of my thoughts regarding this show here since basically the beginning so I don’t think there’s a real need for me to somewhat copy and paste all of it in this already massive post lol. To try and put a big bow on the key points, it’s honestly been one hell of a ride. From the official material to the absolutely phenomenal fan content, this show has entertained me for over a third of my life so far. It’s pretty easy to say that my life wouldn’t be the same if it were not for this show. It introduced me to so much content outside of itself. New people, artist, shows, music, entire series, ect. The impact it has had on my entertainment taste is immeasurable. They’ll never see this, but I really am grateful for both Faust and a number of the various teams at DHX over the years for that alone. With that being said though, it’s no secret that the show did dip in overall positives as time went on for me. Now, I’ll still argue that, even in season 9, the show is far from bad or even mediocre at points. Though, there’s no doubt in my mind that the show was stronger back in the earlier seasons overall. Now I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and after going back recently to rewatch some of the older episodes and with the recent leak that happened, I’ve basically boiled it down to one main reason as to why that is. Basically, the amount of people that have had a hand in the show over the years is varied to put it lightly. Writers and artist rotated in and out of the series over its lifespan and the end result shows this. To be more specific, the show I just got finished watching earlier today is a completely different one from the show I got hooked on back in the days of Generations hype. The characters, world, that all remained but the overall feel of the show is vastly different. While I wouldn’t call the change bad for the most part (sound like a broken record here but there really are episodes that I consider to be some of the best in the show that aired even as late as this year), but it really is notable. Going into some of the leaked material a bit, it’s clear that the earlier seasons had a lot more put into their planning than recent seasons did. Back then, writers coming on had to have watched the show to write for it. Each episode was also edited a bunch to try and keep a certain line of quality for each one. For the recent seasons, a lot of that was hand waved and most writers were basically given sparknotes for everything. While I get that, by that point, the show was massive in length and simply rewatching it would prove to be a big time sink, any other method that didn’t include that was always going to cause issues (especially with what they chose to highlight for each character’s main points… a bit of a yikes there tbh). It’s clear that the more recent teams didn’t have the same drive working on this than the ones from previous years. It’s why the episode that was mainly coined by the VAs fared better than most of the other ones this season. That was a plot made by people who have been there since the beginning. A lot of the episodes simply didn’t have that. Now the exact reason for all this can be anything and if you really want that answer, the documents are getting out there. Though, personally, I’ve sort of realized that I don’t care to invest that time because it won’t change the end result. But even outside the leaks, the problems were still lingering and clear; even in the mid years. It’s questionable at best handling of certain characters and themes, the dropping of certain big plot elements just to replace them with others, the lack of proper world building, *cough*AJ*cough*, the overabundance of plot and character retreads… all things that do honestly keep this show from being the near perfect thing that I myself thought it was back in the day. But with all that being said, I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t consider the high’s to vastly make up for any faults it had. Simply put, it’s a show that has meant a lot to me and I do feel that there’s a quantifiable reason for that. While it may not make it into many top cartoon lists in the future, it’ll always have a spot in mine for its sheer importance to my taste in general. When you follow something for this long, it’s hard to not let it get to that point. I do think that this is a show anyone can, at the very least, enjoy. You’re going to have to avoid the rough spots it does have and, to put this on record, you should by no means watch every episode. Though, I will say that you won’t have to look hard at all to find quite a number of true gems in there. There’s a reason this show became a bit of a phenomenon a few years back. The quality was, has been, and is there. It connected a lot of people together, including myself. That kind of pull can’t really be ignored. I think back to 2011 when no one thought this show would even do that well or go on for as long as it actually did. I believe that, if you were to go back and tell fans that the show was able to connect with people, even up to its end 9 whole years later, you’d see a lot of happy faces. So yeah, one final time. Overall, I greatly enjoyed my time with this show. Tl:dr Luna forever
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    I liked Shattered World Crisis too. In a lot of ways it was a step up from the original source by putting almost every characters’ hands on deck and involving them instead of ignoring them like Unleashed did. I just thought it handled itself poorly and was in an obvious rush to climax near the final parts to the point it felt like it was just dragging things until the end. Mind you, I place most of the blame on SWC’s faults on Worlds Unite for coming in at the absolute worst moment. But it still goes without saying that SWC could’ve done a much better job than it did in several places, notably in how it handled Chip. At the very least, it provided a damn good send off for the series before IDW.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I feel like I'm the only person in the world that enjoyed the Shattered World Crisis Saga. It used Unleashed as a decent backdrop to introduce it's new world and the only part I feel it really dragged was the keys bit but for the most part I enjoyed the Post-reboot was more than Pre-reboot.
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    Nah bro, sign me in for PS5 release. Only such power house could run Sonic Mania 2, knowhatimsayin'?
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    As someone who doesn't really dislike IDW Sonic, calling the book "Archie-lite" feels both accurate but not completely at the same time. It is accurate in that the book does feel like it wants to be it's own unique thing with it's own dynamics and characters. Like Archie before it, it's not afraid to do it's own thing while trying to feel authentic to the game universe in feel. A great example of this is probably Dr. Starline, who continues the comic tradition of giving Eggman a unique second in command just as Snively and Grimer did before him. Starline's existence when Orbot and Cubot are still around shows the comic is willing to add to the status quo from the games instead of just accepting that as the only default. At the same time though, the only other real example is the Restoration organization, which is itself a continuation of the concept from Forces. Everything else is a direct 1:1 ratio of how it works in the games (minus how directionless Team Dark feels without the GUN tie in - but that's also sort of accurate to the games now so *shrugs*). There are no Freedom Fighters as Sonic's primary supporting cast, there is no significant world building beyond generic terms for generic places when a Sega location isn't being featured, and there isn't any seeds or story beats being planted with an eye towards the future - just focus on the story currently being told. While all of these things can be seen as departures from what Archie did both pre and post reboot, they can also be seen as essentially trying to do what Archie did just being cut off at the knee before it can go all the way with the ideas. Trying to tell Archie Sonic like stories within the main canon essentially - trying to have the cake and eat it too. Where it doesn't feel accurate to call it Archie-lite is that many, not all but many, of those choices feel deliberate on Ian and IDW's behalf. Probably the best example of this is the new original characters and the focus on the here and now in terms of story. The new original characters are being introduced as if they would organically fit in the games. Tangle, Whisper, and Starline are introduced as stand alone characters; they may have their own backstories with other unique characters (Whisper and Mirage) but focus is placed on what their unique moveset would be (Tangle with her tail, Whisper with the Wispons) or their own unique personality, which is a far cry from how Archie worked new characters (especially post reboot with the glut of Freedom Fighter teams and unique organizations like the Egg Bosses). Ian has also admitted on more than one occasion that the new story format is because he's burnt out planning ahead and then being forced to abandon those plans. He set up and planned a lot for pre and post reboot Archie and so this third time he's like "Nah, not worth it.". Which isn't necessarily a negative choice - you can tell great stories focused just on the here and now - and arguably that's how Sega has always done it with their stories. But regardless, it's clearly a decision that was influenced by what happened with Archie, but beyond that feels like a genuine creative decision rather than a limitation. So calling IDW "Archie Sonic lite" does feel accurate to me - it does feel like it's trying to do many things similar to Archie's method just without going all the way with it. At the same time, it doesn't feel like the book's choices are always IDW being denied from making the book Archie 2 - a lot of the decisions are based on choices the creative team are making on their own. So, feeling like the book isn't just Archie Sonic but less is also true. As to whether the changes from Archie Sonic make IDW Sonic better... got to admit I personally don't think so. While I appreciate the new characters feeling more unique than most of the bit players in pre and post reboot Archie, I feel like Archie had more unique characters than IDW does. The problem is that most of the minor characters in pre and post reboot Archie weren't terribly unique because they were meant to be background characters essentially - just three dimensional ones. By contrast, when a background character is needed for IDW Sonic, they are literally just meant to be a background character, with Ian having to be strong armed into even giving them names. They are meant to be some one dimensional nobody to tell Sonic, the interesting character, what he needs to know. Versus Archie where each character had a unique quirk or position to inform us who they were and what function they served so we could revisit and explore them more later. In general, I vastly prefer the Archie approach to what Ian's doing in the IDW comic. As for story, this is another easy when for both versions of Archie Sonic. While I understand Ian's burnt out on fleshing out the sandbox he's in, I can definitely feel that burn out and if effects how invested I am in the story. I'll be blunt, if IDW sonic were cancelled tomorrow I'd be disappointed we didn't get more unique characters and that would be it. Nothing in the story makes me care about what's happening (which given we're in a freaking zombie apocalypse story - is *really* bad). The plot feels like it's slogging along and directionless. Very few things seem to happen from issue to issue and makes reading the issue more of a chore than something I look forward to. The mystery angle for the first half of the Neo Metal Sonic arc was at least something to try and untangle, and there were new unique characters to meet along the way. But here, the story beats are always "who will be next" and "will Sonic find a way to stop this" which is just not as interesting as new and unique ideas. And the Zombot is a somewhat unique idea, but I learned everything about it in it's first appearance and it's now rinsing and repeating over and over again. I just find it boring. I am interested in the Tangle and Whisper mini series which is actually introducing new characters and plots, but I'm super done with the Metal Virus Arc and hearing David Mariotte saying we're getting ready to enter "part 2" of the arc makes me more exhausted than excited.
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    Alucard can't appear it Wii Fit Studio because he has no reflection
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    DOOM Eternal - Mar 20, 2020

    ...Yeeeeaaaah, you see that date in the topic title? That's an artifact now. DOOM Eternal has, sadly, been delayed. While I'm upset at this, I also have faith in id that they know what they're doing.
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    Hmm, I got one. Remember this little fight in Sonic Generations? Yeaaaa.... Sonic inadvertently ruined this timeline and let this pocket universe's Earth be engulfed in a watery grave, the dark side of Sonic's story Sega didn't want your kids to know. Now why is that, you may ask? Sonic clearly "won" and beat Perfect Chaos by the end of the video, didn't he? ....Well the main thing about Perfect Chaos was that it was an immortal being hell bent on visceral rage and revenge that lasted for centuries upon centuries. Super Sonic's purpose by the end of SA1 was not to just beat him up, but was to use the positive power of the Chaos Emeralds to put Chaos's unrelenting eternal rage at ease. Beating up Chaos would just continue the cycle... ...But as you can see here in Generations, Sonic's only at base level and is just imposing his will through violence. Sonic is not actually winning here. He's actually just making Chaos more angry. So as Sonic gleefully breakdances his way on top of the ravaged Station Square on what he "thinks" is a victory before making his way back to his universe he needs to continue saving.... Station Square in this timeline is still left ravaged with an even more pissed off Perfect Chaos....
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